15 Photos These Toronto Maple Leafs Players Would Rather Keep Private

In terms of wacky personal lives, the NHL is quite tame in comparison to other major sports leagues such as the NFL and NBA. However, don’t take that modesty for a boring personal life, NHL stars also know how to have a good time, there just really good at keeping things private. Heck judging by Auston’s social media account, you wouldn’t think he was even dating. But oh are we ever wrong as you’ll see in this article!

A common theme for the photos in the following article is the simple fact that the current Toronto roster would rather keep them private or in some cases, delete them altogether. From smoking hot female partners, to hilarious pictures from their past, to even, “Not So PG” photos of the players, this article truly has it all.

Enjoy this article and like always, be sure to spread the article via Facebook, whether you’re a fan of the Leafs or not, you’ll most certainly get a kick out of this article. Here are 15 photos these Toronto Maple Leafs players would rather keep quiet. We begin with the franchise player of the team and his romantic personal life from the past!

15 Auston & His Ex

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We all have our first love in life and for Auston Matthews that first was none other than Emily Ruttledge as a slew of pictures exist of the two from a couple of years ago. Judging by the pics, this chick was Auston’s high school crush, though as you’ll see later on in the article, it seems like he’s moved on nowadays, nope, this isn’t a celeb were talking about it’s a hockey player and one that continues to grow his stock game by game, day by day - looking at his recent performances, the Leafs are going to have to fork over some big bucks in order to retain his services.

For now, Auston will keep sniping away. We wonder if he still DMs his high school crush late at night?

14 The Lupul Controversy

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Joffrey Lupul recently stirred the pot posting the pic above. Obviously, the photo itself wasn’t the problem, it’s what Lupul had to say in the comments section that started quite the controversy. Lupul posted this controversial statement in the comments section, “Haha failed physical? They cheat, everyone lets them”.

When you drop a bomb like that, you know it’ll only amplify in a city like Toronto. Without a doubt, there’s probably lots of truth to Lupul’s statement and it’s something that likely has gone under the radar more times than not. In any event, Lupul would have likely rather kept his feelings to himself given the amount of attention it drew. He’s still currently out of the lineup and he’s not likely to draw in at any point, given his "health" status.

13 Mitch Marner’s London Night Days

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Drafted fourth overall by the Leafs, there’s a reason the skilled winger went out so early in the draft. During his prior NHL days, Marner tore it up with the London Knights hitting 100+ point seasons twice. He certainly racked in the assists finishing with 82 and 77 consecutively in his final two stints in the OHL.

That was the good, it now looks like he’s undergoing a little of the bad getting demoted to the fourth line. His numbers aren’t awful but his two-way play has been in question with a -6 rating. When you play with Babcock, such a stat is a “no no”. So the good, the bad and this picture, well, is the downright ugly as Marner wasn’t the best looking lad during his junior days. He’ll wants us to see those stats, but keep that long hair in the past....

12 Hyman The Author?

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Mike Babcock calls Zach Hyman one of the best puck retrieves in the game, now Babs might be a little bias, but there’s no doubt the big forward has facilitated Auston’s game in a big way. Babcock loves to use the grinding type of players alongside the skilled Superstars, who can forget the days of Babs slotting Tomas Holmstrom alongside the great Datsyuk and Zetterberg. The dude had the thinnest blade you’ll ever see, it’s a miracle he even got a shot off with that thing, but his puck pursuit allowed him to play with such skill. Hyman is reaping the same rewards.

He also reaped rewards as a children’s author believe it or not. Zach wrote the book Hockey Hero, a tale about a young boy who finds himself at the time it matters most. Drafted by Florida 123rd overall, this can be a tale about Zach’s career and how he found himself with the blue and white...

11 Bozak’s Babe

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Tyler’s life really isn’t too shabby at that moment. Despite going undrafted, his run with the University of Denver was enough to get him noticed by lots of teams. His skill-set was a complete two-way game flourishing on both ends of the ice. With a beat up roster back in the day, the Leafs won the Bozak sweepstakes and he remains on the team entering his final year of a contract with $21 million for a five year time period. He’s not the team’s number one center any longer, but he still holds a purpose in the lineup as reliable two-way centerman.

Off the ice, his life might be even better. Not only is he proud father, but his wife Molly Robinson is also smoking hot. Major props to Bozak, but unfortunately, a couple of fans might be ogling at the photo above a little too intensely.

10 The JVR Throwback

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JVR looks far from a second overall pick judging by the photo above. He looks a lot more like the nerd that’s good in math but in any event, a solid run with the University of New Hampshire put him on the map as a very promising power forward for the future. It was a rare draft that saw two Americans go one and two as Kane was selected first by the Hawks, followed by JVR getting picked by the Flyers.

Of course, JVR would end up getting dealt to the Leafs and his numbers have been fairly consistent over the years. He quietly put up a brilliant campaign last season netting 29 goals and putting up 62 points. He’s off to another stellar start this season, perhaps playing behind Matthews and drawing less attention isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the veteran winger.

9 Nylander At The NHL Combine

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When you consider the likes of Michael Dal Colle and Haydn Fleury going ahead of Nylander in the 2014 NHL Draft, you can’t help but to think that Leafs had a lot of luck in getting such a draft selection. Judging by his early run in the NHL, it looks like the Leafs are going to have to pay in a big way once his level entry deal expires. Nylander put up 61 points in his rookie campaign and he’s off to another brilliant start this season playing wing alongside Matthews and Hyman (arguably the league’s top line currently).

That’s all the impressive stuff you need to know, what’s not impressive is the photo above of William at the NHL combine. The dude looks a buck forty tops, not to mention that hair, he looks to be a part of a boy band or some might say, potentially of the opposite sex. All jokes aside, he’s filled up in the last couple of years, but without a doubt, he’ll want to keep his “combine guns” on the down low.

