15 Pictures Of Connor McDavid's Girlfriend

Connor McDavid is still young but looks to be a rising star in the NHL. The former first overall pick certainly has a lot of expectations to meet and so far looks to be doing alright for himself and his team. While most hockey fans are focused with his performance on the ice, some are taking note of his life off of it. McDavid isn’t really a party animal or anything like that – that’s not why his personal life has suddenly come under the microscope – rather, it’s because of who he’s dating that people have started to focus more and more on his personal affairs.

Not much is known about McDavid’s girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, but she – for the most part – seems to be your average 20-something Canadian girl. If you had to guess anything about her it’s that like most people in her age group she likes to travel. But most of her personal life is kept pretty private. Now, that’s probably going to change as her relationship with McDavid goes on, but for now we don’t even know if she’s a student or has a job or anything like that. What we do know though is that she’s incredibly attractive. So here are 15 pictures Connor McDavid doesn’t want you to see of his hot girlfriend.

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15 New York New York

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Lauren is certainly an underappreciated beauty online. Though there isn’t all that much of her to see, what we do get often shows off just how great looking she is. She doesn’t have to show off any skin to drive that point across. Though she hasn’t yet joined the ranks of countless other attractive NHL WAGS, Lauren is certainly on her way there. This picture shows her vacationing in New York, and really gives her a classic beauty kind of look. The style she shows off as well as the beautiful scenery on display is more than enough to bring around just how great she looks. McDavid is a lucky guy and this picture only helps prove that.

14 Besties

Because I miss her & it's almost ⚾️ season - pretending we know what's going on

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Wow, look at that. It’s obvious that Lauren doesn’t need much work in order to look her best. The Canadian beauty is a natural stunner that many NHL fans are starting to take note of. But if one thing’s clear it’s that she’s yet to hit the mega stardom that other NHLers significant others have. If you check out her following online it’s still relatively tame and though she’ll inevitably get more and more attention as time goes on, it seems like she’s just enjoying herself the most she can right now. Here we see her hanging out with a friend and looking absolutely fantastic. Life must be good for Lauren right now and it seems as though she’s really enjoying herself.

13 Everything’s Better With Friends

Somewhereee 'bout a week ago (w my princesses)

A post shared by Emma Landriault (@emmmygal) on

Well if you couldn’t tell from that last entry, Lauren has some great looking friends. These ladies seem to really enjoy their downtime together and that’s absolutely great. While they aren’t all that well known, you could classify most of these ladies as what people are now calling “Instagram Models”. You’d be surprised at just how fruitful that can be to someone who really hits it off online. Though not much is known about Lauren we can say with certainty that she isn’t an Instagram Model but she sure does post some great pictures of herself and her loved ones. Though we’re looking to one of her friends accounts in this case, it just shows how great Lauren looks and how lucky McDavid is.

12 Sunset

Mama 🐻

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Well, although there aren’t really that many pictures of Lauren to go on online, you don’t need to look to hard to see that she’s a real beauty. Likewise, it isn’t all too hard to see that she really cares about her family and friends, given the number of pictures she posts with both. Here we see Lauren hanging out with her mom. The two obviously have a great relationship as this picture shows us. It also shows us that Lauren is really stylish and has great taste. The outfit she’s wearing here is both alluring and tasteful and really shows off her good points. Keep an eye on her because she’s going to make some waves pretty soon.

11 Cheers

Cheers to the best girls day 🥂

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

We all enjoy a drink out with friends every now and then. Who among us could say that we don’t? While we don’t know very much about Lauren – as it’s pretty obvious at this point that she values her privacy, even when it comes to social media – we do know that she values her friends, as you can tell by the sheer quantity of posts with them she’s put online. Here we see her and a friend enjoying a lovely afternoon out together and having what looks to be a glass of white wine. As always, Lauren looks absolutely stunning in this picture and really steals the focus of it. It just goes to show that she really doesn’t have to try all that hard to look her best.

10 Selfie

Afternoon 🌞

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

This shouldn’t be something any of you are unfamiliar with. Selfie’s are pretty popular right now and it’s been that way for several years. It’s a pretty simple enough concept to grasp, though why so many people enjoy taking these kinds of pictures is beyond some people. Lauren seems to have her selfie game down pat though as she looks absolutely breathtaking in this one. It’s a simple picture really, with not all that much going on, so the fact that she still manages to look so good speaks volumes. Lauren looks great with her long blonde hair and fair skin in this picture. The selfie craze might be a little overdone in most cases but we can say with confidence that it fits Lauren great.

9 Backstage

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Being the girlfriend of a pro hockey player certainly has its advantages, and for Lauren one of those looks to be some VIP perks. Both her and her friend look amazing in this picture taken of them inside Rogers Place and it looks like they had quite the night planned ahead of them. Hockey WAGS are known to live pretty exciting and active lives and while Lauren hasn’t quite gotten that far yet, it looks as though she’s wasting no time in preparation for that lifestyle. Once again, she isn’t really showing off all that much in this picture, but she still comes across great. Her radiant smile and natural beauty jump off the screen.

