15 “Not So PG” Pictures Of Hockey WAGs You HAVE To See

As it turns out, hockey players can score both on and off the ice. One the ice, with goals and assists, but off the ice also, by scoring some smoking hot chicks. Given some of the names on this list, you can argue that some of these players might be doing better off the ice than on it.

We celebrate both current and former players on the list. We include new school stars like Auston Matthews and Filip Forsberg, showcasing their smoking hot partners in a “Not So PG” light. We also look at some alums like Sean Avery and Sheldon Souray, who are more so remembered for their smoking hot partners nowadays than their actual on-ice contributions. What all these players both past and present have in common, is a smoking hot partner that has a smoking hot picture available for our eyes. Creepy yes, worth a look, yes.

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to link this article to a friend. He’ll likely be blown away by the women these players landed. Also, be sure to engage in conversation via our Facebook page, we’d love to hear what you have to say about these “Not So PG” WAGS! Enough of the talk, here are 15 “Not So PG" pictures of hockey WAGS you have to see. Let’s begin with a couple of Nashville Predators!

15 Ellie Ottaway (Roman Josi)

When ya gotta take digitals while on vacation📸 @rjosi90 you so talented

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Life truly isn’t all that bad for the Preds d-man nowadays. He enjoyed a tremendous season with his club and the Swiss born defenseman is just starting to scratch the surface entering his prime at the age of 27. With a stacked blue-line, Josi remains the marquee d-man for the team with his excellent vision and smooth skating abilities.

Turns out he might be doing even better off the ice. His partner Ellie Ottaway is a stunning model and if this picture above isn’t enough proof, take a look at her Instagram page for insurance. The “Not So PG” picture above was taken by Josi himself as the two lived it up recently overseas in Mikonos. The pic is truly magazine worthy; maybe Josi has a career in photography once his NHL time is up?

14 Jennifer Persson (Filip Forsberg)

HOLA 😬👙🌵☀️

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Speaking of lucky Nashville players, we now turn our attention to the young Swedish sensation Filip Forsberg. He was a tank for the ‘Preds in their recent playoff run netting 16 points in the team’s lengthy 22 game journey. Oh, and he cracked the 30 goal mark once again for the second straight year putting up 33. He plays the game like a seasoned veteran which is mind-blowing when you assess the fact that he’s still only 22, good heavens! Caps fans are crying somewhere reading that.

Like Josi, he’s enjoying his time away from the rink this offseason and it helps that he has a stunning partner at his disposal to like, do things with. Feast your eyes on the “Not So PG” picture above featuring the beautiful, Jennifer Persson.

13 Lauren Cosgrove (T.J. Oshie)

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So far for the entrants on this list, life is working out pretty well both on and off the ice nowadays. Caps star T.J. Oshie is yet another prime example as he just came off a career year with Washington finding the back of the net 33 times. Many can make the argument that he was the team’s best player last season, surpassing the contributions of both Ovechkin and Backstrom, the team’s stalwarts for the last decade. His tremendous play made him a very wealthy man this past offseason as he inked a new eight year deal worth $46 million. Seeing the Caps give the American such a term really shows how invested they are in his services.

Away from the rink, the babyfaced American is no baby folks. At the age of 30, he spends his time as a proud father of two, alongside his wife, the breathtaking Lauren Cosgrove. You can feast your eyes on the beauty in the “Not So PG” bikini picture above.

12 Angela Price (Carey Price)

Before Carey got himself off the market by wedding his wife Angela in 2013, he was quite the player as speculation ran rampant pertaining to his party life outside of the game. However, things would eventually subside and Price is now the proud father of daughter Liv.

Evidenced by her various cameos and her Instagram account, Carey is one lucky man to have snatched up the Washington State native. The two enjoy time in BC during the offseason and it seems like Carey’s in good company nowadays with his beautiful child and smoking hot wife. We celebrate his smoking hot wife with this tame “Not So PG” photo of Angela rocking the “Beach Please” black top which showcases a decent amount of cleavage. Hopefully, she doesn’t wear a similar top to Montreal games or Price might be letting in an extra couple of goals...(cheap pop).

