15 NHL Memes That Are So Savage But So True

Ah, memes. What better way to spend time doing absolutely nothing than looking at memes? They truly provide a great amount of entertainment. You know what else is entertaining? Hockey. A sport that seems to only be getting faster, extremely physical at times, and filled with talents from various parts of the globe. Combine those two together and you've got the ultimate duo.

There are tons of hockey memes all over the internet. People have even created social media accounts dedicated to posting only hockey memes about relevant events that occur throughout the NHL season. The most popular hockey-related memes you'll likely find on the internet are of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, Brad Marchand, among others. Any time a team or player underachieves or does something stupid, you can be sure that there's a meme of them out there somewhere. No one is safe from the memes.

Get ready for some good roasting. Here are 15 NHL memes that are so savage, but so true:


15 A King With No Ring


Henrik Lundqvist has been among the top goaltenders in the NHL for a long period time. Playing behind a solid, play-off contending, New York Rangers squad since the birth of his career, "The King" has accomplished all but the one thing a legendary goalie needs to cap off their careers with, a Stanley Cup. That's why you see legendary goaltender Martin Brodeur poking fun at the fact in this meme.

The Rangers consistently have successful seasons but often come up short in the playoffs. The closest they ever got to getting King Henrik a ring was when they lost in the Stanley Cup Finals to the L.A Kings in 2014. With King Henrik set to turn 36 next March, many wonder if he ever will be able to win a Stanley Cup.

14 Ovi The Puck Hog


Every hockey fan knows that Alex Ovechkin is one of the NHL's top snipers. With six Rocket Richard trophies under his belt, it's no secret that the Russian likes to score goals. However, there has been some criticism in the past about Ovechkin's team-play and lack of passing the puck. Between the years 2011 and 2016, Ovi registered less than 30 assists each season, but would score over 30 goals, including three seasons with 50+.

Ovechkin's lack of assists has probably costed him a few Art Ross trophies as well. Despite the belief that he is a hogger, Ovi did put up 33 goals and 36 assists this past season, so it seems like maybe his game is starting to become more team-oriented. Nonetheless, this meme is still very accurate as I'm sure Ovi wouldn't mind if he never had to pass the puck again.

13 Benchwarmer Lu


Roberto Luongo saw a tough ending to his career with the Vancouver Canucks. His last two seasons with the team (2012-13 and 2013-14), had him seeing less action than he probably would have liked. He was not even considered the team's number one goalie by coach Alain Vigneault during the 2012-13 season.

After Corey Schneider was traded in 2013, it seemed certain that Lu was in fact the number one guy in Vancouver. The hiring of coach John Tortorella prior to the 2013-14 season may have changed that, however.

The Canucks and their fans had been anticipating the team's outdoor Heritage Classic game against Ottawa in 2014 all season. With Luongo expected to be the logical choice to start the game, coach Tortorella differed to rookie goalie Eddie Lack instead, which stirred up tons of controversy. Luongo publicly expressed his disagreement, along with the majority of Canucks fans who were booing the coach's decision at the game. Lu would eventually be traded in March of 2014 to the Florida Panthers.

12 Two Girls, No Cup


The Sedin twins have been on the receiving end of some name-calling from opposing fans over the years such as calling them the Sedin sisters, accusing them of playing like girls, or as this meme states, two girls with no cup. I think by now we all know where the reference comes from (if you don't, it's probably best), and in all honesty, it's a pretty clever one.

The Sedin twins have had a successful career, and could very well be the two best players in Vancouver Canucks history, as they are number one and two among the franchise's all-time scoring leaders. However, as you might have already guessed, they don't have a cup, and when you're that good without any rings, you can bet that there's going to be a bunch of people making fun of you on the internet. With the direction the Canucks are currently headed, it's unlikely the Sedins will be able to get a ring without being traded to a cup contender.

11 Greedy Bettman


I don't think you can find one single hockey fan that likes commissioner Gary Bettman, and why should they? He's proven countless amounts of times that he is extremely greedy and would rather have a lockout than come to an agreement with the NHLPA. He's also been criticized for "Americanizing" the game of hockey, and expanding teams to non-traditional NHL markets.

There have been three lockouts since Bettman took over as commissioner in 1993, two of them resulting in shortened 48-game seasons (1994-95 and 2012-13), and one full-season lockout in 2004-05. It seems that every time the NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is set to expire, the league is set to see another lockout, which is exactly the point this meme is trying to make. Hockey fans can only hope they don't have to go through yet another lockout when the current CBA expires after the 2021-22 season.

10 Leafs Blowing Leads


It was strange to see the Toronto Maple Leafs actually have a pretty good team this season. After making the playoffs for the first time in a full 82-game season since 2003-04, the Maple Leafs showed tons of promise this season and may no longer be the laughing stock of the NHL.

However, because they're the Toronto Maple Leafs, there's always something you can find as an excuse to make fun of their team. The Leafs struggled at times defensively this season, and gave up the most two-goal leads in the league by quite a margin. It almost seemed like a guarantee that whenever the Leafs had a lead it would be gone sooner or later. If the Leafs can tidy up their defensive game next season, look for them to finish the season with a much stronger record.

9 Overpaid Kopitar


Cam Atkinson had an incredible breakout year this season with 62 points in 82 games for the Columbus Blue Jackets. The former 6th round pick is on a bargain of a contract worth just a little over $1.1 million, while being able to put up 30+ goals in a season. Compare that to someone like Anze Kopitar from Los Angeles, who is on a long-term deal with the Kings for $10 million a season, and put up just 52 points last season, including just 12 goals.

