15 Hockey Players Who Scored More Off The Ice

National Hockey League players are young, handsome, rich and talented. They have good moves, great hands, strong physique and fantastic stamina, some skills they can even apply to hockey.

NHL players are athletes with unparalleled talents and determination. The guys who make it to the show are generously rewarded and they really are living the dream. They get to travel all over North America, play the sport they love in front of thousands of spectators, stay in fancy hotels, eat in classy restaurants and they make boat-loads of money doing so. In a lot of cities hockey is regarded as a convincing faith and corresponding players are treated like celebrities. Sometimes those long road trips can get lonely and often require company. Can you blame some hockey players who go out and try to score five-hole even after the game is done?

For this list we’re looking at current and former National Hockey League players who have left their mark by scoring in a different fashion. These are players who are known for being promiscuous. Since there are no box scores or stats for this kind of scoring, we’ve assembled this list based on speculation, rumors and news tidbits that have leaked out of the locker room.

We've already published the Top 12 NHL Players Who Allegedly Slept With A Teammate's Wife but here, we just want to see the players that also score a lot off the ice. They are hockey players after all so at least you know they always wear protection.

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15 Darcy Tucker

via tsohockey.com

Darcy Tucker? I barely know her!

Darcy Tucker had the privilege of playing for two of the biggest meccas in all of hockey: Montreal and Toronto. He was drafted by the Canadiens as an 18 year old and then took his flowing dark hair and dimples to Tampa Bay before settling in Toronto for 8 seasons. On the ice, Tucker was notoriously known for being a pest and getting under opposing player’s skin. Off the ice, Tucker was known for being “that handsome guy that plays with the Leafs.” He started off his career in Montreal but his stay in La Belle Province was cut short as a result of his constant partying and womanizing. Tucker was rumored to be a big fan of Montreal's Crescent Street, known for its bars, clubs and beautiful French women. With his playing days behind him, Darcy married Shannon Corson, the sister of his former teammate Shayne Corson. Tucker was never really known for his goal scoring ability, he amassed an impressive 1410 penalty minutes in 947 games. Needless to say, he spent most of his career in the box.

14 Chris Chelios

via chicagotribune.com

Chris Chelios is the longest-tenured defenseman in NHL history, he played an astonishing 26 seasons in the league, won three Stanley Cups and played until he was 48 years old. Despite only playing for 4 teams in 26 seasons, he got around. In his 2014 memoir, Chris recounts partying with pal Kid Rock, “we did not expect to be home before six in the morning.” Well yeah. If you're partying with Kid Rock you're certainly doing all right for yourself. Chelios was also part of the dissatisfied 1998 US Olympic hockey team who trashed their Nagano hotel room after an early tournament exit amidst some alcohol and plenty of women. After seven dominant seasons in Montreal and three Norris trophies, “Chelly” was shockingly traded to Chicago. Accusations of Chris’ fight with two police officers were linked to the trade but rumors flew that the Canadiens then president, Ronald Corey, dished off the superstar because Chris was having an affair with his wife. Yeah, that'll do it.

13 Mike Ribeiro

via espn.com

It’s not a coincidence that this list is packed full of ex-Montreal Canadiens players, it’s too easy to score there! Enter Mike Ribeiro who started off his professional career with the Habs at age 15. “It was all I knew. Hockey, going out, hockey” Ribeiro says. A skilled playmaker, he was known as too much of a partier and a womanizer, even for a pro athlete. He went from Montreal to Dallas to Washington to Phoenix and then to Nashville, as he couldn’t shift the focus from women to hockey. During his six-year tenure in Montreal, even losses couldn’t keep him off the prowl of the enticing nightlife. Ribeiro was not only a constant bar visitor, he was known for dabbling in Montreal’s many strip clubs as well. Facebook feeds in the early 2000s were flooded with pictures of Ribeiro walking down Montreal’s St-Catherine Street with three beautiful ladies by his side.

12 Patrick Sharp

via brigidgallagher.blogspot.ca

It’s almost not fair to look at Patrick Sharp, as of this writing he’s enjoying his 16th NHL season, he’s rockin’ three Stanley Cup rings and he looks like he’s right out of an issue of GQ. Some girl-related rumors began to circulate while he was a member of the Chicago Blackhawks, which was allegedly the reason he was traded to the Dallas Stars after a strong campaign in 2014-15. He was in a fistfight with some of his teammates in the locker room at their displeasure of his sex life. Apparently he had an affair with Duncan Keith’s wife, took Patrick Kane’s girlfriend on a date, was sleeping with ABC7 meteorologist Cheryl Scott and had relations with several of the Blackhawk’s ice girls.

