15 More NHL Memes That Are Absolutely Savage

The term "savage" gets thrown around a lot these days. "Savage" can mean anything. "Oh did you see that catch I made dude? That was savage." "Remember when we went to that party, you were a savage that night." You get the point. It can mean anything.

Now, think about the world of memes. They are seemingly everywhere nowadays. Any situation or any insult you want to throw out at your friends to get a good laugh, throw out a meme. You want to troll somebody you want nothing to do with, throw out a meme. Memes can be found on a daily basis within friend groups, on pages of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and just about anywhere else you can imagine. The thing with memes is nobody is safe from not becoming one. So fans, might want to watch what you say and do or else you could become one. But how does this relate to professional sports?

Professional athletes and sports teams are just as subject to these memes as the everyday fan is. How many memes have you seen of the Indians blowing a 3-1 lead in the World Series last year? How about the Atlanta Falcons blowing a 28-3 lead to the New England Patriots? The Golden State Warriors being a "super team"? The world is full of sports memes. But have you seen many from the NHL?

This list looks at exactly that. Are you looking for the funniest and most "savage" memes from the NHL? We got them. Are you looking for NHL memes you wouldn't expect the world to have? We have those too. So sit back, relax, and take a gander at 15 recent NHL memes that are absolutely "savage".

15 Henrik Lundqvist: Party Of...None?

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To start off the list of "savage" memes, we look at a guy that has been the king of the net for the New York Rangers for 13 seasons now, but doesn't have the ultimate prize to show for it. The goal is simple for any NHL team: win the Stanley Cup by any means possible. Henrik Lundqvist would love to know the secret to winning the Stanley Cup because none of his Rangers teams in the past have figured that part out. His numbers in the regular season are very good. He has a career record of 406-252-76 with a goals against average of 2.32. His postseason numbers are not as exemplary as he is 61-65 with a 2.28 GAA.

Sure, he doesn't give up a lot of goals so maybe it is one the defense. But Lundqvist might want to either try harder to post shutouts every game of the playoffs or tell his offense to pick up the slack come postseason time. If neither of these happen, then he won't have his cup and nobody will have anything to drink out of when they go to Henrik's house like the meme implies.

14 The Sedins Are Second To None!

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Sticking with the theme of never winning the big one, this pair of brothers have been the subject of this meme regarding their losing ways and a rather unpleasant sexual video. Daniel Sedin is a left winger that arrived in Vancouver in 2001. Throughout his time with the Canucks, he has 371 goals and 617 assists to register 988 points and still is going. His brother Henrik has also been a part of the Canucks organization since 2001. He can have bragging rights over his brother point wise as he has 237 goals, 785 assists, which equals 1,022 career points. Neither of them can brag when it comes to how many Stanley Cups they both have won: zero.

This meme can sum up their career in perfectly. Maybe they can finally get over the hump before their careers end and get the taste of poop out of their mouths.

13 Sid The Kid...Really A Kid

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One of the biggest problems in all of sports is athletes acting like babies. You all know what I'm talking about when you sit back and reflect on it. There are some stars in all of sports that whine like a baby when they don't get their way. Alex Rodriguez used to complain about strike and ball calls in the MLB. LeBron James continues to complain about every single call in the NBA known to man while he tries competing for championships. The NHL version is none other than Pittsburgh Penguin star Sidney Crosby. When it comes to statistics the numbers speak for themselves; three Stanley Cup championships, and 11 time All-Star; the guy is good plain and simple. But for being so good, he loves to complain and whine about every little call.

This meme goes right to the point, that Crosby tends to whine like a baby. But if he kept his mouth quiet and didn't try to buy calls, maybe memes like this one wouldn't come out. Keep complaining Sid and see how well it continues to work for you.

12 Maybe One Day Maple Leafs Fans

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the few teams in Canada that the country put their arms around, acknowledge and love as their own. The Maple Leafs were great from the 1940s until the late 1960'. 1967 was the last year that the Maple Leafs were able to successfully vanquish all opponents standing in their way and claim the Stanley Cup as theirs. Since then, it has been an absolute nightmare.

Now, I know this meme says they can't win at the Air Canada Center, and it looks like they're turning things around, but this is too funny to ignore. They have a superstar on the come up in Auston Matthews which helps big time. But until they can make a deep playoff run, this meme will serve as a good reminder that the Maple Leafs could still become the Maple Leafs at any given time.

