15 Photos The Boston Bruins Would Rather Keep Private

Compared to other pro sports, the NHL is extremely tame when it comes to things taking place off the ice, or in the crowd. The players are some of the classiest gentleman you’ll ever see, and for that reason, the NHL loses some points with the demographic that loves the “drama” type feel.

However, the Bruins are a little more rowdier than most teams. The fans are quite harsh when it comes to opposition fans, and some audience members have even been involved in some “Not So PG” instances during games as you’ll see in this article. Along with the fans, some players are also known to get a little too excited off the ice - we’re looking at you Brad... Along with Marchand, players like Tuukka Rask and even Big Z, Zdeno Chara will also be featured in the article. Don’t expect anything Patrice Bergeron-related, the guy is a saint!

From Krejci’s frosted tips from back in the day to Marchand partying it up in enemy territory, we’ve quite frankly got it all on this list of forgettable Bruins photos. Enjoy and like always, be sure to share the article with a friend. Let’s begin!

15 Marchand Partying With The Enemy

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We start the article off with a picture of Brad Marchand heavily intoxicated, we warn however, this won’t be the last time you see a glazed photo of Marchand in this article. This one however, is that much more significant because it’s taken on enemy territory, in Montreal if you could believe. Give the guy some credit, he has a big pair of you know what. Brad was spotted at Montreal’s Beach Club and not only was he there, but he was stealing the show dancing erratically on top of a bar.

Fans took hilarious footage of the moment as Brad continued to dance despite the fact that the security was telling him to get down. Judging by the video, Brad was in another world. Former teammate Tyler Seguin was also present, though he did not partake in Brad’s bar dance.

14 Wild Fan Antics In The Crowd

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For the most part, NHL crowds are quite tame around the league, especially compared to other sports such as European football. However, in terms of the rowdiest crowds, Boston is certainly in the running as one of the very top in the league. The Bruin faithful doesn’t shy away from ripping on the enemy, if you’re going to wear an opposition jersey to a Bruins game, think twice, cause you’re more than likely to get heckled (especially if you dawn the bleu-blanc-rouge).

In this instance however, we get a different type of wild featuring a couple of gals getting “Not So PG” in the audience. Those around seem to be enjoying the visual, however, the Bruins organization would never want such a photo to leak, especially with its younger fan base and family audiences.

13 David Krejci’s “Off-Ice” Game

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Drafted during the second round, the Bruins knew David had some game coming off a brilliant season with the Gatineau Olympiques. In junior, he was a crafty setup man and ultimately, those same skills would carry over to his career in the big leagues with the yellow and black. In his rookie campaign, David instantly cemented his position as a dominant centerman for the team putting up 73 points. He would remain a model of consistency throughout his career (when healthy).

Well, a little known fact about David is that he might have an even better game off the ice. What do we mean? Take a look at the picture above and you’ll instantly understand. His wife Naomi Krejci is an absolute smokebomb. The couple is happily together recently welcoming in a new daughter into the world. If she looks anything like her mother, David’s going to have his hands full.

12 Tuukka Gone Wild

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Not too shocking that Brad’s involved in another drunken type of photo (again, it isn’t the last time we’ll feature such a picture of Brad in this article), however, it is refreshing to see the Bruins netminder Tuukka Rask in such a picture. Yup, even the Finns like to drink and in this case, Rask certainly had one too many cold ones.

It also doesn’t help when you’re drinking with Brad, just ask Tyler Seguin how his experiences went with the agitating forward. They were so bad, that Seguin being shipped out of Boston had a little bit to do with the duos party ways of life. Rask of course, isn’t all that bad, but nonetheless, he’ll probably want to keep such a picture under wraps.

11 Beleskey In Beijing (With His Smoking Wife)

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No disrespect to Matt, but many knew that when the Bruins had signed the forward to a five year deal, they had made a big mistake. Now the cap hit at $3.8 million isn’t all that bad, it’s the term of the deal that really hurts things as the club made a five year commitment to his services. In a contract year, Beleskey had the campaign of his life with the Ducks netting 22 goals. Since signing with Boston however, he’s got fewer goals in two campaigns combined (18 goals). His struggles seem to be continuing this season as he’s pointless in the six appearances.

At the very least, he can sleep well knowing that not only did he ink a tremendous deal, but also that he’s got a smoking hot wife in Victoria Hall. Although the picture above is truly forgettable as Matt rocks the hilarious Beijing inspired attire – let’s be honest here, we’d all put that on for such a stunning blonde wife.

10 Pastrnak During The Hold Out

Good times catching up with this bad boy #vatte

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Just entering his 20s, the Bruins first round selection had a remarkable campaign last season netting 34 goals and 70 points, in just 75 games. His breakout couldn’t have taken place at a better time as he was set to hit RFA status the next year. The contract negotiations were rather bumpy to say the least. Both sides could not come to an agreement and by mid September, a deal was still not in place.

To make matters worse, David didn’t seem to be too affected posting vacation pictures via his Instagram account. In mid August, during negotiations, David posted a picture in Sweden enjoying a drink with a buddy. Surely, the Bruins organization didn’t want us to see such a photo. Thankfully, both sides ended up coming to terms just before the season, and the skilled forward is off to a great start on a point per game pace.

9 Ray Bourque Gets Arrested

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When you think of the Boston Bruins, two names instantly come to mind, one, Bobby Orr and two, another brilliant d-man and one of the greatest, Ray Bourque. Aside from a season and a half, Ray played the bulk of his career with the Bruins. All he did was capture five Norris Trophies during his stint with the black and yellow.

