15 Pictures Of Lindsey Vecchione That Would Drive Jonathan Toews Crazy

The Chicago Blackhawks have been one of the more dominant teams in the NHL within the last decade. They know how to win, plain and simple. With guys like Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, and Jonathan Toews, the Blackhawks have been able to maintain winning Stanley Cups and giving the city of Chicago a taste of victory. With victories in 2010, 2013, and 2015 the Blackhawks have a few men that have been a part of those championships as they continue to look for more in the future. The main man we are focusing on for the time being is Jonathan Toews.

Toews has had his fair share of success in his NHL career thus far. He has made the All-Star game, won a Conn Smythe trophy, a Frank J. Selke trophy, and obviously three Stanley Cup championships. He also has 110 career points in the postseason along with several 50, 60, and even 70 point seasons to go along with all of his individual awards and accomplishments. Toews knows how to excel and win on the ice. He also knows how to win off the ice with current girlfriend, Lindsey Vecchione.

Vecchione is a model that has posed for Playboy and several other magazines as well. She is also a Chicago native and an avid Chicago sports fan, which is obviously a plus for Toews. Toews and Vecchione look good together, and we want to share just how much of a prize Vecchione is for all to drool over. If you pose for Playboy, you have to bring it with all photos and Vecchione does just that. Let's examine 15 photos of Lindsey Vecchione that would drive Jonathan Toews crazy.

15 Quick Peek Above Water

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We begin the list with our first photo that certainly will get fans drooling right off the bat. Vecchione is used to being at Blackhawks games to support her beau inside of those cold ice rinks. She doesn't get the time during the season to take a dip in the water and enjoy some sunshine. This photo gives the opposite of what cold winters can bring.

Here see the lovely Vecchione with everything above the water from the stomach up. Her green eyes are fully on display, her hair falls just nicely to barely touch the water, and everything about this photo just screams breahtaking. Toews better take a vacation with Vecchione as soon as the NHL season is over. Otherwise, he will just drive himself crazy by looking at photos like these of his current flame.

14 Should Probably Zip the Jacket Up

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Next on our list isn't quite as wet as the last one, but it is just as wild and as sexy as the one prior. We loved looking at Vecchione's chest up close in the last photo, but this photo gives us a tease while showing us the body she is working with. Toews obviously needs a woman who can keep up with his workout schedule and not just bum around on the couch all day. This photo shows just how fit she is while giving us a sense of her flirtatious side toward Toews and all others looking on.

We see the lovely Vecchione looking lustfully into the camera. Vecchione rocks it very well though. She shows off her goods underneath the vest with parts of her red bra showing for all to drool over. Rest assured though, this is only the beginning of sizzling photos of Vecchione that will make all of us wish we had any chance with the model.

13 But First, Let Her Take a Selfie

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We get right back to the bikini photos in this next one, however the location isn't exactly at a beach. While the location isn't the most tropical or romantic one we lay our eyes on, the sight of Lindsey Vecchione is very pleasing to the eye. Toews continues to do his thing on the ice while Vecchione continues to excel while doing her modeling thing and doing it oh so well. This photo not only shows her in a bikini, but it also does a great job of showing her entire body off for all to sit back and enjoy.

We see Vecchione in a blue bikini top and red bottoms while holding onto a chair with her right hand and a cell phone in her left hand. Her hair once again does a great job of flowing smoothly, her breasts are barely staying in her top, and her smile is on full display for the first time while doing it all in silver heels. From the looks of it, Lindsey Vecchione is enjoying herself very much when it comes to doing the actual shoot. I can definitely say one thing, Toews is the one who shot and scored when it came to winning over Vecchione.

12 She Can be Rough when Need Be

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Like we mentioned before, Vecchione is a Chicago native with a genuine and passionate love for Chicago sports. That probably explains why the relationship with Toews works out so well, she can root for her flame and her team without any complications. What we might not have realized is just how athletic Vecchione can be. She played briefly for the Chicago Bliss in the Legends Football League. She may not have played long, but her photo is one that will leave Toews and others speechless.

Vecchione is modeling off the orange top and bottom required for her uniform. She also has that intense, ready look to take the field along with the football in her hands ready to go. The eye black on her eyes gives her this sense of tough and grit needed to be a football player at any professional level.

