15 Paulina Outfits Wayne Gretzky Would NOT Approve Of

When you reach a level of popularity everything you do will be magnified by the press. When it comes to an athlete like Wayne Gretzky, that works double. Like so many other mega-athletes, Wayne was blessed with a beautiful daughter. Now that’s usually the case as big time athletes marry some of the most gorgeous females on the planet and that was the case with Wayne as he tied the knot with Janet Jones many moons ago. They gave birth to this magnificent creature, Paulina Gretzky who we’ll discuss in the following article.

When it comes to Paulina, her claim to fame is quite simple and that’s her good looks. She initially started off with an interest in music, but that later changed as she set her sights on modelling. A spread in Golf Digest Magazine launched her fame to the mainstream. She now has more than 600 K followers via Instagram, and has turned into a major sex symbol. As you’ll see in the article, her past wardrobe choices have a lot to do with it.

Hide your eyes, Wayne, as we now feature some edgy Paulina pictures. We truly believe her dad would not approve of such outfits. Like always, be sure to pass along the article to a friend. So without further ado, here are 15 Paulina outfits Wayne would NOT approve of. Enjoy and let’s begin!

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15 Playing Dress Up

via instagram.com

As young children, females love to play dress up, however, when you enter your teens, playing the same type of game changes pretty drastically, especially when it comes to outfit choices. This shot was taken way back in 2012 when Paulina was in her early 20s, she calls the photo, “I like playing dress up”.

We seriously hope she was far, far away from her dad at this point, as Wayne would have probably locked her in the house while she was wearing something of the sort. As if the outfit wasn’t bad enough she posted it on social media via Instagram. It was one of her first posts so you can bet she gained a couple of extra followers early on, even before her public fame reached new heights dating and later marrying pro golfer Dustin Johnson.

14 Paulina The Vampire

As you’ll see throughout this article, Halloween is likely a day of the year father Wayne Gretzky wants to forget about, particularly because his daughter goes all out in terms of costume ideas. And yes, she pushes the boundaries pretty often, including her recent 2015 take on a Vampire. Her costume literally looks so tight that it appears to be painted on. Someone looking at her from a far likely fainted from that heavenly view, oh lord.

In the picture, those featured include Dusin Johnson, who has his portrayal of Dracula, and brother Trevor Gretzky, who’s apparently dressed like a firefighter? At least we know one of the Gretzky children doesn’t take Halloween that seriously as Trevor looks more suitable as a basement Netflix watcher with such a costume.

13 The "Bae Watch" Outfit

via instagram.com

Another wardrobe we hope Wayne didn’t feast his eyes on includes his daughter rocking a breathtaking one piece, that seems to be inspired by “Bae Watch”. Seriously on another note, poor Dwayne, heard that movie was a major flop, shocking a Baywatch movie that wasn’t good? What a world...

We continue with this great shot that was taken in 2016 at the magnificent El Dorado Golf and Beach Club. The location has it all for both Dustin and Paulina, Johnson can work on his game, while Paulina poses on the beach in such stunning outfits, truly a win-win for the couple. As for poor Wayne, such a picture is a loss, or we’ll call it, a minus one rating. On another note, this picture was taken a year and a half after she had her first baby, now that’s impressive.

12 Pregnant & Looking Extremely Fine

"I need a caption." - The entire female population.

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

This one is probably bitter sweet for Wayne. On the positive side, Paulina announced that she was pregnant with her second child earlier in the month of February. That was the great news, what wasn’t all that great for Wayne however was digesting this outfit that her pregnant daughter rocked via Instagram. Although she was undergoing another pregnancy, Paulina was still look radiant as ever. Also, the chesticles in this pic, are, well, okay not much needs to be said in all honesty.

For those wondering, the couple recently had their second child in mid-June, just recently. The sex of the child was another boy to add to the family, one would assume one her kids will be blessed in either the looks department or the athletic skill set, either or is fine.