In a forgettable incident last summer however, Ray’s name took an unexpected hit as he was charged with a DUI sentence, driving under the influence. The news made the headlines around Boston and the legendary d-man was handed a 180 day course, due to the fact that he refused a breathalyser. The incident made a lot more noise than both the Bruins and Ray would have wanted it to, however, he apologized for his mistakes and the situation is now a thing of the past.

8 Marchand’s Cup Adventures

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Yes, another photo of Mr. Marchand, this one, taken following the Bruins dramatic Stanley Cup victory against the powerhouse Canucks (yea, it’s hard to believe, but they were big favorites a couple of years back). Marchand was a catalyst for the team’s cup victory as they stunned Vancouver on home ice in game seven. Marchand and the boys celebrated hard that night and of course, Brad took things to another level.

As you see in the picture above, once again his shirt was off during a night of boozing, which appears to be a theme for the gritty sniper. Brad’s alcohol consumption was definitely merited as he put up 11 goals and 19 points during the team’s unlikely Cup victory. We wonder if he still has that hat somewhere....

7 Krejci’s Frosted Tips

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We all had that time in our lives that we now look back on and think, “what the hell was I thinking”. The trends are always changing and it led to some of the most forgettable haircuts ever, remember the Mohawk? As if that wasn’t bad enough, the frosted tips were even a thing at one point and one David Krejci knows a thing or two about that. Thankfully, he rocked the look early on in his career so many have forgotten about the hair style. He’s likely thanking his lucky stars and hoping fans forgot all about those streaks.

The 31 year old continues on with the Bruins in year three of his lucrative $7.25 million dollar deal, which might be a little too steep when you assess the fact that he’s still got three and a half seasons left. When the modified NTC kicks in during the final two seasons, he’ll likely be on the move.

6 The Veteran & The Flask

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This hilarious photo was taken as a screenshot during a Bruins telecast. During the game, we applaud the cameraman for snipping this image of a veteran Boston fan that snuck in a flask to the game. Nowadays, sneaking in anything is almost an impossibility, so we applaud the vet for his craftiness in bringing in the flask, you sir are a genius.

However, without a doubt, the Bruins organization would not like to encourage such behavior, making this a photo they would rather keep private, especially with the teen demographic that loves to replicate the things that are deemed as “cool” (admit if you were a teen and saw this you would have done the same the next time you went to a game).

5 Rask In The Blue & White

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Man was this one ever bad. Selected in the first round of the 2005 NHL Draft, Rask was not taken by the Bruins, but instead, selected by the Leafs. With Justin Pogge (remember that poor dude) being deemed as the team’s future number one, Rask was traded for Andrew Raycroft, a deal that is looked upon as the very worst in the franchise’s history. When you assess all their bad deals in the past, that’s certainly saying something.

All Rask would do with the Bruins is win a Stanley Cup along with a Vezina Trophy in 2014. The Leafs basically gift wrapped the goalie to Boston, but the organization will want you to think that he’s a homegrown goalie, based off the fact that he never played a single game for Toronto.

4 The Brad Marchand & Tyler Seguin Adventures

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What can we say, Brad just loves the limelight and dancing on stages, especially early on in his career as a slew of such pictures exist on the world wide web. To his credit, he really didn’t care for the candid pics and just resumed nonetheless.

However, the partying aspect was something that the Bruins worried about. Their two youngest stars enjoyed the party aspect of being an NHL Superstar a little too much, and many believe that cemented Seguin’s ticket out of the team. Once Seguin left, even Brad took a backseat to the partying. On a positive note, his numbers would spike the more he matured and put those days behind him, Brad shattered career highs in the last two seasons scoring 37 and 39 goals. He finished with 85 points last season and was among the league's very best.

3 Pablo Meets The Butabi Brothers

This one is truly a once in a lifetime type of picture featuring Pablo Escobar and the Butabi Borthers. If you don’t know who Steve and Doug Butabi are, please, slap yourself in the throat right now.

The photo is truly hilarious, particularly Pastrnak and Jake DeBrusk, who both dressed up as the Night at the Roxbury characters. It seems like Jake is wisely choosing to walk in the footsteps of David, the young Bruin is getting his first chance with the team this season after a stellar rookie campaign in the AHL netting 49 points. Jake, a former 14th overall pick is off to a decent start this season notching four points in ten games. Bruins fans are hoping the forgettable costume can give him a little extra spark.

2 Chara’s Cup Adventures

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Rocking the Ed Hardy sweater (remember when that a trend), big Z went all in celebrating the team’s Cup victory. Of course, it likely took an entire bottle to himself for the big man to at least get a little tipsy but it looks like he succeeded in doing so as he appears to be rather glazed over in the picture above, basically leaning on the fan.

Don’t let your mind wonder however, big Z has been happily married since 2007 to his wife Tatiana Biskupicova. Let’s just say after winning a cup and pounding down a couple of drinks and Champaign showers, he was in a pretty good mood.

The legendary blueliner remains in the league despite the fact that it’s transitioned into a young man’s game based off of speed. For that reason, we must applaud the 40 year old for still keeping relevant.

1 Marchand Getting “Not So PG”

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It was only fitting that we started and ended (along with a little in between) the article with forgettable pictures of Brad Marchand that the Bruins will want us to forget about. During his younger days with the club, the forward was seriously a human highlight reel off the ice. Nowadays, he’s traded than in for his contributions on the ice, becoming one of the best in the league, something that was hard to imagine early on his career.

Despite these types of pictures, featuring Marchand locking lips after a night of boozing, the guy seriously embodies what the Bruins are all about. He’s a hard-working, pest-like, never give up type of player who can score all types of goals whether it’s a dirty garbage rebound, or spectacular highlight reel type play. Still in his late 20s, the winger is showing no signs of slowing down.

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