Talk about drama, eh? Stay Sharp buddy.

11 Brad Marchand

via bostonherald.com

Brad Marchand is a tough, pesky instigator but he also knows how to score, if you catch my drift. Let’s just say this guy is known for high-sticking in more ways than one. After winning the cup with the Boston Bruins in 2011, Brad went on a championship tear and with that notorious sly smile says, “If I was to go back, I would have went even harder. I had some good times.” He frequented many local Boston bars, casinos and clubs and was constantly surrounded by an entourage of gorgeous women. During their post-championship party, Marchand and his then-teammate Tyler Seguin supposedly reserved an entire upscale Boston club all to themselves that they filled with dozens of local supermodels. Three nights later, when it came time to film his interview for the Bruins championship DVD, Marchand didn’t show up claiming he was “intoxicated and a bit busy.”

10 Alex Ovechkin

via si.com

It’s not fair to say Alex Ovechkin  has scored more off the ice because he’s one of the NHL’s most prolific and consistent scorers but “Alexander the Great” certainly is a dynamic scorer and can put it in from pretty much anywhere... Speaking of anywhere, Ovie chooses to spend his offseason in his hometown of Moscow, Russia where he has dated a great deal of Russian models; Vikoriya Lopyreva, Alyonka Larionov, Valeria Sokolova, Karolina Sevastyanova, Maria Kirilenko and Nastya Shubskaya. Not bad. Ovechkin has been quoted, through his caveman-like voice, “there is nothing like Russian women. When an American goes to Russia for a week, he stays for two extra weeks? Girls!” He’s also been linked to be dating Russian pop star Zhanna Friske for years but Ovechkin always laughs it off and says that gets him trouble when other girls he’s dating read the tabloids.

9 Dany Heatley

via thesportsprincess.wordpress.com

Dany Heatley was arguably one of the least liked hockey players in the NHL. Perhaps it was his boyish gap-toothed grin, his two different colored eyes or his bad boy attitude that had the ladies thinking otherwise. He was the Atlanta Thrasher’s first superstar, a sniper in every sense of the word and he paraded himself as so. As a fresh 21 year-old in the league “The Heater” was known to visit many local bars and rarely left alone. After he demanded to be traded, he found a temporary home in Ottawa where he used his back-to-back fifty goal seasons as a reason to become a total dunce. His partying nights included private booths, private alcohol and swarms of beautiful women. He demanded another trade out of Ottawa after rumors started to swirl that he was sleeping with Jennifer Snell, Jason Spezza’s fiancé at the time.

8 Michael Del Zotto

via broadstreethockey.com

Michael Del Zotto was drafted to the New York Rangers with heaps of promise. He was their youngest defenseman in their eighty-three year history [aged 19] and maybe that got to his head. He never claimed his full potential on ice and now has a rather tarnished reputation as a serial womanizer. In 2014, adult film star and Del Zotto’s ex-girlfriend Lisa Ann, publicly called out MDZ complaining he would constantly text her and ask to be set up with her “friends.” She took to Twitter by saying “Yes, @MichaelDelZotto the STUD NHL player… For some reason he thinks I am a dating service and will arrange dates for him.” That was his second incident with two different adult film actresses in just a few short months. What a Del Zaster.

7 Mike Richards

via strictlybucketssports.com

Mike Richards was part of a massive trade that helped him win The Stanley Cup twice in three years. As if this handsome devil needed another reason to sweep girls off their feet. He’s already got the “I’m a professional hockey player” thing going on, not to mention that maybe ladies confused him with the actor who played Cosmo Kramer. Even so, this Mike Richards scores. He’s often criticized of being a cancer in the locker room and caring more about the post game women than the final score. But Richards’ final score was the one thing on his mind and he was ecstatic to be moved to Los Angeles, living his championship days out west as a King. Richards once attended a Hollywood party with Lord Stanley’s Cup and was seen mingling and showing it off to various celebrity women.

