15 NHL Family Relationships You Never Knew About

They say that family members can motivate you to reach new levels of success and that appears to be the case when examining the NHL. The NHL is a league that so many hockey players try to reach but fail because there is so much talent to compete with. However many players in the NHL have siblings who also have made the league. While some sibling pairs like the Sedin twins turn out to be great, others fail miserably.

Throughout this list we will be looking at NHL players who are surprisingly related. A lot of these examples will talk about siblings who failed compared to their superstar brothers, but others will reveal strange connections that you never would have guessed. At the end of the day, every player on this list has immense talent to have even made it to the NHL and deserve respect for their efforts. They did far better than we ever could during our playing days and whether or not they will go down in history they can always say they made it.

Here is a list of players you didn't know were related in the NHL.


16 Carey Price and Shane Doan

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

This one is definitely a shocker to most because there is not much that would make you think these two are cousins. Yet from a career perspective, they are both insanely talented players and have been the faces of both their franchises. Doan will always be remembered for what he did in Arizona and Price will be in Montreal.

Both of these players have a very strong work ethic and the ability to take over a game by themselves. Although Doan retired this summer, he was a very effective player even in his late 30s and finally just reached his end. However, Price has another decade to continue to make the family connection proud.

15 Phil Kessel and David Moss

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Current NHL superstar Phil Kessel is on top of the hockey world right now. After winning back to back Stanley Cup championships, he has shut down every critic he faced during his time with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yet his first cousin David Moss has even not played in an NHL game for a long while.

Moss was not a bad NHL player whatsoever and proved to be a very reliable depth forward. His best year came with the Phoenix Coyotes when he registered a respectable 20 goal season. However, at the end of the day, it is clear that his cousin Phil has the edge on him and will for the rest of his career.


13 The Kronwall Brothers

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Every NHL fan knows who Niklas Kronwall is, but did you know that he has a brother named Staffan? Yes, this is true. Niklas has had a spectacular career in the NHL and has created the term “kronwalled” because of his amazing bodychecks. Yet, Staffan did not make much an impact at all in the NHL and plays overseas.

Staffan played for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Washington Capitals, and Calgary Flames during his time in the NHL, but it was only in 66 games. Meanwhile, Niklas has spent almost two decades playing for the Detroit Red Wings and still has a handful of seasons left on his contract with the team.

12 The Hossa Brothers


Much like Niklas Kronwall, Marian Hossa has a brother that many NHL fans may have never heard of. It is apparent that Marian is a future hall of famer, but his brother Marcel never made it as a star in the NHL. He has however had a fairly successful hockey career in Europe since he left the NHL years ago.

Marcel ended up playing over 200 hundred games in the NHL, but was nowhere near as talented as Marian during that time. He has not played in the NHL for nearly a decade so it is likely that he has been forgotten by many NHL fans, especially the younger ones. Marian on the other hand has won three Stanley Cups since then time.

11 The Niedermayer Brothers and Jason Strudwick


The Niedermayer brothers will never be forgotten as being related because together they helped the Anaheim Ducks win their first Stanley Cup in franchise history during the 2006-2007 season. But did you know that they are also cousins with former defenceman, Jason Strudwick?

This is an intriguing case because if you ever watched Strudwick play, you would never think that him and Scott are related. Scott was an offensive juggernaut, while Strudwick spent the entirety of his career as a reliable shutdown defender.

10 Keith Tkachuk, Tom Fitzgerald, and the Hayes Brothers


Keith Tkachuk is one of the great players to ever play from the U.S.A and will always be remembered for his chippy play and goal scoring ability. Yet some people never realize that he is actually related to former two-way forward Tom Fitzgerald. The two grew up playing hockey together in Massachusetts.

What is even more interesting is that the two of them are related to Jimmy and Kevin Hayes. Today Kevin is a top forward for the New York Rangers, while Jimmy is fighting for a second chance in the league as he is trying out for the New Jersey Devils. Nonetheless this is a very accomplished hockey family.


9 Charlie Coyle and Tony Amonte

Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports

In the NHL  Charlie Coyle is growing into a top centre for the Minnesota Wild. It is clear that he must have had a lot of guidance from his first cousin, Tony Amonte. Amonte was a very talented hockey player during the 1990s and 2000s and was once the face of the Chicago Blackhawks.

