15 Pictures The Gretzky Family Doesn't Want You To See

Known as the greatest ice hockey player of all-time, Wayne Gretzky remains an icon of the sport until this very day at the age of 56. Although controversies seem great players of the past, Wayne has managed to stay almost perfect throughout the years. Nowadays, Wayne is a proud father of five which includes, Paulina, Emma, Tristan, Trevor and Ty. Along with his kids, Gretzky maintains a terrific marriage spanning almost three decades with his wife Janet Jones.

Although it all seems so perfect, we here on TheSportster dug pretty deep to find some dirt on the Gretzky family. The pictures we’ve compiled on the list feature the Gretzkys in some rare moments they’d truly like us to forget. Whether it be some hot photos of Paulina, Janet Jones and her past of provocative photos or even Wayne and some of the controversies he's dealt with, these are pictures the family are none too pleased with.

With that being said, let us now begin. From the beach, to the ice, to the golf course, to the Vegas night clubs, these are 15 pictures the Gretzky family doesn’t want you to see. Enjoy the article and, like always, let us know your favorite from the bunch!

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15 Hot Grandma

via hellomagazine.com

Although Paulina Gretzky makes most of the headlines when it comes to steamy photos online, Wayne’s wife Janet is no slouch either. At the age of 56 and entering the wicked world of being a grandparent, Janet Jones is still looking quite fine nowadays earning the label of a true GILF. This picture proves that, as Janet is still looking to be in fantastic shape despite the fact that she’s closing in on her 60s. The photo grabbed all the headlines away from Paulina, as heads turned to see just how great Janet still looks today.

Surely, this is not the kind of press the Gretzky family wants, especially considering both Wayne and Janet are now grandparents. However, several men (and women) around the globe beg to differ and are quite happy that this picture made the rounds.

14 Paulina Partying It Up

via plughockey.files.wordpress.com

It just seems like every family has a wild child and for the Gretzky’s, that person is Paulina. Wayne has four other children; Trevor, Tristan, Emma Marie and Ty, who rarely make the headlines. Only Trevor has seen his name in a couple of headlines because of his pursuit of a baseball career. Aside from that, Paulina continues to dominant the tabloids with her wild way of life.

As documented on her social media accounts, Paulina loves to have a good time. Before her marriage to golf star Dustin Johnson, Paulina was seen as a party animal living the life with various club nights in the Vegas area. This picture further solidifies that as Paulina looks like she just finished downing a couple of drinks while getting comfortable next to her two buddies. Without a doubt, father Wayne and mother Janet probably sweat a little more than usual at the sight of this R-rated photo.

13 Wayne & Soap Operas

via battleofcali.com

This forgettable photograph has a back story to it as Wayne pokes some fun at his previous love for soap operas. Yes, number 99 admitted to being a fan of soap operas back in the 80s and it caused quite the stir amongst his teammates. Wayne would take his passion for the daytime shows a step further by appearing on an episode of The Young and the Restless in 1981.

Thankfully, those types of roles diminished for Wayne as he moved on to other television projects like doing a voice over for The Simpsons and even hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live back in 1989. He’d continue on with several cameos throughout the years and it helped to suppress his love for soap operas and the fact that he appeared on one back in the day. Thankfully, we here at TheSportster are glad to remind you about the forgettable stint!

12 Janet Doing Playboy

via photobucket.com

We can only assume that Paulina got her provocative side from her mother Janet, who also had a history of releasing edgy photos. Going way back to 1987, Janet Jones posed for Playboy magazine, which was a pretty big deal back in the 80s and 90s. Janet made the cover of the magazine which included a semi-nude photo shoot with the future Mrs. Gretzky.

It seems like the shoot struck a chord with Wayne, as the two would get married just a year later, tying the knot in 1988. The wedding was a huge deal as it was broadcasted all over Canada like a royal wedding of sorts. The couple got married at St. Joseph’s Basilica and have remained together ever since welcoming five children to the family.

