15 AWKWARD Pictures Connor McDavid Doesn’t Want You To See

Even before his days with the Erie Otters tearing up stat sheets on the regular, McDavid was deemed as something special and the next “great one. His first season was halted missing most of it to injury, but his second, truly showed the player he is. McDavid led the league in scoring finishing with 100 points but most importantly, he brought the Oilers back into the playoffs after countless seasons of pain as a bottom tier team. Edmonton was one win away from joining the final four. Nonetheless, it was a tremendous year for both McDavid and the organization.

On the ice, the guy seems flawless, but off of it, he’s provided us with some hilarious moments. The recent pictures of McDavid with the old couple showed us that he’s still only 20 years of age and pretty awkward at that. Some of you might be surprised to realize that such a picture wasn’t McDavid’s first awkward shot and it certainly won’t be the last. These are 15 photos that Connor would likely want to erase from our memories taking place both on and off the ice.

Sit back, relax and get ready to enjoy a laugh as you scroll down and take a look at some of the most awkward Connor McDavid pictures. Be sure to share the link with a friend and let us know your favorite picture from the list. Here are 15 pictures Connor McDavid doesn’t want you to see!

16 The Younger Days

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Unlike his other youthful teammate Leon Draisaitl, who looks to be in his late 20s judging by his size and facial features, McDavid hasn’t had the same luck with puberty. This picture from his Erie days certainly justifies that as he looks like a kid that’s not even in his teens.

Even though he looked ten, his play was no laughing matter, getting selected first on the team during the draft. His numbers with the team during his three years were quite disturbingly amazing, putting up 285 points in 166 games. Not to mention the fact that he tore up the playoffs in his final season, netting 21 goals in 20 playoff games along with 49 points. It was obvious he was the "next great one” following his OHL days.

15 The Picture That Started It All

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Before we begin with this entry, we’d like to thank Edmonton personality Margeaux Maron for making such a picture public. The incredibly awkward shot was taken at the EIA, Edmonton International Airport. Of course nowadays, it’s hard for McDavid to go anywhere unnoticed and that was the case on this day when he was stopped by Jimmy and Rosalina, a couple of older fans.

The picture is truly hilarious and one McDavid would have, without a doubt, preferred not to take. The woman has her arm wrapped around him like he’s her son, while the man forcefully holds his hand. McDavid’s expression in the picture truly puts the icing on the cake, the shot seems like McDavid’s going off to college, with his parents proudly posing for the picture. Had it not been for such a picture, there likely wouldn’t have been a list, so thank you Jimmy and Rosalina, from the bottom of our hearts here on The Sportster.

14 More Airport Awkwardness

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Adding to the awkwardness of that day was another picture that surfaced online. Seriously though, based on how fans hold the guy, you’d really think he was God on skates. This shot didn’t get the same recognition as the other picture, but is still worthy of such a list and of course a chuckle. Even Nurse seems to be backing away as he looks on, although McDavid wins the award for most awkward as he pulls the half smile, half "I got to go" face.

What makes these two pictures that much funnier is the fact that it was on the heels of Connor’s biggest NHL game to date. At the very least, it helped to subside some of the tension of the Western Conference Semi-Final Game Seven.

13 Connor McCandid

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This is a rare candid shot taken of McDavid sitting on a cooler. One can only assume the cooler held a couple of alcoholic beverages. What’s pretty surreal to think about is the fact that McDavid isn’t even legal yet to drink in the United States. He’s still 20, set to turn the legal age limited in the US in January. Although it’s worth mentioning that he is in fact legal to drink in Canada as the legal age limit is 18.

In all likelihood, McDavid probably wasn’t too thrilled that this picture went viral. Still so young, the kid’s human and probably enjoys doing things of people his age, even if he is a God on the ice. Being the face of the NHL, it seems like those days of going unnoticed in public are done with.

12 NHL Combine

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Heading into the 2015 Draft, there was no denying who was getting selected at number one. Putting up 120 points in 47 games during his final season with the Otters, it was pretty much a layup that Connor was not only going first, but going to the next “one”. Criticisms were few and far between, but one thing he did get a little criticism for was his build.

Fans were exposed to his smaller stature during the NHL combine. The picture above showed that Connor is in fact only human as he attempted a pull up. Let’s face it, the NHL Combine is a joke compared to other pro sports like football. The drills are pretty easy and usually feature the standard bench press, pull up and bike resistance exercise. It isn’t difficult, but it seems like the not so human McDavid struggled with this part, looking like Eric Forman from That ‘70s Show.

11 “I’m Gonna Throw Up, I Think”

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Literally even before he was drafted to an NHL team, Connor McDavid learned that the NHL cameras catch everything, like literally everything. While waiting for his name to be called in the stands, Connor waited patiently alongside his family. The hilarious moment took place when he was caught saying, “I’m gonna throw up, I think”. It humanized him and give us quite the laugh, but at the end of the day, he probably wishes we didn’t see that. He kept his poise throughout the rest of the draft but that moment was certainly a stand out that we’ll never forget.

Of course, he would end up going number being taken by Edmonton Oilers who moved up to first in the lottery that took place in Sunrise, Florida.

10 Raising The Roof At The Draft

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The cameras had a field day with McDavid during his first official day as an NHL’er. We could have done an article alone on embarrassing pictures taken of Connor McDavid at the NHL Draft. This was yet another shot he probably wishes that he could have back looking like a toddler as he oozed in excitement. Seriously, we need this picture on a t-shirt with the slogan, "Connor For Prime Minister".