11 Hilary Rhoda (Sean Avery)

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One of the last names you likely wanted to see associated with a stunning WAG was one of former NHL star, Sean Avery. But to quote a popular WWE Superstar Kurt Angle, “Oh it’s true, it’s damn true!” Yup, the reality of the situation is that Avery not only landed this beautiful creature but he even tied the knot with her back in 2015. Hilary is a well known fashion model, particularly remembered for her work with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, yup, that’s when you know you’re a pretty decent model with an A+ body.

As for Avery, his hockey days are done and he just seems to be enjoying life away from the rink today. Seems like he’s taking a liking for fashion as well.

He recently made the headlines for a street fight video posted by TMZ, unlike his NHL career, he was actually pretty impressive in the encounter taking on two dudes at once.

10 Barbie Blank (Sheldon Souray)

Thinking of hockey WAGS along with “Not So PG” pictures, one would instantly think of former NHL star’s WAG Sheldon Souray. Of course, the lovely lady we’re referencing is former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly, aka, Barbie Blank. She spent the majority of her WWE career as "eye candy" and she left the business for the very same reason taking on her new career as a full-time model. As evidenced by her Instagram account, she’s loving life while looking “Not So PG” nearly every single day. The shot above is a recent photo posted just days ago as Blank enjoys a round of golf while rocking a tremendous bathing suit. Whether it be on her Instagram or the worldwide web, “Not So PG” pictures aren’t too difficult to come across.

As for Souray, he was known for his booming shot back in the day but we can safely say he's known for his booming wife nowadays.

9 Julie Leshkevich (Justin Abdelkader)

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Nope, the beauty you see above isn’t an angel, but pretty close. That Goddess is the future wife of Red Wings forward Justin Abdelkader. Abby recently proposed to his long-time girlfriend in November of 2016. The proposal made the headlines as he popped the question at the great Joe Louis arena. Born in Michigan, it was like a dream come true for Abby doing so on such a stage, with such a beauty.

Life isn’t too shabby for the forward who’s also enjoying a great contract worth more than four million a season. That value proved to be a tad bit too high last year as he only netted seven goals and 21 points. Look for the Michigan native to avenge his season last year with a bounce back campaign in the ’17-’18 NHL schedule.

8 Maripier Morin (Brandon Prust)

The role of the enforcer is slowly becoming extinct in the NHL and Prust faced that reality last season as the 30 NHL teams weren’t interested in the forward. He then opted to prolong his career overseas joining the DEL league in Germany. He’s a constant grinder both on and off the ice, so with that in mind, it shouldn’t be too surprising to realize that he’s once again returning to the league next season in hopes of wowing another franchise. You can expect to see Prust’s name as a PTO candidate to start next season.

Away from the rink, his life isn’t as unsure. He’s married to a smoking hot Montreal resident, Maripier Morin. The French-Canadian is actually very popular with a fan base of close to half a million via Instagram. She’s definitely worth a follow, especially judging by some of the “Not So PG” pictures, like the one you see above. Morin is a proud TV host, recently co-hosting the French version of The Voice, Junior Edition.

7 Julianne Hough (Brooks Laich)


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Similar to Prust, Laich has found it hard to extend his NHL career. He played in the AHL last season, and one can assume his playing days are likely done. However, he’s enjoying the time of his life nowadays alongside his new bride, Julianne Hough. Hough has an immense following via social media with close to four million followers. She reached massive levels of fame on Dancing with the Stars becoming a two-time winner on the show.

Along with Laich, the two proudly rocked insane beach bodies as they were on full display via the ‘gram. Looking at the “Not So PG” picture above, you’d think Julianne was a fake, chizzled Goddess with those insane abs. Seriously, what is she feeding those things? Good Lord!

6 Erin Andrews (Jarret Stoll)

@healthmagazine ☀️🌊🌴

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Speaking of weddings and honeymoons, we now turn our attention to a newly happily married couple featuring former NHL center Jarret Stoll and his lovely wife, Erin Andrews. Of course, Andrews is a popular broadcaster who’s a common name in American culture. Stoll is no slouch either as a multiple time cup winner with the Kings. His playing days seem to be a thing of the past as he quietly made the transition to broadcasting. We assume his wife showed him a thing or two?

