15 Hot NHL WAGs Who Probably Don't Understand Hockey

Between the four biggest professional sports in America, the toughest is, and has always been, professional hockey. However, the NHL remains one of the most underrated sports in America because it is

Between the four biggest professional sports in America, the toughest is, and has always been, professional hockey. However, the NHL remains one of the most underrated sports in America because it is simply misunderstood. A Harris Poll conducted in 2014 has ice hockey ranked sixth among U.S. sports fans with only 6% of the total sports fan base in America, compared to the NFL with 32%, MLB with 16%, and NBA with 7%. So there is roughly 94% of sports fans in the United States that do not enjoy ice hockey which is a large number of people.

People do not like hockey for many different reasons but mainly because they simply do no understand it. It appears to be a more complicated game than it is because of the constant substitutions, line changes, and stoppage of play. But that is an illusion. The sport is easy to understand if you want to learn how it is played.

Some people, however, simply do not care for it. They do not get it and just do not want to watch it or even learn about it. A lot of the times, in the NHL, a player's wife or girlfriend might be in that category because they just do not watch sports, or maybe just do not care for ice hockey. We have not conducted a study on this yet but based on what we have seen over the years, the hotter a WAG, that is the short-handed term for an athlete's wife or girlfriend, the less likely they are going to know about the sport their significant other plays.

Since we are only talking about the NHL, here is our list of the 15 Hot NHL WAGs that Probably Don't Understand Hockey.

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16 Lauren Cosgrove (T.J. Oshie)


Three years after they met, T.J. Oshie and Lauren Cosgrove got engaged, just days before he left for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, back in 2014. They were married in July of 2015 and are now one of the NHL's cutest new couples.

Although she appears to have the knowledge thanks to her Twitter posts and live tweeting during some of T.J.'s games, her hockey IQ is far below that of an average fan. Sure, she understands that scoring is good and when No.74 has the puck, cheer. But her time is mostly spent raising their two daughters and becoming a star herself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not having an advanced degree in hockey rules, especially for a woman that is as beautiful and intelligent as Lauren.

15 Maripier Morin (Brandon Prust)


Some of the women on our list share something in common, and it is not their knowledge of hockey. It is the fact that they do not need to learn the game or understand the rules, as they are doing just fine without any of that nonsense.

Maripier Morin talks about her man, Brandon Prust, during his games and she even discusses the gameplay as it happens, live, but she is only doing it because she loves him and enjoys cheering him on. She does not need to learn about hockey with a body like hers. Maripier Morin has been modeling for so long that anything she does involving hockey is simply because she loves her man and that is what you do when you love someone, you learn about their passions and you try to share it with them.

It is easy to say that she is not the most knowledgeable hockey fan, but does she have to be?

14 Erin Andrews (Jarret Stoll)

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This article is not intended to insult anyone, especially all of these beautiful ladies, but someone has to talk about Erin Andrews. We are sure that almost all of you reading this will agree that Erin Andrews is one of the most beautiful sports journalists, and sideline reporters, in the history of television. However, if she was not so attractive, would she still have a job as a sideline reporter for Fox? Or would it have gone to the more talented but less attractive Pam Oliver, who lost her job as  a member of Fox's "A" team for NFL games to Erin Andrews?

Jarret Stoll does not seem to care about her knowledge of sports or what she does for a living, or he would not have asked for her hand in marriage just this past month.

13 Tammy Horton (Nathan Horton)


Back in November of 2004, Tammy Plante was a featured model in Playboy's College Girls issue. She did a photo shoot and even a video feature during her time with Playboy, and for those of you who have the time, we recommend it but only if you are old enough to look at that kind of stuff of course.

The Canadian model did other various jobs showing off her amazingly perfect body including working as a virtual bartender for, in which users playing the game had the ability to make her do certain things based on user preferences. It was not very long after that when she would met Nathan Horton and the two were married in 2007.