11 Probably Thinking Of Jonathan's Next Cup Win

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One of the prime responsibilities of being a good girlfriend is supporting her man in anything he does. With Toews taking long road trips with the Blackhawks at various points in the season, it takes a special type of woman to have no problem with that while still continuing on with her life back at home. Vecchione understands that and respects that which makes her a perfect fit for the Blackhawks center. Vecchione also seems to have an easy-going personality.

Vecchione shows another side in this photo. It is hard to run out of things to talk about when it comes to Vecchione's clash of blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Vecchione is the ideal girl for any Blackhawks fan or player. Toews must get a lot of props from his teammates for landing such a beauty.

10 She Doesn't Want to Get Her Hair Wet

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This next photo is the last one we show of Vecchione in a pool setting with a bikini on and boy is it one for the ages! We have continuously seen her creativity and fashion sense with her multiple bikini choices, choices in underwear, and regular outfit choices as well. This photo could not go unnoticed and probably drive Toews mad with anger over how many people can see this if they do a Google search on his girlfriend.

Vecchione is in the pool once again, showing her dark side with a black bikini top. Her right hand is over her head striking a pose while her hair stays perfectly messy tied up in elastics and such. Vecchione can survive any season. She can be wrapped up in the harsh winters of Chicago or she can be showing off her bikini body in the hot days that are June, July, and August. It's a good thing the NHL season ends when summer starts so both Toews and Vecchione can enjoy the nice weather and both can ogle Vecchione's body in the blistering sun.

9 The Jacket Makes the Woman

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The final picture to show in this appreciation of Lindsey Vecchione doesn't involve her in the pool, sorry fans! But, we will say this photo does show off her body even if there is some clothing covering herself up. Toews always has to cover himself in lots of padding and protection to make sure he doesn't get hurt by a puck to the stomach. Vecchione has to cover up...well only when the photographer or director feel it is necessary. They felt it was necessary here and they did a great job portraying Lindsey's beauty for us all.

She is showing off a black leather jacket that gives her an extra bit of toughness, as if she needed any more from the football pictures. It is wide open to reveal her black bra with her breasts nicely contained. Toews's girlfriend is just beautiful no matter what photo we throw at you, the fans. Also, her smile shines bright and her body is unbelievable as well.

8 A Smile Like That Can Make Any Guy Happy

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Bruno Mars once had a line in his hit song "Amazing" that went a little something like, "And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile." Bruno may not have been specifically targeting Lindsey Vecchione with this line, but she certainly could fit the criteria. Sure, Vecchione has a nice set of breasts and a nice body to show off, but here we get an up close version of a different part of her body to analyze: her smile.

Vecchione shows us in the first photos how she can be attractive by showing us her body. In this photo however, she does a great job showing it with her smile. She wears a regular t-shirt which won't wow any of us but her pearly whites shows tremendously for us to show how she diligently brushes and flosses to keep those teeth shining white. Could she also have some help with whitening strips too? Sure, it is a possibility. But whatever she is doing is working because she can brighten up the Blackhawks arena with it and also drive Toews crazy all at the same time.

7 All Smiles and A Lot Of Style

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You know those relationship goals memes we see all over the internet? There are some that have men arriving with food to their woman's door, a woman buying her man gameday tickets, or simply staring at each other like you are the only other thing that is important about this world. That is the look of two lovers who are destined to be together forever. In this particular photo, Jonathan Toews and Lindsey Vecchione are that couple that many of us aspire to be or to have when we are lucky enough to have significant others in our lives.

They are both very well dressed for the NHL awards in 2014. Toews looks professional with the white shirt, black tie, and black sport coat look. Vecchione dazzles in her sparkling dress with her smile brightening and her skin glowing. This looks like the type of picture you see at weddings on the couple's wedding day.

6 Peeking Out of The Corner

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The mysterious girl look is one that is a hit or miss for most people. If they do it right, they can get heads to turn and make people say, "Who is that over there?" If it is not done well, then people sort of wonder to themselves, "Who is that and why are they doing what they're doing right now?" Even in photo shoots sometimes, we see these models and wonder what pose they were supposed to be doing or what the vision was that the photographer/director wanted. But in this particular photo, Lindsey Vecchione makes mysteriousness look incredibly sexy and can't keep our eyes off of her.