11 Faceoffs Are A Victory In Themselves...Right?

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The Toronto Maple Leafs don't have a lot to cheer for now a days. Yes, they did clinch a playoff spot last season and yes they do have some pieces in place like Auston Matthews and goaltender Frederick Andersen. But that was the first time in four seasons that the Maple Leafs even tasted the postseason. They had 40 wins total which included 21 at home, so now maybe they are learning to win at home in front of the die hard Maple Leaf fans. It is just amazing to see that the Maple Leafs have not given their fans anything to really cheer about until recently.

This meme basically gives off the impression that small victories can feel like huge victories when you haven't won the big one since 1967. It is quite embarrassing if we are being truthfully honest here. With the fact that they made playoffs last season, there could be something in the water that could grow. Until another playoff appearance and deeper run happens, the face-off win meme will be here to stay.

10 Medieval Times On The Ice

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Hockey is one of the most magical games to ever encounter. The crisp passing, the dekes that can fool players and break their ankles potentially, the big, loud checks into the boards. There is something for everyone at a hockey game. But have you ever seen a sword fight at a game? This meme hilariously trolls the NHL to make it look like these two guys are going medieval on us all, battling for the fairest princess in the whole land. Okay, maybe we got carried away a little bit. But none the less, it is definitely "savage" as the kids would say.

It looks like a case where one guy is trying to make a big check, another guy loses his balance, both of their sticks go up; and then the cameraman takes the picture at the absolute perfect time which gives us this top of the line meme. I don't think that there will be sword fights coming out of the wood works in the NHL any time soon. But the imagination that it can leave us with this meme makes it more attractive to younger audiences and can be considered "savage" in that respect.

9 Sid The Kid...Still A Kid

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Crying is one of the most natural emotions that everyone feels on a day to day basis. Some people cry over legitimate issues such as the break-up of a significant other, the death of a family member, not getting all of the calls wanted in a game...wait what? Like we mentioned before, Sidney Crosby is a cry baby and is looking for every single call possible. We showed the meme earlier of him with his binky in his mouth acting like a little baby. But to have not only one, but multiple memes out about your crying antics on the ice; that is nothing short of "savage". The message being sent here is nobody is safe from not being put into a funny meme. In the NHL, you could be a 4th line defenseman or a 1st line star center. But with Sidney Crosby's constant whining, bickering, and complaining; this meme definitely explains him well with those nine simple words.

8 Toronto Finally Learning

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Sorry Toronto Maple Leafs fans, but there is something about your team that we love to talk about, especially in the form of memes. But this one was too good to pass up on. If fans have ever seen the work production of actor Will Ferrell, they will know he is one of the most naturally funny movie stars there is. His humor was at full capacity when he was in the "Anchorman" movies as obnoxious and sexist newscaster Ron Burgundy. We all should remember the final words Burgundy would say at the end of his broadcasts, "You stay classy San Diego." Now, add that to a meme about the Leafs and switch out San Diego with Toronto and we experience a genius meme on our hands. Canadian fans have had violent showings in the past when their teams have lost meaningful games which have included setting fires to everything around them. So now combine that knowledge of their fans, the losing tradition the Leafs endure, and Ron Burgundy blasting them for not burning the city after a loss and you have as "savage" a meme as ever shown before. We have picked on Toronto enough though, let's check back in with Vancouver.

7 Still Recovering Vancouver

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The Vancouver Canucks certainly can relate to the Maple Leafs in the sense of losing. Losing stinks, there is no positive way to feel after a loss. But the Canucks seemed to have taken choking to a whole new level, almost to an art form. Their best chance came back in 2011 when they played host to the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals. Having the home ice advantage and seeing as how the home team won every game in the series, it seemed like a foregone conclusion that the Canucks would wrap things up in front of their fans. Instead, the Bruins surprised the world and behind a shutout from goalie Tim Thomas, brought home their first Stanley Cup since 1972. They now have the label as chokers since that loss.

Vancouver fans burned the streets and the team was never the same since then. Apparently they live for choking in the big games. They did so in 2011 when they had the chance to win the big one, so who is to say they won't do it again?

6 Poor Leafs Fans

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have loved blowing leads in the past. It seems like whenever they have a lead, there is just a feeling in the pit of every fans stomach that they are going to blow their lead. With this in mind, the bank accountant from South Park makes a guest appearance in this next epic meme which takes a clear shot at Maple Leafs players and their fans. We all hate blowing leads. Look at the 2004 New York Yankees, blowing a three games to none lead to the Boston Red Sox in arguably the worst collapse in sports history. The Leafs blew a three goal lead with less than ten minutes left in a period once, that is pretty bad. But keep in mind, that was only one game. But when you combine the humor that is South Park and the misery that is being a Toronto Maple Leafs fan, it makes for an incredible meme like the one shown above.

