15 Most Disgraceful EA NHL Ratings Of The Last 3 Years


With the NHL season seemingly only a couple short months away why not, look back/ahead to some of the ratings from the past three EA NHL games. The past three games are NHL 16, NHL 17, and the soon to be released NHL 18. Yes, I could have went back to NHL 15, but NHL 18 seems like a better bet. It is fun to get the players that you love in real life, and be able to play as them in a video game.

I know from experience I love being able to play with players that I love watching. It also is a good resource if you are trying to learn about hockey, or figuring out who plays on what team. Before the season starts EA comes out with a NHL game with updated rosters, and it helps you realize where some players signed this off season that you might have missed. This game helps out people in more ways than none, and it is actually really fun to play.

People buy EA NHL with the purpose of starting a franchise, creating a player, or to play against friends online. Some people who play NHL 16 look at the ratings of the player, and they say to themselves that it is either a good rating for that player, it is kind of a stretch to rate a player that high, or it is a disgrace that the player has such a bad rating. With that being said here are the 15 most disgraceful ratings in the past three EA NHL games.

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15 Nail Yakupov (NHL 18) - 80 Overall

Billy Hurst-USA TODAY Sports

With the NHL 18 still not released yet we start off with one of the ratings from the new game. Nail Yakupov the former number one overall pick that has not been good during his NHL career. He is on his third team in three years, and has not put up more than 33 points in a single season. Plus a season ago Yakupov played in 40 games while tallying 3 goals to go along with 6 assists for a total of 9 points.

Nine points he had in 2017; how does that accumulate into a 81 overall rating in the following year's game. It seems like EA has a bet hedging on Yakupov succeeding in Colorado, when it seems more like a fantasy than reality. This rating is so disgraceful, especially when there are talented players that have a lower rating than he does.

14 Dylan Larkin (NHL 18) - 82 Overall

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Dylan Larkin took a step back in 2017, and saw his numbers take a little bit of a hit. The third year forward out of the University of Michigan is very talented, but is not worth a 82 overall rating. He has to earn that he can consistently contribute in the NHL in order to be up to an 82 overall. Larkin had spans where he was non-existent in 2017, and then for NHL 18 he gets a 82 overall rating. How in the world does that make sense?

He is a 78 overall as the highest rating that he should be to start the season. The Red Wings are looking to get back into the playoffs, and with inconsistency from guys like Dylan Larkin, that makes it hard. Look for EA to look back and say to themselves "why did he give him an 82 overall?"

13 Mikael Granlund (NHL 18) - 83 Overall

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

After a big breakout season Mikael Granlund was rewarded with only a 83 overall in NHL 18. With Granlund being only one overall better than Larkin, and two overalls better than Yakupov is a disgrace. Granlund was a great player for the Wild in 2016-2017, and can only get better from here on out. With Minnesota being as good as they are, Granlund's numbers should only be increasing year after year.

Last season was a career year for Granlund, but the 25-year-old has plenty more where that came from. The rating he was giving does not do justice to how good and effective that he is on the ice. He makes his whole line better, and is well deserving of a rating of at least an 86. The young center has more to prove, and you will see more of him in 2017-18.

12 Jordan Staal (NHL 17) - 87 Overall

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Jordan Staal has been a good player in the National Hockey League, but he did not deserve his 87 overall rating that he got in NHL 17. The year before he did not have a bad year, but he did not have a year that made him deserving of a 87 overall. I get that he tied a career high in assists with 28, and total 48 points, but that is not enough to make him a 87 overall the following year. Staal is a Carolina Hurricane and I can see that you might think he is the best player on that team so he deserves a high rating.

Unfortunately EA looks dumb now that they gave him that high of a rating, and he performed as poorly as he did in 2016-17. Staal did the same that he did in 2015-2016, so he should havef been no higher than a 84 in NHL 17.

11 Semyon Varlamov (NHL 16) - 89 Overall

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

This one really makes me sit there and think what in the world was EA thinking giving Valamov an 89 overall rating in NHL 16. He had the one year where he finished top five for The Hart Memorial Trophy and top three for the Vezina Trophy, but that was in 2013-14. He went back to his mediocre ways in 2014-15, and still managed to get an 89 overall in NHL 16, which helped him become a top ten goaltender in the game.

Now looking at Varlamov who has struggled since his fantastic season in 2013-14, there is no way that he should be anything over an 80 overall. He was not healthy in 2016-17, and could very well be on his way not only out of Colorado, but out of the NHL as a whole.

10 Zach Bogonsian (NHL 17) - 85 Overall

Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

This is one of the most outrageous overalls ever given in the history of EA NHL games. In NHL 17 Zach Bogonsian was given an 85 overall rating. How in the world does a guy with a career plus minus of -59 going into last season deserve anywhere close to an 85 overall. He is a part of the top six defenseman on the Sabres, but he is the sixth defenseman on that depth chart. He is a good shot blocker don't get me wrong, but that is all about what he does.

Bogonsian should have never gone over an 80 overall, due to the lack of what he brings on the defensive end that is not blocking a shot. He struggles at times to get to his man, and it usually tends to come back to haunt his team. With Bogonsian as an 85 overall EA shows that sometimes they have no idea what they are doing when it comes to the ratings.

9 Artemi Panarin (NHL 18) - 82 Overall

Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Now this overall rating makes absolutely no sense to me. Panarin is entering his third year in the National Hockey League and not only is he a former Calder Memorial Trophy winner, but he has scored over thirty goals and tallied over forty assists in both of his first two seasons. Panarin was traded to Columbus for Brandon Saad, but that should not take away from how great he has been in the NHL so far.