We celebrate Erin’s beauty with this stunning shot taking from her Health magazine spread. Andrews is a big advocate for everything health related, which is a blessing given Stoll’s sketchy past. For more “Not So PG” pictures, we urge you to check out the remained of that recent shoot!

5 Elisha Cuthbert (Dion Phaneuf)

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Like Barbie Blank, including Cuthbert on such a list was an absolute given. In her mid 30s, the Ottawa resident is still looking as stunning as ever. Her recent role included a part in the Netflix original The Ranch. It was obvious based on the show, her looks did not fade.

What has faded however is Dion’s NHL play. No disrespect to the hard working d-man but he’s worth nowhere near the seven million he makes per season. The Sens tried to make Phaneuf unprotected to possibly lose the awful contract but it was a “no go” as he refused. Hard to blame the guy when you have such a clause in your contract. He had a decent season last year playing as a number three-four d-man, but we can all agree, he has it even better at home with his smoking hot wife.

4 Katie Hoaldridge (Jamie Benn)

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It just seems like everything Jamie Benn does is just so gosh darn underrated. Starting with his NHL career, the dude was inexplicably passed by multiple teams, in fact, he went out 129th overall in the 2007 NHL Draft. With the size and skill to succeed in the league, Benn quickly showed how wrong teams were as he netted 79 points in his first breakout campaign. He followed that up with 87 and 89 point seasons. Oh yea, and he’s also the captain of the Stars. Loading up on free agents, we might finally see Benn get the proper respect he deserves next year.

The same can be said for his life off the ice as his partner is a blonde bombshell named Katie Hoaldridge. The “Not So PG” picture above is just a snippet of her beauty. She’s truly got it all going on folks.

3 Veronika Koprivova (Jaromir Jagr)

I'm in love with the coco💚#beachday#loveit

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Before we dive into this “Not So PG” picture, let’s just shed some light on what a damn shame it is that Jagr is still without a team in the month of July. His name value alone should warrant the legend another deal. We seriously hope to see him back in the NHL next season.

Now to his smoking hot partner, Jagr is almost two decades older than Veronika Koprivova. The two have been together for a couple of years now, at the age of 45, Jagr is enjoying life with the 26 year old. As evidenced by her Instagram account, the young beauty is the prototypical “beach bum”, rocking bathing suits at multiple beach establishments. We assume Jagr isn’t all that concerned about his situation at the moment given his smoking hot beauty by his side, on a beach, somewhere far, far away.

2 Lauren Kyle (Connor McDavid)

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It happens to the best of us, not every day is a great day, however, McDavid likely doesn’t share that sentiment nowadays. His summer has been a dream, not only did he propel the Oilers to a lengthy playoff run for the first time in a decade but he also racked up all the hardware at the recent NHL Awards. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, he recently became the highest paid player in the league inking a $100 million dollar deal for an eight year term. So um yea, he likely doesn’t have very many bad days, especially lately.

Outside of the rink, he’s hitting homers as well alongside his lovely girlfriend, Lauren Kyle. She’s got a slew of dreamy pictures via her Instagram account; we bow down to Connor for every reason possible. You sir, are a God.

1 Jordyn Johnson (Auston Matthews)

This photo was an accident

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We close off the article with another player that will be compared McDavid for quite some time, one Auston Matthews. The first overall selection finished off a phenomenal rookie season scoring 40 goals, along with winning the Calder Trophy. More importantly than all of that, he brought Leafs back into the post-season, something that seemed like a distant dream before his selection.

Not a shock, he’s also scoring big time away from the rink as his girlfriend, Arizona native Jordyn Johnson continues to rock social media with her stunning beach body. Like some of the others on the list, her Instagram is loaded with “Not So PG” images. We celebrate one of those pics with this breathtaking shot above, anyone else need a vacation right about now?

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