15 Ridiculous Pics Of Drunk NHLers You HAVE To See

Compared to other pro sports, hockey is quite tame when it comes to partying. Other leagues like the NFL, NBA and even MLB take things even further during their offseasons. However, NHLers still like to party and this article is a clear indication that even the current prominent stars enjoy a drink or two during their time away from the rink. Once the NHL Awards are done with, most of the league's players go into relaxation mode while GMs are just getting started setting up shop for the NHL Draft and free agent frenzy period on July 1st.

In this article, we forget about the drafts, both expansion and regular. Instead, we sit back, relax and laugh at some of these pictures likely taken during the offseason. What all these shots have in common is the fact that alcohol was used. Players featured in the article are all current players except for one legend we needed to include and that’s the Great One himself, Wayne Gretzky. Scroll down to number three if you want to see the ridiculous drunken photo.

Okay, enough of the talk and let’s get to the pictures. As you scroll down, you’ll likely chuckle more and more. Here are 15 ridiculous pics of drunk NHLers you HAVE to see. Be sure to share this article with a friend via Facebook. Enjoy, folks!

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15 P.K. Subban

via twitter.com

Enjoying a night out with baseball Superstar Jose Bautista, this picture is just a snippet of what the two had planned for the night. You can see their table in the picture which is littered with alcohol as well as shot glasses. Them’ boys work hard, they deserve a night of partying. We hope P.K. consumed some Listerine after this type of night...

Of course, Subban is no stranger to the party life as he enjoyed himself while a Montreal Canadian. Subban was often seen out and about in the great MTL area. Even during the off season he loves to head back home to his Toronto roots and relive a night of partying with some of his buds. After a lengthy playoff run with Nashville, one can only assume Subban will be headed to warm weather ASAP as he enjoys his short-lived off season after sustaining a deep run with his new team, the Preds.

14 Evgeni Malkin

via sports.ru

One of the most underrated players on this planet, Malkin was once again snubbed by the NHL when he wasn't named to the list of top 100 players. Living in Crosby’s shadows likely had something to do with it, however, that’s a topic of conversation for another day.

Another underrated part of Gino’s lifestyle is the fact that he’s quite the party animal and that he has an infectious attitude off the ice. Yup, that’s right, just do a quick Google search by typing in “drunk Malkin” and you’ll be quite flabbergasted to see the many photos of Malkin looking quite wasted to be blunt. Out of all the pictures (which even included a drunk makeout shot), this photo was without a doubt the chosen one an Evgeni poses with a lion, while looking completely out of it. This photo is wallpaper worthy folks.

13 Brad Marchand

via 25stanley.com

What makes this photo that much more noteworthy is the fact that Marchand is partying in the most hostile territory he could of possibly been in and that’s the Belle Province of Montreal, Quebec. Yup, it takes a great deal of “stones” but Marchand decided to booze himself at a club in Montreal, Beach Club. Several videos were posted of Brad from that very day looking completely out of it. You’ll notice a familiar face behind him and that’s ex Boston Bruin' Tyler Seguin. The two were know for partying way too much, and a big reason for Tyler’s dismissal had to do with that.

For the better of Brad’s career, once Tyler left the team his game reached new highs hitting the over 35 goal plateau twice in the last two seasons.

12 Nathan Beaulieu

via 25stanley.com

Another player with a Montreal connection, Nathan was considered to be a big deal when drafted by the Habs back in 2011. He was a point man with an offensive flare and for that, the team took him 17th overall.

Recently traded for a measly third round pick, Nathan became yet another draft bust from the team’s selection committee. Some believe the prestige of playing in MTL got to Nathan and at the age of 24, a trade was much needed for his career. Beaulieu was seen out in several instances and the photo you see above is a shot taken at a Montreal night club, Buonanotte. That’s Italian for the word "goodnight"... oh the irony. It’ll be interesting to see if Nathan can resurrect his career over in Buffalo away from the spotlight. Given his age, we don’t see why he can’t.

