15 Most Disgraceful EA NHL '18 Ratings

EA's new NHL game this year is NHL 18, and that means that it is time to dive into the ratings for this year's new game. There are some ratings for the players that you are ok with, there are some that you really agree with, and then there are some that make you say that it is a disgrace that they are giving that player the rating in which they did. With the NHL entering almost their second month of the season, it gives a good idea to players who deserve their ratings and players who don't deserve the ratings that they got.

As a hockey fan you want to see your favorite players with a rating that you believe that they deserve. When they don't get that rating you think that there is something wrong with the people who put the ratings together. Either way not everybody can be happy with the ratings that occur in this game for every player, but there are people who work hard on putting together the best game possible for the fans and for the athletes to play. Everybody around the world that loves the sport of hockey loves to play this game, and they want nothing but a quality game which EA provides each and every year.

When I look at the ratings for every player there are fifteen that stick out to me as being labeled as disgraceful. With that being said here are the fifteen most disgraceful ratings in EA's NHL 18.


15 Conor Sheary - 82

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Conor Sheary is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion and only has two seasons under his belt. Sheary has been the beneficiary of playing with Sidney Crosby as he has seen his stock level increase over his career. With his 82 rating being what EA thinks he is absolutely shocks me. He has some serious potential to be one of the better wingers that Crosby has ever played with, and played really well last season.

In my opinion Sheary should be around an 85 with some serious potential to go up and increase. He has struggled so far in 2017-2018 I get that, but he still is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion and he actually contributed to the teams so he deserves a little more credit. Look for Sheary and the Penguins to bounce back and watch out for him if he gets going.

14 Roberto Luongo - 86

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Roberto Luongo is getting up their in age and has not been the goaltender that he has been in recent memory. Especially after a bad season like he had in 2016-2017 there is absolutely no way that he deserved to be an 86 overall in NHL 18. Florida is struggling as a whole and he has not done a whole lot in his split time to make him worth an 86 overall rating.

In my opinion Luongo should be around an 82 with the way that he has played lately. With him being 38 years old his years of being a solid goaltender are behind him, and he doesn't necessarily have a starting job in the National Hockey League at the moment. He is splitting time with James Reimer and if you are splitting time there is no reason why you should be above an 82 overall. EA gave Luongo his rating based on his name on not his performance.

13 Dylan Larkin - 83

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Dylan Larkin is a young player who has some serious potential and can be really good some day, but right now he is not worth the 83 overall rating that he has. Larkin had a rough sophomore season, and got rewarded for it with an 83 overall for NHL 18. Again another player who is getting rewarded for not producing makes no sense. The only good thing about Larkin last season was he was just under forty six percent in faceoffs won, other than that nothing really stood out.

In my opinion Larkin should be an 80 overall at the moment, but could potentially bump up if he plays well. Larkin is only 21 years old and has a bright future ahead of him, but at the moment he is not worth the rating that EA gave him. Look for him to hopefully prove myself wrong, but at the moment it doesn't look so good.

12 Hampus Lindholm - 86

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Hampus Lindholm has the potential to be one of the brightest young stars on the Anaheim Ducks, but has yet to show that he was worth the contract and the EA rating that he has gotten. Lindholm signed a six year deal worth $31.5 million and got a 86 overall rating in the process as well. He not only held out last season, but he did not show his worth in the 66 games he played last season. So far this season he has only played in one game due to injury, but he wouldn't do as much as he is hyped up to do.

In my opinion Lindholm should be around a 83 overall and nothing higher than that. He has not shown that he can help his team in the post season or in the regular season as well. He aggravates most hockey fans because he has talent, but has not shown it at times.

11 Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - 83

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is a former number one overall selection and is entering the prime of his career at the moment. He unfortunately has not put up the amount of points in a season that the Oilers wished that he would when they drafted him, but he is a consistent contributor to their team. I believe that he would excel on a team where he was the first line center and at the moment he is in their top six as he centers the second line, but how long will he be up there.

In my opinion Nugent-Hopkins should be at least an 85 overall and has the potential to increase, but he needs a different change of scenery to do that in my opinion. The only thing is that he is locked up in Edmonton for the next four seasons under contract, and a trade seems very unlikely to happen. Look for Nugent-Hopkins to increase his numbers from a year ago to show that he deserves a higher rating.

10 Pekka Rinne - 87

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Pekka Rinne is coming off one of his best seasons. Maybe not statistically, but he helped lead the Nashville Predators to their first ever Stanley Cup Final appearance in franchise history. The two-time Vezina runner up and three time Vezina Finalist deserves higher than the 87 overall rating that EA gave him. Rinne is playing very well at the moment and will continue to keep it up as the season progresses.

In my opinion Pekka Rinne is a top ten goaltender in the league and is well deserving of a 90 overall rating. He has shown over the years that he is one of the best goaltenders in the league, and should be rewarded like one in EA's NHL 18. Look for Pekka Rinne to be in the Vezina talk again this season and to prove EA that they were wrong about him.

9 Brad Marchand - 87

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Here is another guy that I believe got disrepected with his 87 overall rating and that is Brad Marchand. Marchand is coming off of a career year in which he set a career high in goals, assists, and points. He showed that he is becoming one of the better players in the league today and should be rewarded like one. Brad has shown some signs of leadership on the ice, and is slowly becoming a top ten winger in the game today.

