15 Retired NHL Stars That Have Smoking Hot Wives

It's no secret that professional athletes get the hottest girls. Being in great shape helps, but it's the money that draws attention from beautiful women - let's be honest, there's a tone of athletes married to women they would have no business being with if they weren't millionaires. It's true football, baseball, and basketball players have no trouble finding a knockout partner, but in hockey it seems even more prevalent. Just scroll through the average NHL player's Instagram account and you'll find plenty of evidence to support that notion; hell, look through the account of a minor league player.

Dion Phaneuf, who has the face of someone you just know has zero personality, is married to Elisha Cuthbert, the star of The Girl Next Door. Mike Fisher, albeit a good-looking dude, is married to country Superstar Carrie Underwood, while former NHLer Mike Comrie (a kid-sized Dion Phaneuf) was previously married to Hilary Duff. And even though the player's looks might fade and body shape might change, as long as the money and name recognition is there they seem to have no issue finding a beautiful wife. Most of these retired players are still married to the woman they met during their playing days, while others found gorgeous wives post-retirement.

15 Wade Redden

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A native of Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Wade Redden spent 11 seasons as a defenseman with the Ottawa Senators and is best known as being the reason the team made a monumental mistake in not signing Zdeno Chara. Redden signed with the New York Rangers following the 2007-08 season and, while he didn't enjoy much of a career until his retirement in 2013, he did have the fortune of spending his offseasons with wife Danica Topolnisky, who he married in August 2008.

Danica was a blonde bombshell when the couple married in 2008 and is still an incredibly good-looking woman in great shape, despite having three children. Wade retired in 2014 after a stint with the Boston Bruins. The couple is still married and reside in Kelowna, British Columbia with their children.

14 Jeremy Roenick

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As outspoken and charismatic as he was on the ice and as an analyst off the ice, it's surprising we hear little about Jeremy Roenick's personal life. One might assume that the colorful American is or was somewhat of a playboy during his career, but that isn't the case - at least according to the facts we know. Now a 47-year-old, Roenick recorded 1,216 points in 1,363 career games, but he was with his wife from day one of his rookie season.

He moved to Boston to attend Thayer Academy when he was 13-years-old and he met his future wife, Tracy, that year. Roenick detailed the early years of their on-off relationship in his book, J.R.: My Life as the Most Outspoken, Fearless, and Hard-Hitting Man in Hockey. The couple married in 1992 and have been happily married ever since.

13 Luc Robitaille

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Like Roenick above, NHL Hall of Famer Luc Robitaille has been married to his wife, Stacia Toten, since 1992. The couple has two sons, one of which was from Stacia's previous marriage. Robitaille was a six-year NHL veteran by the time they married and given his star status in Los Angeles as a member of the Kings, he probably could have had his pick of the litter in regard to women, but it's not hard to see why he fell for Stacia - not only is she a stunning blonde, she happens to be particularly blessed in the chest.

Given Luc's recent promotion to president of the Kings, Stacia is a staunch supporter of the team on Twitter, where she also shares her hatred of Donald Trump and all things current and controversial.

12 Mats Sundin

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Mats Sundin is the Jason Statham of retired hockey players. The big Swede looks as though he could play both a bond villain and James Bond himself, despite his large bald melon. There's a certain charm and larger-than-life personality about Sundin that makes it easy to see why he's one of the many retired NHLers with an above-average looking wife.

Unlike the players above, Sundin, who played 18 seasons in the NHL, waited until retirement to marry his wife, Josephine Johansson, who fits the stereotype as a beautiful, blonde Swede. The couple currently reside in Sweden with their three children; the expected birth of their third child caused Sundin to miss the Toronto Maple Leafs and Detroit Red Wings alumni game as part of the 2017 Centennial Classic.

11 George Parros

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For a period of time, George Parros was regarded as one of the best fighters in the NHL. The 37-year-old terrorized opponents as a member of the Anaheim Ducks from 2006-11 and later played for the Florida Panthers and Montreal Canadiens. Parros, who is both a Goon (he appeared in the film of that title) and the owner of one of the best mustaches in professional sports, proved that chicks not only dig tough guys, but tough guys with 'staches.

His wife, Tiffany Parros is the first non-blonde to make an appearance on this list but she's just as hot as those above - and slightly younger. Tiffany operates her own clothing line titled Plain Threads and appears alongside George on the W Network's Hockey Wives.

10 Tyler Kennedy

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You can be forgiven if you thought Tyler Kennedy was still playing in the league. The former Pittsburgh Penguin's retirement announcement flew under the radar on January 3, 2017 after he spent the first half of the year anticipating a contract offer. Once a 20-goal scorer with the Penguins, Kennedy last played in 2015-16 with the New Jersey Devils and scored just three goals in 50 games.

His decision to officially retire was probably made easier by the fact that the 30-year-old is married to - surprise - a stunning blonde. Kennedy wed Brandi Engel at a Hawaiian resort in 2014. Because their families reside in Ontario and Pittsburgh respectively, the couple streamed their wedding online so all relatives could watch. Brandi works for Mattress World and has appeared in commercials for the company, which is owned by her family.

9 Peter Forsberg

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There's something about Swedish hockey players that seems to attract beautiful women. Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators has a bombshell of a girlfriend, while retired players like Mats Sundin, Daniel Alfredsson, and Niklas Lidstrom are all married to beautiful women. Aside from Karlsson's girlfriend, it could also be owed to the fact that the wives are all from Sweden, a country in which hot blondes are the second-leading export.

Peter Forsberg's wife, Nicole Nordin, is no different. It shouldn't be a surprise given Forsberg's Hollywood-esque look but Nordin has the look of a leading lady herself. The couple wed following Forsberg's final season with MODO of the Swedish Hockey League and welcomed their first child, Lennox, in 2012 and second child, Lily, in 2014.

