15 Pictures of Players Partying With The Stanley Cup The NHL Wants To Hide

Lord Stanley's Cup, whose fate will be decided in about six months, has some time on his hands to reflect on his past. After being roughly cut and formed a century ago, the Cup has won the admiration of every fan, player, and owner across the sports universe.

The imperfect, living, breathing trophy with thousands of stories to tell has existed for more than a century. It is named after Lord Stanley of Preston, the Governor General of Canada in 1892. He purchased the cup that really looks more like a bowl in London for about $50. He then gave it to Canada’s top amateur hockey club at Montreal’s 1889 Winter Carnival. Every year since then, as teams came and went and the NHL was formed, players of the championship winning team take the the Stanley Cup wherever they want and really, do almost whatever they want with it. It has developed an aura and life outside of the typical trophy.

The cup has traveled the world, swam in hundreds of lakes and oceans, climbed mountaintops, and been licked by strangers. He's been the toast of pool parties, proms, weddings, saunas, showers, strip clubs, horse races, and been worshiped by friends and strangers. It has been lost, stolen, burned, dented, and kidnapped.  The Cup, yeah, has been there, done that, and the old bowl just rolls with the punches. It is now over 3 feet long and growing. In another few months another band will be added to memorialize the team and  the players that win it. From that old Montreal team  through the Penguins of 2017, cities and names are engraved upon it. It’s also imperfect, for the 1980-81 New York Islanders are misspelled as “Ilanders”. The 1971-72 Boston Bruins’ name is also recorded as the “Bqstqn Bruins.”

With players from every corner of the world, the Cup gets around. It’s been "Everywhere Man," and Stanley is an Urban Legend. He is simply a class act. So let the good times roll, let the party begin, and let's remind the league it's ok to have a little fun.


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I love this pic, this lady, and I'd bet ol' Gary Bettman is a little jealous. Hayden appeared in commercials as a baby, soap operas as a teen, and has made it to the big screen. The 28-year-old is with with ex heavyweight Champion of the World, Wladimir Klitschko. I am sure they discussed their past indiscretions, and I would love to hear this explanation because it must have been a blast. June 11, 2010, changed the life of Hayden Panettiere and Stanley as well.

The Blackhawks’ victory parade turned into a wild block party where he received more than he was expecting. Hayden still has that photo on her Facebook page, which has enticed many people to want to friend her. Though she receives hundreds of offers to lick other trophies, it seems Lord Stanley’s Cup was her one true trophy love. In six degrees of separation, her tongue has come in contact with thousands of dancers, lips, pet food, and sweat. What a woman!


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I love the fact she just let her hair down and had some fun when the moment came. Hayden couldn’t get enough of Stanley and who can blame her. Though the powers that be probably wish there was a little better security, Stanley just doesn’t want to be fenced in. Hayden was smitten as the two developed quite a relationship. Stanley is a chick magnet and far more lovable than Jonathon Goldsmith, The Most Interesting Man In The World. And the ladies? Well, obviously they lose control and can't get enough of this silver fox! It had been a long wait for the city of Chicago in 2010 as they had gone 49 years without a Stanley Cup. Hayden certainly knows how to celebrate and make the occasion special.


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Lord Stanley’s Cup is always the center of the party, and the Los Angeles Kings partied it up with the trophy after winning it in 2014. They filled it with champagne at “Beacher’s Madhouse Las Vegas” and players danced, drank, and passed him around the club all night long. Stanley seems to be enjoying his night out and why not? The men and women are loving the attention, though the people at the top of the NHL are probably clenching their fists. Do they want the priceless cup out for a night of debauchery with champagne, dancing, and tunes? Perhaps in the future, Lord Stanley will take more visits to Vegas when the Golden Knights win it all. In the meantime, other teams will have to bring it to Sin City.


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I have to admit it's pretty nice to NOT see The Great One's daughter turning up everywhere anymore. It's also good to see a photo where she’s fully clothed, at least in her eyes. But not even Paulina can take the attention away from the Greatest Trophy in all of sports. When the Kings won it all in 2012, Paulina and Jarret Stoll were an item. So just how closely are players attached to the Cup? Paulina is in the back ground, and despite her “look at me pose,” Jarret could care less and wants he and his teammates’ mug front and center. The couple didn’t last. Paulina would eventually hook up with Dustin Johnson, while Stoll moved on to sportscaster Erin Andrews. Though the cup also changed hands, at least these memories will last forever.

11 The Cup Makes Its Way To The After-Party

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We'll get a little more into the wild antics of the 2011 Bruins and their celebration. This was just one of the many scenes from the Bruins' celebration. In the background you can scene one shirtless Bruin pouring some liquid from the cup into another's mouth. We're just guessing it's an alcoholic beverage, with the empty Bud Light bottles you can see on the table. Then of course, there are two lovely young ladies who were invited to tag along. This seems to be a party that made its way back to a hotel room and Lord (Stanley?) only knows what went on at the after-party. There's plenty more from the 2011 Bruins to come, so stick around.


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In 2016, Super Mario threw a Super Pool Party with Stanley as the guest of honor. It was estimated that he was kissed and drank from by over 600 lips at the all night affair. Supposedly, the party opened up after midnight and raged till the sun came up. Stanley did disappear for a little while, but cooler heads prevailed when he was spotted at the bottom of the pool. The real Most Interesting Man in the World quickly got a second wind and stayed up all night. Boogie on Reggae Man! Super Mario threw a major house party with the Stanley Cup and the only problem was Gary Bettman wasn't invited. I would love to have seen the boys get him to loosen up.


