15 Pictures Dion Phaneuf Doesn't Want You To See Of Elisha Cuthbert

Dion Phaneuf is one lucky guy. The Senators’ defenceman has had himself a respectable career since being drafted 9th overall by the Flames in 2003. He gets lo live out his dream of being an NHLer, support himself by playing the sport he loves and is married to a complete babe in the form of Hollywood star Elisha Cuthbert. Cuthbert came in to the spotlight in the early 2000s and was considered one of the most attractive women in the industry for years. The Canadian couple married in 2013, instantly becoming one of the most high profile pairs in sports.

Elisha’s acting career isn’t what it used to be and for the most part doesn’t keep her as busy as it once did. Though she is still working on a couple of projects and has been featured in some films over the last few years, it seems as though she’s taken the time to slow down a little and enjoy her personal life. You can see that by checking her Instagram every so often. It looks like the couple enjoys their time off and that’s great. But being a famous celebrity there are bound to be more than a few things out there in regards to Elisha that Dion would rather you not see. Here are 15 of those pictures.

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15 Model

Being an actress, Elisha is a pretty versatile performer and can wow you in a number of ways. She’s incredibly talented and beautiful as we’re sure you’ll agree after having gone through this list. Though we all know her as an actress – and while she’s made her name in that industry – you can’t say that Elisha wouldn’t have found the same level of success had she chosen to go the modeling route. She definitely has the features and charm necessary for the profession and if this Instagram post shows us anything it’s that Elisha was meant to have the camera on her at all times. She’s long moved past the classic girl next door look we came to love her for. Speaking of....

14 Girl Next Door

via imgur.com

Elisha really came into the spotlight following her role as Danielle in the 2004 romantic comedy “the Girl Next Door”. While it isn’t really all that good of a movie, you can’t fault viewers from falling for Elisha at first sight given her steamy performance in the film. While not a great piece of cinema, the movie does have its moments, but the huge draw here was always pretty obvious. Elisha – though not her best performance – really propelled herself into the spotlight in this sultry role and it would solidify her as one of the most popular ladies of the 2000s. This shot here gives us a look back to a time where the hype surrounding her was just starting up and really shows us just how great she looked.

13 Tease

via reddit.com

There are a ton of pictures on this list that feature Elisha in her prime, and to be honest that’s pretty much when most of us were first introduced to her. Though it has been years since she first achieved it, Elisha once had superstar status in Hollywood. It’s calmed down a bit but she was a pretty big name once upon a time. These days she seems completely content with supporting her husband and looks to be doing well as a prime hockey WAG. But if you ever wanted to take a look back at Elisha when she was on top of her game, then pictures like this are your best bet.

12 Touch Up

True artist @anjabee thank you darling. Loving my #color 💋

A post shared by Elisha Cuthbert (@elishaphaneuf) on

If you had to say one thing about Elisha it’s that she’s aged pretty gracefully over the years. Though she’s come a long way since she first began to pick up steam in the early 2000s, her looks have kept pretty well – which is more than a lot of her compatriots in the entertainment industry can say. Going by this picture over here, it doesn’t tale Elisha all that much to look her best. A quick selfie is all she needs to show that she still has it. Everything about this picture is spot on. From her demeanor to her style, Elisha just looks fantastic. It goes to show that sometimes less is more, and that unlike a lot of the trending models on Instagram, Elisha can be just as attractive in a much more minimalistic way.

11 Blue Dress

via wallpaperstock.net

Of all the pictures of Elisha you can find online, this is one of the most stunning. We weren’t kidding when we said that she could’ve been a model if she wasn’t feeling the whole acting thing. Elisha’s delicate features, porcelain skin and way with the camera make her a natural when modeling in pictures like the one you see above you. If you weren’t sold on her being one of the most beautiful actresses of her generation then please focus your attention on the image in front of you and maybe reconsider. Elisha should probably reconsider wearing this dress more often because we have to say, it’s one of the most flattering things she’s ever put on.

10 Hawaii Fun

via justjared.com

Like most of us, celebrities love their vacations – though unlike us it seems as though they can afford to go to luxuries locales more often than not. While it’s more than likely that Elisha and her husband can afford to go to the most extravagant corners of the world with their combined net worth, it seems as though good old Hawaii was more than enough of a good time for the two of them. In this rare candid picture we see Elisha enjoying herself in the sun along with a friend. It’s more than likely that she’s enjoyed quite a few of those Corona’s, which would account for her wild looking behaviour.

9 Skin on Skin

via blogspot.com

Another throwback picture, with this one being just as sizzling as the others you’ll find on this list. You really have to appreciate how good Elisha looks right now, but there’s no beating how she absolutely stunned when in her prime. Here we see Elisha showing off her perfectly toned body in a skimpy olive colored bikini and a nice little white skirt. The slightly seductive pose she’s striking only adds to the pictures seductive qualities. Her film career isn’t what it used to be and as of right now, it seems as though Elisha’s laying low. While it’s great that she’s enjoying her time out of the limelight, it’s pictures like this that really makes you want to see her back in the spotlight.