5 Edmonton Can't Be That Bad...Can It?

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Think about this scenario. You're the number one projected pick in the upcoming draft and your destination is set for...Edmonton? At the time, Connor McDavid was the most highly talented prospect coming out of the 2015 NHL entry draft. The Oilers have had a recent history of being horrifically bad. So now they have the number one pick and of course they were going to take McDavid. Now yes, in the present day; McDavid has helped the Oilers become a legitimate threat in the Western Conference. But before all of that happened, this meme perfectly described how McDavid must have been feeling realizing he was going to be an Oiler. The look on his face in this meme is priceless. It looks like a plea for help saying, "Please let me drop in the draft, don't let me go to Edmonton!" This is common throughout the four major sports as players have dreaded where they are going but then had marvelous careers. McDavid is here to stay and he will continue to be an Oiler for a long time. But this meme is still "savage".

4 Sid Just Can't Catch A Break

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When you break down certain letters of people's names, it spells out words that describe them instantly. When you think of Sid the Kid's last name, Crosby; The two words you can come up with are cry and sob. This is very fitting as Sidney loves to complain about every call that goes his way. Plus, the guys face in this photo surrounded by what looks like college friends enjoying a party is absolutely priceless. He looks like he just figured out the Da Vinci Code or the formula for Coca-Cola! All kidding aside, he looks truly stunned about figuring out the "code of Crosby" and continuously making fun of a winner like Sid makes it that much more savage.

We all love hockey memes and if you are a Sidney Crosby or Pittsburgh Penguin hater, this meme will give you a laugh and take a shot at Crosby's reputation/pride all at the same time. We have made fun of Sidney Crosby enough though. The real person that should be getting more of a hard time than Crosby is Alex Ovechkin.

3 Ovechkin Almost Had It This Time

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We continuously pick on Sidney Crosby because of his attitude on the ice. But there is one thing he can throw back in our faces...he's a winner. Plain and simple, the guy has three Stanley Cups that he can throw in everyone's face if they try to belittle his legacy in the NHL. He has won unlike Alex Ovechkin. The Washington Capitals are a stereotypical team that dominates in the regular season and then makes a fast exit out of the playoffs. They have not been able to get out of the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs. I don't recall when Ovechkin has even played in the Eastern Conference Finals, let alone the Stanley Cup Finals. What is amazing about this meme is that it reminds Ovechkin and fans of just that. He gets eliminated every postseason and can't help his team get it done when he needs to.

The number eight fits in perfectly to the word eliminated which makes it that much more "savage". Until Ovechkin lifts up and kisses the Stanley Cup in victory, he will forever be known as a guy that can't get it done in crunch time and this meme will live on. It must be tough to be Alex right now.

2 Hockey Players Really Are Tough Guys

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Speaking of being tough, that is the best way to describe hockey players as a whole. They are incredibly tough and courageous for some of the times they suit up when they should be relaxing and recovering from serious injury. This meme definitely portrays what it is like to be a hockey player in this day in age. A warrior getting spears thrown into him is essentially what playing in the NHL is like. No matter how hard the hits may come or no matter how much your mouth might hurt from taking a puck to the face, the players continue to skate on. That is the true definition of toughness and pure grit. You see in the NBA now a days how players will come out of games because of cramps or in the MLB when pitchers come out because their arm might be a little sore. There are players in the NHL who have played with punctured lungs, ruptured spleens, and with other serious injuries. But it is their will, determination, adrenaline, and probably a whole lot of pain killers that keep them coming out on the ice night after night. This meme may not be "savage" in the sense that it is funny. But it definitely is "savage" in the fact that it shows just the amount of pain these players go through and still do whatever needs to be done to play every night. Much respect to all of you NHL players, I know I couldn't do anything close to that.

1 The Only Blemish On Ovi's Career

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The granddaddy of them all is here to stay. The number one meme that can be considered savage once again involves Alex Ovechkin. Once again, we also point out the fact that he hasn't won a ring in his long career with the Capitals. This has everything you want in an epic, "savage" meme. You have the Penguins having a laugh over the fact that the Capitals are not even close to them when it comes to winning the big one. You have the funny wording in the meme with calling of the house and getting no ring. Then, you have the fact that it will continuously troll Ovechkin until his Capitals can make it to Finals before they even consider winning the Finals. Crosby and his teammates are probably laughing right now at this meme because it celebrates their historic winning and the Capitals historic choking. This meme stands out as the most "savage" meme to come out recently.

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