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This shot shows the Penguins celebrating after their 3rd cup in 2009. Malkin and Jordan Staal are also in the picture, and it had been over 20 years since they had won it. Crosby was the poster child for the new NHL, and he came through for the league and team. So this shot, albeit a little dark because of the antiquated technology of eight years ago, is odd and funny. Red, green, glowing eyes is now a concern of the past as digital cameras keep evolving. There are also a lot of smiling faces and pointing fingers in odd areas. One thing for sure is if the faces were blotted out, the innuendos of this shot could go viral.


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The Boston Bruins won the Cup in 2011 and few cities can party with it like they can in Beantown. Unlike his more upscale celebrations in Pittsburgh and L.A, the Cup got down and dirty in Boston. Shawn Thornton and others took him on pub crawls through all the different sides of Boston where the locals hung out. But Stanley also needed to relax, and though saunas provide just that, this is nasty. I don’t think Stanley would complain about anything, but it seems like he needs a little elbow room. The idea of Stanley hanging out in a sauna with a bunch of sweaty men is a little unsettling. We sure hope that trophy was cleaned and disinfected before going to the next lucky player who had it for a day.


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Go Tyler Seguin! Wait, Tyler Seguin? Yep, he won the Cup with Boston as a rookie and then jetted to Dallas. He's now just 25, even though he seems to have been playing forever. There are crazy rumors about this gig, with Zdeno Chara owing a bar tab north of $15,000. We don't know if he was treating others or if that was just for him...

The Little Ball of Hate was also letting lose, and this seems like a lot more fun than hanging out in a sauna. Thank the Lucky Charms that no one got in trouble and there wasn't any accusations of sexual misconduct. And though we know where these players are, I wonder if these fans are out there too.


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Stanley can hang with the Hollywood crowd and can be taken anywhere. Though he’s got enough mojo to make his own moves, he’s a great wing man. And that’s just fine with an alpha personality at “centre” like Mark Messier. Mark was especially known for his late night antics, and who better to bring along than Stanley. Though “Mess” famously brought him to such risque places, one of their personal “faves” was a Montreal gentlemen’s club called “The Peelers.” Rumors have it that women fought over Stanley and even used him as part of their act. Imagine if there were cell phones and surveillance cameras back then. Instead, we'll just have to use our imagination.

5 Horse Play

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One of the biggest superstitions in hockey is to never touch a trophy before you win it, and Nyquist’s owner, J. Paul Reddam, should have known better. He’s a big time hockey fan and named this potential champ after Detroit Red Wings’ winger Gustav Nyquist. Though Reddam didn’t touch, eat, or drink from it, his horse did, and that’s breaking tradition and even blasphemous. Nyquist went on to lose the next race and failed to win, as a favorite, the Triple Crown. It’s a common occurrence for players to drink from the Stanley Cup, but knowing that a horse has now taken sips from it will probably creep some people out.

4 STEVE YZERMAN's Shower Buddy

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It’s well known that Stevie Y is surrounded by three wonderful daughters, so it’s really not so strange that he’d take Stan to the showers where they could use all the hot water they wanted. Though a men’s locker room is not the most clean or private place, Stanley could use a shower after his most recent encounters. Plus, if these hoses were turned on he’d certainly come out clean and refreshed. Yzerman’s time with the cup over three separate occasions was notable in that they never left each others sight, and that included showering and bathing together. Yzerman’s pretty lucky that social media wasn’t around back in his days of winning Stanley Cups.


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As champions with the Chicago Blackhawks, Colin Fraser and Andrew Ladd took the cup wake-boarding in Canada. Though they must have had an awesome and memorable day, some of the higher ups must have been a little concerned. Ever seen Jaws or Piranha? Hockey players are tough but this boat isn't that big and Stanley can't swim. Also, some prehistoric fish were newly discovered after it was thought to be extinct. It's called a Frilled Shark and it has crazy teeth. Be careful boys!

It's crazy to think that this cup is watched like a hawk for most of the year, yet when players get a handle of it, they're able to endanger it and put it through hell. Philip Pritchard is the man in charge and he may in fact be the most interesting man in the world.


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Brad Richards won his first cup in 2004 with the Tampa Bay Lightning and his second with Chicago in 2015. He must have had a ball as a 24-year-old in Tampa so 11 years later when he won his 2nd, he took this shot. It's such a great picture and he's much cuter than the picture of Max Domi in the bowl as a baby. The only sad part is it only seems fair everyone has a chance at this. Maybe the NHL should allow babies to sit in the Cup and donate all the proceeds to charity.

The practice of placing one's baby in the Stanley Cup has, as you can imagine, led to some 'accidents' with one infamous case being that of Kris Draper. Draper's kid seemed to mistake the cup for a potty and you can imagine what the mess was like to clean that up. People may want to think twice about licking the cup now.


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The Backstreet Boys and the Cup should never be mentioned in the same sentence nor seen in the same picture. Come on Patrick Kane, this happened on his watch. Boy Bands, all cut from the same cloth and neatly folded, should never come in touch with this perfect piece of hardware. And David Letterman, who always swam against the current, also deserves blame because it happened on his set. Is nothing sacred anymore? The NHL should ban #88 from having the cup ever again. Say it aint' so, what has become of this world? It's a shanda!

After looking through some of these photos, we can only wish that social media was around in the cup's early days to see what other kind of shenanigans this thing has been through.

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