15 Photos These Montreal Canadiens Would Rather Keep Private

From the young players, to the goalie, to the coach, to the GM, it seems like everything surrounding the Montreal Canadiens is somehow dipped in controversy. Montreal is one of the Meccas in hockey and playing in such a city can be a burden at times. Just ask Alex Galchenyuk who spent the entire summer hearing his name be dragged in the mud.

In terms of heat, GM Marc Bergevin is feeling the brunt of the attacks nowadays for his questionable moves. Since the Subban trade, this team’s direction seems to be incredibly flawed with no real identity. Will it all implode for the team this season, we’ll have to see.

For now, we celebrate some hilarious images of the current roster off the ice. These are embarrassing shots the team would rather be kept private, but thanks to social media, that was not the case. From steamy life partners to wasted nights out on the club, we’ve got it all in this article. In terms of picking up beautiful women, even the team’s GM has had great success as you’ll see in the article. At least he’s thriving somewhere.... Enjoy the list and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. We begin with MTL’s franchise player, Sir Carey Price.

15 Carey Goodnight Price


He’s a cool and calm family man nowadays recently entering his 30s. However, at one point in time, Carey Price was thriving in the limelight that is known as the city of Montreal. Drafted fifth overall by the Habs, Price’s city recognition seemingly got to the All-Star goaltender as he started to prefer nights out a little too often.

This is just one of a couple of pictures we’ve included that feature Price looking a little out of it from back in the day. In truth, we could have likely done an entire article on pics Price doesn’t want you to see but hey, we figured we’d spread the wealth a little. But without a doubt, he’d rather such past pictures not see the light of day, but Carey, it’s too late.

14 Gallagher & The Chick


A heart and soul type of player, Brendan gives it his all for the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. However, last season Brendan hit a bit of a wall scoring ten goals, a career low. His name also swirled around in trade rumors during the summer as the Habs continued their thorough search for a top line center.

Heading into the season, Gallagher is another one of those Habs looking for a rebound. At the age of 25, Brendan is hitting his prime so we expect a better campaign this season. We hope the chicks won’t be too distracting off the ice however as the Habs forward is currently single and one who loves to mingle (well, if a girl approaches him he’ll speak, but in truth the dude just likes to chill like the most of us).

13 Streit’s Beautiful Wife


Nope, this isn’t 2008, instead, in 2017, Mark Streit is still keeping the drive alive recently signing an unexpected deal with the Habs. Montreal needed some extra bodies on the backend and Streit, a veteran, was one of those additions as he made his return to a team he had tremendous success with.

Don’t get too excited however, despite his booming shot the Swiss d-man put up six goals last year and hardly played during the Pens cup run. Seriously speaking, how many of you even remembered Mark was on the Pens last season? Yup, not many.

A little known fact you might not have known and that he likely wants to keep private is the fact that his wife Fabienne Kropf is a smoking hot blonde. Need further proof, Google her name and you’ll be quite pleased. As for Mark, he won't be too pleased....

12 More Carey Price Adventures


We promised more Carey Price content and we’re delivering with another rare photo from the star goalie’s past. This one, was taken during what seemed to be a wild Cancun trip as Price poses for the “Not So PG” picture. When you’re young and having fun, you really don’t think about the consequences. That seems quite evident in this shot, nowadays, athletes are much smarter when it comes to these types of photos.

In Carey’s defense, he was single and free to do whatever he wanted at that point in time. Unlike Tiger Woods for example, it wasn’t like he was snooping around. He was more like Michael Phelps, just enjoying the fruits of his labor and “hooking up” on the regular as it seems. Don’t expect anything similar to the pic above nowadays.

11 Galchenyuk At A Halloween Party


Similar to Price, Alex’s personal life has been a bit of a mess away from the rink. Entering the league as a top tier prospect, Alex had huge expectations drafted third overall by the team. At the time of the selection, the Habs thought they picked a center for the future.

As we’ve seen, that hasn’t been the case as the club is still starving for help down the middle. As for Alex, who was moved to the wing, his problems continue both on and off the ice as not only has he been caught partying a little too hard on more than one occasion, but his name has also surfaced in possible trades throughout the summer and likely, into the season. Likely for Alex, he can blow off some steam in a couple weeks crashing another Halloween party like you see in the photo above.

10 Jordie Benn Throwback


Without the beard, you have to look twice in order to ensure that’s actually Jordie Benn. He’s certainly come a long way since that picture as he rocks the uber tight shirt that looks like it’s about to burst. Yes, a house party was and still is common ground for young hockey players, it seems like Jordie was no exception.

Unlike his brother Jamie, Jordie had a difficult path to the league showing off his skills in the ECHL and AHL. Going undrafted, Jordie earned a contract due to his brother’s presence with the Stars. He played decently with the team throughout his stint, however, a trade last season to Montreal really rejuvenated his career for the better. At the age of 30, we wish Jordie another great season heading into the new campaign.

9 Candid Max


If Max was a member of the Panthers or Coyotes, maybe he could have gotten away with this candid photo. However, in a Mecca of hockey such as Montreal, not getting spotted by a fan is nearly impossible when it comes to being at a popular location. The poor dude was just trying to get in a Bulldogs game, not even the Blue Jays hat was enough to swerve the fans.

