15 Recent NHL Memes That Are Absolutely Savage

The National Hockey League changes so much from year to year, but three things can be certain each year: 1) The Coyotes will be bad; (2) An American team will win the Stanley cup; and (3) Fans will create savage memes about anything and everything hockey related. This post is going to focus on that third point, the memes. I scoured the internet to find 15 of the most recent savage memes I could find and credit goes out to the creators of each one used here.

These memes seek to hit players and fanbases in their weakest points and many do just that. It's not easy to make it to the NHL as a player, but once they do they gain the right to become an instant internet sensation by way of memes.  It's an obligation that all NHL players most take on as part of their jobs and most handle it with a good sense of humor.   If you like this list, I suggest following the Instagram accounts listed at the top of each photo. Lastly, if you have any memes that you feel are deserving to be on this list, please include them in the comment section. I would love to see them.

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15 NHL Irony At Its Best

How ironic😂

A post shared by NHL MEMES 😱 (@thenhlhumor) on

When Malcolm Subban was drafted #24 overall by the Boston Bruins in the 2012 NHL Draft, many in the organization hoped that he would develop his skills and become the heir apparent to Tuukka Rask.  That hope came to an end when the Bruins placed Subban on waivers, where he was quickly snatched up by the Vegas Golden Knights.

After an injury to starting goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, Subban was placed into action in what would only be his third career NHL start. Of course, the hockey gods made sure that Subban would get the start against his former team, the Bruins. Subban surrendered only one goal to Boston and ended up getting the win against his former squad. That win had to feel great, but unfortunately Subban would suffer his own injury just a few games later.

14 Poor Brad Marchand

For real😂

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With a nose that would put actor Adrien Brody to shame, Brad Marchand is well aware of his rather large beak. In fact it is almost comical at times to see that his nose sticks out the bottom of his visor on his helmet. His ski-slope nose also works as a big target during on ice fights, which is maybe why Marchand has shied away from dropping the gloves.

But maybe the nose works in his favor somehow because Marchand is quite the talent on the ice. Could it be that the nose makes him more aerodynamic as he glides effortlessly from end-to-end? Whatever the case, don't feel to bad for this savage meme, as Marchand will likely use $100 bills to dry his tears after signing his $49 million contract with the Bruins.

13 This Low Blow on Auston Matthew's High Hairline


A post shared by DM to buy shoutouts/promotion. (@elite.nhl.memes) on

It's undisputed that Auston Matthews is a once in a generation type of hockey talent. Through just a season and change, the young stud has put the Toronto Maple Leafs on his back in a Herculean like style. His skill, power, speed, and creativity are unmatched for a player his age (albeit McDavid is right there as well but a tiny bit older).

Unfortunately for this budding superstar, his hairline doesn't appear to be along for the ride to NHL stardom as it continues to rise at an alarming rate. While the 20-year-old may struggle with the fight against male patterned baldness, it certainly hasn't affected his game on or off the ice (the girls he has dated are pretty incredible). Could Matthews take the reigns from LeBron James in terms of being the next balding superstar?

12 Trash? You Mean Dumpster Fire?

A post shared by The Most Average NHL Memes (@average.nhl.memes) on

Remember a year ago when the Montreal Canadians were one of the talks of the NHL and pounded their way to an eye-popping 103 point season? Well where the heck did that team go and who is this impostor team that has struggled mightily out of the gate this season? Does the C on they jersey now stand for Montreal Coyotes? You're killing us Habs.

Well the finger can be directly pointed at the blue line and inside the crease for this muddling team. Former five time all-star goalie Carey Price has been putting up numbers comparable to an AHL goalie. Backup goalie Al Montoya (sounds like a Scarface character) hasn't been any better either. If the Habs can't find away to generate some wins, they will certainly be considered a "trash" team.  More like a dumpster fire.

11 Was Mike Smith Passing to The Senators?

That’s not very good

A post shared by The Most Average NHL Memes (@average.nhl.memes) on

To be honest, I'm a fan of Mike Smith. The guy is one of the most naturally athletic goal tenders in the NHL and led the Coyotes nearly singled-handedly to the Western Conference finals in 2012. After several years of injury issues, Smith was rewarded with a trade out of the desert and back to his native Canada. What Smith was most looking forward to, apparently, was playing with more talented offensive players in Calgary that could actually score.