Panarin should be at least an 85 overall, and could go even higher. He has a lot of pressure on him in 2017-18 to produce without guys like Patrick Kane, and company playing on his line. Looking ahead we should see a good breakout season from Panarin to prove that he is a legit and well deserving of a rating higher than 82 overall.

8 Dustin Byfuglien (NHL 17) - 91 Overall

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

This rating shows how much EA values players who consistently keeps putting up the same amount of numbers year in and year out. Dustin Byfuglien who started off on defense, then transitioned to forward only to go back to defense got a 91 overall rating in NHL 17, which confused a lot of people. Byfuglien is a solid all-around player, but definitely not a 91 overall rated type of player.

He is an 86-87 overall rated type of player, and should not be any higher than that. Byfuglien's play last season showed that he is not worth a 91 overall rating, as many 91 overalls tally anywhere from 70 to 80 points while Byfuglien tallied 53 the year before NHL 17 came out and 52 during last season. Look for EA to look back and say that we should not have made Byfuglien over a 90 overall in NHL 17.

7 Jiri Hudler (NHL 16) 88 Overall

Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

Jiri Hudler had a career year in 2014-15 where he tallied 31 goals to go along with 45 assists for a total of 76 points in 78 games. After that EA decided they were going to make Hudler the tenth best overall right winger in NHL 16, but an 88 overall is not even close to what he should have been. Now looking at it, with what happened to Hudler in 2015-2016 makes EA look like they have no idea what they are talking about.

He was traded from Calgary to Florida and did not have a groove at all, and has struggled since. Hudler should have been a 84 overall, not higher and not lower. Jiri has not been the same player that he was during his breakout season, and will probably not go back to that form at all.

6 Alex Pietrangelo (NHL 16) - 90 Overall

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Pietrangelo is a talented defenseman, but is not a 90 overall rated defenseman. He is now the captain of the St.Louis Blues, but at the time he should not have been an 90 overall for NHL 16. He has had some good point numbers during his time in St.Louis, but other than that he has been average at best. Pietrangelo has talent defensively, but should not have gone over an 87 overall.

He is very talented on the point in the offensive end, and is a good defensive minded player in his own end. At times though he tends to loss his assignments, which cost the Blues in the end. With Pietrangelo being the only good defenseman in St.Louis means his overall will be a little bit higher than it should, but in 2016 when they still had Shattenkirk, so Pietrangelo should not have been a 90 overall.

5 Kyle Palmieri (NHL 17) - 87 Overall

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Palmieri had his career year in 2016, and got an 87 overall in NHL 17. Palmieri before that never had over 31 points, and is very undeserving of an 87 overall after one good season. Palmieri should have been no higher than a 83 overall. His rating in NHL 17 was a disgrace, especially when they were so many players more talented than he is that had lower overall ratings than he did.

Now looking back at his 2016-2017 season he played like he did the year before, but it still isn't enough to make the 87 overall that EA gave him of value. That means that he does not deserve that rating even after playing that year out. He was one of the worst over rated players in NHL 17, and EA will take a big hit for giving Palmieri that rating that they gave him.

4 Marian Hossa (NHL 16) - 90 Overall

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

Marian Hossa is a very talented player that has had a fantastic career in the National Hockey League. The three time Stanley Cup Winner got a 90 overall rating in NHL 16, which most people will say what is so bad about that. Well he got that rating based on the fact that he is on the Blackhawks and that he plays with some of the best players in the game today. Hossa should not have gone over an 88 overall in NHL 16.

With Hossa being 37 years old at the time and still a 90 overall is disgraceful. Not taking anything away from Marian Hossa who has had a great career, but he was not a 90 overall rated player in the NHL at that time. With that being said EA looking back can say that one mistake that they have made was giving Hossa a 90 overall, especially now that he is out for the season due to an allergy to the equipment they will be using.

3 Niklas Kronwall (2016) 87 Overall

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Niklas Kronwall has been a great defenseman in the National Hockey League throughout his carer, but as his age is going up his play is starting to go down. A huge start of that trend started after NHL 16 came out, as Kronwall was given a 87 overall rating, which was a huge head scratcher especially for his age. Kronwall was a 83-84 overall rated player at most going into the 2015-2016 season.

It showed as he struggled in 2015-16, Kronwall barely produced, and had the worst plus minus of his career. With Kronwall on the back legs of his career for EA to give him a 87 overall rating is blasphemy. Looking back at it EA looks at it as a chance to improve their rating system, as they know that Kronwall should not have been given that high of an overall.

2 Patrice Bergeron (NHL 18) - 87 Overall

Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

How in the world is the reigning Selke Trophy Winner only an 87 overall in the following year's game? Patrice Bergeron has a reputation of being the best two-way player in the National Hockey League, and got very disgraced by EA with such a low rating. Bergeron is at least a 90 overall rated player and should be in every year's NHL game. The player that should be the captain of the Boston Bruins has had such a great career for the Bruins.

He has shown leadership on the ice, and has been one of the better defensive minded centers that plays in the league today. EA really did Patrice Bergeron dirty with that low rating, as he should be up there with some of the elite talents that play in the National Hockey League today.

1 Henrik Zetterberg (NHL 16) - 92 Overall

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Now this one bugs me still to this day, as Henrik Zetterberg was given a 92 overall rating in NHL 16, and I have no idea why. Zetterberg is a 90 overall rated at the highest player, I don't think he should go over a 90 overall rating. Not taking anything away from him because he is very talented, however despite having good numbers for a season, then tends to struggle at certain points in a season.

He is very talented and can help make his teammates better, but he should not be over a 90 overall. He is not one of the elite talents in the league, but he is a very talented player that can help make players around him better. With that being said Zetterberg has the talent, but him being over an 90 overall still makes me question EA to this very day.

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