8 Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas ya filthy animals xx 🎄🍷

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

The holidays are a time for people to get together with their loved ones and just cut loose. Well, Lauren doesn’t seem to be any different in this regard and looks like she enjoys her holiday’s pretty thoroughly if this picture is any indicator. That gargantuan glass of red wine pretty much spells it all out doesn’t it? Lauren really enjoys herself during the holidays and what’s more, she looks great as well. Again, she’s not really showing off much here but still manages to look absolutely fantastic with her Santa hat and stunning shirt and skirt combination. It’s a great picture for sure and really shows us what Lauren looks like in a more personal setting. She just looks great wherever she is.

7 Seaside

The view was nice from up here

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Sometimes everything in a picture just clicks and really comes together to make one fantastic shot, and that’s exactly what we’re seeing here. Everything from the framing to the scenery and Lauren herself are absolutely perfect in this shot as it gives us yet another great picture of this blonde Canadian beauty to fawn over. The sundress she’s wearing just suits her perfectly and really goes along well with the general aesthetic of the shot. Once again, this picture proves that Lauren really doesn’t have to do all that much in order to look her absolute best. You can’t even see her face for crying out loud but she’s still absolutely stunning in this shot.

6 Viva Las Vegas

Can't wait finally be able to call the girl on the left my sister in law 💋

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Well it looks like someone likes to party, eh? All jokes aside, it looks as though Lauren – like many others – has spent some primo party time in Las Vegas. Plenty of people take trips to Sin City every year to let out their inner party animal. Between all the gambling, clubs and shows going on it has a little bit of everything for everyone. It looks like Lauren was there to celebrate and you know what, Vegas is probably one of the better places to go for a celebratory vacation. She looks like she brought her A game here. Her beautiful hair and stunning outfit go hand in hand in making her look absolutely perfect in this shot.

5 Shades

Surprise visit ❤️

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Summer time is probably the best time of year for people to get out and have fun, be it with friend’s family or even in certain cases on their own. As we’ve previously discussed in this list, Lauren really seems like she enjoys the company of her friends. This picture was taken earlier this summer and shows both Lauren and her friend enjoying a nice afternoon out. As is usually the case, they both look fantastic but Lauren really steals the spotlight here. She’s wearing some nice shades which is new, and really stands as a plus. Perhaps it’s a look she should use more often. We’d certainly love if she did so.

4 Stunning in Red

Happy Canada Day!! 🇨🇦❤️🥂

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Is there anything this woman doesn’t look great in? Seriously though, while there isn’t really all that much we know about Lauren, and subsequently not all that much you can find about her online, there isn’t a single bad picture of her as a result – they’re all just great. It looks like Lauren was out celebrating Canada Day. Being a good, patriotic Canadian she was wearing a red dress to commemorate the event. Well, wouldn’t you know it she looked absolutely breathtaking and probably stole everyone’s attention. It’s a great and elegant look for Lauren, as the low cut dress compliments her slender figure and the eye popping color really helps her stand out, regardless of where she is.

3 Celebrate

Lucky to have these ones ❤️

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

From one beautiful dress picture to another, this time it’s much more of a tight fit and a much more neutral color. Lauren is going to get more attention the longer she dates Connor McDavid. The bigger he becomes the bigger she does. It isn’t hard to imagine that she’ll soon gain quite the following given how attractive she is. Though her following on social media is pretty small right now it has slowly been increasing in the time since her relationship with McDavid was made public. Lauren looks absolutely fantastic in this picture and it looks like she had herself a nice night out on the town. Looks like these girls know how to have fun.

2 Classy

My California sunshine

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Another picture of Lauren enjoying herself out with one of her friends, and it seems as though that’s been the main theme of this list so far. We’re definitely not complaining, as Lauren keeps some great company. But in all honesty she once again steals the show in this picture. It’s a simple shot really. It’s just a selfie, but it’s all she needs to show just how beautiful she is. She looks absolutely fantastic in this shot and looks like she’s having a good time too. Given the day this was published, it’s pretty safe to say that this wasn’t taken in Canada. Looks like Lauren was enjoying the benefits of a little California sunshine.

1 Beach Babe

Missing my love &beaches

A post shared by Lauren Kyle (@laurenkyle1) on

Well this is probably the most revealing picture in this entire list, and it’s still a pretty modest shot. This is the closest thing to a beach picture you’ll find of Lauren online, and as always she looks fantastic. It’s taken from pretty far away but still manages to show off Lauren’s incredible curves. Lauren really doesn’t show much off in her pictures so this kind of comes as a nice little surprise. The beautiful horizon along with the wet sand and beating sun really does well in serving up some great scenery to go along with this beautiful picture. Lauren is definitely a catch and as you’ve probably discerned by this point, a real beauty.

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