15 NHLers Who Have Been to Prison

In any large group of hundreds of men, there are bound to be a few trouble makers. Especially when those men are thrown salaries and incentives that make them feel invincible to the law and in today's world of sports it seems to be more and more common to see players winding up in jail for their off field activities.

Professional athletes can have a sense of immunity when it comes to breaking the law, especially in the NFL, where it seems to have become an epidemic for players to be in the news for arrests weekly.

NHL players however are not immune to the same punishments that some of the higher profile sports receive. Though crimes tend to be more scarce amongst NHL players, even theor stars still receive harsh punishments when they make mistakes and are caught.

Though these players still managed to land themselves in jail, some of them used their professional status to get by with a warning first or to have their sentence lessened. Some players appeared to never learn their lesson by being let off a number of times before finally being put in jail, or even continuously being put in jail and still breaking the law when let free.

It is widely known that the NHL that it is riddled with players that are partiers, fighters, and just rule breakers in general. Sometimes a player overstepsthe boundaries off the rink...or in one case on the rink. Here are fifteen instances where the player did something bad enough that it landed them in jail.

15 Claude Giroux

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14 Nikolai Khabibulin

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13 Dino Ciccarelli


12 Sean McMorrow


11 Tom McCarthy


10 Bob Probert


9 Patrick Cote


8 Semyon Varlamov

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7 Rudy Poeschek


After a number of run-ins with the law for a variety of crimes including child abuse, false imprisonment, and several suspended license charges, the state of Florida finally had enough with Rudy Poeschek and sentenced him to 60 days in jail, according to The Toronto Sun. The crime that landed him in jail? Poeschek decided one day in 2005 to take his five year old daughter on a joy ride without her wearing a seatbelt. After knocking over a number of mailboxes, running into palm trees, and flattening two of his tires Poeschek tried running for the cops before eventually being tasered and taken into custody. Police said he was not under the influence.

6 Craig MacTavish

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In 1984, when drinking and driving crimes were not nearly as serious as they are today Craig MacTavish spent a year in prison for committing vehicular manslaughter, according to the Los Angeles Times. Because of the remorse MacTavish showed and because of the leniency of the crime MacTavish was only sentenced to serve one year in Massachusetts jail.

5 Rob Ramage


4 Mike Danton


3 Steve Durbano


2 Tony Demers


1 Michael McBain


The only player on this list still serving time, Michael McBain is just over two years into his four to fifteen year sentence for sexual assault. McBain was found guilty of sexually assaulting his stepdaughter for a period of four years that began when she was 12 years old, according to CBC. The former member of the Tampa Bay Lightning was playing for the ECHL Las Vegas Wranglers and noticed the young girl had a crush on one of the players on the team. McBain made a fake email account to impersonate the player and used that to get the girl to send explicit pictures to him, in addition to other actions that we at TheSportster will save for your own research.

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15 NHLers Who Have Been to Prison