8 Dan Boyle

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Spending the first decade of his career in Florida - four seasons with the Panthers and six with the Tampa Bay Lightning - was the best thing to ever happen to Ottawa, Ontario's Dan Boyle. Not because he got to enjoy a luxurious life in the sun and not because he was fortunate enough to win a Stanley Cup, but because it was in Tampa Bay where he met his future wife, Amber Esposito.

The 40-year-old veteran of 1,093 NHL games married Esposito, a former hairdresser, on June 14, 2008 at Clearwater Beach, three weeks before he was traded to the San Jose Sharks. A week after that, the couple announced they were expecting their first child. They now have two children, Eastin Sky and Wesley Ocean Boyle.

7 Jamie McLennan

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An obscure backup goaltender for much of his career, Jamie McLennan played 254 games between the Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, St. Louis Blues, New York Rangers, and New York Islanders. Upon retiring, he served as an assistant coach with the Flames, but later transitioned to TV, serving as an analyst with TSN in Canada.

In addition to his role as a color commentator for TSN broadcasts, he's one of three voices on the daily radio show Overdrive, which just happens to be produced by his wife, Stephanie Apoloito. The couple married in 2013, and, according to their destination wedding website, first met on set of Off the Record, which Apoloito worked on as a producer and McLennan was a frequent guest. He was 45 minutes late for his appearance and hungover when they first met.

6 Eric Nystrom

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The tough, gritty players definitely don't have a hard time attracting beautiful women and Eric Nystrom is another testament to that statement. The veteran of 593 games recently married longtime girlfriend Chelsea Nicole, who happens to be another beautiful blonde with great assets, which she often proudly shows on her Instagram account.

Her account also shows her and Nystrom enjoying various adventures, including trips to Disneyland, New York City, and their beachside wedding. Given Nystrom is just 34-years-old and only recently retired, Nicole is the youngest wife on this list and not coincidentally one of the most beautiful. It's an impressive feat for Nystrom, who must ooze personality, because the former Nashville Predator and Dallas Star has a bald head, and not by choice. He's an inspiration!

5 Chris Pronger

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There's a longstanding rumor that Chris Pronger left Edmonton after only one season because he cheated on his wife, Lauren Pronger, and slept with another woman. That may or may not be true (although according to the Internet its an accepted fact), but it's hard to blame Pronger for giving in to his wife's demand that they leave town if that were the case. You see the picture above. You would probably do the same to appease this woman, especially after making a marriage-threatening mistake.

The less salacious rumor for Pronger leaving is that Lauren didn't like the cold Edmonton weather and wanted to move somewhere warmer, which you can hardly blame her for. The deal resulted in Pronger winning a Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks, so it was a win-win for the Pronger family. They have been married since 2001 and have three children, Lilah Marie, George William, and Jack Hunter.

4 Sheldon Souray

Former Montreal Canadiens defenseman Sheldon Souray might have the most impressive dating resume of not only all hockey players, but all professional athletes. The Elk Point, Alberta native was married to Baywatch actor and Playboy cover model Angelica Bridges from 2002-07 and the couple had two children during that time.

Rather than moping about their divorce or settling into a single dad routine, Souray decided to find himself a hotter, more famous wife. Souray married former WWE Diva Kelly Kelly in 2016, despite being ten years older than her. The wedding was attended by the couple's family and friends, including WWE's The Miz and Maryse. If you haven't done so already, we strongly suggest visiting Kelly's Instagram page which is littered with A+ photos.

3 Mike Modano

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If Sheldon Souray has the best dating resume of retired NHLers, former Dallas Stars sniper Mike Modano is right behind him. In 2007, while still playing for the Stars, Modano married Willa Ford, who has had a successful career in music, television and film, and even posed for Playboy. The couple divorced in 2012 and Ford, keeping with her love of athletes, later married former NFL linebacker Ryan Nece.

Modano, meanwhile, keeping with his love of beautiful women, married Allison Micheletti in 2013 and the couple have been happily married since. Micheletti, who is 19 years younger than Modano, is a former professional golfer. She gave birth to twins in 2015 and within months was back to looking like the brunette goddess that she is.

2 Brad Richards

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She's no Olivia Munn, who Brad Richards previously dated, but the former Tampa Bay Lightning center's wife Rechelle Jenkins is a beautiful model herself. After breaking up with Munn in 2012, Richards later proposed to Jenkins on a beach in the Bahamas in 2014 and the couple later tied the knot in the Hamptons. They welcomed their first child just months after getting married.

Richards, a former Conn Smythe winner, recorded 28 points in 68 games during the 2015-16 season as a member of the Detroit Red Wings and, although it seems a team could have used his leadership and secondary scoring skills this past season, it's hard to argue with his decision to retire. You can certainly argue that Jenkins resembles Munn, but she might even be hotter given she hails from Australia and, presumably, has a sexy accent.

1 Curtis Joseph

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Curtis Joseph was an expert at stopping pucks for a living, but in retirement the 49-year-old is doing a lot of scoring. A former member of the Edmonton Oilers, Toronto Maple Leafs, St. Louis Blues, Detroit Red Wings, Calgary Flames, and Phoenix Coyotes, Joseph spent most of his playing career married to Nancy Joseph, with whom he had three children.

The couple divorced following the end of his career and Cujo, as he's affectionately known as, took the opportunity to lock down a beautiful, young woman. Joseph married Stephanie Glasson, a former Playboy playmate who has posed nude numerous times, in Turks and Caicos in 2013. Glasson still models occasionally and currently runs her own swimwear line. She was named Miss July 2004 with Playboy.

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