In my opinion Marchand should be at least a 90 due to his great season, and with all the potential that he has to get better as he is 29 years old. The prime of his career is here and he has shown what he is about, now he has to have another solid year for EA to realize that he is a ninty overall rated player in this game.


8 Jordan Eberle - 83

Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Eberle is another former first round selection of the Edmonton Oilers that is actually getting a new start on a new team in 2017-18. He was traded to the New York Islanders this offseason and I believe that it was the best case scenario for both sides. Eberle is a talented winger that is much more than his 83 overall rating that EA gave him in NHL 18.

In my opinion Eberle should be at least an 85 overall. Now that Eberle is playing on a line with a player like John Tavares, I can see his numbers increasing and him putting up career high numbers this season. Look for Eberle to help the Islanders not only give their best pitch to keep John Tavares in New York, but to help him get a fresh start for the prime of his career.

7 Brandon Saad - 83

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

Brandon Saad gets better and better year after year and now that he is entering the prime of his career means that he will be playing his best hockey right now. Saad is a two-time Stanley Cup Champion already and is looking to make himself a three-time champion after being traded back to Chicago this offseason. He is already becoming one of the better wingers in the league today, and is well deserving of a better rating than a 83 overall.

In my opinion Saad should be at least an 85 overall and could be higher than that as well. He is a very skilled player that is ready to take that big leap to become one of the more talked about players in the league today. Look out National Hockey League, because Brandon Saad is coming and you need to watch out for him.

6 Cam Atkinson - 84

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Cam Atkinson is another talented winger that is increasing his production year after year, and should be considered a whole lot better than his 84 overall rating that EA gave him in NHL 18. Atkinson is part of the reason why the Blue Jackets are as good as they are today. He not only played in all 82 games, but he also had a career high in goals, assists, and points. With his production looking like it will be more of the same in 2017-2018, EA should of given Atkinson a better rating.

In my opinion Atkinson should at least be an 86 overall as he has a killer wrist shot, and can produce night in and night out at times. One thing about Atkinson is that he has to help the Blue Jackets get out of the first round of the playoffs in order to be considered as good as he actually is. Look for Atkinson to prove he is worth more than that 84 overall rating in which he received.

5 Kevin Shattenkirk - 83

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Shattenkirk is one of the best defenseman that the New York Rangers have on their roster and he was graced with a 83 overall rating. Something is not right with that as Shattenkirk has been one of the better defenseman since he entered the league in 2011. He is a consistent top four defenseman, and is worth a little bit more of praise than what EA gave him in NHL 18.

In my opinion Shattenkirk should be at least an 85 overall and could very well be anywhere from a 86-88 overall. He is a great solid young defenseman that isn't getting credit for what he did his time with the Blues. Look for Shattenkirk to prove his worth in New York this season as he got paid the big dollars to play for them in the off season.

4 Brent Burns - 90

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Burns is the reigning Norris Trophy winner and has been an absolute stud the past three seasons for the San Jose Sharks. Burns is one of the top offensive defenseman in the National Hockey League today and should be higher than a 90 overall. Without Burns San Jose's defense is not as good. He keeps them together and poses a big threat to the opponent's offensive stars everytime he is on the ice.

In my opinion Burns should be at least a 92 overall and that is not an exaggeration. He has proven that he is starting to become one of the best defenseman in the National Hockey League and should be respected like one. Yes a 90 overall rating is a good rating, but a 92 overall is a fantastic rating and that is what Burns deserves.

3 James van Riemsdyk - 84

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

James van Riemsdyk is a solid player that Toronto is lucky to have today. His play along with the young talent that the Maple Leafs have is why Toronto is so highly regarded like they are today. JVR produced a career high in points in 2016-17, and should look to top that in this year's campaign. He has shown that he is worth well over his 84 overall rating that EA gave him in NHL 18.

In my opinion JVR should be at least an 86 overall. Van Riesmdyk is a great talent that is in the prime of his career and should be looked at as one of the best wingers that nobody talks about. Van Riesmdyk is one household name that nobody talks about and after the 2017-18 season he should be talked about in every NHL fans household.

2 Patrice Bergeron - 89

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Patrice Bergeron is the best two-way forward in the entire National Hockey League and there is no debate that proves that he is not. Patrice is a four-time Selke Trophy Winner which has been done once before by the likes of the great Bob Gainey. Bergeron is the leader for the Bruins on and off the ice and should be considered one of the top twenty five best players in the National Hockey League today.

In my opinion Bergeron should at least be a 92 overall and again not it is not an exaggeration. Plus Bergeron has been either number one or number two for the Selke Trophy for the past six seasons so there is no way that any other player in the National Hockey League should even be considered the best two-way forward if their name is not Patrice Bergeron. Look for Bergeron to not only win an all-time best fifth Selke Trophy this season, but to do it in style.

1 Matt Murray - 88

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Penguins have won the Stanley Cup in each of Matt Murray's first two seasons in the National Hockey League, and Murray has to be considered one of the best goaltenders under the age of 25 in the National Hockey League today. Murray is well deserving of a better rating than the 88 overall that EA gave him in NHL 18.

In my opinion Murray should at least be a 90 overall. It is hard to win two Stanley Cups in your first two seasons in the league, but Murray has made it look really easily. He is easily one of the best goaltenders in the league today, and you can see that he has the record to prove it. Murray is trying to win three titles in his first three seasons, and if he does that he is going down path of some of the greatest goaltenders of all-time.


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