11 Throwing It Back With The Family

via heavyeditorial.files.wordpress.com

This is a throwback shot featuring Paulina alongside her husband and parents. The beautiful Janet Jones Gretzky is also present in the shot, no disrespect to Wayne but it seems like Paulina got her good looks from mom. Janet is inching towards her 60s but still looking mighty fine in a bikini, Paulina proudly posted a pic of her mother in the swimsuit and all we can say is Wayne is one lucky son of a gun marrying this stunner.

As for the picture, Gretzky was probably passing out inside looking at his daughter’s wardrobe choice for the night. Paulina wore some skimpy short-shorts, along with a revealing top. However, it looks like Wayne kept his composure as he’s all smiles. Things likely said after the picture by Wayne; “Paulina go home and change please, uber is on its way”.

10 Golf Digest Ensemble

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Paulina’s magazine cover shot was met with a great deal of controversy. Yes, even the world of golf uses sex as a selling tool, but for some, the decision was not a popular one. The LPGA players were irate with the decision to include Paulina on such a cover given the fact that she had nothing to do with the sport. Many in the world of golf were none too pleased with the magazine issue as it did nothing for the sport. However, contrary to this belief, GQ magazine praised the spread and cover calling it the hottest cover the magazine ever had. Of course they did...

Rocking an all white outfit, Wayne was probably wishing she wore something else for the magazine. However, in her defense, she did showcase her fantastic golf swing in which she credited her husband for the help. Nonetheless, wearing such an outfit, her golf swing wasn’t the hero of the magazine issue...

9 Post Pregnancy One Piece

SaturDaze Vibes 🎶

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

She gave birth to her first son Tatum in January of 2015 and by the summer in August, she was already rocking a one piece to perfection. Wayne likely didn’t approve of the attire but it turns out her followers did as the shot received close to 14K likes via Instagram.

Something Wayne likely wants to keep on the down low is the fact that his daughter usually gains the most amount of gigs and momentum when rocking limited clothing. Her biggest entertainment break took place in 2014 appearing in the film Grown Ups 2. Not too shocking, she played the role of a bikini girl by the name of Daisy. She pounced on that momentum later in the year ranking in at number 59 on the AskMen list of most desirable women. The Golf Digest spread did a lot in influencing that.

8 With Her Bro

This picture is hilarious in the sense that not only would Wayne have not approved of such an outfit, but in all likelihood, brother Trevor is likely thinking the same. Celebrating Trevor’s “almost birthday”, the bro and sis duo are seeing partying it up out and about. One can only imagine the type of torture Trevor has been through during his life, not only having an iconic dad, but likely being ridiculed by his mates for having a smoking hot sis.

Nonetheless, we digress, (hey that rhymes). Trevor is currently pursuing his baseball career trying to make it in the MLB one day. He’s also a proud uncle of two as he recently posted a shot of Paulina and Dustin’s newborn via his Instagram page.

7 Club Throwback

via stackerdecks.com

Looking back at Paulina’s teenage days, it seems like Wayne’s daughter was a bit of a wild child. She wore some edgy clothing on the regular, while partying it up at various clubs. Oh the outfits Wayne probably had to endure, this is just one of them as Paulina rocks a serious amount of cleavage in this throwback shot while she gets comfy on some dude.

Thankfully, Dustin Johnson would come sweep her up and the party days slowly began to subside. Before she met Dustin, she was even in a short-term relationship with former NHL player Jarret Stoll, remember him? Is he still playing? Nonetheless, the two would move on, even Stoll managed to lock down a pretty big catch recently tying the knot with Erin Andrews a couple of days ago.

6 More Throwbacks

via blogspot.com

We include another throwback picture, this one features some excessive cleavage. We assume Paulina wore an Edmonton Oilers hoodie on top while leaving the house while Wayne uttered the words, “you look great sweetie”. In all likelihood, Paulina was headed for another night out. Judging by her past photos, she loved the Vegas area ripping up the night life on the regular. Even recently she posted some videos via Snapchat of herself working the pole like a stripper. It was done in good fun however as even husband Dustin watched on looking quite amused.