8 Pin-Up

via 24spoilers.com

Another fantastic photo shoot shot, this one is another prime example of Elisha’s fantastic skill in front of the camera and the qualities she posses as an actress. She was constantly voted as one of the 100 most attractive women in the world for several straight years in the early to mid 2000s, and you only need to look to this picture to say why that was. Since she’s kind of fallen out of the loop, that kind of recognition has kind of halted, but you know she still belongs on there. This beautiful pin up type getup fits perfectly on her. The aqua blue color and way her hair is styled gives off an old beauty type look with a modern flare, which suits her just fine.

7 Seductive

via pinimg.com

And so we have yet another throwback picture to Elisha’s younger days. Not to say that she isn’t still pretty youthful, but this picture here is a look back to when she was really a top her game. It kind of feels like she’s a completely different looking person when you look at her now in her 30’s. While she’s rocking the mature and elegant look today, this picture looks back to a time when she had the whole innocent but seductive thing going. The captivating look in her eye coupled with the pose she’s in really sells it. It really shows what made her such an obsession for so many people throughout the better part of that decade.

6 Vacation

First Vaca of 2017 is a wrap. Until next time...

A post shared by Elisha Cuthbert (@elishaphaneuf) on

As previously mentioned, Elisha really seems like she likes her vacations – as we all do. Being a celebrity,., it looks as though she kind of goes all out when planning her away time. It isn’t all too surprising to see that celebrities rather enjoy the luxury of exotic locations, and this picture here gives us a general idea of where Elisha was enjoying her first vacation of 2017. Most of us can barely afford to go on one vacation a year if we’re lucky, but celebrities live in a world of their own. The clear water and stylish bikini Elisha’s wearing makes you assume that this vacation brought her to a beach location. Regardless of where she is she looks great.

5 Day at the Beach

via fansshare.com

Well this picture might have been taken more recently than some of the other fantastic shorts we’ve looked at, but Elisha is a knockout here nonetheless. It’s kind of fitting to transition to this picture here right after looking at a couple of other vacation pictures. Though she’s already in her mid 30’s one look at this picture here shows that Elisha is still in top shape and looks absolutely fantastic in this leisurely shot. She looks absolutely breathtaking in this pink and white stripped bikini and really makes a case for being one of the best looking celebrities out there. You can tell why these kinds of pictures are popular with both fans and paparazzi.

4 Chic

via wallpaperswide.com

This stylish shot is yet another one of the many we’ve seen on this list that goes to show just how great of a model Elisha could’ve made had she gone for it full time. We see her wearing an elegant dress that seems to be a little bit of a tight fit for her. We certainly don’t mind it though, as she looks all the more enticing. Her tanned skin only adds to her appeal here and it really compliments the dark blue shade of the dress she’s wearing. This was Elisha in her primer and while many might prefer her as she looks right now, there’s still a good deal of fans out there that look to pictures like this and can’t help but show their enthusiasm.

3 See Through

via imgur.com

There’s just something about her that makes Elisha one of the most desirable actresses in the world. You might not hear all that much about her nowadays but that shouldn’t take away from just how stunning a beauty she is. This is yet another titillating shot that goes to show you just how great a knockout Elisha was in her prime. She’s still gorgeous of course, but nothing beats how she looked in this picture here. The skimpy bikini she’s wearing and the alluring see through top she has on are a perfect fit for each other and it just adds to the incredible appeal she already had. Elisha looks fantastic and this picture just fuels are desire to see more of her.

2 The Slip

via manworldmediacdn.com

Well, it’s kind of an inevitability for every celebrity – especially those who enjoy the warm weather and beautiful landscapes of the beach. It’s more or less bound to happen with all the paparazzi that follow these celebrities around and capture nearly every aspect of their personal lives. “Slips” are something a lot of celebrities have had to deal with and Elisha is no exception. These often happen at the beach, when playing around in the water can be detrimental with so many cameras around you. These types of pictures can be pretty embarrassing for the celebrity but snatch a high price for whoever got the best shot. Luckily, Elisha’s isn’t the most revealing out there so she kind of got off easy.

1 A Little too Revealing?

via sportige.com

Our last picture on this list is one of the more risqué we’ve seen so far. It’s been a wild ride, we’ve seen many different sides of Elisha and all in all, it’s been great to see her in a variety of settings, outfits and poses. But we think that we’re ending this list on a pretty decent high note with this one. This skimpy outfit Elisha’s wearing really suits her, as does everything we’ve seen her in so far. But you have to wonder if this really qualifies as an outfit. It really just seems like it’s her evening wear, and while we certainly aren’t complaining, it holds as the most explicit thing we’ve seen on this list.

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