11 Paulina Pole Dancing

via usatthebiglead.files.wordpress.com

In October of 2016, Paulina once again grabbed all the headlines on several platforms like TMZ for her latest late night adventure. Out and about in Vegas, Paulina stole the show as she twerked on stage at a night club in Sin City. As if that wasn’t enough, Paulina took things a step further by pole dancing at the club. Various videos and Snapchat footage showed Paulina looking like a natural with the pole... something her family we only assume isn’t too thrilled about.

Paulina posted about her night, publishing a picture alongside her man Dustin Johnson writing; this is how we do. Given the amount of headlines the post made, surely her family was none too pleased, especially considering the fact that she’s now a mother and should be maturing. This picture, however, tells us otherwise.

10 Wayne & The Argos

via twitter.com

We see it all the time, whether it be in sports or other fields of work; those who have a great deal of money make some bizarre deals throughout their lives. Wayne is certainly no exception, as he’s made some bizarre endorsement deals in the past like, for example, signing a deal with a pillow company. Yes, a pillow company.

This particular deal was not an endorsement deal, but an actual ownership stake. Gretzky purchased the Argos of the CFL along with Bruce McNall and John Candy. The deal was seen as brilliant right off the bat as the team won the Grey Cup in Wayne’s first year as the owner. However, the next two seasons wouldn’t be so kind, as the team struggled badly. Wayne, and the rest of the management group, quickly pressed the eject button in 1994 opting out of his ownership deal.

9 More Weird Endorsement Deals

via imgur.com

There’s a variety of reasons Wayne doesn’t want you to see this picture. For one, his hair is truly inexplicable. Second, his stance is kind of feminine, as a hockey stick just oddly lays on top of him. And finally, the plethora of outdated items on the table also makes you want to forget some of the odd products Wayne endorsed back in the day.

Pillow cases weren't the only random endorsement deal Mr. 99 made in his past. Gretzky has done it all from sponsoring several cereal companies to even appearing as the spokesperson for the chocolate bar Mr. Big. Remember that bar? Do they still make those? If they do, we can only assume Wayne stepped down from his position to endorse the product, something he’s done with various other companies throughout his rise to fame.

8 Janet Jones In Hockey Gear

via listal.com

Coming from a life in show business, you would assume that Janet was pretty darn good looking back in her day, although as you saw in the previous picture, she still looks quite fine today at the age of 56. This picture is jaw dropping as Janet poses in a fantastic hockey inspired wardrobe. We can only assume she kept the outfit on for Wayne later that night...

Jones actually initially met Wayne in the world of show business, as the two both worked together on the set of Dance Fever. Ironically, Janet didn’t remember Wayne all that much from his cameo on the show and the couple would only start dating after they met a second time later on.

Following their wedding, fans blamed poor Janet for Wayne’s trade to LA back in 1988, claiming Wayne left for Hollywood because of his wife pursuing a career as an actress.

7 Wayne Behind The Bench

via nhl.com

When it comes to anything hockey related, it’s unfathomable to believe Wayne could fail at something. Sadly, he did at one point, when he took his talents behind the bench to become the head coach of the Arizona Coyotes.

Following the announcement of his retirement, several teams phoned in about Wayne’s desires to own or coach a team. Ultimately, Gretzky took a 10% partnership stake with Arizona along with becoming the team’s head coach later on.

He became the coach in 2005 and although it seemed like a dream, it turned into a nightmare rather quickly. Despite his rocky start, he was still signed to a five year extension. Wisely, Wayne would decide to step down from all his involvements with the team, sporting a coaching record of 143-161-24. He was recently able to right his wrongs by leading his All-Star team to victory as the Metropolitan Division reigned victorious.

6 Paulina at the US Open

via nydailynews.com

It was a historical day for Dustin Johnson when he won the 2016 U.S. Open. Although he should of grabbed all the headlines, it was his wife that instead stole the show on a day that should have been all about his excellence.

