15 Pictures Of Montreal Canadiens WAGs You HAVE To See

Unlike other pro sports, hockey players are a different group of guys and more similar to us than any other sport. Unlike basketball players for example, who love to flaunt their riches, hockey players like to keep things on the down low and that includes their personal relationships. Take the Habs, for example; most fans off the top of their heads can really only associate Angela Price as a WAG on the team as the others have been documented far less - that changes as we take a look at Montreal Canadiens WAGs.

In this article, we document both the new school and old guard on the team featuring their significant others. On the new school end, names like Drouin, Mete and Hudon make the list. In terms of the old guard, we feature the likes of Plekanec, Alzner and Weber. We’ll leave it to your interpretation which WAGs you prefer. We’ll also close off the article with one of Montreal’s most eligible bachelors recently being taken off the market. You’ll understand why when you see his new smoking hot partner! Scroll down to the last entry to find out.

Enjoy and likely always, be sure to share the article to a friend or fellow Habs fan. Without further ado, here are 15 pictures of Montreal Canadiens WAGs you HAVE to see. We begin with Montreal’s biggest free agent signing - no, not Ales Hemsky (who you probably forgot is still on the team) but Jonathan Drouin.

15 Jonathan Drouin – Marie-Laurence Berthiaume

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With the departure of Alex Radulov, the Habs were in desperate need to make a splash and fill up the point totals left by the power forward Russian. Bergevin once again did not disappoint getting his hands on the silky smooth 22 year old Jonathan Drouin who had a terrific previous year with the Bolts. Although inconsistent due to injuries as of late, it appears as though the former third round selection’s going to be in Montreal for quite some time.

He’s already been out and about for several campaigns and charitable organizations, for most of those appearances, Marie-Laurence Berthiaume, his stunning girlfriend was by his side. Berthiaume is also adjusting to life in the spotlight nowadays claiming it’s a little more difficult to go out and eat casually, though the Blainville resident has been thrilled with the support from the fanbase. Things just aren’t too shabby for the Habs centerman.

14 Max Pacioretty – Katia Pacioretty

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Who would have thought that the same dude who refused to play third line minutes as a youth would end up becoming the captain of the Habs. Credit to Max, he was quietly confident about his game back in the day and it’s come to fruition as he’s one of the most consistent 30 goal guys in the game nowadays.

In his personal life, it’s pretty unbelievable to think that his brother-in-law is former NHL star Max Afinogenov. Yes, Mr. Pacioretty married his sister, a former tennis player, Katia back in the summer of 2011. The couple has three children, all of which are boys; Lorenzo, Maximus Raymond (now there’s a name) and James Carter. No, we didn’t make up those legendary middle names.

13 Charles Hudon – Krystel Gauvin

Mine 🌷

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A fifth round pick and undersized, the chances of Charles Hudon playing in the NHL were never in his favor. That all changed two seasons ago when he put up 28 goals with the IceCaps, following that up with another 27 goal season last year despite playing in only 56 games. Rightfully so, the 23 year old is now with the Habs and adjusting to life in the NHL.

Off the ice, it seems like he’s got things figured out. Although he looks insanely young thanks to his stature, Hudon is actually a proud father off the ice having a baby with his long-time girlfriend Krystel Gauvin. Hudon recently posted the picture above displaying his love for the mother of his child, now that’s pretty cool.

12 Tomas Plekanec – Lucie Vondrackova

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If you’re all in favor of the new NHL style built around speed and skill, you likely aren’t the biggest fan of Montreal center Tomas Plekanec. The two-way center remains a focal point to Habs success however as Julien loves his defensive smarts. Credit to Pleky for maintaining such a position on the team at the age of 35. Remember kids, goals and points isn’t the be all end all and Tomas perfectly exemplifies that.

He lives a private life off the ice but back home in Czech, his relationship gets lots of attention given the fact he’s married to popular public figure, Lucie Vondrackova - who’s a singer and actress predominantly known in her native land. The couple has two children, both boys.

