15 NHL Players Who RUINED Another Player's Relationship

Isn't it amazing what some people will do in this day of age? From robbing a bank, to assaulting another person, to murdering people in cold blood, etc., the possibilities are endless in society today. Professional athletes take no exception to this theory, especially NHL players. We all know how the NHL is, rough and tough, bloody knuckles, and hard checks all for the right to win Lord Stanley's Cup. There are the occasional instances where there are good guys in the league such as Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews only to name a few. But then, there are those bad apples that want to spoil the party for everyone. This list takes a look at NHL Players who decided to use the cheating card and intrude on another player's relationship and in some more extreme cases, marriage!

Infidelity is a despicable act that seems to be happening more in the professional sports world now a days and the NHL definitely is guilty of having some players that have been involved with it. The players that committed these acts probably were having too much fun in the moment to realize the effect that it would have on everyone involved as well as their career in the long term. These 15 players decided that a one time or even multiple time fling was better than keeping a locker room united. With moments of cheating like these, it is easy to say it ruined a lot more than friendships. Without further ado, we unveil the top 15 NHL players who ruined another players relationship. We should point out that some of these stories should be taken with a grain of salt, as a lot were just rumored.

15 Mike Comrie Gets One By The Goalie

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Kicking off our list at number 15 is a player that was known in the league for putting pucks in the net, and putting ends to relationships as well. Mike Comrie had a moderate ten year career in the NHL. He finished his career with 168 goals, 197 assists, and 365 total points. His production on the ice didn't get as much attention as what he was doing off of the ice.

Apparently, Comrie was having an affair with teammate Tommy Salo's wife while Salo was out of town. It caused such a problem that Comrie's wife left him and caused a lot of friction between the two when they played together for the Edmonton Oilers. It just goes to show that NHL players sometimes have to watch their teammates very closely or else they will end up with a shattered marriage and a broken heart like Comrie did.

14 Ryan Kesler Gets Caught By Cory Schneider In The Act

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The number 14 spot on this list goes to a Vancouver Canuck who made things bad for himself and a top goalie in the league for his reckless actions. Ryan Kesler has been in the NHL for 13 years and has made a nice career for himself. He had a 40 goal season in 2010-11 along with a Stanley Cup Final appearance before losing to the Boston Bruins in seven games. What people may not know is that NHL goalie Cory Schneider once walked in on him doing the deed. The even worse part is the woman he was doing it with was Schneider's girlfriend. Needless to say, the two were never civil again and Schneider was eventually traded years later. It's one thing to be having an affair, but to get caught doing it means Kesler wasn't too smart about where he was doing his dirty business off of the ice.

13 Jeff Carter Betrays A Bro In The City Of Brotherly Love

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You're playing professional hockey, in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, have won a pair of Stanley Cups, you'd think this player would be content with his life right? Wrong! He had to get involved with a teammates's wife. Jeff Carter has been a significant part of L.A's success. But during his time in Philadelphia with the Flyers, he was reported to have slept with teammate Scott Hartnell's wife. This ended up resulting in a heartbreaking divorce for Hartnell and his wife along with a split locker room because of the betrayal committed by Carter. Many wanted Carter gone after the incident.

Eventually, Carter left for L.A. and has had great success since. Maybe with his newfound success, Carter eventually can forgive himself for screwing over a teammate literally and figuratively.

12 Mike Komisarek Steals Sean Avery's GF?

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The number 12 player to ruin another player's relationship goes to a defenseman known for having to protect the puck for many years. Unfortunately, he wasn't good at protecting his teammates from having spouse problems. Mike Komisarek didn't have a significantly good career. He played for 11 seasons and tallied 14 goals along with 67 assists for a total of 81 points. He definitely got more notoriety for his acts off of the ice.

Komisarek was known for dating Sean Avery's girlfriend right after Avery broke up with her. The reason they broke up was because the girl supposedly cheated on Avery with Komisarek. If there is one thing Mike Komisarek could have done better here is protecting the "Bro code". Players should not be stealing each other's women, but apparently he didn't get that memo. Because Mike Komisarek didn't get that memo, he sits pretty at the number 12 spot.