11 Erik Karlsson

via 25stanley.com

If any player deserves a glass of alcohol this offseason, that man is Ottawa’s gem Erik Karlsson who played the bulk of the post season while sustaining two torn tendons in his left foot. Not only did he play through the pain, but he was still one of the top players in the entire playoffs. At the age of 27, we all need to sit back and watch such a fabulous player perform at his prime. When it comes to top d-men in the league, Erik’s in a league all by his lonesome.

This picture isn’t recent, but one we hope Erik will relive this offseason. A nice glass of cold beer seems fitting for the blue-liner to cool off a bit. Seems like he had a couple of beers too many in this shot as he struggles to keep his eyes open in the hilarious drunken photo.

10 Tyler Seguin

via pintrest.com

Tyler Seguin is another young NHL player that is no stranger to the party life. His career as a Bruin was short-lived because of it, and judging by the many pictures available online, we have reason to believe those allegation we’re pretty accurate.

From partying with Marchand to ripping the Vegas nightlife with Ovechkin, Seguin loves to live it up during the offseason. He’s still quite young so we’ll give him the pass. However, the Stars had a terrible campaign and one that was disappointing for both Benn and Seguin following some remarkable seasons together. Under a new coaching staff, we fully expect Seguin to be back to his dominating ways.

Oh and as for the picture, well, we’ll leave it to your imaginations. The likely scenario, Seguin partied way too hard and crashed out... a sentiment most of us have endured at some point.

9 Alex Galchenyuk

via 25stanley.com

When GM Marc Bergevin took over, his first significant move with the club was drafting the US native Alex Galchenyuk third overall. The move was meant to cement Montreal’s center position for years to come. He had the size and skill to fit the bill.

Well, fast forward to his MTL run and the results have been disastrous. Alex’s days with the team seem to be numbered as his name is making waves out on the open market. Alex is another player that made the headlines for his office antics whether it be through a night out of partying, or an alleged altercation with his ex-girlfriend. Of course, being in Montreal, everything is magnified so that hasn’t helped his cause either. His next drink might take place in a new town sooner than later.

8 Claude Giroux

via inoprokhl.ru

Selected 22nd overall, Claude Giroux was a huge steal in the 2006 NHL Draft. To put things into perspective, Erik Johnson and Jordan Staal were the first two selections and neither is playing with the clubs that drafted them.

Claude is a great talent on the ice known for his skill, but he’s also well known for his personality as a big time joker and chirper on the ice. Off the ice, he’s pretty much the same and quite reckless at times. If you thought the picture above of Claude is bad, how about the time he got arrested for grabbing a cop’s butt... twice. Yup, back in 2014, Giroux was taken into custody for grabbing a cop’s behind while intoxicated inside of an Ottawa night club. Recently getting engaged in December of 2016, we think those days are behind the centerman.

7 Jeff Carter

via kinja-img.com

One of the most underrated snipers in all of the NHL, Carter put up another fantastic season quietly netting 32 goals while playing on a lackluster Kings team that’s starved for offense. He’s scored over 24 goals in his last five campaigns which is truly remarkable.

Off the ice, Carter loved to party, although like Giroux, he’s calmed down since becoming a father back in November of 2016. Before that, Carter enjoyed the party life alongside his good buddy Mike Richards. Not too surprising, although their careers went in opposite directions, they still remain very close.

As for the pic, it’s without a doubt one of the more hilarious shots in the article. With his eyes closed, Carter grabs the breast of a young woman who appears to get a chuckle out of it. As for Mike Richards, his face adds to the hilariousness of the shot.

6 Kris Versteeg... & Toews

via 25stanley.com

Former teammates, this is a hilarious shot of Versteeg and Toews. We get a chuckle seeing Toews with an alcoholic beverage but if you think this one’s funny, wait till you see him in the next picture, oh man get ready for that one.