11 Victor Mete – Courtney Petrachek

Happy 5 years bella❤️ #aasuree

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Just imagine a couple of years ago reading such names like Drouin, Hudon and Mete, yes it’s a different time in Montreal and not in a bad way as youth is now a focal point for the team. Victor clearly exemplifies that as he’s a fast skater and a skilled one at that, something the new age defenseman is all about. He’s had his ups and downs this season but at the end of the day, just being an NHL defenseman at the age of 19 is an accomplishment on its own.

Away from the ice, he’s in a long-term relationship with a gal by the name of Courtney Petrachek. Nope, you didn’t read that wrong, although 19, the relationship is of the long-term status as Mete recently posted a photo of the two celebrating their five year anniversary together. Do the math, they started dating during their early teens.

10 Carey Price - Angela Price

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Mrs. Angela Price was actually recently featured during a Habs game as she was outside during the Blues-Canadiens matchup raising money outside of the Bell Center. Now that’s one cool chick going on the street and raising money, and don’t forget, she’s out in the month of December in Montreal, so yea, it must have been freezing cold. Kudos to Angela for taking such measures for charitable donations.

We all know about Price’s past, he was a bit of a wild child off the ice, though that came to an end following a blind date with Angela. The two would end up getting married in the summer of 2013 and last year, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Liv.

9 Philip Danault – Marie-Pierre Danault

Celine Dion is a legend! What a voice and great show👏 #thanksredbull #quebec

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Sticking with the youth, we now turn our attention to Philip Danault and his lovely WAG Marie- Pierre Danault. The couple have been together for quite some time now and have a plethora of photos available together via their social media pages, heck they even recently attended the Celine Dion concert at the Bell Center, it truly doesn’t get any more Quebecois than that.

The Victoriaville native was selected in the first round by the Hawks, who have a keen eye for two-way prospects. Unfortunately for Danault, he just couldn’t crack the Chicago lineup consistently during his time with the franchise, spending the bulk of his career down in the AHL. He’s been an NHL player since making the move to Montreal coming off a career year that saw him register 40 points.

8 Paul Byron – Sarah Byron

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How can you not root for a guy like Paul (aka Pauly, name given by coach Julien) Byron, he bounced around the NHL and AHL throughout his career as a former sixth round pick. He kept going, did the right things and when the Habs claimed him off waivers, his career suddenly started to surge. Regarded as one of the greatest waiver pickups of all-time, Byron registered 22 goals along with 43 points last season. The campaign was no fluke as he’s off to another great start with nine goals thus far this season.

He’s likely even happier off the ice as he’s finally found some stability for his wife, Sarah Byron. The two began to date back in his Gatineau days and are now happy homeowners in Montreal, along with their two children.

7 Andrew Shaw – Chaunette Boulerice

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His contract terms might have been a little too steep for some, but Shaw is definitely a heart and soul type player that gives it his all game in and game out. The center is off to a great start this year and on pace to match his career high of 20 goals that he achieved back in his days with the Hawks during the ’13-’14 campaign. At 26, the former Hawk was a 139th pick overall and is certainly overachieving given his style of play, kudos to him for finding ways to be effective.

In his personal life, Shaw has been with Chaunette Boulerice for quite some time. Looking at throwback photos of the two, Shaw and Boulerice can be seen both alongside the Stanley Cup during Shaw’s championship days with the Hawks. He’s hoping to take a new pic with his partner, this time around rocking the Montreal stripes.

6 Jordie Benn – Jessica Kohout

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It wouldn’t have been a stretch to think that Benn could have been out of the league by now following his days in the big D. Going undrafted, Jordie was added to the Stars AHL team, one has to believe the move was done as a solid for brother Jamie. His career in Dallas was nothing to write home about and a move to Montreal seemed like the kiss of death to his career. Instead, he seems to be playing with an extra zip in his step having a terrific stint with the club last year and following that up with already four goals this year which is a huge stretch for Benn and already a career high if you can believe.

