15 Pictures Of Melanie Collins That Would Drive James Neal Crazy

The hockey season is fully underway and one team that is making a lot of headlines is the newest team as of this year, the Vegas Golden Knights. They certainly have other teams in the NHL paying attention to them closely, as they have competed for first place in the Pacific Division. They got their fair share of talent during the expansion draft, including left winger James Neal. Neal had spent his time previously in Dallas, Pittsburgh, and Nashville before being picked up by Vegas. So far he has certainly not disappointed. He was an All-Star during the 2011-12 season with the Penguins and put up 23 goals and 18 assists in 70 games for the Predators last season. He looks like a good pickup so far for the Knights with his production and veteran experience. Besides doing all of that on the ice, he scores off of the ice as well.

Neal is in a relationship with CBS sideline reporter Melanie Collins. She certainly knows how to turn heads when she is on the screen. Besides being beautiful, she has a knack for conducting interviews and hitting athletes along with coaches the hard hitting questions. James Neal is one lucky guy and has her all to himself. But, that doesn't mean we still can't take a look at her photos while admiring her from a far. While Neal looks to help Vegas make the playoffs in their first season ever in the NHL, Collins continuously dazzles us with her good looks on television. So let's take a look at some photos of Melanie Collins that would drive James Neal crazy.

15 Somewhere on a Beach

Beach don't kill my vibe ✌

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Leading off the list of Melanie Collins pictures is a snap of her laying out and getting her tan on. James Neal spends a good portion of his year on the ice in the freezing cold. Collins is always spending her time traveling from state to state to cover college football, hockey, you name it. It isn't very often that she can get to the beach for a day of fun in the sun. So we are glad we came upon this shot of her enjoying the day.

She is wearing a multi-colored bikini that shows off her sexy stomach. This is a sign that she gets in the gym when she can to look good for her hubby, James. Her blonde hair shines in the blazing sun and her sunglasses along with slight smile really bring her together. Maybe in the offseason, Neal and Collins can take a beach trip together. But until then, Neal can drool over this picture of his girlfriend and we can continuously look at Collin's body, imagining what it might be like to have her as our own.

14 Soft on the Eyes

Thanks for the fresh locks @tysoncolejohnson ❤️💇🏼🎨

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There are plenty of things that James Neal can love about Melanie Collins. He could love the simple fact that she understands and loves sports. He could also love the fact that she can carry a conversation, as she has to on a day to day basis for her job. But we are willing to bet that in this next photo, he loves everything about her from her hair all the way down to her toes.

Now in this particular photo, we don't exactly see Collins' full body. We do see her upper half however, and it is something to behold. She has the look of confidence in her face along with her gray v-neck t-shirt. Her blonde hair once again flows lovingly on her shoulders, even if she did just get a haircut based on the caption. She has beautiful blue eyes that sparkle. Imagine looking into those eyes and getting lost in them every time you look at her like James Neal probably does? She must drive him nuts with that. All in all, those eyes will stare deeply into you and keep you wanting to find more pictures of her to ogle over.

13 Sitting Waiting for James


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She may have awkward hands in this next picture, but she certainly isn't awkward in any other way. She knows how to keep a conversation going as we have mentioned previously how she has to consistently interview all sorts of sports personnel. She also continues to model off everything she wears as we have seen and will continue to see throughout this list. But for now, let's sit back like Collins is doing in this photo and observe what we see, shall we?

She is sitting in a chair that is facing the wall. She is matching her black see through top with the black boots on her feet. She has to be fashionable if she is constantly on television. She also has on dark, blue jeans that show off her shapely legs. The hair once again is looking good as well and she has that look that says, "I can't wait for my husband to walk through the door!" She has bedazzled and continues to bedazzle with photos like these, and we are just getting started.

12 A Smile Says It All

For football fans everywhere, the offseason seems to be long and never ending. But when preseason football finally kicks off in August, that tends to put a lot of smiles on the faces of NFL and college football fans everywhere. Fortunately for Melanie Collins, she is an avid football fan and cannot help but smile about the sport as a whole. Luckily for us, we get to enjoy the football season and also enjoy Melanie Collins's smile in this photo.