8 Martin Got Game... Off The Ice

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Taking a page out of the Brian Burke school of General Managing, the Leafs added some “truculence” to their lineup with the signing of Matt Martin. The acquisition did not come cheap given his skill set, the forward is in the midst of his second year with a contract worth $2.5 million per season. Now that’s pricey for a dude that scores a handful of goals per year. However, with the Leafs oh so young, a protection plan such as Martin was truly essential, but man did it come at a price.

His agent got game but arguably, Martin’s got an even better game off the ice judging by his steamy partner, the blonde bombshell Sydney Esiason. Who knows what the future holds for the forward, but we know he’s doing pretty darn well off the ice nowadays.

7 Babs And The Selfies

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We assume Babs is taking a lot more selfies nowadays as the coach of such a hot market in Toronto. The gig really hasn’t been so bad for Bab thus far, he started off signing a lucrative contract worth $50 million for an eight year term, the highest in the league. He moved into a beautiful condo with his wife, and oh, the team would go on to draft a once in a lifetime type of a player in Auston Matthews. Littered with youth and skill throughout the lineup, Mike inherited and absolute gold mine.

What isn’t gold for Babcock are these hilarious selfies. Mike just always looks like he’s struggling taking such photos. Technology just isn’t for everyone folks and judging by his face in this photo, neither are selfies for the best coach in the NHL. There are few things Mike wants us to forget about but this is one of those rare instances!

6 Morgan Rielly Throwback Costume 

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Before drafting the likes of Marner, Nylander and Matthews, the team was building from the ground up. In other words, defense was the first priority. When Dion Phaneuf is your top defender, change is needed. The BC native Morgan Rielly was a huge step in the right direction for the team as he was drafted fifth overall in the 2012 NHL Draft. Showing great vision and offensive flare during his last season with Moose Jaw, Morgan became a huge prospect.

Slowly but surely, he’s developing into a stud defender. However, he looked nothing like a stud in this hilarious and forgettable Halloween costume. Alongside Morgan is former NHL prospect Carter Ashton. Whatever happened to that guy you ask? He’s currently playing his third season in the KHL after being a total bust with the Leafs.

5 Marleau & The Weird Costume

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Seeing Marleau in Leafs gear is still a weird visual, he played his entire career with the Sharks putting up some fantastic numbers throughout his stint with the club. He was truly a perfect model of consistency with the team.

Signing a great deal with Toronto, Marleau, along with his wife Christian and four children have made the move to the Canadian hockey market. A picture was shown of the family already fully engaged in Leaf gear, so the transition doesn’t appear to be as difficult despite the long tenured run in California.

Rarely does Marleau have anything he’d like to keep private, the guy is nearly perfect. However, this strange Halloween costume kills that; those shorts, American themed pouch and that red thing sticking out aren’t the best choice of costume attire for the veteran forward.

4 Shanahan “You Suck”

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Gone are the nightmare days of Brian Burke trading away pivotal franchise pieces and in are the days of smart and savvy hockey men. The movement on the right path began with Brendan Shanahan joining the team as the President and alternate governor of the team. He hired Lou Lamoriello as the GM and Mike Babcock as the coach. With just a couple of key moves, the team was instantly moving in the right direction. Assessing their roster nowadays, you can call Brendan the savior of this team who made all the right choices in selecting his staff.

This fan however doesn’t feel the same way holding the “Shanahan You Suck, Let’s Go Rangers” sign. The photos is truly hilarious and one the fan likely regrets given the fact that Shanny himself not only saw the sign, but posed for a picture alongside the hate.

3 Bozak’s Halloween Costume

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This post when absolutely viral and to nobody’s surprise, it wasn’t posted by Bozak. Before we rip into the center, major props to JVR for that Ace Ventura costume, well done sir. As for Marner..... no comment.

The true winner of this photo is Tyler Bozak on his take on what we can only assume is Zoolander. Bozak looks a little too invested into his costume even pulling the vintage Zoolander “blue steel” look. Without a doubt, Tyler wanted his teammates to have a good laugh but the fact that it leaked out to the public probably wasn’t his main intention with such a costume. Whether he wanted us to see the costume or not, we applaud his efforts but still, laugh uncontrollably nonetheless.

2 Auston’s Secret Girlfriend

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The internet went into a panic during the offseason when it was unveiled that Auston had a new girlfriend and man did she not disappoint. The new chick in his life is Jordy Johnson, a smoking hot young model who spends her time in both the Arizona area (where Auston’s from) and the LA location as well. Ogling at her pics, you certainly won’t be alone, the beauty has close to 14K followers on Instagram.

Matthews likely didn’t want us to know this part of his life as the forward hasn’t posted anything pertaining to his romantic love life off the ice. Instead, he remains heavily invested in his commitments as a member of the Leafs. Looking at his start to the season, we can assume he’s fully engaged already being mentioned in MVP conversations.

1 Kadri’s “Not So PG” Antics

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Drafted seventh overall in the 2009 NHL Draft, Kadri struggled to make a name for himself and living up to the billing of a top ten pick was slipping away from the forward. Enter Mike Babcock, and that’s all changed.

Kadri finally emerged last season putting up a career high 32 goals and 61 points. His role was also a focal point to the club’s success getting matched up against the other team’s top players. He thrived in the role and he’s off to another great start this season.

Off the ice, his life is a bit of a mystery as there’s no sign of any partner or girlfriend. Instead, it seems as though Kardi likes to play the field and have a good time. The “Not So PG” picture above is a clear indication of that.

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