Well clearly this didn't work out so well in their early season matchup against the Ottawa Senators. The only time Smith passed it to players that could score in that game was when he accidentally lost the puck to Senator players. Unfortunately, it wasn't just this game for the Flames.

10 White House or Waffle House?

The only reason Kessel went lolol... - Samurai

Posted by Hockey Memes on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Say what you want to say about Phil Kessel putting hot dogs in the Stanley Cup, but there is no denying that he is a cool guy.  He's also a hell of a hockey player.  One thing he is not is a politician or a social justice warrior.  With the intensity surrounding American politics right now, the media put extra focus on which Pittsburgh Penguins would or wouldn't attend the White House presidential meeting to celebrate their Stanley Cup win.

Kessel, Crosby, Malkin, and just about everybody else did in fact attend the special ceremony and appeared to have a good time doing so. Nobody is sure exactly where Kessel stands on the political spectrum, but it does seem he would be more interested in dining at the Waffle House then smoozing at the White House. Phil is a hockey player at heart, so just let him play hockey and eat his $5 waffle house scrambles.

9 Dion Phaneuf Spotted Hitchhiking

via facebook.com/hockeymemes


While Dion Phaneuf has turned out to be a useful acquisition by the Ottawa Senators, he's still on a bad contract and is getting paid like a top pairing defenceman when he should be paid more like a second pairing d-man. The Leafs figured that out when they sent him to Ottawa.

Phaneuf isn't the most fleetfooted defenceman and often gets beaten on the rush and has trouble keeping up with the up-tempo speed of the NHL. Well, this fan decided to take a shot at Phaneuf when driving on an Ontario road when the dreaded orange and black cone popped up. Guess not all Ottawa fans are stoked to have Phaneuf under contract for another few years. At least they still have Erik Karlsson.

8 The Next Great One?

Lmao... something isn't adding up

A post shared by NHL MEMES 😱 (@thenhlhumor) on

With the influx of young, creative talent that has entered the NHL in the past few seasons, it has created a serious discussion as to who is the best player in the league right now? Most analysts would agree that Crosby is still the king of the ice and should remain that way until somebody knocks him off his throne. It's a fair point. Crosby is great and does so many things each game that go unnoticed that help his team get 2 points.

But is Crosby really comparable to Wayne Gretzky? I mean Gretzky is literally known as "The Great One."  For as good as Crosby is, it's fair to question where he ranks amongst the elite player in NHL history. Some would argue that Connor McDavid, in only his third season, is already better than Crosby. The statistics would support that as well, but let's stop comparing either of them to Gretzky for the time being.

7 Why So Serious?

So sad...

A post shared by NHL MEMES 😱 (@thenhlhumor) on

It seems like Matt Duchene has been on the trading block for the past five years (I know that's exaggerating), but no team has offered the Avalanche a package of prospects that would entice them to move one of the cornerstones of their franchise. Duchene is a great talent in the NHL and could be even better if he was surrounded with better finishers. You can see here how badly Duchene wants out of Colorado and onto a perennial powerhouse.

But not all hope is lost yet for the 2017-18 season as the Avalanche are actually staying competitive thus far. It's debatable whether that success will be sustained throughout the season, but the best bet is that Colorado will be out of the playoff chase by the trade deadline. Watch for Duchene trade rumors to keep circling until then.  #prayforDuchene

6 Ovechkin Will Do Anything At This Point

Ovechkin would be down there so quickly😂💀

A post shared by NHL MEMES 😱 (@thenhlhumor) on

It's really quite sad that we haven't seen the greatest scorer in the NHL ever compete in a Stanely Cup Final, but such is life for Alexander Ovechkin. It's certainly no fault of Ovechkin's that his team has not advanced to a finals during his tenure in Washington, as Ovi has been dominant in most of his playoff appearances.