If Coyle continues to produce at the level he is, he very well could end up having a career just as accomplished as Amonte. Interestingly, both Coyle and Amonte also played their college hockey careers at Boston University and grew up in Massachusetts.

8 The Kariya Brothers


Everyone in the hockey world knows how accomplished a player Paul Kariya was during his stint in the NHL, but many do not realize that he has a younger brothername Steve. While Paul was dominating in the league as a member of the Anaheim Mighty Ducks, Steve was fighting for a spot on the Vancouver Canucks.

Steve would only end up playing 65 games in the NHL before spending the majority of his career in the AHL and Europe. Meanwhile, Paul ended up becoming a Hockey Hall of Famer this summer and ended his career at a point per game pace.

7 Shayne Corson and Darcy Tucker


Shayne Corson and Darcy Tucker were very close friends when they were teammates because Tucker would help Corson through his panic attacks when traveling. This ended up making them very close friends and eventually, Tucker ended up marrying Corson’s sister, becoming his bother-in-law.

This is a feel good story because the two of them were best friends when playing together and then became legitimate family. As professional hockey players, they also both had very solid careers and played big roles the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens.

6 Chris Chelios and Nikos Tselios


Everyone knows who Chris Chelios is because not only did he play over twenty seasons in the NHL, but also because he was an absolute superstar and Hall of Famer. However, many people do not realize that he has a cousin who once also played professional hockey named Nikos Tselios.

Tselios was the first ever draft pick made by the Carolina Hurricanes and sadly for them, he turned out to be a lacklustre pick. Tselios would end up playing a whopping two games in the NHL before spending the entirety of his career in the AHL and Europe. It is clear that Chelios has the edge over his cousin.

5 The Final Staal


The Staal brothers have made huge names for themselves as top players in the NHL, but many forget about the youngest one. Jared Staal has spent the majority of his professional hockey career in the AHL and even spent this past season in the United Kingdom.

Jared did have a very short stint with the Carolina Hurricanes however in 2012-13 when he played on a line with his brothers Eric and Jordan for two games. However, he simply could never transform into a star like them and today, appears to be nearing the end of his professional career.

4 Anthony Mantha and Andre Provonost

James Guillory-USA TODAY Sports

Andre Provonost and Anthony Mantha may have the most intriguing connection due to the generation gap between them. Provonost is Mantha’s grandfather and remarkably they both have played in the NHL. Mantha is just starting out in the league and will continue to grow their family’s legacy.

Provonost will always be remembered for his time with the Montreal Canadiens because he was a member of four Stanley Cup championship teams and was an integral part of them. Mantha still has plenty of time to win a Cup or two of his own and Provonost will definitely be cheering him on in the process.

3 Lindros Brothers


Eric Lindros was one of the most dominant players to ever play in the NHL and had it not been for his concussions, he would have easily been a top scorer on the all-time list. Although everyone remembers Eric for his amazing stint with the Philadelphia Flyers, people often forget about his brother Brett.

Brett played only two seasons in the NHL with the New York Islanders and was expected to become a star player like his brother. He also unfortunately suffered many concussions in his short career and had to retire young because of them. It is truly sad to know that both Lindros brothers suffered severe head injuries.

2 Gretzky Brothers


Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player to have played in the NHL because of his outrageous amount of records, including the fact that he is the only player to ever register over 2,000 points. Yet, many people forget that The Great One is not the only Gretzky who played professional hockey.

Keith and Brent Gretzky both pushed for the dream like Wayne, but ultimately failed before they ever really started. Brent would end up playing a fews game for the Tampa Bay Lightning over two seasons, while Keith would play in the IHL for the entirety of his. Sadly, the brothers just could not keep up with the Great One.

1 Lemieux Brothers


Everyone remembers #66, Mario Lemieux because he was the only player that could ever come close to catching Gretzky when they played together. He was the face of the Penguins and ultimately lead them to two Stanley Cup championships during his stint. But, do you remember Alain Lemieux?

was not necessarily a bad NHL player at all, but his NHL career was strange. Alain put up decent NHL stats, but always saw himself being dropped back down to the AHL right when he saw his statistics improve. After playing a game with Mario in 1986-87, Alain would spend the last decade of his professional career in the minors and Europe.


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