Atkinson's contract is still intact for one more season but he'll surely be due for a hefty raise come next summer. As important as Anze Kopitar is to the Kings, his contract seems like quite an overpayment especially after this past season in which he was healthy for the most part. It's up to Kopitar to step up as the team captain next season and prove that he is worth his money.


8 Bad Luck Auston


Ah, yes. More Leafs memes. One of the NHL's most memorable moments in 2016-17 came on the very first day of the regular season when rookie Auston Matthews scored four goals in his debut, setting a new NHL record. This sent the entire hockey world in a buzz all over the internet, but what might have been even more impressive was the fact that the Leafs still found a way to lose the game 5-4 in overtime. Isn't that such a Toronto Maple Leafs thing to do?

Anyway, it didn't seem to change things for Matthews. After all, he did just pull off the most remarkable rookie debut ever, so he must have been pretty proud about his game at least. Luckily, this didn't foreshadow a disastrous season for Toronto like many were expecting.

7 No Cups For Ovi


Since both Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin entered the NHL at the same time in 2005-06, there's been an ongoing rivalry between the two that probably won't ever end until their careers are over. I think by now it's pretty clear that Sidney Crosby has had the most success out of the two by far. Ovechkin has yet to pass the second round of the playoffs and Sidney Crosby's Pittsburgh Penguins have mostly been the cause of that.

It seems like no matter how good the Washington Capitals are, the Penguins always seem to have an answer for them. It makes you wonder if Ovechkin will ever be able to best Crosby in a playoff series and win a Stanley Cup in his career. With both players being in the same division, it's almost a certainty that Ovi will have to go through Sid if he wants a shot at a Cup.

6 Diving Crosby


If you're not a fan of either Sidney Crosby or the Pittsburgh Penguins, then it's likely that you've called Crosby either a crybaby or a diver at some point. To be fair, there has been some convincing evidence that Crosby does embellish a little sometimes, so it's understandable that many opposing fans feel this way.

Full credits to whoever came up with this meme. I mean, being able to dive on ice is pretty miraculous, right? How do you do it, Sidney? All kidding aside, being the best hockey player in the world means every single opponent you face is going to have someone after you and you can't really blame Sid for using diving as a tactic while knowing the league is out there to protect him.

5 Therrien The Line Juggler


This is something that I'm sure many Montreal Canadiens fans can relate to. The last two seasons of Michel Therrien became frustrating for Habs fans starting with Therrien's line combinations and benching certain players who didn't always deserve it. It seemed as if one little mistake would cost a player ice-time, however it also seemed like Therrien had some favourites on the team who got more ice-time than they probably deserved.

Therrien's decisions to constantly change up the lines slowed down a lot of the development of players on the Canadiens. It also prevented players from developing chemistry with each other since they were being moved around so often. The majority of Habs fans were relieved when Therrien was relieved of his duties this past February.

4 Enough Talking, Pierre


If you've ever had to watch a hockey game being co-broadcasted by Pierre McGuire, you know how much of a chatter box this guy can be. There's no question that McGuire knows his stuff, he practically knows the background of every hockey player there ever was and could tell you anything about them. It's pretty scary, honestly.

While it's good to keep your audience informed, the far majority of hockey fans can all agree that Pierre McGuire always tends to take it a little too far, either with an uncomfortable joke or just constant rambling. Seriously, Pierre, it gets annoying. I'd recommend muting your television next time you have to watch a game on NBC.

3 Side Chick Shea

The Subban for Weber trade is still being talked about to this day and won't be forgotten for a very, very long time. Fans on both sides have expressed their different opinions on the trade, and both teams welcomed their former players back with emotional tributes.

When P.K Subban returned to the Bell Centre for the first in time this past March, Habs fans continuously cheered for their former top defenseman during his tribute before the game, bringing him to tears.

Both players' reactions in this photo says it all. P.K is feeling the love from his old team, while Weber knows deep down that these fans appreciate Subban more. Even though he wouldn't admit it, you have to think that this made Weber feel less important to Habs fans, knowing how much they loved Subban.

2 Come On, Ref!


It takes a lot of guts to be a referee, no matter what sport it is. You're constantly under pressure to make the right call and will be forced to take a lot of heat if you don't. Referees have made countless mistakes. After all, they are humans.

It appears as though there were a lot more missed calls this past season that were being complained about by hockey fans league-wide. Even with the league implementing a new video review system, some calls were still missed.

This meme pokes fun at how referees have missed even the most obvious calls in the past, such as goaltending interference. I'm sure anyone can relate to this meme as we've all been on the wrong side of a bad call against our teams at some point.

1 Brent's Transformation

Wait. How come nobody told me Chewbacca plays hockey? Oh, wait, that's Brent Burns! Yes, both photos are him. The NHL has certainly changed you, Brent. I would really like to know where all that hair came from, and what's living inside it.

Burns' hairstyle has become one of his unique traits and has gained him popularity all around the league, not to mention being a Norris Trophy defenseman on top of that. Thanks to his look, Burns has earned the nickname Chewbacca, even going as far as wearing a Chewbacca mask during the 2016 All-Star breakaway skills challenge. Burns' transformation from his draft day until today can jokingly be compared to how a freshman looks compared to their senior year.


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