6 Jeff Carter

via espn.com

Jeff Carter and Mike Richards kind of have to go one after another here (and probably not for the first time). They were dished off to L.A. together, won two championships together and then kept on partying and picking up together. As of this writing, Jeff Carter is settled in as a Los Angeles King often spotted on L.A. beaches with different ladies by his side. The trade that shocked the hockey world however, allegedly stemmed from Carter doing the wrap-around with Lisa Renneke, his former teammate Scott Hartnell’s wife. Carter’s former team, the Philadelphia Flyers were apparently divided by the actions, some siding with Carter and some with Hartnell. Hartnell and Renneke endured a tedious divorce and Carter kept catching the California sun with a couple of championship rings and some gorgeous ladies in his hand.

5 Evander Kane

via si.com

Man, this guy is flashy. Probably one of the reasons TMZ loves him so much. Evander Kane speaks his mind, takes selfies with thousands of dollars shoved into his pocket and is always seen surrounded by beautiful women. He showcased his repertoire of talents off-ice as well when he won back his former model girlfriend Mara Teigen in 2015. Kane posted an expensive billboard promoting Teigen’s modeling career with the words “Love Evander” on it in downtown Los Angeles. His redemption didn’t last long as his following girlfriend, playmate Khloe Terae, called him out in 2016 on Instagram. Terae accused him of lying and cheating and had some choice words for the power forward. Evander, you messed up with an L.A. model and a playmate? Damn that's majestic.

4 Jaromir Jagr

via fanpop.com

Jaromir Jagr is a living legend. He’s 45 years old and shows no signs of slowing down. He’s been playing professional hockey since he was 18 years old and is a notorious dater both in North America and his native Czech Republic. He's been known to date a variety of Czech models; Iva Kubelkova, Andrea Veresova, Nikol Lenertova, Lucie Borhyova, and Inna Puhajkova to name a few. He used to be famous for having the most badass mullet in sports, but now he is perhaps better known as the man who takes down blackmailers. In 2015, an 18-year-old Czech model named Catherine took a photo of herself while an unsuspecting Jagr was dozing under the covers behind her. Catherine threatened to publish the photo unless she received 2,000$ from Jagr as settlement. With nothing to lose, Jagr responded by saying “I don’t care” and the photo was published. That’s legitimately what legends are made of.

3 Tyler Seguin

via sportsday.dallasnews.com

This guy has so much going for him he almost melts the ice he skates on. Tyler Seguin won a Stanley Cup in his rookie season at the age of 19 making him one of the youngest players in NHL history to hoist the cup. He rewarded himself by going on a legendary tear in Boston that pretty much resulted in him getting traded to Dallas. Throughout the Bruins’ cup run, Seguin was known for bringing girls back to his hotel room in the wee hours of the morning. On game day. Hey whatever works right? Seguin was reportedly traded out of Boston after rumors swirled that he was not only sleeping with Nathan Horton’s wife but also with the daughter of Peter Chiarelli, his GM at the time. As of this writing, he’s part of a dynamic duo in Dallas and credits his “shoe game” and “watch game” as the way into a woman’s heart.

2 Jarret Stoll

via sheknows.com

Jarret Stoll is a stud. He’s dated a puckload of beautiful women. When Stoll first arrived in L.A. he was always on the party scene. He once walked into a Vegas party and agreed to get searched by the bouncers despite having illegal substances on him as he was determined to get into the party to visit the girl he was seeing. He is currently engaged to the host of Dancing With The Stars, Erin Andrews who is arguably the most desirable woman in all of sports media. Stoll has also scored “top corner” with a Hollywood actresses, Katie Cassidy and before that he was dating the stunning Australian supermodel Rachel Hunter. Following the L.A. Kings Stanley Cup championship in 2012, Stoll dated none other than The Great One’s daughter, Paulina Gretzky. Impressive.

1 Patrick Kane

via nbcchicago.com

It may not be fair to say Patrick Kane scores more off the ice because he is an elite NHL goal scorer but this guy is just a dirty dangler in so many ways. Patty Kane looks like every “bro” from every college party ever. Besides being a three-time Stanley Cup champion, he’s also a frat boy who chases girls as much as he chases goals. He crashed a Cinco de Mayo party in Madison with a shirt that read “Five 2s Equals a Ten” and was pictured in a sea of women. He was also pictured hosting a shirtless limousine party that was swarming with beautiful models and playmates. This dude’s shelf is overflowing with sparkling trophies.

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