15 Pictures Evgeni Malkin Doesn't Want You To See Of His Hot Model Wife

Evgeni Malkin is among the best players in the NHL today. He's had a ton of on-ice success, including two Stanley Cups, two Art Ross, and one Hart Trophy. However, that's not what we're here to discuss in this list. The following list will be looking at Malkin's off-ice trophy, his model wife, Anna Kasterova.

Anna was born on September 21st, 1984, in Moscow, Russia. She has a Psychology degree from the Moscow State Pedagogical University and began her television career at 22-years-old. Her television career has seen her get several positions for various channels. Anna started working for TNT as an editor of their show "Moscow: Instructions for Use", before leaving  to join RTR TV's channel "Russia-2". She's also worked for other channels such as Central Television, Grand Sport, Vesti.ru, and BBC News. Most recently, she was hosting a morning television show called "Morning Russia."

The Russian couple began dating in 2013, and got engaged in November 2015, two months after finding out Anna was pregnant with their son Nikita. The couple's status remains to be a small mystery, with multiple sources suggesting the couple has formally exchanged wedding vows and got their wedding license in May of 2016 in the U.S, and others still suggesting that the couple is yet to be officially married. For the purpose of this list, we will consider this couple as officially married.

This list will take a look at some hot photos of Anna who has recently been doing some modelling and showing off her great looks. These are photos that you simply have got to see if you want to know how hot this woman is. I won't keep you waiting any longer, here are 15 pictures you NEED to see of Evgeni Malkin's hot model wife.

16 Classy On The Car

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Here's a look at Anna posing gorgeously in an all-white dress on top of the hood of a Maserati. Understandably, models tend to show a lot of skin during their shoots, and we can get a glimpse of that with this picture. In this shot, we see her posing in a seated position, giving an innocent look with her dress sliding back towards her so she can show off her well shaped legs. If you take a closer look, you'll actually notice a small piece of her underwear showing. There's no telling whether this was on purpose or not, but I'm sure Anna knows the risks of lifting your legs up like that when wearing a dress. Nonetheless, this picture is utterly sexy.

15 Enjoying The Beach

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Anna seems to be enjoying life in this photo at the beach in Miami, Florida and I can surely tell you that I'm enjoying this photo. She posted this on her Instagram about six months ago, looking extremely hot in her pink one-piece that shows off all her curves. Oh, and we can't forget about the sand. She wouldn't be a real model if she wasn't all covered in sand. Anna's obviously trying to set something straight here; she wants you to know just how good her body looks in a bathing suit. Photos like these have made it increasingly difficult for me to believe that this woman is a mother and is still able to look this good. I'm not complaining though. I swear.

14 In The Ring

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This photo is one of the Russian model's most popular. It appears as if Anna is trying to come off as a sexy mixed martial arts fighter or boxer in this shot posing with a glove, track pants and sports bra. She seems to fit the part well, as her gorgeous blue eyes give you a look that makes you almost feel intimidated, yet turned on. You can clearly see she's in fantastic shape as she shows off her abs in this photo - yet another reason why she fits the sexy/intimidating character perfectly. You can understand why this photo is a must-see. However, I don't really understand why she's wearing jewellery, but I'm getting a little carried away here. Let's move on.

13 Poolside

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Take a good look at Anna looking super gorgeous in this photo by the pool. She posted this photo on her Instagram a little over a year ago. The hot Russian model is rocking a turquoise-coloured bathing suit and a striped white dress shirt whilst striking a cute pose with her head rocked over. To be honest, I was never a huge fan of the colour turquoise up until now. Then again, Anna seems to look good in anything.

You can really tell that Anna's got the typical model physique with her long, slim legs showing off in this photo. Despite wearing nothing but a little bathing suit, she still manages to keep it classy with the subtle addition of the dress shirt.

12 Red Hot

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A hot girl on a hot car. What better combination for a photo could there be? Cars are probably the most overused object to find a model posed either beside or on top of on the internet, but it works every time. It's working for Anna here too, as she looks red hot underneath the sun sitting on top of a red BMW.

Anna's outfit is on point here. Not only does she look hotter than the shining sun, but she's perfectly matching the car too. Anna can really show off her body well and she's able to do it without having to show much skin. She was simply made for this. With a body like that, it's no wonder why she's a model.


10 All Black

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Back with another classy, yet sexy look in this photo. Anna looks smoking hot here, wearing a bra and some underwear. While she's showing just the right amount of cleavage, her exposed body is covered with a black blazer which somehow manages to make this photo even hotter, in my opinion. This photo can easily pass as a representation of a "hot boss" or something. You'll notice more as we go along, the exotic look that Anna has in her face in many of her photos. This is a look that's quite common with Russian girls that you might have already noticed before. It seems like something that comes naturally to Anna and it's one of her most notable traits.

9 Selfie

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We can't afford to leave out any of the hot selfies that Anna has taken. If you follow Anna on Instagram you'll notice that she likes to take a lot of selfies. Why shouldn't she if they look as good as this? Anna's got the perfect angle here and is even showing off some cleavage to add a little more spice to this selfie.