A smile can portray a thousand words, at least that is what we have been taught to believe. But the smile on Collins face really does say a lot about her. She sure has had a lot of practice with that smile, being on the big time networks such as CBS. She also hosts a golf show on the Golf Channel, so she can swing it as well as she can conduct an interview. Whatever it is you're doing James Neal, keep doing it because she is sticking around and happy that she is yours!

11 Dressing Up for a Night Out

Barefoot Valentine's dinner on the beach last night ❤💏🌹

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There is something about a romantic dinner that seems like it's outdated, but the thought and effort put into them is deeply appreciated by lovers everywhere. Melanie Collins and James Neal have hectic lives with their sports-centered careers. But they definitely could find time to have romantic meals once in a while. This next photo demonstrates that Collins can be ready for dinner at a moment's notice, but still put herself together quite nicely to do so.

Here we see Collins in a nice, white, open-slit dress and barefoot ready for a romantic dinner. She definitely loves the idea or romantic dinners based on her caption from this Instagram photo of hers. The open slit reveals her bare left leg, which shows us just how nice her legs really are. Her cleavage can be seen as her breasts fit quite nicely in her dress. Gentlemen, take a lesson here. Chivalry is not dead and can help you land the woman of your dreams. It may not be Melanie Collins, but it can work nonetheless.

10 She Was Born to Have a Mic in Her Hand

Thanks for looking after us, Houston! ❤️@CBSSports

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Some reporters are on the sidelines that know what they are talking about. Others, you wonder how they got a job to announce sports in the first place. Luckily, Melanie Collins knows what she is talking about, covering the big games. She also is an incredibly beautiful woman who has some style to her for all to see when fans tune into the games. This next picture combines the best of both worlds.

We see her on the sideline in Houston with the trademark CBS microphone in her hand, smiling for her camera. We have drooled over her smile in several photos now, and it doesn't disappoint yet again. She wears a combination black sleeveless shirt and black pant combination with nice sandals that have us looking up and down several times.

9 She Can Handle it on the Gridiron Too

For somebody that is so used to covering football games on television, Collins proves in this photo she can go out and play it too. It is the best feeling when your significant other is into sports just as much as you do. You can throw the ball around on a beautiful day and then enjoy the game on afterwards. That is the type of relationship that James Neal and Melanie Collins should have if they don't already. But right now, Collins is our focus with her game face.

Collins is laying down in her black sleeveless top, with a football underneath her and eye black smeared on her face. This is truly a great look for the reporter. She is showing that although we don't know how good she could be at catching or throwing a football; that she is at least willing to try. I could see Collins throwing a bullet right to the chest of Neal and him having the most surprised look on his face. She may be all made up and looking pretty on t.v., but don't be surprised if Collins can get down and dirty. Let's see you suit up, Melanie!

8 At The Falls While Falling for James

Amazing weekend ❤️

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Anybody need any good date ideas to put some sparkle back in their relationship? Well, you're in luck because I have an idea for you. Go to Niagara Falls and witness one of the Seven Wonders of the World. That is what Melanie Collins did. With the way she looks and the Falls in the back surrounding her, it looks like something out of a 1990s romance film.

Collins is all smiles when she is taking this picture. Her hair is tied up in a bun which is the first time we have seen that in eight photos so far. She is wearing a white tanktop and a pair of sunglasses, so we are denied the opportunity to once again see her beautiful eyes. Niagara Falls really is a beautiful sight and Collins taking this photo makes it even more beautiful. The caption of amazing weekend with a heart symbol after it does not come close to doing this picture justice.

7 The Black Leather Pants Make the Outfit


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Some men have their specific article of clothing that they like seeing their women in. For some, it is the bikini. For others, they might like to see some lacy lingerie. Others might not even like any form of clothing. But what about leather pants? Is there any love anymore for the women that can make leather pants incredibly fashionable? Melanie Collins does a great job of displaying them in this next photo.

Collins is smiling from cheek to cheek while she wears her white top and leather black pants. The black high heels are also a nice touch to the whole outfit. Her hair is no longer in a bun, so we can go back to seeing it wavy and flowing. Her smile once again makes us all weak at the knees. James Neal better be a leather kind of guy, because she looks really good in leather.

6 What a Combination We Have on Our Hands

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We have seen a lot of different looks so far with Melanie Collins. We have seen the beach look, the athletic look, the leather pants look, and other looks that consistently draw our attention to her as well. We haven't seen much of her in short shorts. Well, say no more because this photo has her in a really small pair of jean short shorts and we can't help but look down there.