11 Dion Phaneuf Taking The "Sloppy Seconds"?

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Talk about a swift kick to the groin area for Sean Avery. To get cheated on and dumped for two different other hockey players has to hurt. The number 11 guy on this list also had some fun at Avery's expense. Dion Phaneuf has been a serviceable defenseman in the league for over a decade now. He just finished his current NHL season with nine goals and 21 assists resulting in 30 points in 81 games. But "traffic cone" as he has been called by fans does a lot more off the ice than NHL fans realize. Supposedly, Phaneuf started dating Sean Avery's ex-girlfriend after she cheated on Avery with Phaneuf. Avery was not shy about letting the NHL know how he felt about it as he said good luck to him for getting his "sloppy seconds". Avery seemed to be blackballed by the NHL for that and lost himself a girlfriend who has trouble staying faithful. Phaneuf has done this more than once which is the worst part of all.

10 Dion Phaneuf Does It Again?

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What is it about infidelity that makes it appeasing to do it more than once? Is it the chase? Is it the feeling of knowing you're messing with somebody else's happiness. Whatever the case is, Dion Phaneuf just couldn't get enough of it more than once. Besides Avery, Phaneuf also messed with the relationship of former teammate Craig Conroy. "Traffic cone" decided to have some fun with Conroy's wife which obviously got Conroy aggravated and caused a rift between the defenseman and the rest of the Flames locker room.

Eventually, Dion Phaneuf was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs which seemed to end the problems going on in Calgary. But the problem in Calgary was nothing compared to the problem of betraying a teammate and ultimately having to be forced out of a city to go to another one because of one night in bed.

9 The Russian Love Triangle

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This might be one of the weirdest cases that fans will ever witness when it comes to cheating. The number nine culprit on this list ended up having karma come back to bite him where it hurts. Pavel Bure was playing on the Russian National team with fellow countryman Sergei Federov. Federov was supposedly dating beautiful tennis professional Anna Kournikova and then she became friends with Bure. Then, the crazy rumors started coming that Bure and Kournikova had sex. Unfortunately for Bure, they must not have been true as Federov then got engaged to the tennis beauty. Anna Kournikova is an insanely beautiful woman, the average sports fan intelligence can confirm that.

But Bure probably didn't think through that the relationship he would have with Federov would be strained by these rumors. But then again the couple eventually split, so who knows? Maybe Bure can get lucky without having to deal with Anna having a boyfriend?

8 The Canucks Again?

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Goaltenders and defensemen typically are told their first priority is to protect the puck and don't let it get out of sight. Well the number eight culprit on the list seemed to have forgot to keep the protecting part as first priority. Jeff Brown was a defenseman who served 13 seasons in the NHL while accumulating 154 goals, 430 assists, and 584 total points.

While his production might have been good on some counts, his morals and decision making might not have been good on all counts. Supposedly, he slept with teammate Kirk McLean's wife. McLean was supposedly never the same person after, probably feeling the emotional scars of his wife being unfaithful while trying to keep all of his attention on hockey. Brown can probably bet that karma will come back and get him for the actions he supposedly did to ruin a relationship.

7 Controversy In Canada's Capital

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The number seven guy on this list had a lot of hype coming into the league based on his ability. Dany Heatley was a can't miss prospect when he was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers in 2001 with his speed and goal scoring ability. That scoring ability showed in the 2002-03 season when he scored 41 goals and people thought he was going to be a star in the NHL. He even had two 50 goal seasons when he played in Ottawa.

His biggest score might have been with Jason Spezza's wife when it was reported that Heatley and the wife were having a steamy affair while the couple were engaged! Spezza's wife is completely in the wrong for messing around with another man when she is about to be married, and shame on Heatley for not using his brain to see it was wrong for him to even get involved. Sorry Jason, but next time; keep a close eye on your lady!