Does she know much about hockey? Sure, she knows a little bit about it. Her great-uncle is a NHL goaltending legend Jacques Plante.

12 Emma Andersson (Henrik Zetterberg)


Let's give the ladies a chance to speak for a minute. Emma Andersson is gorgeous but her husband, Henrik Zetterberg, has been considered one of the sexiest men in NHL history. That is not coming from the men around the office, we were told this by about ten different women that saw his picture and enlightened us about his female following.

Regardless of how attractive Henrik Zetterberg is for the women, for the men, his wife is equally as hot. She was already a star in Sweden as a television personality and singer before she married Henrik and moved to the United States. If she knows anything about hockey it would be from her years of growing up in a country that treats hockey the way Americans treat the NFL.

11 Catherine LaFlamme (Kris Letang)


Much like Henrik Zetterberg, Kris Letang is one of the more admired male hockey stars in the world, according to female fans of the NHL. So when he officially married Catherine LaFlamme, women all over the place were jealous of her. But that did not hurt their relationship one bit and the two have been married since the Summer of 2015.

If you head on over to Catherine's Instagram, you will see a woman that is not only beautiful, she is a wonderful, if not perfect, mother and wife. She does all the right things a man wants including dressing up like a zombie wife for Halloween or putting on a dress and attending all of the NHL events Kris is invited to. She looks to be too busy to learn about hockey. She is busy raising their son and being the perfect woman to spend time becoming a hockey guru. Although, since she is perfect, she just might know more than we give her credit for.

10 Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher)


In 2012, Carrie Underwood was the biggest star in country music. She was headlining the Blown Away Global Tour following the release of her fourth studio album, Blown Away, which debuted at No.1 in the U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom before going platinum twice. The album had three singles that reached the Billboard top five including "Good Girl" and "Blown Away" which both got to No.1 on the list. She was killing it but she was doing it alone, always working and never slowing down to spend time with a guy, until her bass player introduced her to Mike Fisher, a NHL player living in another country at the time.

But one thing led to another and they eventually got married and now have a happy little family. Does Carrie Underwood know anything about hockey? The better question is, does she even care to learn?

9 Paige Getzlaf (Ryan Getzlaf)


Raising a child is difficult, no matter what situation a person is in. So you can imagine that raising three children is extremely tough. For Paige Getzlaf, that is how she spends her life these days, raising her and Ryan Getzlaf's children. It is crazy to see how much she does besides simply raising a family. She is a star on the reality television show, Hockey Wives, which airs on the W Network in Canada.

She stays busy with the three kids that she only has a few minutes here and there to send some encouraging comments to Ryan via Twitter from time to time. So she is excused from learning about hockey and if she does not know a single thing about it, that is totally fine with us. She has earned herself a spot in the wife Hall of Fame already that learning about hockey is the least important thing she should be worried about.

8 Katie Hoaldridge (Jamie Benn)


While attending the University of Texas, Katie Hoaldridge was an all-conference distance runner that claimed several awards during her career including being named All-Big 12 three times. But it was not until she began dating Jamie Benn that she turned into a star. No one noticed that Katie Hoalridge is quite possibly the hottest middle distance runner in the state of Texas, ever because no one watches cross country track unfortunately.

If you go to her instagram page and spend the afternoon looking at her stunningly gorgeous frame and legs that go all the way to the floor, you would never guess that she was once an All-Conference distance runner or even an athlete. She is now an aspiring model that is quickly becoming a star since she started dating Jamie Benn. Being an athlete, you would assume that she knows hockey but that is not always the case and chances are she knows very little beyond what Jamie Benn is doing.

7 Noureen DeWulf (Ryan Miller)


Much like Paige Getzlaf, Noureen DeWulf stars on the Canadian channel, the W Network's reality show Hockey Wives. The show is about the trials and tribulations of being a wife to some of the NHL's biggest stars. It follows these women around, like a documentary, and let's us inside their day-to-day lives, showing off the difficulties in being married to a man that travels almost year-round playing a sport that is very painful to watch.

