15 Hot Pictures Alex Ovechkin Doesn't Want You To See Of His Wife

When it comes to an athlete’s personal life, some of us would rather not hear about it. While some would love to follow what their favourite players are up to as professionals and individuals. Everything from leisurely activities to their relationships is up for discussion and dissection. The bigger the athlete, the more buzz they’ll generate through tabloid sites and what not. Their romantic exploits are especially put under the microscope. Alex Ovechkin – aside from being one of the great players of his time – is also a pretty private guy. We know things about his personal life sure, but he doesn’t flaunt it around as much as some athletes. That’s why his marriage to a relative unknown piqued some people’s interest.

Nastya Ovechkin (née Shubskaya) is a Russian born model whose mother, Vera Glagolev, was a respected Russian actress in her time. Her father, Kirill Shubskiy, is well known in the shipbuilding business. Apart from that, we don’t know much. She’s a model and has taken some acting courses to perhaps follow in her mother’s footsteps. So it’s safe to assume that she’s looking for a gig in the entertainment industry. But wow is she a looker. You know that Ovi doesn’t really want everyone ogling his wife at every turn, but he might have to put up with that at this point. Here are 15 hot pictures Alex Ovechkin doesn’t want you to see of his wife.

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17 Look into the Camera

One thing you’ll notice as you’re going through Nastya’s Instagram account is that she takes A LOT of selfies. The selfie craze first really hit years back, and since then Instagram and Facebook have been two sites that people seem to use the most when sharing a quick snap of themselves. Among all her modeling pictures is a sea of various selfies from all kinds of different angles, locations ect... She looks absolutely beautiful in this one though. Sometimes the simplest picture can be the most flattering, and someone like Nastya doesn’t need to try all that hard to look good. You have to wonder though, how did a guy like Ovi manage to snag such a beautiful bride?

16 Night Out

Партия увенчалась моим поражением😕

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

A lot of these pictures you’ll see are from either before or while Nastya was dating Ovechkin. That’s why they got such a relatively small amount of attention despite how good she’s looked in them. Of course, that’s all changed now that most hockey fans know who she is. The attention she’s getting now can only increase and we’re sure it’ll benefit her as a model, actress or whatever she chooses to do going forward. But for now, just look back at this great picture of her during a night out – to a pool bar by the looks of it – and how absolutely breathtaking she looks. It’s no surprise she managed to catch Ovechkin’s eye with looks that good.

15 Bathroom Selfie

Nastya looks fantastic in this bathroom selfie she posted to her Instagram account. At the time this was taken she and Ovechkin were still just dating, but she was still turning heads in the hockey community. It’s not too hard to see why, as she’s simply stunning. We don’t know if this was taken in her home in Russia or while she was staying in the States, but by the looks of what she’s got on, it seems as though Nastya was getting ready for a trip to the beach. Not that many of those in Russia. Regardless, it’s a wonder she isn’t more popular on Instagram. Between her fantastic looks and her hockey star husband, you’d expect this beauty to reel in the fans.

14 Bath Time

😌желаю всем прекрасного вечера💋

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

For those of you who aren’t aware, Nastya moonlights as a model. She was actually named as one of the most eligible socialites in Russia by Elle magazine. So while most hockey fans probably know her due to her relationship with Ovechkin, she’s actually carved out a nice little reputation for herself on her own. Nastya’s Instagram is filled with pictures of herself posing and modeling for various shoots, and they’re all great quality. But this one here seems like it’s one of the better quality shots. The lightning, framing of the shot and Nastya herself really make this a breathtaking scene that’s been captured perfectly by both the photographer and the model.

13 Black and White

Photo by @joshryanphotos 🙏#photoshoot#model#LA#hollywood

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Most athletes have it pretty good. Aside from the pressures of consistently performing at a professional level, they get the multimillion dollar contracts, fame, accolades and beautiful women. Among the many types of lovely ladies they manage to snag, a lot of WAGS are models in some way or another. That’s especially true in the NHL and Ovechkin doesn’t look like he’s going to buck that trend. His wife is one of the most stunning WAGS in the NHL. Hard to believe that she was and still is a relative unknown. One thing that you can be sure of though is her knack for modeling. A beautiful figure, long legs, she’s got it all. You can expect her modeling career to pick up from here.



10 In the Distance


A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

If you’re wondering why Nastya has such an incredible figure, you might want to know that she’s actually the daughter of Russian actress Vera Glagoleva. So we know now that her supermodel good looks stem from somewhere. We’re sure that her career is going to kick off in the coming years, but until then, you’ll have to sustain yourself off posts like this one. We previously addressed the lack of beaches in Nastya’s native Russia, so it seems that she’s taken to the warmer climate areas now that she’s in America with her husband. The result is this stunning photo right here. It once again shows off her model physique while proving that she’s one of the hottest WAGS out there right now.