But for as good as he is, the fact that the Capitals can't get the job done in the playoffs will always be his career crux.  It has to be extremely frustrating for Ovechkin to have the constant weight of winning a title fall directly on his shoulders and at some point, he will need some help to get there. Ovechkin would have sold his soul to the devil for a Stanley Cup kiss if that offer was ever on the table. Hopefully, for his sake, this year is his year.

5 Perception is Powerful

Matthews is so overrated already

A post shared by NHL MEMES 😱 (@thenhlhumor) on

Auston Matthews is great and I would not say that he is already overrated, but some Maple Leafs fans need to calm down when comparing him to the likes of Gretzky already. Let Matthews develop into his own style and skill set before putting labels on him or touting him as the greatest of all time. Enjoy Matthews for what he is, a young and talented scorer that is a generational talent.

But for as great as Matthews is already, let me remind Leaf fans that Gretzky put up 51 goals and 86 assists in his rookie year.  Matthews had 40 goals and only 29 assists.  Impressive numbers for a rookie, but there is still a clear gap in the comparisons to Gretzky.  Matthews will never have 92 goals in a season.  He will never have 163 assists in a season. And he will never be better than Gretzky. He's great but he is not The Great One.

4 ... And Your Franchise Is Relocating Soon

via instagram.com

Remember this off-season when the Arizona Coyotes were wheeling and dealing around the NHL Draft to add a new No. 1 center (Derek Stepan), a new starting goalie (Antti Raanta), and a new coach (Rick Tocchet)? Those moves were supposed to help supplement the Coyotes young and talented prospect and possibly compete for an #8 seed in the playoffs.  Well the Yotes can throw those plans out the door already this season.

The Coyotes already look like they're the front-runners to win the draft lottery. The team certainly does have exciting prospects in Clayton Keller, Max Domi, Dylan Strome, and more. But it will take time for the young core to learn how to compete at an NHL level and until then we can expect the Yotes to continue being the blanket for all other teams to beat. The actual loyal Coyotes fans that have been dragged through the mud the past decade deserve better than this.

3 Watch Out For The Penguins

I say 1 or 2 years before Ovi requests a trade.

A post shared by The Most Average NHL Memes (@average.nhl.memes) on

Sorry Ovi but this list isn't finished with you quite yet. It's incredible that the Capitals have one of the greatest players on the face of the earth and cannot get past the second round of the playoffs. The past few seasons they have lost to their arch rival, the Pittsburgh Penguins. And if I were a betting man, I would bet the house that Ovi sweats at night thinking of another second round series against the black and yellow.

This meme could actually be very foreshadowing as well as it is very well possible that if the Capitals cannot advance further this season, Ovechkin may start feeling the pressure building on him and request a trade. Hopefully for his sake, he gets traded to the Western Conference so that he would never face those scary Penguins in the second round ever again.

2 "Vegas is Elite"

Vegas is elite.

A post shared by The Most Average NHL Memes (@average.nhl.memes) on

The Vegas Golden Knights have been breaking records for expansion franchises as they continue to beat some of the league's best teams, despite the fact that they are now down to their third string goalie. The Chicago Blackhawks were another Golden Knights victim when they got shut down by Oscar Dansk, who was making his first ever NHL start.

The Blackhawks are an elite team despite the loss, but is it possible that the Golden Knights are already an elite team? So far, the Knights have looked the part of an elite team with James Neal leading the way. The Knights will soon have Fleury and Subban back in goal and will look to continue their hot start. However, by the end of the season, expect the Blackhawks to compete for the Presidents' Cup, while the Knights will be competing for the last playoff spot.

1 The Price Hasn't Looked Right

via facebook.com

The Canadiens have a lot more to blame than Carey Price for their early season struggles. They have still had trouble scoring, as has been a problem for several seasons now, and their blue line was severely downgraded this offseason when they let Andrei Markov walk in free agency to the KHL. However, the former Hart Trophy winner Carey Price has not only failed to live up to his MVP like expectations, but he hasn't even put up the numbers an average NHL goalie would, as his save percentage is well below .900 after a full month of the season. He'll have to turn his game around in a hurry if the Habs want to compete for a playoff spot and perhaps save Marc Bergevin's job.


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