6 Chris Chelios Goes Straight To The Top

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The number six guy on this list had a hall of fame career during his playing days. Chris Chelios was a defenseman who had countless Norris Trophy awards and was a 17 time All-Star along with Stanley Cups. He did it all during his career and could have ridden off into the sunset as a model player and citizen. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a squeaky clean image because of supposed cheating. Chelios supposedly had an affair with Ronald Corey's wife which is bad enough. The real kicker here is that Corey was the president of the team at that time! Imagine one of your employees is having a relationship with your wife? It is simply amazing and bone-chilling to think about. Nevertheless, respect to Chelios for skipping the player step and graduating up to presidential status of ruining a relationship.

5 Eric Lindros Affair Breaks Up Late '90s Flyers

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Some players have a knack for doing well in the regular season and then totally disappearing once the playoffs start up. That seemed to be the case for the number five guy on our coveted list. Eric Lindros had a lot of good seasons for the Philadelphia Flyers, but seemed to be missing something that couldn't get him over the hump of the Stanley Cup playoffs. For all of his success that he didn't achieve in the playoffs, he seemed to have success in sleeping with another player's wife. Supposedly after a game one night, teammate Rod Brind'Amour caught Lindros sleeping with his wife. Rod didn't seem to take kindly to this gesture and physically attacked Lindros.

Eric Lindros may have had a reputation in the NHL as a very good player, but he definitely has a bad reputation amongst his peers as someone who can't be trusted especially around committed women.

4 The Whole Patrick Sharp/Duncan Keith Fiasco

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Cheating in general is a disgusting act that should never be tolerated. This next entry was just an unsubstantiated rumor though, so take this story for what you will.

Patrick Sharp and Duncan Keith were two of the bigger pieces of a Chicago Blackhawks team that won multiple Stanley Cup championships. What Blackhawks fans probably didn't want to know or didn't know in general is that Patrick Sharp was playing some risky games behind the scenes. Sharp was accused of sleeping with Keith's wife when he had a family. Sharp was eventually traded away from Chicago because of money issues, but some would speculate that the cheating rumors played a bigger part than any money issues.

Keith divorced his wife around the time these rumors started, which is why it caught fire. However, considering the Hawks brought Sharp back this summer with Keith still a focal point of the team probably means this rumor had no truth to it at all.

3 Brendan Shanahan Sweeps Craig Janney's Wife Off Her Feet

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The number three guy on this list had a long career noticeably with the Detroit Red Wings. Brendan Shanahan had a career similar to the likes of Chris Chelios; ton of All-Star appearances and three Stanley Cup championships to put in his repertoire, Shanahan looked to have a great career which didn't include any drama. Fans soon found out that he was involved in a weird, cheating story. Shanahan slept with teammate Craig Janney's wife. The weirdest part about all of this is that Shanahan ended up marrying the same woman and had three children with her.

Janney probably regrets not keeping close tabs on his wife at the time, though it was reported the two were no longer together when Shanahan skated in. Needless to say, Shanahan may have ended up winning long term; but he ruined another relationship to get it.

2 The Real Reason Tyler Seguin Was Traded?

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The number two man on this list can't even be considered a man because he was a boy when he did this. Tyler Seguin was the young guy coming up in the Boston Bruins system that had it all going for him. Many young women in the Boston area would have killed for the chance to sleep with Seguin. Unfortunately, Tyler decided to pursue a married woman. Who was this woman married to? None other than Seguin's then teammate, Nathan Horton. Eventually, both players went their separate ways as Horton left the Bruins via free agency and Seguin was traded away to the Dallas Stars where he still plays today. Seguin could have been the next great Bruin and had an incredible life in Boston. But instead, he thought sleeping with Horton's wife was a better decision than long term success. How well did that work out for you, Tyler?

1 Jaromir Jagr (Domink Rudl)

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The number one guy who ruined a relationship on this list can't seem to stay out of the league and stay out of young girls. Jaromir Jagr has been a legendary figure that is still playing in the NHL in his mid-40s. Supposedly, Jagr slept with an 18-year-old who was dating Czech junior player Domink Rudl. The girl even went to lengths of blackmailing Jagr and Jagr didn't seem to care at all. This is a 45-year-old man messing around with an 18-year-old and getting himself into high school drama. This in itself is nothing short of insanely humorous. It just goes to show that some people don't care who they hurt or in this case; how old the other person is that they are sleeping with.

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