His relationship away from the ice was never in doubt unlike his career, Benn has been with his partner Jessica Kohout for quite some time. You can see for yourselves just how much the couple has grown up together throughout the last couple of years. Putting things into perspective, they were together even before Benn had a beard.

5 Karl Alzner – Mandy Flemmer

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The 29 year old was at one time regarded as a huge NHL prospect given his time with the Calgary Hitmen of the WHL. Alzner was a stay at home type of d-man and one that was well ahead of his age given his smarts on the ice. His potential was enough to entice the Caps selecting the blueliner fifth overall in the 2007 NHL Draft.

Again similar to Plekanec earlier in the article, if you love the new school kids at the back like Mete, you likely aren’t the biggest supporter of Alzner’s play. Though, the guy gets it done defensively and his point totals shouldn’t be the be all end all, heck his career high in goals is five and that was with the Caps.

Okay, defensive reliability issues aside, he’s having no issues with his wife Mandy Flemmer. The happy married couple recently added a second child into the mix.

4 Jeff Petry – Julie Petry

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Signing a six-year deal worth $33 million along with raising a family with his wife Julie Petry, we can definitely say confidently that Petry’s not losing much sleep nowadays. Petry and his family are happily residing in the Montreal area and it seems as though that might be an upgrade compared to the even colder climate the couple was in during their past when he was a member of the Oilers.

A second round pick, Petry’s known for his brilliant skating ability and in today’s game, that’s pretty crucial and almost essential given the speed of the new youth entering the game. Just as he was starting to hit his peak with the Oilers, in came the Habs with a lucrative deal allowing Jeff to stay put for at least a couple of more seasons, of course, barring a trade that is.

3 Shea Weber – Bailey Weber

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Yes, Shea Weber is in fact capable of love, although that might be hard to digest for a lot of you and heck, we don’t blame you either. The guy has had the same look on his face throughout his NHL career and that doesn’t seem to be changing any time soon.

Though, in a shocking twist, he is smiling in photos alongside his wife, Bailey Weber. If his wife couldn’t make him crack a smile, then he was simply inhuman. She’s been making him smile for quite some time as the couple are actually a bunch of  high school sweethearts (having met during his junior Kelowna days) and officially tied the knot back in the summer of 2013 during Shea’s Nashville days. The happy couple has two children, Beckette and Kenley.

2 Marc Bergevin – Linda Lapointe

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Is there a more stressed out GM around the league than Marc Bergevin? Given the pressure that comes in a market like Montreal, the answer is simply no. For that reason, speculation arose pertaining to Marc’s new smoking girlfriend, he likely didn’t even care given all the news his GM moves were making. In case you missed it, Linda Lapointe, the chick you see above made headlines for posting a Facebook photo of the two. Who would of thunk it, but Bergie got game!

With the Habs kind of coming back to life lately, it seems as though the GM is under a little less fire, especially with the return of his ten million dollar net midner, Carey Price. However, if the Habs are to miss the post-season, you can expect the firestorm to resurface with fans wanting the GM out.

1 Brendan Gallagher – Frederique Beaubien

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We truly saved the best for last, ladies and gentleman, and ladies in particular, we regret to inform you but one of Montreal’s most eligible bachelors is officially off the market. Yes, according to the rumor mill, Gallagher’s heart has finally been taken away by one heck of a smokebomb, Frederique Beaubien. Brendan was known for being one of the few Habs that was still single, though it appears that has changed and you’ll understand why taking a look at his new girlfriend.

You can see for yourselves via Instagram as the Montrealer has quite the following of over 10 K followers. She’s got some steamy pictures and it wouldn’t surprise us if Brendan’s already thinking about beach days with his new partner. Whatever the case might be, the relationship seems to be working as the winger is off to a career start.

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