Everything is fantastic with this photo of Vecchione. She has a black bikini on, she is glistening, her breasts show off very, very well, and she has that mysterious look in her eye like we talked about before. Not many can pull it off like this, but Vecchione does it flawlessly. Toews better hope not a lot of people will see this because it is definitely one that people might save as a screensaver on their phone or just save for photos to look at later. This might drive Toews crazy, or he could be driven crazy by just everything in this photo. Who knows?

5 Want Another Quick Peek?

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Sometimes models take great pictures, but they are just so far away that we really cannot admire them the same way we would with a close up. Close-ups give us the opportunity to ogle and admire a picture down to the tiniest detail. The same can be said in this next photo for Lindsey Vecchione. We have had a few close-ups and some pictures seen from a distance, but now we get up close and right to the heart of the photo which is Vecchione.

She stays rocking the vest look, but we get to see her face up close. Her green eyes have a unique glow in this photo as opposed to the other ones we've seen. Her smirk has a subtle, yet confident vibe coming off of her. If Toews has an off night, he can just pull up this picture and go crazy about it; knowing that all of that is all of his any time he pleases.

4 Happy Halloween

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What's that you say? Halloween's long gone? Well, who cares. If we come across a picture of Lindsey Vecchione and an attractive friend acting as a vampire, we're going to include it. Vecchione is with a stunning redhead here and while the shot of her friend biting her neck is obviously meant to be interpreted as a vampire finding a victim, we all know the image it presents to onlookers. Vecchione has been with Toews for at least five years now, and has constantly been on lists involving hockey's hottest WAGs and when you look at pictures like these, it's easy to see why. While her modeling career seems to have slowed down now, once in a while we find a little treat online.

3 Interesting Choice by Vecchione

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The next picture we have has Vecchione showing off her stuff at what looks like a nice resort. We do not see Toews present, but we can assume he is simply using the bathroom when this picture was taken or she took this vacation with family/friends. With the long NHL season that takes place, sometimes you just need to get to a place that is warm and luxurious. We get all of that in this picture, along with Vecchione strutting her stuff for us to the camera.

She is coming from the water as she sports a beige top with her black top showing underneath. She also has an interesting choice for the bottoms with grey see-throughs showing. We also love the smile and one hand on the hip look. It just goes to show Vecchione can pose anywhere at any given time. Toews is lucky to have a girlfriend like this because he takes a lot of pictures, so she is the perfect girl to get her smile going and say cheese for the camera whenever is necessary.

2 Cruising to see Jonathan Win

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Life really couldn't be any better for Jonathan Toews and Lindsey Vecchione. He's a professional hockey player that wins, she's a model that shows she can compete with the best models look wise, everybody wins in their situation. Vecchione likes hockey, so she will do anything to make it to the Blackhawk games when she isn't busy pursuing her career. This particular photo shows her whipping around in a nice car while looking good doing it.

She isn't exactly Danica Patrick when it comes to cars, but she can surely compete with Patrick looks wise when sitting inside of a moving vehicle. Here we see Vecchione in a loose-fitting orange top, white pants, and a ton of jewelry on her right wrist. She probably got all of that from Jonathan as an anniversary gift. However she got them, she makes them look very fashionable. We can't help but look at her lips too, looking like she is ready to kiss Toews the moment she sees him.

1 The Cup is Theirs

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The best feeling ever for an NHL player is watching the time tick off the clock and then celebrating with your teammates, knowing you just won the Stanley Cup. Jonathan Toews has had that honor with his teammates three times now. You would think after the first two, maybe it would stop tasting as sweet. Not even close! Especially when Toews has his girlfriend celebrating on the ice with him.

Another great time for a player is when they get to take the Stanley Cup home with them for 24 hours and do whatever they want with it. (Well, maybe not ANYTHING they want). Nevertheless here, Vecchione sure takes a lot of attention away from Toews' accomplishment, bringing home the Stanley Cup, as it's hard not to just focus on her here.

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