15 Pictures Of Carey Price The NHL Doesn't Want You To See

With the growth of social media, we're now able to get an inside look at the lives of many professional athletes. Many of them are posting photos on Instagram of themselves, or tweeting funny things on Twitter. It's common to see athletes try and enjoy life when they're away from their sport. However, as we've seen at times, many of them get a little carried away.

At the beginning of his NHL career, Carey Price took full advantage of his early 20's, and was often spotted at a club or out drinking with teammates and friends. This quickly became an issue and Price become a hot topic among the Montreal media. If you only know Carey Price because of his recent emergence as one of the league's top goaltenders, this might seem unusual to you because Carey is notably known as a calm person and can barely crack a smile. You wouldn't expect him to be someone who loves to party.

Surprisingly, however, it is true. There were some issues with Price earlier on in his career, aside from his performance on the ice. Luckily for Habs fans, those days are long gone now. Carey is married to his beautiful wife Angela, and recently became a father to their daughter Liv. He's also gone on to win Olympic gold, the Vezina, Jennings, and Hart trophies, as well as the World Cup in the past three years.

While things have changed for the former MVP, his past certainly isn't forgotten. This list will take a look at the downers during the early stages of Price's career. Some of these photos will be embarrassing, some disappointing. The common denominator that they all share is that they are pictures the NHL won't want you to see. Nevertheless, here are 15 pictures of Carey Price the NHL doesn't want you to see.

17 Silly Face

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Oh, Carey. I wish I knew what was going on here. The very least I could tell you is that Carey is wasted out of his mind. Price is normally known for his calm demeanour and his very serious looks, so it's a total rarity to see him like this. However, as we've seen throughout this list already, the B.C native was a big party guy in the earlier stages of his career - this photo is just another example of it. Oddly enough, it seems like he's got a cup of water in his mouth in this picture, which I'm sure wasn't what he was drinking before. There's no question that the NHL wouldn't want this to be set as an example of what their players do during their free time.

16 Blonde Hair

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Okay, I lied. The last photo wasn't that bad, this one is. I honestly had no idea this is what Carey Price's hair looked like at some point in his life. This photo was taken of Carey and his dad somewhere between 2004-07, when Price was playing for the Tri-City Americans in the WHL. I would truly like to know just what Carey was thinking when he decided to dye his hair that colour. It doesn't suit him at all. I had to double check to make sure this photo wasn't photoshopped or something. Whatever Carey's reasoning was for this, we must forgive and forget as he's obviously moved on from this. I think it's time for us to do the same.

15 Beers With The Boys

via: jthockey.wordpress.com

He may not seem like it, but Carey Price was a big drinker once upon a time. A lot of fans league-wide quickly discovered that around 2008-2009 when drunk photos of he and some friends or teammates would begin to circulate online, like this one. At a quick glance, this may seem like a normal get together with some friends having a few drinks, but it appears like a few drinks too many judging by the look on Price's face. You've probably noticed the several beer cans and bottles sitting right next to him as well.

Who knows how much Price had to drink that night, but let's just say this is one of his better photos compared to the others on this list. Nonetheless, the NHL wouldn't want you seeing this photo of one of the league's most prominent goaltenders.

14 Chugging A Beer

via: hockey30.com

Well, Carey certainly doesn't hold back when it's party time. Here he is chugging beer out of a larger sized beer bottle. Look, athletes are humans like everyone else. Seeing them in photos having a drink here and there isn't anything to complain about. This, however, is just a little excessive. I mean, if this wasn't Carey Price, I would have thought it was some college kid at a party trying to get himself drunk as fast as possible. Photos like this simply don't give Price a very good reputation. Even though they are old photos and it's understandable for young adults to go out and party, there are certain limits that shouldn't be crossed when you're a professional athlete. Unfortunately for Price, this doesn't make him look very professional.

13 Licking

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It looks like Carey's drunk again during a night out with some friends and his girlfriend (now wife) Angela. The Habs' goaltender seems like he's a big fan of Corona as he's spotted yet again with another one in his hands.

What makes this picture seem like Price is up to no good again, though? Well, probably the fact that he's making a face as if he's about to lick the side of his girlfriend's head. He also seems to be sweating which indicates that he's having nothing short of a wild time.

If Price wasn't looking so thirsty (?) in this photo and struck a normal pose, then maybe he'd be let off the hook for this one. However, there's clear evidence that Carey is having, what the NHL would consider to be, too much of a good time.

12 Smoking A Cigarette

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This photo of Carey Price was taken during the Montreal Canadiens' offseason vacation to Cancun in 2008. Smoking cigarettes is probably the last thing any professional athlete should be doing, and during his early days in the NHL, Price had been spotted smoking a few times and there were even claims of the Habs' goaltender doing drugs. I truly wonder what Price was thinking when he decided to put that cigarette in his mouth.

Smoking isn't the only careless thing about this photo. Price just looks terrible over all. He looks nothing close to what you'd think an NHL player would look like, and almost seems out of shape. Some people have even claimed that Price was high while this photo was taken. You be the judge. Either way, it's not a photo the NHL would be proud of, or want you to see.

11 Partying In Cancun

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You may have thought you were looking at the cast of Jersey Shore at first glance, but you are wrong. These are in fact, players of the Montreal Canadiens (and the two random people in the middle) partying it up after the 2007-08 season in Cancun.

If you thought Carey Price smoking one cigarette was bad, then you're in for the extreme with this photo. Price has not one, but three cigarettes in his mouth, which is a bit much, don't you think?

You can't blame these guys for wanting to get away from the rink for a little while after the season's end, but when you play for the Montreal Canadiens and plan on going out, you can bet that you'll find photos of yourself somewhere online in no time. Unfortunately for Carey, this was just the wrong time to be putting three cigarettes in his mouth.

