15 Pictures Of Elisha Cuthbert That Would Drive Dion Phaneuf Crazy

Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert has had a great deal of success in both television and film. Fans of the hit TV series 24 will no doubt recognize Cuthbert, who plays the role of Kim Bauer on the show. Moreover, movie buffs know her for her appearances in blockbuster flicks such as Old School, The Girl Next Door, and the House of Wax remake. The native of Calgary, Alberta has also been in several music videos.

It’s clear that Elisha Cuthbert has had a very nice career in Hollywood. Furthermore, it’s also fair to say she is one of the most beautiful actresses in the world today.

The 5-foot-3 blonde is wealthy, successful, and also very easy on the eyes. Given these qualities, it’s reasonable to assume that there has been no shortage of would be male suitors over the years. One such suitor was NHL player and current Ottawa Senator, Dion Phaneuf. In fact, Phaneuf and Cuthbert even wound up getting married in July of 2013 in Summerfield, Prince Edward Island.

Most folks would agree that Phaneuf is one lucky guy. While Cuthbert is officially off the market, there are still plenty of steamy photos out there for all of her fans.

With that in mind, here are 15 pictures of Elisa Cuthbert that would drive Dion Phaneuf crazy.

15 Bubble Gum Girl

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The actress shows fans her playful side with this image, as she blows a bubble for the camera. The Hollywood star flaunts her toned midsection in this short white tank top. Elisha Cuthbert is one actress that doesn’t take herself too seriously, and it really comes across in this particular photo, which would make a great bubble gum advertisement.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert was born on November 30, 1982, which makes her a Sagittarius. While she was born in Calgary, Alberta, the blonde starlet actually grew up in Greenfield Park, Quebec. After graduating from Centennial Regional High School in 2000, Cuthbert decided to move to Los Angles to pursue a career in acting, when she was just 17 years of age. Fortunately, the move ended up working out.

14 Lean Back

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Saying the Elisha Cuthbert looks great in this pic definitely wouldn’t be a stretch. Speaking of stretch, the stunning Canadian is about ready to rip her shirt, if she pulls it any harder in this image. Shirt tearing aside, Cuthbert looks amazing in this white bikini as she leans against the wall and poses for the cameraperson.

Fun Fact: Before becoming an actress, Cuthbert worked as a model. In fact, she began modeling when she was just 9 years of age. In her first gig, she worked as a foot model (yes that’s a real thing). She was able to transition her modeling success into landing a role as an extra on the children’s show, Are You Afraid of the Dark? While she initially started as an extra, Cuthbert eventually landed a regular spot on the show.

13 White Lace

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Elisha Cuthbert shows off her lingerie modeling skills in this steamy picture. The blonde model looks ready for the Victoria’s Secret Catalog in this flattering white number. The laced together white top helps to showcase the 34-year-old's impressive physique. Cuthbert reminds us why she is considered one of the most attractive women in Hollywood with this breathtaking photo.

Fun Fact: One of the most successful films Elisha Cuthbert has been featured in, was the 2003 comedy, Old School. The film stared Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell, and Luke Wilson in the lead roles. Cuthbert played Darcie Goldberg, a relatively minor character in the film. The movie did well at the box office, earning $87 million on a $24 million budget and received above average reviews from critics as well.

12 Candid Swimsuit Pic

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When an actress has a makeup and style team behind them, it’s easy to look amazing. Moreover, techniques like airbrushing make can help make anyone look great, while posing during a modeling shoot. However, when photographers get a candid photo of a celebrity, it doesn’t always turn out well. That being said, as we can see from this photo, Elisha Cuthbert looks amazing even when she is out casually enjoying a day at the beach. The Canadian actress proves that she doesn’t need to be airbrushed in order to look outstanding, with this amazing candid pic.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert’s first (non-acting) television role was as the host of the educational television series, Popular Mechanics for Kids. The show also helped launch the careers of comedian Jay Baruchel and actor Tyler Kyte.

