15 Pictures Of Sidney Crosby's Girlfriend That Would Drive Him Crazy

Is this the quietest big time relationship in all of sports? Sidney Crosby, arguably the greatest hockey player since 2000, has managed to keep his personal life quiet. Well that was, up to now!

We've seen Sid lift the cup, score 100 points, and take over games when they mattered the most. We've also seen him cry like a baby over calls, cheep shot other players, and dive. The NHL changed it's rules and  acquiesced to his every need. He's also had a statistic named after him, The Crosby Hat Trick, which is a dive, cheap shot, and goal.

But this article isn't about Sid, and instead features his girlfriend of 8 years- WOW- 8 years, and he's only 30! Doing the math, they met at 22, when he was barely legal to drink, and they've been together ever since. How many athletes have met their "soul mate" in their early 20s and stayed a couple. It's really quite incredible.

Kathy Leutner is also 30, and was born in Virginia.  She's a Sagittarius, and in high school she was an avid lacrosse player. Those are two very strong qualities, for Sagittarius girls tend to be fun, spiritual and creative. Women's lacrosse is a great sport, where the ladies can really run and get after it. Add in some Southern Charm and cooking and well, Sid seems to have struck gold.

But there are 2 problems. The first is there are pictures on the internet and print that everyone in the world can see. I'm all in for people flaunting their game, but in a league where trash talking is growing, poor Sid may have to hear all about it from fans and players from rivals in Philly, New York, and everywhere else. But, if he complains enough the NHL will listen. Second, she's a Philadelphia Eagles fan and one fine day that will HAUNT Sid. He will have to show up, with her, at the Linc, and when his picture hits the big screen he will be smeared with obscenities, boos, and booze.

And now, without further adieu, here is Sidney Crosby's girl friend and soon to be wife, Kathy Leutner. But by the way, #1 is AMAZING!

15 Baby Blue Bikini

via listal.com

Wow, this is one of her best shots for sure. Aside from the ridiculous, Model 101 Hand In The Hair pose, she looks terrific. Her chest is, well, perfect. However, return to this photo for a comparison to other photos because somethin' somethin' was done here. Her arms, hips, calves, shoulders, you name it, are simply "all that." And that bikini, itsy bitsy and teenie weenie and baby blue, is definitely foxy. But you know what else is nice about this shot? If you've ever been to Sid's hometown near Halifax, you know there are incredibly beautiful, secluded, peaceful beaches and coves. It would be a treasured experience to bounce between them with a mermaid like her. She's showing a few curves, and it matches the Penguins best jersey.

14 Baby Blue Bikini #2

via si.com

Wow. Double wow. Again, keep these images in your mind when he hit some of the others, and I know you can do it. So there they are, in plain sight for me, you, Sid, Ovechkin, Giroux, Toews, and everyone else to see. Is that a bad thing? Only on the ice! Obviously they steal the show and she has lovely arms as well, but I wonder if a team could make cut outs and use those as a stick rack. But there is also a shift of sorts, upon a closer look, of her lips and smile. Does she have Ovie teeth? OK OK, I may be reaching and trying to avoid the answer that's staring us right in the face. Kathy, they're wonderful, gorgeous, and even inspirational. If you ever want to start a business, I know beer leagues that would pay for this image on a stick rack. Where did you get them? They're gorgeous.

13 Feed Her!

via lisimg.com

So yeah, I don't have an issue with skinny or thin women but this seems a little scary. She's 5'8" tall, has a 24 inch waist, and is 30 years old. Look at the bones in her feet and buttocks. Come on people, there aint' nothing healthy about this. There are plenty of areas and ways to put some meat on her bones. Sid, take her out for a steak, crispy duck, or some fresh doughnuts and ice cream. Take her to the movies, give her some M & Ms, hot buttered popcorn, and a coke. And look, times are a changing. There are models and attractive women all over the world with a little more thickness. Look at super model Katie Upton  or superstar Beyonce and put on some pounds!

12 Fitness Magazine

via marriedwiki.com

So Sid's main squeeze has graced the cover of "Fitness" magazine a ga-zillion times and I gotta' problem with that too. Leutner's had a very successful modeling career, so it's a little bit of a mystery as to why she's not among the more famous WAGs, especially given that she is dating the best player in the game. They've been together for about eight years, with a bit of a break in 2010-2011, but they are stronger than ever now. Leutner is gracing the Fitness magazine cover here and it's clear that she's able to stay very thin. Sid the Kid seems to be doing quite well for himself off the ice and it's only a matter of time you suppose before these two tie the knot.

11 My hero

via puckbunnyparlor.com

I'd pay this guy to take out Kathy and show her a good time. You know he knows all about the gyro shops and the restaurants that pile fries on a roll with Italian meats. Then, he could take her to the best bars in Pittsburgh where the wings, nachos, and beer is pumped out and flowing. Personally, I find Penguin fans are to me the lowest of the low, but this dude knows how to have a good time and he's flaunting this "look at us" photo with the captain's girl. And certainly, with the look on Kathy's face, she needs to be shown how to have fun.

She looks like she's watching golf and is there to be there and be seen. Come on girl, wear a jersey, they have to have some great junk in the concourse, and let your hair down. Your man is probably working on a 3 point night.

10 Abercrombie & Fitch #1

via insgrum.com

"If you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain..." is a perfect lyric for this shot. Here, Kathy is showing off that hard working and modeling skill set she's got going. Her hair and eyes are looking good and it's like she's seducing the camera. She really does have nice hair. It's also nice how she's holding the coconut so tenderly, almost caressing it, like a baby to her twins. The image, in black and white, also adds a nice, almost nostalgic feel. I picture her as a young, native, innocent island girl that is only known by the locals. Cute shot, really, and to have your gals exposed to the world is a great way to stimulate a fan base and the haters.