All jokes aside, we’ll always remember the 2015 Draft for McDavid, but it produced so many other great players as well that are already making a huge impact in the league. Names such as Jack Eichel, Mitch Marner, Zach Werenski, Noah Hanifin and Sebastian Aho were other notable faces taken on that day. It’s a draft that we’ll be salivating at ten years down the line, without a doubt, with still a bulk of the player’s not even stepping foot on an NHL surface yet.

9 His First NHL Injury

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This was the first lackluster memory of Connor McDavid’s young career as Edmonton fans gulped at the sight of their franchise player going down to an injury. It derailed their season big time, and it was a moment both he and the franchise want to put in the past with hopes that something of the same effect never happens again.

The incident took place early on in November of 2015. Connor was severely crunched into the boards by Flyers’ defenseman Brandon Manning. The injury resulted in a broken clavicle and he’d go on to miss 37 games derailing his rookie season. It appeared to be an innocent play at first sight, but in their next meeting with the Flyers, things spilled over as McDavid claimed the incident was intentionally done. Whatever the case might be, it’s something Connor wants to forget about.


7 His First Skate At Rogers Place

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Everything about the Oilers felt brand new going into this season and that included their arena as they made their debut inside of the beautiful facility known as Rogers Place. It was deemed a new beginning for the franchise and captain Connor was given the honors of being the first Edmonton player to skate on the surface.

It was a great day and the start of something special, turning the chapter on the prior lackluster days. However, looking at McDavid’s face in the shot, he doesn’t appear too pleased. Still so young at the age of 20, it seems quite obvious that Connor needs to work on his facial expression a little better as he’s seems displeased in countless photos including this one, that was otherwise a joyful day for the franchise.

6 Getting “Nursed” Back To Health By Hall

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When it comes to hilarious pictures made by fans, those in pro sports are certainly not immune to such things. It seems like the higher up you are, the more likely it is that a fan made something embarrassing of the player. Connor was no exception as this picture went viral following his injury. The clever caption of the picture read, “Connor getting nursed back to health”.

As you probably know by now, Hall’s time with the team would be limited. With a need at defense, the Oilers opted to let go of Hall in exchange for a potential franchise D. The fans were outraged at first given Hall’s exciting style of play. However, given Larsson’s post season run, the hate has subsided and the exchange now looks to be quite even.

5 Awkward Selfie

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Let’s face it, not everybody can pull off a proper selfie and given all the McDavid selfie pictures available online, we can say the Jesus of hockey doesn’t have the greatest skills when taking such a photo. This picture is another example of that as he poses with a fan back in 2015. We can all safely say, his selfie game isn’t all that strong.

The sad reality of it all is that Connor needs to get used to such pictures. When it comes to taking quick shots with the fans, the selfie is the easiest to pull off. We’d suggest Connor fixing up his hair and using a type of gel. Also a regular smile and not a weird smirk would also help things out immensely for the young phenom.

4 Another Awkward Interview Face

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So this picture justifies the fact that McDavid’s awkward interview faces started a while ago as he dawns an OHL jersey alongside a young looking Aaron Ekblad. If you take a look at the young Panthers d-man nowadays, it looks like he’s aged 20 years since this very picture. Heck, even looks like he can pass as McDavid’s dad. Okay, we took it too far.

Point being, the picture shows Connor’s long history of awkward faces. This picture taken from CBC features McDavid looking disgusted, annoyed and in need of a haircut, all in one photo. If he had it his way, such a picture would not have been published. We’ll keep our eyes out for similar awkward interview shots heading into next season.

3 The Otters Suit

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As if his insane OHL stats weren’t enough, McDavid would be forced to wear this terrible suit back in his OHL days, conforming to the team’s rituals. You think this is bad, it pales in comparison to what some of the other junior teams do. Run a quick Google search on Brad Marchand and Kris Letang back when they played in the playoffs during their junior days. The two were “forced” to add blonde frosted tips to their head of hair. We’d seriously pay to see that again. It was somewhat a trend back in the day but looking at it now, we can’t help but to laugh.

Nowadays, we won’t catch Connor in a similar attire, but we can at least poke some fun at his failed playoff beards for the next couple of seasons.

2 The Recent Loss

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time in a decade, the Oilers enjoyed a meaningful post seasons run. The team overachieved quicker than anybody would have anticipated and the truth is, they were one period away from entering the final four. However, experience prevailed as the Ducks advanced to next round after years and years of Game Seven heartbreaks. Although the spirits are quite high in Edmonton given their season, seeing such a picture without a doubt still stings pretty bad for McDavid. Without a doubt, he was dreaming of taking on his idol Sid in the Stanley Cup Finals.

The loss is likely going to hurt till the start of next season. However, the Oilers can use their run as a confidence boost going into the ’17-’18 season.

1 The First Viral Picture

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This truly was the picture that started it all and it took place even before he was a part of an NHL team. It seemed like Buffalo might have been his destiny or even Toronto, his favorite team growing up. However, somehow, someway, the Oilers once again won the first pick and it was arguably the greatest in the franchise’s history.

What wasn’t so great was McDavid’s reaction to Edmonton winning the lottery. The cameras zoomed in onto his face, and once again, he looked awkward AF. Twitter blew up posting countless memes pertaining to his reaction in Edmonton winning the McDavid sweepstakes. It wasn’t the best start to his Edmonton life but thankfully, that’s safely in the past and something that’s forgotten about.

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