10 More Licking

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You can probably guess by now that the Habs' trip to Cancun led to lots of drunk photos, including this one. By the looks of these last two photos, I'm assuming that the drinking was only getting started in the previous photo and this photo is the aftermath of all the alcohol that was consumed. It also seems like Carey Price gets a little touchy when he's drunk, as this is the second photo where we've spotted Price about to lick someone's face.

We don't know what it is with Price and his licking situation but we do know that the NHL would not want this photo to be seen. In the past, young players with the reputation of going out and partying have, at times, found themselves get traded for their indiscipline off the ice. Canadiens fans sure are lucky that Price was never traded.


8 Clubbing

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This photo of Canadiens goaltender Carey Price was taken at a night club somewhere in Montreal (where the nightlife is legendary and a party is never hard to find). He seems to be having a good time at what appears to be a Halloween party given that the girl in the photo is wearing devil ears as a costume. There's no telling for sure if Price is sober or not but from the looks of it he seems to be doing his thing on the dance floor in the company of a pretty girl. For a quick second I thought he might have another cigarette in his mouth, but it's only a lollipop. That's probably the only good news that could come out of this photo for Price.

7 Chick Magnet

via: multimontreal.com

This is a photo the NHL wouldn't want you to see for many reasons. As we all know, professional athletes are automatic chick magnets, and when they're out in public places such as a nightclub, they are most likely going to be surrounded by girls for the larger part of the evening. That seems like what's going on for Carey Price in this photo as he's got himself surrounded by some good looking chicks.

This photo was most likely taken prior to Price's relationship with his current wife Angela, considering that she probably wouldn't allow him hanging out with a bunch of enticingly dressed girls at a club or bar. It's certainly a photo that neither Price or the NHL would want getting around. Nonetheless, Price has got himself pretty drunk here, again, and this photo finding its way on the internet doesn't paint a good picture for him at all.

6 Teammates Showing Affection

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Here's a little more from the Habs' trip to Cancun in 2008, and it's an interesting picture to say the least. Former Canadiens forward Matt D'Agostini is the guy wrapped around Price's arm in this photo, and it appears like he's sucking the goaltender's nipple. I wish I knew why. There's often very little reasoning behind the actions of an intoxicated person anyway.

It's kind of hard not to laugh at this photo, to be honest. I think the weirdest part about this is that Price doesn't seem to mind at all. That's probably because he's heavily intoxicated himself, which you can tell just by the look in his eyes. This photo is quite embarrassing for both these guys, and the NHL, so neither of them would want you to see it.

5 Just Hangin'

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In the company of some friends and his girlfriend, Carey's looking rather mellow here. Yes, that is Carey Price with a mohawk. At least that's what it was supposed to look like. He got that haircut circa 2008. It looked cool when it was in style back then, but looking back at it now, he looks rather foolish with it - especially in this picture. You can't blame the guy though, we've all made some questionable choices in our younger days. Nevertheless, you can't deny that his hair here makes you feel a bit uncomfortable. It doesn't make Carey look like a hockey player at all. We've previously seen some embarrassing photos of athletes in their younger days, and this is certainly one of them for the former Vezina trophy winner.


3 Passed Out

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You had to think all that partying and drinking in Cancun must've taken a toll on Carey Price. Here he is laying down on a couch, where he basically blacked out after a heavy night of drinking. Carey must've totally wrecked his liver that night, considering he could barely last long enough to change out of his clothes. To us fans, it's rather funny to see professional athletes in this condition, but it's something that any professional sports team would condemn.

This is undoubtedly a photo that the NHL wouldn't want you to see. Not only was there heavy drinking involved, but having a professional athlete in this state is simply embarrassing to the league, Carey Price, and the Canadiens.

2 Beach Ball

via: hockeyinsideout.com

Any hockey fan knows that playing for Montreal comes with big expectations, and if you don't meet them, you're bound to have your life ruined by angry fans and media. Just ask Carey Price.

During the Price/Halak era, many fans were calling for the B.C native to be traded after the heroic performance of Jarsolav Halak during the 2010 playoffs. Luckily, the Canadiens made the right decision and moved Halak.

However, that wasn't immediately believed, by many Habs fans, to be the right move. While Price responded with a solid 72-game season in 2010-11, with a .923 save percentage, he was nothing better than average for the next couple of seasons. His worst season was in 2012-13, posting a career-worst .905 save percentage, leaving many fans feeling distraught.

Photos like the one above were made of Price, insisting that he couldn't stop a beach ball. I recall Price even mentioning he couldn't even step out in public without having angry fans yelling at him.

Luckily, that's all passed now. Carey has proven these past four seasons that he is the franchise's cornerstone and one of the most valuable players in the whole league. This is the Carey Price the NHL wants you to know about, not the one in the photo above.

1 Crushing Injury

via: thestar.com

This is a photo that will likely anger any current fan of the Montreal Canadiens. During game one of the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals, Chris Kreider was coming down the middle of the Canadiens zone with a burst of speed, eventually losing his balance and falling into Carey Price - injuring his knee.

This injury kept Price out for the rest of the series. It was the beginning of multiple lower-body injuries that would later occur down the line and hurt his team's performance.

This not only affects the Canadiens and Price, but the NHL as well. I mean, would you rather see a Price vs Lundqvist Conference Final, or Tokarski vs Lundqvist? The NHL most definitely wants its best players playing at all times, so having Price go down is a loss for the entire hockey world. Hopefully Carey has seen the last of these injuries, and we'll be able to see him have a successful ending to his career.

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