15 Pictures Wayne Gretzky Doesn't Want You To See Of His Daughter Paulina

The eldest of the five Gretzky children, Paulina continues to grab all the headlines at the age of 28. Some will argue that she’s grown even more popular than her father nowadays, but that’s certainly up for debate.

A parent’s worse nightmare, Paulina opted against going to college and planned on pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Her initial breakout came in the world of music, as Paulina went public with her talents by singing at the 2003 Heritage Classic for the first time. She continued in the field for a little bit before permanently making the jump to modelling.

It was from that point where Paulina’s fame would grow. She began as a huge figure in social media platform for her superb posts. Her fame was met in the world of Hollywood as she appeared in the film Grown Ups 2, of course, playing the role of a bikini girl, Daisy. Her fame would continue to grow and, in 2014, she was ranked 59th on the list of most desired women according to AskMen. Today, her fame is still on the upswing with more than half a million followers on Instagram and a plethora of others on Snapchat.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of her more controversial photos from the past. Without a doubt, father Wayne wasn’t too happy with these 15 particular photos. These are the 15 pictures Wayne Gretzky doesn’t want you to see of his daughter, enjoy!

15 Mom’s Bday

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It was a day of celebration for the Gretzky’s back in 2014, as Janet Jones Gretzky celebrated her birthday alongside family and friends. However, the night was stolen by her daughter Paulina and the outfit she chose to wear that night. Paulina wore a revealing top along with some seriously short, short shorts, which certainly turned a few heads on the night. The picture of Paulina alongside her parents went viral as she once again made waves for something she was wearing. Ironically this time, it wasn’t for a revealing bathing suit.

As a father, we assume Wayne was probably sweating a little bit after seeing his daughter wear that outfit on a day that was meant to be all about mom. The tabloids thought otherwise, as the picture made the rounds rather quickly, something Wayne probably did not want.

14 With Tiger

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Another tough part for Wayne to accept about his daughter is all the men she’s been linked to in the past. However, this one takes the cake as the picture lit Instagram up like a Christmas tree. Posted 18 weeks ago on her social media Instagram page, Paulina posted a picture with Tiger. Adding to the speculation, Paulina placed a heart in the caption of the photo.

The picture spread like wildfire, receiving over 30K likes. In addition, the comment section was littered with inappropriateness, as over 1,500 comments were shared and a lot of them were wondering if she'd been with the golf icon.

For obvious reasons, it’s rather likely father Wayne wasn’t all that pleased with the amount of attention the picture got. Paulina didn’t help the cause by putting a heart in the caption, but neither did Tiger as he’s holding a drink in his hands while his eyes appear to be a little glazed over. Whatever the case may be, Wayne would have slept better knowing this picture didn’t go viral.

13 Bday Bro

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY @trevorgretzky!!

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This one is a throwback picture coming from Paulina’s Instagram page. At this point, her fame was starting to grow and this picture only furthered that.

The particular photo above was taken on the night that the Gretzky family celebrated the birthday of Trevor Gretzky. Once again, Paulina stole the show at a family b-day by dressing up in a fantastic combo of short shorts and a low cut top. Even Trevor seems to be giving the thumbs up in the picture.

Once again, the picture made headlines and the comment section was filled with inappropriate comments. Paulina didn’t help her cause by bending down in the picture and giving all the dudes that follow her an even better look at the goods. We assume father Wayne was sweating it a little bit more on that day given her daughter’s choice of wardrobe.

12 Partying

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After a while, maybe Wayne looked past the outfits, but one thing we guarantee consistently angered him was the party lifestyle that his daughter lived throughout her teens and into her 20s. Paulina is notorious for living it up, whether it be in her neck of the woods (Los Angeles) or out in the jungle that is known as Las Vegas.

This picture is yet another example of Paulina’s partying in her earlier days. Gretzky’s daughter clearly looks dazed as she lays on some dude holding a Champagne glass while Captain America lurks in the background, putting the number one up, a notorious pose from douchebags all over the world. Unfortunately, for Wayne, this picture was only the beginning for Wayne’s daughter and her life of partying.