Nowadays, Paulina has put her social media fame on the backburner as she welcomed in a new child to the world. With two kids, it’s no secret that Paulina is a top of the line “good looking mom”. It also helps that she’s yet to hit her 30s at the age of 28.

5 The Skimpy Bikini Top

via the-hollywood-gossip-res.cloudinary.com

Watching your daughter grow is hard enough, but seeing her transform and rock such swimwear is truly even harder to digest. For Wayne, that works double as his daughter hasn’t shied away from her bikini choices in the past. This one certainly takes the cake as she rocks a thin red bikini that barely hangs off of her chest. We seriously hope for father Wayne’s sake that she didn’t leave the room while rocking such attire.

We’ve rarely seen Paulina and Wayne together on an NHL program. One of the most notable occurrences took place way back in 2003 when Paulina performed I Will Remember You at the Heritage Classic. She gave up singing shortly after however pursuing a career in modelling landing a magazine cover in ’05.

4 More Halloween Fun

via canada.com

We continue with the Halloween outfits for the next two entries, we have reason to believe Wayne was seriously haunted by this day because of his daughter. This one is a throwback, while the next is a recent costume. The differences between the two are very minor in terms of the “revealing nature” of the ensembles.

In this throwback picture, Paulina rocks the cliché “bad cop” look. It’s a popular selection among the females and a really easy look to make “bad” or should we say, “naughty”. Again, Paulina likely left her house with a big Edmonton Oilers jersey on, Wayne uttered the words, “you look great sweetie, enjoy”. Her Halloween costumes would continue to trend in the same direction as the years moved along, the next recent costume further solidifies this statement.

3 The Recent Halloween Shot

Slay, All Day 🗡@casamigos @jeremyc0hen #casamigoshalloween

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Dressed as a true goddess in slaying, this is the outfit Paulina selected last year. This wardrobe was viewed by many more of her fans as it was posted via social media and received close to 20 K likes. In truth, the photo is mouth watering and jaw dropping both at the same time. Paulina rocked her costume in Beverly Hills, California while downing some Casamigos, which is an award winning Tequila. Yup, that’s right, she only drinks the best quality stuff folks.

Now a mother of two, it’ll be interesting to see what she pulls out this year. Pretty soon, we’ll be able to develop a top 15 list of Paulina’s best costumes. As of right now, this outfit ranks number one, although it is up for debate.

2 Paulina’s Hyundai Tournament Outfit

via zimbio.com

When we think of hot Paulina outfits, are mind immediately races to her US Open ensemble. However, she didn’t look all that bad at the Hyundai Tournament either back in 2013. Rocking a tightly fitted mini dress, Paulina was turning some heads on that day. The dress was short and cleavage friendly, even the old dude in the back in enjoying a quick glimpse.

Again, the outfit was met with some criticism as golf is a tame sport. However, we can all agree that Paulina helped to bring some life into the tournament rocking such a look. Her perfect tan also compliments the dress greatly, she just looks like the total package in this picture folks. Father Wayne likely doesn’t agree however, as he’d rather she wore a short-sleeve Edmonton t-shirt that went down to her knees and was sized, XL. She’d probably still find a way to make it work.. ..

1 The US Open

via usatthebiglead.files.wordpress.com

We conclude the article with the outfit most of you probably thought of when reading the name of this article. Yes, the most recognizable Paulina outfit from this list took place at the US Open following Dusin Johnson’s victory. Once again, the outfit was met with lots of criticism.

Many within the sport believed that Paulina’s outfit drew way too much attention away from Johnson’s epic tournament victory. The paparazzi were all over Paulina that day and you can see for yourselves with a slew of pictures available online. A cameraman even took things a step too far by following Paulina up the stairs while she pulled down her skimpy dress. Even the poor cameraman was ripped on social media. A person lost in all of this was Wayne, we wonder how he felt about his daughter’s outfit that day?

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