15 Hockey Players You Didn't Know Have Hot Girlfriends

Here are 15 hockey players you didn't know have hot girlfriends.

It's become so common these days to see professional athletes with beautiful wives or girlfriends wrapped around their arm at some event or out in public. Finding out which athlete has the hottest wife or girlfriend has increasingly become a popular topic of discussion thanks to the growth of social media. Some people are just so curious to know.

However, what may look nice on the outside, isn't always an accurate representation of what really goes on in these couples' lives. We've often seen athletes get into breakups because of either the other person being in the relationship for the wrong reasons, or there's cheating involved. We don't think that's the case with these girls, though. These are 15 keepers.

This list will be telling you about the hot girlfriends of NHL players who you most likely never heard about. These girls don't get the attention they deserve in WAGs lists. There are probably tons of them dating different NHL players right now, but our research can only go so far.

Some of these girls barely have any personal information of themselves on the internet, and are basically only known because of the hockey player they are dating. Some have also been with the player since the very beginning of their careers. You can bet there are many girls in here you wish you had known of sooner. Here are 15 hockey players you didn't know have hot girlfriends.

15 Petr Mrazek (Sara Olivova)


25-year-old Petr Mrazek hasn't had the greatest of seasons these past couple of years in the NHL, but at least he has a gorgeous prize as a girlfriend. Ostrava, Czech Republic-born Sara Olivova is a beach volleyball player, so you can bet that she's in great shape. She also appeared to be a very smart girl during her academic days, appearing on the Dean's list five times and the president's list once.

You can tell that Mrazek enjoys spending a lot of his free time with his girlfriend as the goaltender's Instagram features many photos of the Czech couple spending quality time together. It must be nice for Mrazek to have someone who can take his mind off what has been a difficult NHL career for him so far.

14 Patrik Laine (Sanna Kiukas)


When first entering the NHL spotlight, quite a few people poked fun at Patrik Laine's looks in comparison to fellow rookie Auston Matthews. However, the Finnish rookie can have a good laugh at those comments as he's dating a real cute girl. Coincidentally, Sanna happens to be an ice-hockey player herself, playing in the SM-sarja league for three seasons in Finland before moving to North America with Laine as he began his NHL career. Moving from your home country to a completely different continent is a courageous thing to at just 19-years-old. Nonetheless, Laine can assure himself that he's got a keeper. These two kids portray typical young love on social media, even having each other's name with a heart next to it on their Instagram bios. How cute.

13 Matt Duchene (Ashley Grossaint)


Matt Duchene can easily forget about the embarrassing season he and the Colorado Avalanche just had with Ashley Grossaint as his girlfriend. While we don't know how long this couple has been together, we know that these two were already dating when Duchene signed his big contract extension with the Avalanche back in 2013, worth $30 million.

Duchene and Grossaint have been engaged for over a year now but they have yet to have set an official date for the wedding. Regardless, the Avs forward is one lucky guy. With just a private Twitter account for social media, there isn't much to know about Grossaint. She's a Canadian model, has a gorgeous smile and is in fantastic shape. You can see more of her on Duchene's Instagram as the couple spends a lot of their time together.

12 Drew Doughty (Nicole Arruda)


Drew Doughty is currently dating the very beautiful Nicole Arruda. Nicole is of Portuguese descent. She is a woman of many careers, notably working as a programmer and tech venue specialist.Nicole also works as a Pathways Coach at Pathways To Education in Toronto. She might be the smartest girl on this list, and arguably one of the hottest. On her Twitter feed, there is a photo of one of her students holding a sign saying "this is the center of fun and happiness", which you probably couldn't argue with if you had Nicole as your teacher. You might be surprised to find out that none of her careers include modelling. That doesn't change the fact that Drew Doughty is one lucky guy.

11 Ryan O'Reilly (Dayna Douros)


They say opposites attract, but that's not what brought Ryan O'Reilly and the lovely Dayna Douros together. They've known each other for quite a while, staring off as friends when they were teenagers and now engaged. O'Reilly proposed to his longtime girlfriend about 19 weeks ago, around the time that Douros posted a photo of O'Reilly down on one knee on her Instagram.

It was the couple's passion for yoga that brought them together. Dayna is a yoga instructor from Toronto, Ontario and currently resides in Buffalo, New York where O'Reilly plays for the Buffalo Sabres. Douros and O'Reilly both incorporate yoga into their daily lives. Dayna has stated that both her and her fiancée bring it everywhere they go and it helps them stay calm. Her daily routine is probably one of the big contributors to her good looks. You'll want to check out Dayna's Instagram if you want to see more of her.

10 Filip Forsberg (Jennifer Persson)


I'm actually quite surprised that Jennifer Persson hasn't gotten any recognition as one of the hottest hockey girlfriends these days. She has been dating Nashville Predators forward Filip Forsberg for quite a while now and the two Swedish lovers make a good looking couple. Persson is 24 years old, originating from Borlange, Sweden. She runs her own blog called "Nouw" where she posts stunning pictures of things like food, neat things and anything that inspires her. Her blog includes a lot of cute photos of herself as well, which can also be found on her Instagram. It's a pretty cool site overall and you should check it out if you're into that kind of stuff. Jennifer currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, where her boyfriend Filip plays for the Nashville Predators.

9 Jamie Benn (Katie Hoaldridge)


Katie Hoaldridge is an absolute beauty, so it doesn't come to my surprise that she's been a model since 2014. Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, the 24-year-old Hoaldridge is currently living in New York City. She's also very religious, which is interesting because she has previously been seen rallying for gay rights, which opposes the views of the bible.