11 Halloween Outfit

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Halloween is a unique time of the year for both men and women. For most men, the goal is to scare the living hell out of children while females use it as an excuse to dress a little provocatively. At first, it’s innocent, but once they grow older, the father’s start to sweat a little bit more and that’s likely what happened with poor Wayne. His daughter went from dressing like an innocent princess back in her early days to the Rated R cop you see in the picture above. For Wayne, the holiday is probably a nightmare because of his daughter.

Like most of her other pictures, this one was posted on her social media accounts and was a major home run with the masses. Not sure the reason needs to be said, as Paulina is wearing the tightest cop outfit you’ll likely ever see. If cops like that existed, at least half of the male demographic between 18 to 34 would be in jail right about now.

10 Beach Wear

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For Wayne, we assume he dreamed of his daughter becoming a pro athlete or a doctor. Instead, she’s become famous because of her incredible array of bikini pictures which have made the rounds online. Surely, this is not what poor Wayne envisioned, but hey, at least she married a top of the line golfer right? That’s kind of the same...

Yes, sadly for Mr. 99, his daughter rose to fame because of the countless amount of bikini pictures she's posted. Paulina’s Instagram is loaded with beach pictures, whether it be on a beach, at home or even on a boat. The pictures fueled her popularity and that continues today, despite the fact that she recently became a mother. Looking at her new set of pictures, we can pretty much confirm that Paulina is one hot mother. At the tender age of 28, we can expect her to continue along those lines for a very long time.

9 Post Motherhood

I'm not everyones cup of tea but that's alright with me ☕️🌵

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Wayne was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief when his daughter started to date golfer Dustin Johnson. After only seven months of dating, Paulina was snatched up as the pro golfer proposed to the lovely Paulina and the two were engaged in August of 2013.

A little later, it would be announced that the couple was set to have their first child. Tatum Gretzky Johnson was born on January 19th, 2015. It's kind of surreal to think that Wayne is a grandfather.

Many believed that was going to slow Paulina down, but it didn’t. Paulina is still out and about, along with posting some smoking pictures. This is evidence of that, as Paulina looks like a hard ten while enjoying some relaxing time in clothing that nobody is objecting to, aside from Wayne that is.

8 With The Squad

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What’s worse than your daughter dressing up in minimal clothing on a daily basis? Her friends doing the same thing. We can only imagine what poor Wayne had to endure over the last couple of years, with flocks and flocks of beautiful women surrounding his home. Paulina has made it quite clear that she has a decent looking entourage as her friends are no slouches in the looks department.

This photo, taken a couple of months back, solidifies that as Paulina and her two friends pose for a jaw dropping photo in their once piece beach attire. Paulina wrote SQUAD in bold letters under the picture and surely pockets of men and women wouldn’t mind being a part of that type of squad. Wayne, however, wishes she had no friends and played in a lacrosse league for a team far, far away.

7 Paulina & The US Open

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Winning the US Open is a dream for every aspiring golfer. However, for Dustin Johnson, his wife took all the headlines on what was supposed to be the biggest day of his career.

Following the victory, Paulina and their child stormed the green in celebration. Jaws quickly dropped as Paulina was shown with an outstanding white, tight, short dress. From that point on, it was all about Paulina. She made headlines all over social media outlets for her attire, as most deemed it inappropriate. Some even criticized the poor cameraman for a certain shot as he followed Paulina and Dustin up the stairs. Let’s just say the view was pretty great and although some blamed the cameraman, it is a typical shot that takes place following a golfer’s US Open win, so don’t blame the poor guy.

Knowing what it takes to win a championship, there is no doubt Wayne was none too pleased that his daughter stole the headlines on that day.