9 Abercrombie & Fitch #2

via flickr.com

Hey now! So does Kathy have the seven year itch? During this shot while modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch, another man is entering the picture. But in this shot, Sid doesn't have to worry. I can feel it from here that Kathy is trying to pull away and seems very uncomfortable. But come on! We all know this is an add so play the part and have a little fun. I'm sure his breath is nice and he doesn't reek of beach sweat. I can tell by Kathy's head, neck, and shoulders that she's entirely uncomfortable with the scene and she's not playing along with the plot. He's trying to sell it and the poor guy is not getting any cooperation. If she ever makes it into TV or film, Sid can definitely rest and be at ease with any love scene.

8 Abercrombie & Fitch #3

via oocities.org

Now this how you sell it. Amazing what a little closeness can do. It seems in this shot that Kathy has gotten a lot more comfortable. She's sensually holding his cheek, her smile seems wide and in the moment, and she's not straining to pull away. This is what Abercrombie & Fitch is paying for. Sell the fun, the careless flirt of young lovers on the beach, and whisk us away in the fairy tale of your love story. She looks natural, real, and... Real? There's something VERY different, physically, here than in the first few shots. Hmmmm. I wonder if Ovie or Giroux will get a hold of this and trash talk #87 until he takes a dive. Oh well, let's move on to our next image.

7 Play Ball

via kathyannleutner.tumblr.com

So maybe it takes a non PG mind and a little imagination, but there is certainly a little poking to be done about this shot. If a bunch of guys want to do some  ___ busting, no pun intended, then they could have some fun with this. First, it is ridiculously silly. Are they supposed to be acting out a game of hoops, and he, in his pink Izod, is guarding her. Is Kathy really having that much fun being attacked by her big, mean, pink boy friend. Or, subliminally, are they both getting in tune with their inner carnivore. Either way, this Valley Girl, Prep School, Yacht Club shot is enough to make anyone throw up. Sid would probably rather see her pick up a hockey stick.

6 Same Girl

via playersgf.com

Yeah, so get this. The reason this photo makes the list: Where is and what happened to this girl? This picture can't be 10 years old and Kathy seems like a completely different person. Now this is the type of shot, pre- fame, pre- fortune, and pre- cosmetic surgery that makes you want to be young again. Look how sweet, fun, and open this girl is. At this point, Sidney could have given up hockey and she still would have married him. Most people, Sid included, can look back on their youth and see their smile, eyes, and see how their looks evolved. But this shot looks nothing like the Kathy of today and makes you wonder what she would naturally grown into.

5 Same Girl #2

via loverbirdsblog.com

If anyone needs to be reminded of just how much she's changed, scroll down and then back up. And you know what? I like this girl. In fact, I even like this Sid. At this point in his life, what did he know. He could never know he would be the toast of Pittsburgh, that he'd have a Hat Trick named after him, and that he would be Public Enemy #1. And here she is, a girl from Virginia who likes a hockey player. This just seems like the All American or All Canadian couple enjoying a root beer float and apple pie. Scroll down, then scroll back up. Gee wiz. Kind of a big old shame but we've seen a lot of celebs change everything about their natural looks for the price of fame.

4 Smile

via zimbio.com

Now believe me, I'd rather bust on Sidney than his soon to be wife, but to me she kinda looks like a British reality TV host. Her teeth look way too white and big, and the adorable young woman from the previous photos looks long gone. Even the veins in her neck, the bones in her nose, and her skin seems so made up and untouchable. Most hockey wags have this down to earth radiance where they seem so natural and fresh. But this is also just about the pictures, because she and Sid have been going together for about a third of their life. There is no doubt that they deep down fell in love, and when they take those vows, they're a good bet to make it all the way.

3 Those Aren't Penguins Colors!

via everyjoe.com

Now this is cute, and I wonder if Kathy has any pull with the Pens' organ-I-zation. Maybe a Sidney's GF WAG calendar? How bout a bikini shoot between periods on the ice. Or maybe, just maybe, the Penguins could add this pinkish or peachy color to their jerseys. Heck, the Flyers were one vote away from not adding teal so maybe it can work. It's also nice that it seems she had a nice lunch before the shoot. Maybe some avocado toast, some salmon, and a pina colada. But it's a nice shot and her eyes have that sweet, bashful look.I also like the scalloped bottom which I'd bet a ton of NHLers do too.

It seems that Kathy hasn't done one of these in a while. What is she waiting for?!

2 Hat- Trick

via fabwags.com

So look at Kathy's abs. I love a woman in a hat, and I'll bet a lot of guys in the NHL do too. How about when the Pens visit the Left Coast or the South? It would be a sight to see the families join them with an all inclusive vacation as a reward for winning back to back cups. So this is a cute shot. She looks happy, and it shows in her smile. She's gazing into the distance and probably seeing a huge home in the burbs with a pool just a stones toss away from The Lemieuxs. She's also gazing into the crystal ball and seeing a fishing or beach home in Cole Harbor, where Little Sids can vacation and beach during the summers. Go get it girl, ya done good!

1 Water Fountain

via radass.com

Is this too good to be true or what? I wish this shot could be circulated to every room in the league. I mean, what were they thinking by not burning this shot. O.K, let's start with the idea that this is a water fountain. Anyone a little thirsty or wanna drink? We all know players dream of drinking out of the Cup! Or, could this bubbling be the result of a woman's expulsion of air from the ________, also known as a _____. Or maybe Sid, or someone else is snorkeling nearby. Maybe a whale or other sea creature is in the area. I got one more idea, a quick, one liner from Eddie Murphy from the film "Trading Places." If you don't know it or are too young and haven't been exposed to the classics, look it up. I won't ruin it for you.

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