The true hero of this shot is Kris Versteeg who looks like that annoying friend you lose five minutes into your night. Entering his 30s, Kris has been somewhat of a journeyman as of late playing for seven different teams in the last couple of years. Franchises since he moved on from Chicago included pit stops with Toronto, Philly, Florida, back to Chicago, Carolina, Los Angeles and his latest destination, Calgary. So yea, he’s had a few beers in different places since the 2010-11 campaign.

5 Jonathan Toews

via pintrest.com

He goes by the name of Captain Serious in Chicago and that seems to be quite misleading when looking at such a picture. For fans of Toews, they probably had to look twice at such a photo as Toews appears to be partying it up big time. A three-time cup winner, Toews didn’t need to find an excuse to booze it up in the last couple of years.

Set to enter his 30s next year, Jonathan’s numbers have started to dip a little but those that know his game are aware that points isn’t everything for the captain. With Hossa set to miss the entire season next year, it’ll be interesting to see how Toews does without his star horse of a winger. We hope Toews lives it up this offseason, cause it’s going to be a long season in Chicago!

4 Dustin Byfuglien

via gafy.com

One ridiculous picture we needed to include on this list is of a player looking intoxicated while drinking out of the cup. We found a somewhat recent picture from 2010 showcasing Dustin Byfuglien taking a large gulp out of the cup. His face seems like that face we’ve all experienced, the, “oh man, that was way too much” type of reaction.

Following his tremendous cup run with the Hawks, Buff was moved shortly after because of cap issues, something that still follows the Hawks today. Buff might not be too far away from a cup given his team’s brilliant young assets over in Winnipeg. At the age of 32, Buff probably hopes the team can make the jump sooner than later. Looking at how fast teams like Edmonton and Toronto progressed this season, Winnipeg is hopeful for something similar and they certainly have the tools to do so.

3 Wayne Gretzky

via gawkerassets.com

We felt obliged to include a legend from the past on this list and we couldn’t think of anyone better than the greatest of all-time (arguably), number 99 himself Wayne Gretzky. The former Oiler' is still a huge ambassador for the game of hockey and he recently made the headlines for a hilarious moment alongside NBA legend Charles Barkley. When asked who his favorite African American athlete was, Wayne replied, "Grant Fuhr". All that type of answer did was make us love the Great One even more.

From getting rejected by his own wife on national television, to the picture you see above, we’ve caught Wayne in some peculiar moments throughout the years. Now we don’t want to jump to any conclusions, but judging by his eye color, we have reason to believe Wayne boozed pretty heavily on the night of this photo.

2 Alex Ovechkin

via imgur.com

Some fans feel bad for Ovie, the poor guy is still pursuing a cup only to fall flat time and time again. If that wasn’t bad enough, Alex was recently linked to trade rumors as the Caps indicated they wouldn’t mind trading him eventually.

Well, we hear at The Sportster love Ovie just as much as you do, but we’re here to tell you don’t feel bad for him! Along with his insane record breaking $124 million dollar contract, Ovie loves to rip it up during the offseason living the party life with countless amounts of women. Whether it’s back home in Russia, out on a boat party, or ripping it up with flocks of females in Vegas, Ovie isn’t losing any sleep, that, we can assure you. This picture clearly justifies that as Alex high fives a fan while being surrounded by eight women. Oh, and the DJ that day was Tiesto, his good buddy.

1 Patrick Kane

via chicagonow.com

We end the article off the only way we know how and that’s with the master boozer himself, Patrick Kane. You’d think such a talented human being like Kane would be locked in his basement year round shooting pucks at a net but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, we could have done an article alone on drunken pictures of Patrick Kane.

The photo takes the cake as Patrick is totally out of it and completely finished. His drunk antics have landed him in hot water at times, he was charged with punching a cab driver at 5 AM back in 2009. Even worse, he later faced rape charges that almost jeopardized his NHL career. At the age of 28, it finally appears as though the Buffalo native has finally settled down.

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