6 Pole Dancing

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If you thought motherhood was going to slow Paulina down, think again. TMZ recently posted a video of Paulina Gretzky working a pole at a Vegas night club. Posted on Snapchat, the footage went viral and Paulina looked like an absolute pro working the pole. Fiancé Dustin Johnson was on hand to witness her special skills and so was the rest of the Vegas nightclub. The partying took place at the holy grail of Vegas night clubs, Hakkasan.

So, if you were wondering why Wayne didn’t want us to see such a picture or video, you’re going to be a terrible parent in the future. Most parents don’t envision their child working the pole and, for Wayne, we only assume he envisioned something else for his daughter.

5 Them Selfies

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Like they say, you've got to start somewhere right? For Paulina, her rise to fame began with a variety of bikini pictures and the ever so popular selfie. If you can rock the hell out of a selfie, chances are you can rock the hell out of any type of picture.

This throwback shows one of the first selfies posted by Paulina on social media. As you might expect, the picture went viral. Paulina is looking mighty fine in this throwback pic, dawning a lovely head of blonde hair along with some serious cleavage. If only poor Wayne knew this was only the beginning of a variety of selfies that would break the internet.

4 More Pics With Dudes

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It's certainly not every father's dream to see your daughter side-by-side with some dude as she holds champagne in her hand. To make matters worse, the guy’s hands seem quite low in the picture, as he gets a nice grab. When your dad is Wayne Gretzky and the media magnifies everything you do, it just makes everything that much worse.

This has been the case with Wayne, who had to endure a variety of pictures featuring his daughter and some random dudes. Thankfully, that stopped following her engagement to Dustin Johnson, but Wayne probably still has nightmares about these party pictures going viral. It seems like her random guy days are done, but, at the age of 28, her party lifestyle is still going strong, as documented on her Snapchat account and other social media platforms.

3 That Party Life

Let me show you the finer things @kmelnichenko @jeremyc0hen @djohnsonpga

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As stated, her party life just won’t stop and poor Wayne will likely have to endure several pictures like this in the future. Paulina’s Instagram page is loaded with her party pictures, including a variety which took place on a boat. This one got some serious attention and I don’t think we need to explain why.

Paulina gives us a nice back pose in the picture. The photo received numerous likes, along with some of the most disturbing comments you’ll ever read. Again, Paulina seems to be okay with them, as they haven’t been deleted, nor does it look like she plans on removing them anytime soon. To her credit, she tags her man Dustin Johnson in the picture, who is nowhere in sight. Chances are, the dude took the picture and thanked his lucky stars that Wayne’s daughter is all his.

2 Instagram & Bikinis

➳ @boysandarrows my favorite bikinis!!

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The most painful part of being Paulina's father has to be Wayne knowing the kind of content that exists on his daughter’s social media pages, particularly on Instagram. She grew a huge following, which arguably started 196 weeks ago when she posted this incredible bikini picture promoting a swimwear company, Boys and Arrows.

From then on, her popularity would continue to rise. It just seems to be a trend as daughters of famous athletes continue to make their names known on social media. Look at the pro wrestling scene, as the likes of Brooke Hogan (daughter of Hulk Hogan) and Noelle Foley (daughter of Mick Foley) have also created a huge following because of their revealing social media posts. Paulina continues to thrive with an insane following of more than half a million fan boys and girls.

1 Paulina & Jarret Stoll

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You know things are bad when you type in 'Paulina and Stoll' into Google, only for it to be followed by the words, 'hot tub'. The two made waves after a picture was leaked showing Paulina getting a little too close to Jarret Stoll. The two both have a history of living the party life, as even Jarret has been seen partying it up in Vegas several times. He even got into serious trouble in the summer of 2015, getting arrested on charges of possessing cocaine and ecstasy inside his Las Vegas hotel room.

The rumor mill indicated the duo were dating after a variety of pictures of them together, but the speculation slowly ran its course and the two moved on. As of 2012, Stoll was rumored to be dating Erin Andrews. The two would solidify their relationship in December of 2016 by announcing their engagement.

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