15 Pictures Of Maple Leaf WAGs You HAVE To See

As of writing this article, the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the hottest teams in the NHL and sit a few points behind the Tampa Bay Lightning for the top spot in league standings. However, it's clear the team is leading the league in most beautiful WAGs and it's not even a contest. The Maple Leafs are one of the league's youngest teams and boast a bevy of talented young stars who could find themselves in plenty of trouble (the fun kind) if they had any desire to, especially in a major city such as Toronto. However, most players on the team are either recently married or in relatively long-term relationships, which might be the key to the team's success. If they were all single, Lord knows what their post-game routine might be after a big win on a Saturday night in Toronto.

In examining the list of Maple Leafs WAGs, what stands out is the depth, much like the Maple Leafs roster itself. You might expect the following 15 photos to mostly be of Auston Matthews or William Nylander's WAGs as both young players have a particular swag and confidence about them, but everyone from Matt Martin to Zach Hyman seems to have a beautiful WAG. In fact, even Roman Polak, who looks like a caveman, has a wife who is way out of his league. It's a good time to be a Toronto Maple Leaf, which wasn't the case for the past 20 years.

15. Lucy Gardiner (Jake Gardiner)

When @jrgarrr and @lappelhof are in town we actually get pictures together! 😍

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Jake Gardiner is surprisingly one of the longest-serving Maple Leafs. The American defenseman came over to the Maple Leafs in a trade with the Anaheim Ducks and debuted with the team in 2011 after a three-year stint at the University of Wisconsin. He has since accumulated 171 points in 428 games, while simultaneously giving Toronto fans headaches for his risk-taking style of play.

Regardless of how well he plays on any particular night, Gardiner is fortunate enough to go home to his wife, Lucy, who he married this past summer after they had been dating for a number of years. The photo above shows the happily couple rocking smiles from ear to ear and judging by Jake's wife, he's go a reason to!

13 Sydney Esiason (Matt Martin)

Matt Martin might be one of the least skilled players on the Maple Leafs roster, but we don't mind admitting he's one of the better-looking dudes on the team. The former New York Islander used to have a long, greasy flow that truly made him stand out as a hockey player but, upon signing with the Maple Leafs, was forced to adhere to General Manager Lou Lamoriello's clean-cut policy, similar to that of which is used by the New York Yankees. Since the change, many have suggested he looks similar to Brad Pitt, and he and his beautiful girlfriend Sydney Esiason played off that comparison this past Halloween.

In the photo above, Martin is dressed as Pitt's character from the Quentin Tarintino film Inglorious Bas*****, while his wife, presumably, is his love interest. We think this costume worked better than the other "couples" costume Martin pitched: Dr. Evil and Mini Me that would have been him and Mitch Marner.

12 Jordyn Johnson (Auston Matthews)

🌿🖤 // @shoppriceless

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We said there wouldn't be 15 pictures of Auston Matthews' girlfriend, but we have to include at least two. The former first overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft has quickly become one of the league's most popular and dynamic players. Success on the ice has come rather easy for Matthews, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he has done quite well for himself off the ice as well. The Arizona native is currently dating Jordyn Johnson, a 19 year old model who also resides in Arizona.

In the photo above, Johnson has somewhat of a Nikki Bella look going on, which is never a bad thing. The fashionable couple made headlines this past summer when Matthews began popping up in photos on her Instagram account. If you wanted to know what dating the most popular athlete in Toronto is like, her followers rose significantly since then to nearly 15,000.

11 Molly Robinson (Tyler Bozak)

If you've watched enough Maple Leafs games, you would have noticed Tyler Bozak's newborn son at games near the glass with his mother during warm-ups. They're quite often featured on broadcasts, because who doesn't love a cute kid acknowledging his father prior to a game.

Bozak has been with his now-wife, Molly Robinson, for a number of years, and the couple officially tied the knot in Colorado this past off-season. Robinson is a native of Colorado and Bozak met her while playing college hockey with the University of Denver. If you thought their happy family wasn't sweet enough as is, instead of a traditional wedding registry, the couple asked its guests to make charitable donations in their name to SickKids, the leading children's hospital in Canada.