Following his win, wife Paulina joined in on the celebrations and that’s when the focus quickly shifted. Paulina was wearing a stunning, short white dress which highlighted her tremendous figure. The dress drew a great amount of criticism for such an even and, surely, the Gretzky family wasn’t at all pleased with Paulina making the headlines for such a reason. Although it drew some negative attention, several others will beg to differ judging by how stunning she looked on that day. When did it become a sin to look good?

5 Nagano

via thecanadianpress.com

Wayne doesn't have much he wants to forget about his pro career, but this moment was one of the few moments he'd love to erase. 1998 was historical as, for the first time ever, it was announced that NHL players were eligible to play in the Olympics. Although the news was great, eyebrows were quickly raised when Wayne Gretzky wasn’t named a captain on the team.

This would be a foreshadowing to Gretzky not getting chosen for something, as coach Marc Crawford inexplicably elected against making the greatest player in the game shoot during a semi-final shootout against the Czechs. With huge expectations, Canada lost the game and failed to earn a medal. Wayne finished the tournament off with four assists, leaving the international scene on a sour note.

4 Wayne & Nickelback

via thebiglead.com

Throughout his career, Wayne made a fortune not only with his NHL contracts, but with various appearances and endorsement deals. Forbes estimated his insane net worth to be at $93.8 million during the time frame of 1990 to 1998. Throughout the 80s and 90s, Gretzky saw his stock boom, as he was peaking in the world of professional sports.

Once he retired, the endorsement deals and gigs slowed down a little bit in comparison to his on-ice days as the greatest player on the planet. He took on a forgettable gig in the Nickelback video Rockstar, as he oddly sings along while, of course, holding a hockey stick in his hands. The video featured several celebs and has over 85 million hits on YouTube, so several people saw Wayne’s brief, forgettable cameo.

3 Paulina’s Social Media Pictures

SaturDaze Vibes 🎶

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Yes, Paulina is 28 and she's a big girl now, but her LA lifestyle has made things quite uncomfortable for her family. Via social media, Paulina has managed to create an insane following with more than half a million followers on Instagram. Why all the followers? Well, that’s mostly because of her pictures, as a swarm of men (and women) have flocked to her page because of the edgy photos. Whether it be a professionally done modelling picture, provocative selfie, something in beach wear, a night out in Vegas wear or even a picture of her eye popping Halloween outfit, these images have been R-rated more times than not.

It’s great that she’s received so much recognition, but it's likely the family is none too pleased with the way it all played out and why she gathered so many fans. If the family could go back in time, such pictures would not exist.

2 Gambling Allegations

via keywordsking.com

Rarely did the Gretzky family receive any heat until February of 2006, when both Janet and Wayne were tied to a gambling ring controversy. According to the claims, Wayne and his wife were illegally putting in bets.

Wayne would admit to putting bets, although he claimed that he did so on a Super Bowl game through Rick Tocchet. The Newark Star-Ledger would later claim they had wiretaps that proved that Wayne played a part in the entire gambling ring ordeal. Janet Jones would later go public, claiming the press was trying to destroy her perfect family for no reason whatsoever. She would go on to claim that the only bets she ever put forward for Wayne were for horse racing.

Thankfully, everything was settled later on and it didn’t tarnish the family’s legacy. However, it’s a memory nobody in the family wants to relive.

1 Getting Snubbed By His Wife

via sbnation.com

This picture blew up on social media as The Great One got snubbed by his wife during a game. Back in April of 2016, during a Capitals/Flyers game, Mr. 99 puckered up as he expected wife Janet to go in for the kill. As she turned away, Wayne maintained the position and even tapped her. Things would only get worse as Janet turned around and once again snubbed Wayne’s kiss, turning away. The cringeworthy moment was hilarious and caught by NBC-CSN cameras. Wayne awkwardly laughed it off as he turned away.

The pucker face went viral and had potential to be the new Jordan crying face meme. Thankfully it didn’t blow up as much as that one and the Gretzky family is thrilled about that, hoping we forget about the awkward moment.

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