11 Selfie Fun

First Vaca of 2017 is a wrap. Until next time...

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Being a big-time Hollywood actress can be hard work, so it’s important to enjoy a good vacation now and then. In the caption below this Instagram post, Cuthbert says, “First Vaca of 2017 is a wrap. Until next time…” It sounds like the actress really enjoyed her vacation and based on this selfie, looked really good during her time off as well.

Fun Fact: Elisha Cuthbert is arguably best known for playing Kim Bauer on the television series 24. Bauer is the daughter of the show's main character Jack Bauer, who is played by Kiefer Sutherland. Kim Bauer studied computer programming and works for the Counter Terrorist Unit in Los Angles. Cuthbert’s character was a member of the main cast during the first three seasons and then appeared sporadically afterward.

10 Rock-ing Out

That time I hung out on a rock

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It’s fair to say that this photo definitely rocks! The gorgeous movie star can be seen modeling her jacket, with nothing underneath, in this lovely Instagram post. After seeing images such as this one, it’s easy to understand how Elisha Cuthbert has gained such a large following on social media outlets like Instagram. This steamy photo of the gorgeous actress sitting on a rock, was able to generate 4,379 likes, with the caption, “That time I hung out on a rock.”

Fun Fact: Back in 2005, Cuthbert appeared in her very first music video. The video was for the song “Perfect Situation” by the LA rock band, Weezer. The song was featured on the band’s fifth album entitled Make Believe. "Perfect Situation" made it as high as number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100.

9 Black Top

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This photo features one of the more unique tops you will ever see. Cuthbert has just enough material to keep this photo PG, but it still makes for an amazing shot, none the less. The 24 star appears to be doing a little desert modeling in this image. The starlet’s short blonde hair and barely-there top make this an image her fans are sure to love.

Fun Fact: Despite having been in smaller productions prior, Elisha Cuthbert’s first major motion picture appearance came in the 2003 holiday romantic comedy, Love Actually. Hugh Grant and Liam Neeson were the films headlining stars. Cuthbert played the role of Carol–Anne, who was a minor character in the film. The flick was a major success at the box office, bringing in over $246 million on a $45 million budget.

8 Wild Bottoms

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It seems like Elisha Cuthbert is always wearing interesting attire, and the outfit featured in this photo is no exception. The 5-foot 3 blonde’s bottoms look like something out of a Viking film or perhaps the old Masters of the Universe cartoon. That being said, the Canadian beauty looks smoking hot in an image that also serves to highlight her keen fashion sense. Nobody does unique outfits quite like Elisha Cuthbert.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert has been featured in four music videos over the course of her career, thus far. Besides the previously mentioned Weezer song, Cuthbert has also stared in videos for “Here Comes My Man” by The Gaslight Anthem and the Little Brute’s “Make Our Own Way.” She was even in reality star Paris Hilton’s video for her song “Nothing in This World.”

7 Jean String

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Sometimes you just have to keep it simple with a pair of figure-flattering jeans and white tank top. In this image, we see Elisha Cuthbert sporting shorter hair and a very seductive smile. The stylish celeb, once again, wows her fans with this simple, yet effective, choice of attire. If Levi’s jeans ever consider adding a new spokeswomen, they may want to give Cuthbert a call.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert’s first major role in a big-time Hollywood picture was in the 2004 romantic comedy, The Girl Next Door. In the film, she played the role of Danielle, one the movie’s lead characters. The film was a modest commercial success bringing in only $30.4 million on $21 million budget and received slightly above average reviews from critics.

6 Short Dress

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Cuthbert almost looks like she is getting a little impatient in this photo. How could anyone keep a lady that looks this good in a short dress waiting? The fashion-forward outfit helps to highlight the slender beauties toned legs as she poses for the camera. The starlet looks like she’s ready for prom in this skimpy dress.