10 Stephanie LaChance  (Mitch Marner)

Of all the Maple Leafs WAGs, Stephanie LaChance is the one who appears to be the most private, which is reasonable given that Marner appears that way as well, not to mention the fact that, as a pair of Toronto-area natives, their relationship has been under the microscope since Marner's junior hockey days, as evident in the photo above.

Aside from the fact that LaChance is a stunning and beautiful blonde, what's best about their relationship is the fact they genuinely seem to have fun in each other's presence. Marner is a star in Toronto and could probably date whoever he wants, but the fact he's genuinely so close to his high school sweetheart is endearing and proves to Leafs fans he's committed to hockey and not off-ice antics.

10. Natalie Polak (Roman Polak)

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With apologies to Maple Leafs defenseman Roman Polak, who we earlier said looked like a caveman, the burly defenseman simply isn't what many would consider handsome or good-looking. In fact, you could even say he's a tad scary, but in a good way; the way in which you want a hockey player to be scary. And he plays that way too. He's a physical defenseman who is among the best on the team at clearing traffic from the front of the net.

Maybe it isn't true that money can buy happiness, but it can certainly buy beautiful women (we're kidding; Roman, by all accounts, is a great dude off the ice and he really isn't as ugly as we make it sound). His wife, Natalie, is pictured her looking absolutely stunning despite having recently given birth to the couple's now-two year old son Markus.

9 Lexi Solofra (Connor Carrick)

4yrs ➡️ 4eva • happy anniversary 🍯🌋

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Maybe it's something about the name Connor that makes someone a good, loving boyfriend, or, in Carrick's case, a fiancee. Like his teammate Connor Brown, the Maple Leafs defenseman has no shortage of photos with his wife, Lexi Solofra, on his Instagram account. In one particular post, he notes how he has been "out kicking coverage since 2013 with [Lexi]."

Carrick proposed to Lexi on July 16th of this past summer and the couple plans to marry next summer in Chicago where they first met. According to the wedding website, "They first met back in 1998 at Sandbox preschool. Debbie Carrick, Connor's mom, says that she remembers him coming home talking about 'the girl in the pretty white dress.' If you didn't let out an audible 'Awww' at that then you have no heart. Or you're a Habs fan.

8 Mary Hirst (Dominic Moore)

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Dominic Moore is regarded as one of the nicest players in the league so it's great to see the veteran center married and enjoying life once again. The veteran of 861 career games had a loving relationship with his first wife Katie, but she tragically passed away from liver cancer in 2013. He established a charitable foundation in her honor and continues to host a ping pong tournament in Toronto to raise money for the foundation.

Life moves on, however, and it's inspiring to see it has for Moore. While he hasn't stopped working to cement the legacy of his first wife, he appears genuinely happy with his second wife, Mary Hirst, a Harvard graduate he married in 2015. She is even the coordinator of the Katie Moore foundation.

7 Sydney Esiason (Matt Martin)

End timeshares @surfandslide

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As previously mentioned, Maple Leafs tough guy Matt Martin is dating hottie Sydney Esiason, who happens to be the daughter of former Cincinnati Bengals and New York Jets quarterback Boomer Esiason. Boomer is a passionate New York Rangers fan so he wasn't exactly thrilled when he found out his daughter was dating an Islanders player, but it's a little easier now that Martin is with Toronto.

As for Sydney, she would be well-known on her own without dating a hockey player or being the daughter of a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback as she used to cover hockey briefly for Sports Illustrated, and is an absolute bombshell. She has over 25,000 followers on Instagram and posts pictures like the one above that prove Matt Martin is one of the luckiest players on the Maple Leafs.

6 Christina Alvernaz Marleau (Patrick Marleau) 

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Behind the scenes, the move to Toronto was a lot harder than it seemed for the longtime veteran. Not only was he with the Sharks his entire career but his family also settled in the California area as well. Along with his beautiful, who he married back in 2004, Patrick has a large family of four kids - so making the move was no walk in the park. Though, late in his career, Marleau opted for Toronto, feeling he had a better chance a Lord Stanley.