Entering the league, Max quickly made the headlines refusing to suit up for the team as a bottom six forward. Despite the controversy, Max was bang on as he had a great first half season and it was only up from there. His stats have been great, however, many question his leadership abilities as the captain of the team. If things go south for the club during the season, that C on Max’s chest can possibly be in serious jeopardy.

8 Drouin’s Rookie Look


Okay, so Drouin’s no spring chicken, however, back in his rookie days, he might have been worse in the looks department and the picture above is a clear indication of that. Looking back at his past, this is likely a photo he wants to suppress in a box, lock it and keep it away from our eyes forever. But sorry Jonathan, instead, we’ll worship the picture and put it as our wallpaper.

Drafted third overall not too long ago in 2013, Drouin’s potential was and still is, scary. Notching two 100 point seasons in the QMJHL, his speed and skill was something to witness as a youth. He had somewhat of a breakout season last year with Tampa, but look for him to really hit his stride this season as he dawns the Montreal jersey.

7 Danault & His Girl


We’ve seen it time and time again, sometimes, the destination just doesn’t fit a certain players criteria. Drafted in the first round by the ‘Hawks, that was exactly the case for Quebec native Phil Danault who just couldn’t find his game out West. Getting shipped off back home to Montreal, Danault overachieved picking up top tier minutes, and finishing the season with a career year notching 40 points.

Looking at Montreal’s depth chart from last season, Phil was the team’s first line center. Now that’s truly something given the fact that most fans know very little about the player. You likely didn’t even know he has a smoking partner out of the rink by the name of Marie-Pierre Fortin. Ogle at the pic above for a bit and move on to the next one.

6 Candid Tomas


Unlike the NBA, NHL players keep their personal lives private. Take Tomas Plekanec for example, the guy’s been with Montreal for over a decade now, we know him for his game on the ice, but off the ice, you probably didn’t even have a clue he was married.

Not only is Plek married, but his wife Lucie Vondrackova is a popular Czech singer and even an actress. Shocked yet? She’s even regarded as one of the most popular singers to ever come out of her native land. We give Tomas some credit for keeping that part of his life on the down low for so long. At the age of 34, he might be spending a little more time with his wife sooner rather than later as his role in the NHL slowly diminishes.

5 Shaw At The Club


Like the veteran Jordie Benn earlier in the article, Shaw took a harder route into the league getting selected by the Hawks in the fifth round. Though, Andrew had a great work ethic as a pest like player. For that reason, he was able to find success with Hawks, even putting up 20 goals during the ’13-’14 campaign.

As you see in the picture above, Shaw enjoyed a beer or two back in his stint with the club, winning championships and games on the regular, it was truly well deserved. Though in truth, a player never wants you to see what goes on behind the scenes, especially in a club or bar setting. Again, this is the NHL and not the NBA folks.

4 Galchenyuk & The Chicks


Making coin, scoring goals and in his early 20s, temptations were very much there for Alex off the ice. It got him into some serious trouble early last year however when cops stormed his house following an incident of domestic violence. His partner at the time Chanel-Leszczynski completely lost it. According the rumors, she suspected Alex was being intimated with other females alongside his former teammate, Devante Smith-Pelly (remember him?).

The situation didn’t do Alex any favors and it was yet another moment that hurt his overall image in the community with many believing he had greater concerns off the ice. If his season doesn’t whip into fine form early on, he’ll be shipped out of the Belle Province in a heartbeat. What do you guys think, will Alex be on the team mid-season?

3 Bergie & Subban


Rarely do we peg a GM and player rivals nowadays, however, in this case, such was made following the trade that shocked not only Montreal, but the hockey world in general. On June 29th, 2016, Subban was shipped out of Montreal in a shocking trade for Shea Weber. P.K. seemed untouchable not only because of his play, but the brand value and contributions he had made in the Montreal community. Fans were enraged and the primary candidate for the hate was none other than GM Marc Bergevin. We won’t be seeing a similar pic of the two anytime soon in the future, that’s for darn sure.

In Bergie’s defense, the rumor mill suggests he was taking the concerns of his coach and players into account when making the deal. Whatever the case might be, he wants us to forget about this trade, but in truth, it’ll live forever.

2 Price Flashes The Bird


We promised Price in this article and for the third time, we include a photo he’d rather keep private from his Cancun adventures. We compared him to Michael Phelps earlier in the article for attracting chicks as a single bachelor back in the day. It looks like the two have another thing in common as they appear to have taken a liking for the older chicks. Now, we’re only speculating with this picture, but Price looks pretty comfortable next to that older cougar. Phelps is smiling somewhere.

Again, like Michael, the two have put that life aside and are now enjoying their new focuses on a family life. Along with a beautiful daughter added to the Price family, the goaltender recently signed a huge eight year deal that’ll make him an even richer man.

1 Marc Bergevin Got Game


His career as an NHL player was nothing to write home about, however, since joining the Habs as the GM in 2012, his value has skyrocketed in the community. Whether that be for better or worse, we’ll leave that up to you guys. However, since the Subban trade, his name has taken a bit of beating, especially with this past offseason when the Habs saw both Markov and Radulov walk away for absolutely nothing, despite the fact that the team still had cap space in play.

That debate is for another time, instead, we give Bergie some props for his life out of the GMs box. The chick you see with Marc is his partner Linda Lapointe. The relationship went viral last year when Lapointe put the picture above as he profile photo via the social media platform Facebook. At least he’ll have something to lean on when he’s down.......

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