Like we just said, she has blue jean short shorts on. But she also has a white sleeveless tanktop on with a slight smirk on her face. That smirk on her face is saying, "Yeah, I look good. Believe me I know." The more skin, the better for James Neal as he gets to see photos of Collins like this. We see a little bit of her legs too which we have rambled on about in other photos. Imagine if Collins actually played hockey too? Then, the two of them would be legitimate soulmates.

5 Who Wins in a Shootout?

#GoState 💙

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Like we said before, having a woman who loves sports is one of the best things that can happen in a relationship. James Neal continuously shoots on net for Vegas. It is seems like Collins is willing to shoot her shot as well. She took this photo at Penn State University and she definitely pulled off another great photo while in Lions nation.

We see Collins in the penalty box at Penn State. She probably got a roughing penalty for hitting too hard on the ice. All kidding aside, she pulls off the snow bunny look very well. With her blue scarf and grey winter hat, she shows she can handle the coldness that comes with being in an ice hockey rink. She also has a Bauer brand stick in her hand, so she looks like she's ready to snipe a shot top shelf. One on one between Neal and Collins, it might be tough to bet against Collins as she certainly looks the part and looks good doing the part as well.

4 Wonder Woman to the Rescue

So original, I know. Happy Halloween! 🎃

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We all love Halloween. It is the time of the year where you can dress up in literally anything you want and not be judged. Some enjoy being a cop, others enjoy being a bunny, and then you have others that like to be superheroes. Melanie Collins decided that she wanted to be in the mood to help people one Halloween back in 2015. She decided to save the world and be wonderful in every way.

It is a shame she is not the real Wonder Woman, because she looks as good as the original one did. With her top, blue skirt, and red/white leggings to go along with a nice set of heels; her costume is spot on. She may not necessarily be fighting crime, but she probably is fighting off men from all directions when they see her in this. Her super power would be mind control, aka controlling James Neal to love her. Neal has to feel lucky that Collins can have fun like this and still look incredibly sexy while doing so. There's no need to fear, Wonder Woman is here and better than ever.

3 All Black and from the Back

The most common color people love to wear is black. It is simple, it can go with just about anything, and for some; even makes them look slimmer. Melanie Collins shows off her looks in a black dress in this next photo. She also shows off how she looks from the back. Her front looks good as a whole, so the back is bound to look just as good, if not better. Neal is lucky because he gets to see both sides all the time no matter what the situation is.

This photo makes her look incredible. Her legs look long and lean, complimented by her high heels. Her head turned and her hair falling to her shoulders give her the utmost confidence in herself. Then again, why shouldn't she have confidence in herself when she looks like that? We couldn't help but find a photo of Collins in a little black dress and post it up for all to see.

2 Our Mouths are Open Too

Loved working with you @jesswilliamsphotos ! 📷

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Our mouths have been open for just about every photo of Melanie Collins seen so far. She continues to shine through all of her photos. This next one does just the same. She continues to go with the sleeveless white tanktop look like she has shown in other photos. But this time, it is her mouth and jewelry that grabs at least my attention.

Her mouth is slightly open for all of us to see. The thing to wonder though is what exactly caused her mouth to be open like that. Did she find out some unfortunate news? Did she see something gross before she went on set? Or was that just the look wanted for this particular photo? We can only speculate. Also, around her neck seems to be a key attached. What exactly could that key unlock? We don't know, but what we do know is that our eyes stay glued and our mouths stay open when we see Melanie Collins in front of us.

1 The Whole Package Put Together

Finally, we have reached the end of the Melanie Collins lovefest. It has been quite the wild ride and unfortunately, it has to stop here. But before we go, let's enjoy one more photo of Melanie Collins that will surely drive James Neal absolutely crazy. We love seeing her in her multiple options of dresses, so why not show one more of her in pink, open slit dress?

Everything comes together for Collins here. Her legs are nicely on display. Her twins are sitting nicely inside of her dress with some cleavage popping out to make an appearance. The light pink is a good choice of color to compliment her figure. It all just seems to line up correctly for the CBS sideline reporter. James Neal is a lucky man to have a woman with a distinguished career and looks of a supermodel. She sure knows how to look good in any capacity whether it is for television, social events, or just posting about herself on Instagram.

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