9 Nicely Framed

What else can you say about this picture but “wow”. Nastya looks absolutely fantastic in this shot as she completely overtakes the viewer’s attention. Apart from being married to one of the biggest hockey players in the world, she’s also made a name for herself through her modeling. You can tell by looking at this photo right here that she’s not afraid of the camera one bit. While she’s been in a number of professional shoots, this is one of her best pictures – and it looks fantastic despite being an amateur shot. It really brings out her character and has some incredible scenery in the background. One thing’s for sure, Ovechkin’s one lucky SOB.

8 To the Sea

Here’s another nicely posed shot for you guys taken from Nastya’s Instagram. The young model certainly likes to mix in work with pleasure as it seems as though she’s always putting quality photographs out there for all to see. Maybe she’s just used to it, but she looks great each and every time. You can tell that she comes from some pretty good looking parents – which is true as her mother is an actress and she herself has taken to both acting and modeling in her brief career. Nastya looks great in the open; it’s not all indoor selfies with her. Her pictures have both breathtaking scenery and a real knockout beauty in the middle of it all.

7 Another Selfie

Speaking of selfies, did we mention that Nastya like to take a bunch of them. It’s not anything out of the ordinary per se – her Instagram account isn’t lined with selfies row after row – but enough for you to realize that the girl really likes taking those close-ups. While she’s mainly been focusing on modeling as of late, Nastya attended a 4-week acting program at the New York Film Academy and looks like she has no problems diversifying her portfolio. When you look at pictures like this, it’s a wonder she isn’t more popular than she is. She certainly has the look of an actress, but she’ll need to prove that she has the skills as well.

6 Go Kart

Aside from all the serious, professional looking shots – Nastya actually has a bit of a playful side to her. As you can see in this picture, she plays around quite a bit – but still manages to look fantastic. While it’s not exactly clear as to where this picture was taken it sure looks like she’s enjoying the fantastic weather. We just barely see her wearing a stunning two piece bikini, going beautiful with the scenery in the background – but then what’s that? It looks like a pool float in the shape of a car. Could she have been heading to the beach? Or maybe a private pool. You’d have to be able to read Russian to truly understand what’s going on here, but it doesn’t take much to enjoy this lovely picture.

5 On the Beach

Talk about views. This picture has it all, a beautiful woman on a beach and a fantastic backdrop behind her. It’s pretty obvious, going by this picture alone, that Ovi is an incredibly lucky guy to have been able to snag such a looker. Everything about this picture just pops off the screen really – from the incredible scenery to the serene beach and of course, Nastya herself. We’re sure that we’ll see more of these kinds of pictures as her modeling career progresses. But for now, she’s still doing some relatively low key work. We certainly don’t mind as she looks absolutely stunning in this picture. She’s already been picking up steam online due to her recent marriage to Ovechkin, but she’s really been making a name for herself as well.

4 Beach Booty

Bye bye Dubai😍❤️

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Another beach shot, but this one’s a little racier than the others. Obviously, someone’s been doing their squats when hitting the gym. You can imagine why this would be the kind of picture Ovechkin wouldn’t want you to see. Sure, she looks beautiful, but the shot’s a wee bit risqué don’t you think? Lucky for him, it’s a pretty old picture and hasn’t received the same attention other posts have following the couples engagement and subsequent marriage. But you can be sure after seeing this right here that this girl is going to be pretty popular on social media going forward. Not only is she married to one of the greatest hockey players in the world, but she’s incredibly beautiful and continues t make a name for herself online.

3 Split Screen


A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Here’s another leisurely picture for you. Depending on how you look at it, here are two of them. You can see why Ovi fell head over heels for her, as Nastya looks like a dream in these pre-beach pictures. We know she likes those selfies, and it seems as though she went all out for these. As always, Nastya looks absolutely beautiful in this shot. Maybe she had a hard time choosing which one to post and just decided to go with both of them. To be honest, they’re pretty similar shots. It really just looks like she took the same shot, flipped it, and then posted them together. But, two is better than one, eh?

2 Pole Dancing

Ну как то так😈

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Out of all the pictures on this list, this one has to really make Ovi sweat a little. Most of the pictures so far have been modeling shots or vacation pictures. But this one doesn’t seem to belong to either category. It really just looks like Nastya practicing her pole dancing technique – not much to read into with this one. But still, it gives us a look into why she looks so fit at least. Nastya really shows off her athleticism in this one. It can go overlooked when you’re married to such a fantastic athlete, but it seems as though she’s determined not to let that slip through the cracks. All in all a great shot.

1 Model Mayhem

#LA #model #photoshoot #AgentProvocateur #TomFord

A post shared by Nastasiya Ovechkina (@nastyashubskaya) on

Forget everything you’ve seen up to this point, because this is the absolute best picture you’ll see of Nastya on the internet. We’ve said that she’s primarily known as a model, and this one shows that off 100%. Everything about this picture is perfect, from Nastya to the angle of the shot and the way she’s posing. Everything works out and compliments each other. We’ve said this before, but Ovi is one lucky guy. The fantastic career he’s had and now this beauty of a model as his wife? Some people just have it all it seems. We’re sure that as her celebrity grows, Nastya’s modeling career will as well. So look forward to more stunning shots like these in the future.

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