It also helps when he has the support of his lovely wife and kids, Marleau showcased a photograph of the family fully decked out in their new Leafs gear. Although things seem to be going smoothly now, they'll likely object once winter hits in the TO area.... (they'll be California dreaming...)

5 Juulia Manner (Leo Komarov)

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Another player in the category of "Maple Leafs Players We Didn't Expect To Have Incredibly Hot Wives" is Leo Komarov. The team's resident "International Man of Mystery", Komarov was born in Estonia, has played throughout Europe, is a Finnish national, and speaks multiple languages. As evident by the photo above, he also cleans up pretty well, which is surprising considering some of the looks he has had during his tenure with the Maple Leafs, including the thick handle-bar mustache he rocked in the playoffs.

He married his wife, Juulia Manner, also a native of Finland, on July 2, 2016. The couple had been dating ten years and used the offseason to finally tie the knot. Nazem Kadri, who has played alongside Komorov for much of his career, flew to Finland to attend the wedding, as did Toronto Marlie Rich Clune and former Maple Leaf Michael Grabner.

4 Madison Shaw (Connor Brown)

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Like Mitch Marner, Connor Brown is living the dream. He's a Toronto native who grew up playing hockey in the city and was drafted by the Maple Leafs. He even defied all odds in making the team as a slightly-undersized winger taken in the sixth round and has since become one of coach Mike Babcock's favorite and most trusted players.

Little is known about his longtime girlfriend Madison Shaw, aside from the fact she's an absolute smokeshow. Unlike some players who prefer to keep their relationships relatively secret, Brown absolutely adores Shaw and posts several pictures of the couple on his Instagram account. For our money, they had the best couples costumes at the Maple Leafs' Halloween party as members of the Average Joes from the film Dodgeball.

3 Philippa Soderberg (William Nylander)

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Despite being one of the team's brightest young stars, little is mentioned of William Nylander's personal life, at least in relation to Mitch Marner and Auston Matthews. That's possibly due to the fact that he resides in Sweden and seems to keep his personal life separate from his hockey life, but it's still surprising given the fact he's got the "cool guy" factor about him, not to mention a flow most hockey players could only dream of.

Even his Instagram, which is followed by over 175,000 people, only has pictures of his family, friends, and teammates. However, some Internet sleuths have discovered his girlfriend is apparently Philippa Soderberg, who resides in Sweden. Like Marner's girlfriend, her account is protected as well, which is probably for the best if you're dating a young Maple Leafs star.

2 Alannah Mozes (Zach Hyman)

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If there's a player on the Maple Leafs who isn't dating a model-caliber woman we haven't found them. Perhaps it's the perks of playing with the one of the most prestigious teams in the league, or perhaps it's just a coincidence that the team's players are just as skilled off the ice as they are on it. Either way, Zach Hyman, who is arguably one of the team's least skilled, but hardest-working players, is doing more than alright for himself with Alannah Mozes, his girlfriend of a few years.

In addition to being a quality NHL player, Hyman is a published children's author, if you can believe that. But we're going to say his girlfriend's professional accomplishments surpass his - she recently graduated law school and is an articling student with the corporate practice group of a Toronto-based firm.

1 Jordyn Johnson (Auston Matthews)

Had the best 4th of July weekend with the greatest boy 🇺🇸❤️

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If there was ever a picture that blew up Maple Leafs Twitter it was this one. Naturally, as the first overall pick in the 2016 NHL Draft and the Calder Trophy winner the following offseason, Auston Matthews is the most recognizable athlete in Toronto, especially given it's a hockey city first and foremost. Anything he does is front-page material, so to speak. So when the above photo was posted by his new girlfriend, Jordyn Johnson, it didn't take long for it to make its way around the Internet.

It's easy to see why Johnson is a model as she is tall (remember, Matthews is 6-foot-3) and beautiful with long legs and, uhhh, some other great assets. If they stay together, there's a strong chance they become the most recognizable couple in the league similar to Wayne and Janet Gretzky back in the early 1990s.

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