Despite her busy life full of work, travelling, and being a parent, Anna still finds small bits of time to pose for a cute selfie for herself to post on her social media. If you like what you see here, I suggest you head over to her Instagram to check out the countless others that she has too.

8 Laying On The Beach

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Anna sure likes to spend her time at the beach. Take a good look at her laying on a beach chair this time, looking super hot. This truly is a great picture and the fashion is on point. She's got a couple of shirts layered underneath her leather jacket, and her bottom features only the bottom piece of her bathing suit.

Here she is again with that hot, fierce look in her eyes that could pierce right through your heart. All right, I'm obviously exaggerating a bit, but you get the point. It just seems like Anna doesn't even have to try. She could simply lay there and look good no matter what. Evgeni Malkin sure is lucky he gets to come home to that every night.

7 Side View

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Where this photo was taken? No idea. Do I wish I was there? Absolutely. I mean, don't you? This photo is extremely hot.

Anna's pose and outfit just makes this photo perfect. Her look almost reminds me of a sexy cowgirl look of some sort with her boots and short shorts. The setting adds to it as well. Anna's laying her back against the wall in a tempting fashion while showing off her beautiful legs which is what really makes this photo stand out so much. The Russian model has been able to pull off some hot photos in diverse settings and outfits which really speaks to how hot she is. It's unfortunate that she doesn't get as much recognition as she should.

6 Middle Of Nowhere

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Candid photos can be the nicest pictures sometimes. Take this one for example. Yeah, maybe it was planned, but who cares, the end result is what matters. Anna's got a couple of long shirts layered over each other to cover her waist with a pair of white boots on her feet. Her outfit matches the one of her at the beach, so this was most likely taken the same day. The great thing about this photo is how Anna can still pull off looking so attractive without even having to stare into the camera. As she looks on into the open field, the emphasis is really on her facial expression and her standout cheek bone. Although she's covering her long legs with a swim ring, this photo proves that Anna doesn't need to show off her body all the time to prove that she's hot. She's a natural beauty.

5  5. Nail Biter

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Up close and personal with a super hot model. For the majority of us, this is about as close as we can get, so enjoy it. Anna is pulling off a really sexy look in her eyes here which is extremely tempting. Her eyes are simply flawless. What really makes this a hot photo for me is the ever so popular nail biting that many females like to use to add a little seductiveness to their photos, which we all know can make a guy's mouth water. In addition to that, Anna's got some pretty nice lips as well. Definitely ones you'd want to kiss. There's no question that this girl is one of the most underrated hockey wives right now. Don't you wish you had found out about her sooner?

4 Cute Selfie At Sea

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If you don't have the luxury of it right now, imagine what it must be like to travel with your hot model wife all over the world and just be at peace when you need to. Evgeni Malkin is extremely fortunate to be able to do that with someone like Anna. Just look at her here. The wind is probably blowing while she was taking this photo but she still looks breathtaking. Her selfies are for the win.

Anna took this photo while on a trip with Malkin to Italy nearly two years ago, which was posted to her Instagram. There are a few other photos on Anna's Instagram of her enjoying her trip to Italy which you might want to check out.

3 The Hot News Anchor

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Now, I know this might not be the most appealing photo of them all, but there are so many reasons why this photo is extremely hot. Number one. A woman in uniform? Yes, please. You can't deny that a woman in a formal uniform can be extremely sexy, sometimes even sexier than a bikini. Professionalism is hot. She even has her shirt unbuttoned, as if she needed to make herself look any hotter.

Also, how about a model for a news anchor? Are you kidding? That's totally unfair. Why can't we have some in North America too? Just by herself, Anna could probably sky-rocket the amount of viewers that tune into any news channel if she appeared on it on a daily basis. One can only dream, I guess.

2 Gorgeous In White

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My goodness. How attractive does Anna look here? Very, very attractive. Her outfit is all white and sexy, especially with that slit down the middle of her top. She's got another exotic look in her face, with her blue eyes standing out in this photo as they usually do. As you've seen a few times in this list, Anna likes to combine classy outfits with a hint of sexy to it. You can tell it always works for her.

If you saw this woman in public, she would completely stand out from everyone else and would have you tripping over your own shoelace. Just look at how perfectly her hair lays down until her chest and the perkiness of her lips. What isn't there to love about this woman?

1 On The Phone

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Here's a very casual photo of Anna just doing her thing. I don't know about you, but I don't know many people who can look this good getting out of a car. Even in a casual outfit, Anna can still make herself look attractive. This photo was taken while she was on her phone, dealing with the busy life that comes with being a journalist, model and mother. That's right. I said it before and I'll say it again. This woman is a mother! Sorry, it's still hard for me to believe. The reason being is that unlike other hot women, Anna seems very natural and doesn't appear like someone who's spending her money to have some assets more enhanced than others. Nonetheless, that concludes the 15 hot photos that needed to be seen of Anna Kasterova.


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