Fun Fact: Like many successful actresses, Cuthbert has also had some low points in her career. For example, her performance in the 2007 horror film Captivity didn’t exactly receive rave reviews. In fact, she was even nominated for Worst Actress at the Razzie awards that year. The film as a whole was almost universally despised by critics and received only a 9% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

5 Snake Boot

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Elisha Cuthbert decides to go a little country in this photo, with her snakeskin boots. The actress poses in front of the window in a stunning dress that looks ready for the runway. The Canadian star looks both serious and stunning in this photo. Cuthbert seems to look amazing in whatever she wears, and this outfit is certainly no exception.

Fun Fact: Cuthbert’s husband Dion Phaneuf has been playing in the NHL since 2005. He has played for the Calgary Flames, Toronto Maple Leafs, as well as his current team the Ottawa Senators. He is a defenceman who is known for his calm demeanor and physical presence on the ice. Phaneuf is also known for his leadership ability and is currently a team captain for the Senators.

4 Retro One Piece

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Cuthbert steals the show, once again, in this stunning blue one-piece bathing suit. The Hollywood A-lister looks ready for the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in this photo. The blonde star looks flawless in this retro photo that highlights all of the actress' finer points. One would be hard pressed to find a star who looks better in a swimsuit than Elisha Cuthbert.

Fun Fact: Dion Phaneuf isn’t the only NHL hockey player Cuthbert has been romantically linked to. Prior to meeting Phaneuf, the Canadian actress dated (now) retired standout Sean Avery. Avery is probably best known for his time with the Detroit Red Wings, but also played for the Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars, and New York Rangers. Avery was even suspended by the NHL for making disparaging remarks about Cuthbert following their breakup.

3 All About The Hair

As folks have probably noticed by now, Elisa Cuthbert likes to change her hairstyle quite frequently. In this Instagram promotional post, the actress shows off her golden blonde locks with the caption, “It’s all about the #Hair.” In all honesty, her hair looks nothing short of amazing in this photo, which is portably why it was able to generate almost 10,000 likes Instagram. Cuthbert reminds us why she is a must-follow on social media, with photos like this one.

Fun Fact: Dion Phaneuf has accomplished a great deal over the course of his career thus far. The Canadian hockey standout is a three-time NHL All-Star. He has also represented his home country in international play on five separate occasions, helping his team win the gold at the 2007 Men’s World Ice Hockey Championship.

2 Emma Frost Fan Art

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Fans of cosplay and Elisha Cuthbert are in for a real treat with this photo. Alright, so it's not an actual photo of Cuthbert, but this is still something hubby Dion would HATE for us to see. This graphic creation shows Cuthbert as famed X-Men villain Emma Frost, also known as the White Queen. In truth, the Canadian actress looks a lot like the fictional villain. Moreover, the blonde stunner would make a great addition to the X-Men film franchise in the future, if they ever decide to replace January Jones, who currently plays Emma Frost in the series.

Fun Fact: Elisha Cuthbert is currently one of the lead actresses in the Netflix comedy series, The Ranch. The shows also features Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson of That '70s Show fame. The Ranch has received mixed reviews and had an approval rating of 56% on the review website, Rotten Tomatoes.

1 Hanging With Mila Kunis

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The only thing better than one gorgeous celebrity in a photo is two gorgeous stars in a photo. This image features not only Elisha Cuthbert but also former That '70s Show star, Mila Kunis. If this image were any hotter, it would likely burn a hole in your computer screen. The two ladies look flawless, dressed in all white, while staring seductively at the camera. Seeing these two ladies in the same photo is definitely a good thing.

Fun Fact: Mila Kunis is a 34-year-old actress who best known for her playing the role of Jackie Burkhart on the Fox comedy series That '70s Show. She has also been the voice of Meg Griffin on the animated show Family Guy since 1999. The Ukrainian-born actress is widely regarded as one of the hottest females in the entertainment industry.

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