Modelling is just one of the many careers Katie has had. She's also had jobs as a booking agent, public relations and an A&R for Sony Entertainment. Katie was also heavily involved in sports during her high school and university days, as she was a member of the cross country team. Katie is in great shape and her smarts just add to her attractiveness. There's nothing left to say other than that Jamie Benn has totally hit the jackpot here.

8 Evgeni Malkin (Anna Kasterova)


Evgeni Malkin isn't necessarily known for his good looks. However, that's not the case for his hot fiancée Anna Kasterova. This Russian-born model has the typical exotic Russian look to her which will attract the eyes of many. Kasterova also hosts her own television show in her home country. Her busy life balancing multiple careers leads to her travelling a lot, but always finds the time to post a perfectly taken selfie to her social media. While currently living in Pittsburgh, the couple finds the time to go back home to Russia during the off season. Malkin and Kasterova have been engaged since November, 2015 and have one son, Nikita, who was born six months later on May 31, 2016.

7 Nathan Beaulieu (Katie Carpenter)


Nathan Beaulieu probably isn't highly regarded by many Habs fans after having a downer of a season in 2016-17, but that doesn't change the fact that his girlfriend is an absolute beauty. Katie Carpenter has several occupations, and is most notably a CEO and Co-Owner of her own men's necktie company called "THE LCKY". She's also a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger at her site called "Blondé". Carpenter has previously been accused of flaunting her body and posting some revealing photos on her Instagram by Montreal media.  With a body like hers, this shouldn't come off as a surprise considering there's a ton of girls who like to show off their bodies on the internet. She seems to be completely comfortable with it, and she looks good doing it - so I don't think people should be complaining.

6 Tomas Hertl (Aneta Netolicka)


Tomas Hertl is the future of the San Jose Sharks and his girlfriend, Aneta Netolicka, might be finding herself appearing in more hockey WAGs lists in the future. Aneta isn't as popular as some of the other girlfriends on this list, but her looks give her a deserving spot in it. All we really know about this cute brunette is that she's a gymnast from the Czech Republic. She seems to do a lot of travelling as her Instagram features various photos of her at some exotic locations.

Aneta also appears to be a big fan of hockey as she seems to be more involved in her boyfriend's hockey life than other girlfriends. She's often seen supporting a Hertl jersey and even getting on the ice herself during some team family skates. Hertl's hot girlfriend often appears at Sharks games, spending time with the other WAGs on the team.

5 Mitch Marner (Stephanie Lachance)


Another NHL star in the making is 20-year-old Mitch Marner. Marner had a breakout rookie season putting up 61 points in 77 games and is arguably a rookie of the year candidate. Even though he doesn't look a day older than any 16-year-old, Marner is old enough to date and is currently dating Stephanie Lachance, who is extremely cute.

According to Marner's Instagram, the couple has been dating since June 11, 2015. You can find pictures of these youngsters dating starting from all the way back to when Stephanie would make appearances at Marner's games in junior. All we can tell you about Stephanie is that she is still pursuing her studies at the University of Western Ontario.

4 Kevin Shattenkirk (Deanna Abbey)


Kevin Shattenkirk could become a hot topic in this year's free agent frenzy in the NHL if he doesn't re-sign with the Washington Capitals, but the hot topic on this list is his lovely girlfriend, Deanna Abbey. Unfortunately, we don't know too much about Deanna besides her good looks and pretty smile.The 30-year-old Abbey hails from North Carolina and started dating Shattenkirk during his time with the Blues in St. Louis. She is the youngest of three siblings in her family and recently moved to Washington, D.C, when Shattenkirk was traded to the Capitals. You can find Deanna having a good time with friends and the other WAGs of Shattenkirk's current team or somewhere on the beach. Her Instagram features tons of photos of her having a good time either adventuring with her boyfriend or spending a night out with friends.

3 Claude Giroux (Ryanne Breton)


This cute blonde named Ryanne Breton has been presumably dating Giroux since sometime in 2012. Giroux popped the question back in November of 2016 and the couple has plans to get married in the nearer future. Ryanne is a very pretty girl who always seems to be dressed in an outfit that makes her look cute. She's in the home design business and likes to call herself a professional organizer. Some of her hobbies consist of watching hockey and giving hugs. While she isn't pregnant yet, Breton and Giroux are proud parents to their four-year-old puppy Harvey.  You can check out the fun outings that these two go on and cute pictures of their dog by heading over to either of their Instagrams.

2 Aaron Ekblad (Dayna Mastronardi)


Okay, let's just say Aaron Ekblad has got good taste. The Florida Panthers defenseman previously dated gorgeous model Claudia Lemieux before recently winning the heart of the beautiful Dayna Mastronardi. While there's no confirmation as to when the two starting dating, it seems like they're a pretty new couple. They first went public after Ekblad posted a photo of them at a Drake concert several months ago in Toronto.

Since then, Dayna has been increasingly appearing in photos with Ekblad. Most pictures of Dayna feature wearing a classy outfit or a bikini which both make her look gorgeous. You'll be sad to know that all of her social media accounts are private, but she seems like a very sweet and beautiful girl.

1 Connor McDavid (Lauren Kyle)


Connor McDavid has been dating a very gorgeous blonde named Lauren Kyle for a fairly short amount of time and they are a couple which people are only starting to find out about. Lauren Kyle is a Toronto native and can be seen travelling around the world to places such as California, Las Vegas, and Indonesia. There's been no telling on what Kyle does for a living or if she's in school.

McDavid's first public appearance in Kyle's social media came during June of 2016, so we are presuming that is around the time they started dating. She's only appeared on McDavid's social media recently, when he posted a photo of the two of them on Instagram in January, relaxing during the Oilers' bye-week.

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