Prior to her appearance on Hockey Wives, Noureen DeWulf was a regular on the FX shortly lived hit show Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. She has also appeared in movies and has done some commercials too. Of all the women on our list, she is by far the most famous. She has been married to goaltender Ryan Miller since 2011 and in the last five years, no one has figured out how a man that looks like he does could land a stunner like Noureen.


5 Barbie Blank Souray (Sheldon Souray)


Those of you who follow professional wrestling know about the former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, right? Well, the name Kelly Kelly is nothing more than a stage name that she created while becoming a professional wrestler, well, not so much a wrestler as a beautiful model in wrestling attire. But her birth name is Barbie Blank and that alone is one of the hottest names we can say that we have ever heard.

She met Sheldon Souray while the WWE Divas Champion and then again at Maxim's Hot 100 party in 2011. After that encounter, Barbie says, "After that night, we were inseparable."

But Barbie Blank was never a big hockey fan or someone you would see at any NHL games, her love for Sheldon has little to do with what he does for a living and of all the women we have talked about today, she is the one most likely to never really care or learn about the sport beyond the very basics rules.

4 Melinda Currey (Erik Karlsson)


The self-described coffee lover, dreamer, marketing professional, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, is also doubling as a NHL star Erik Karlsson's fiance, making her one of the most impressive WAGs in NHL history. Unlike a man, when a woman looks like Melinda Currey, they can make a killing as a supermodel and movie star without ever having to lift a finger and try. But Melinda is not just a pretty face, she is an incredibly talented professional that has leveraged her newly found status as a WAG to her advantage.

Since becoming a celebrity, it is only a matter of time before Melinda becomes a star supermodel, if she wants to. But just because she is built like a supermodel, it does not mean she wants to be one. If she does, millions of men will be very happy, trust us.

3 Nastya Shubskaya (Alex Ovechkin)


Alexander Ovechkin is one of the most eligible bachelors that the NHL has ever seen. Not only is he easily a future Hall of Famer, Alex Ovechkin has been making headlines since 2009 because of the laundry list of beautiful Russian women he has dated. So when he announced he was married, it was a shocker to everyone, especially his female fans who enjoyed the star hockey players partying ways.

If you are wondering how Nastya Shubskaya managed to lock him down and tie the knot, that is an easy one. Go to her Instagram or simply do a Google images search and you will understand. She is the sexiest woman he has ever dated and there really isn't any upgrading this one. Nastya is here to stay.

2 Lindsey Vecchione (Jonathan Toews)


At 29 years young, Lindsey Vecchione is still living it up before she actually decides to officially settle down and become a stay-at-home NHL WAG to Jonathan Toews.

She is one of the most mysterious WAGs we have ever encountered because she has elite level beauty and is almost always in the top five of any WAG post involving the NHL that you will find online yet she does not have a big social media following now that she has become famous for dating Jonathan Toews.

Does she know hockey? Probably not. Will she learn about the game and understand it over time? Possibly but it is not necessary for her relationship as she can do a million things with her beautiful frame and not a single one of them will require her to take a test about her hockey knowledge.

1 Anna Kasterova (Evgeni Malkin)


Now that we have made Anna Kasterova our number one NHL WAG, two things are about to happen. First of all, you are about to open up a new tab on Google Chrome and begin a search into the Anna Kasterova Instagram that is going to break the internet one day if she continues posting her amazing selfies on it. She looks like she is half Adriana Lima and half Gisele Bundchen Brady, or in other words, the perfect woman. Oh, and secondly, you are going to realize that Evgeni Malkin looks like Steve-O from MTV's Jackass and that even the guys that look average in this league can land smokeshows like Anna.

Anna is one of the most talented television hosts in Russia and has a fan base of her own. It's not like she married him for the money either, it does not seem like she even needs it. So maybe, just maybe, it is one of those things that happen that we cannot explain.

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