15 Shameful Pictures Of The Gretzky Family

On the surface, Wayne looks like one the most squeaky clean athletes on this planet. He’s a good ol’ Canadian boy that made his country proud countless times. However, some claim his American roots (his wife Janet), have landed him in some hot water in the past. With Janet being quite the looker, the Gretzkys had Paulina 28 years ago and let’s just say she didn’t help the family’s legacy in a positive manner. The article is littered with Paulina moments from the past and let’s just say most of these pics are of the “Not So PG” nature so buckle up folks.

Paulina however isn’t alone in this article. We’ll also look at some shameful pics of the Great One off the ice along with Janet’s “Not So PG” past as documented in a specific photo. In addition, even Trevor Gretzky makes an appearance in this article for his efforts in getting into the MLB.

Enjoy the article folks and like always, be sure to pass it along to a friend. So without further ado, here are the 15 most shameful pics of the Gretzky family. We start off with a throwback picture pertaining to Paulina’s past, so you can bet it’s of the “Not So PG” nature! Let’s begin!

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15 Paulina’s “Boy” Pics

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From Tiger Woods (who we’ll see later in the article), to Jarret Stoll to several random dudes, Paulina has been photographed with too many boys in the past. Some might argue the pictures are just friendly pics, but given the background stories of the athletes she’s been linked with, we have reason to believe there was little more going on. We also make the link with the picture above featuring another NHL party animal, one Paul Bissonnette. We’ll let your imaginations run wild on this picture.

After a slew of boy pictures, Paulina would end up settling for All-Star golfer Dustin Johnson. But again, even that came with controversy as many linked Johnson to being a big time cheater off the green, even hooking up with the wives of players on the tour... Ouch, for that reason, some might say the two are a perfect match... A shameful match that is!

14 Janet’s “Not So PG” Past

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In case you haven’t noticed, we here on The Sportster love using the word “Not So PG” to describe various situations. For this instance, the term applies perfectly as the act of one taking off all their clothing for a magazine is certainly regarded as such. So yes, Janet has a big time “Not So PG” past!

A lesser known fact about Janet is that she was indeed and actress and dancer during her past life. However, most fans remember her for one thing, and that’s her modelling work, specifically a particular shoot. The shoot we’re clearly talking about took place with Playboy magazine. Not only was she featured in the spread, but she was also the cover girl for the 1987 issue. A year later, she had Wayne’s first son, so maybe, just maybe, Wayne was a little extra excited to “plant his seed” following the shoot...

13 Paulina’s Youthful Instagram Posts

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Thankfully, nowadays at the age of 28 and after giving birth to two children and marrying her husband Dustin Johnson, Paulina has calmed down with the edgy partying posts. Wayne is without a doubt sleeping much easier nowadays because of it. However, fans that have followed Paulina for quite some time are well aware that this wasn’t always the case. Back in her early 20s, Paulina had a slew of “Not So PG” pictures up on her Instagram such as the one you see above. Given the high powered name of the family, these photos were regarded as quite shameful, usually pertaining for Paulina’s party life.

Eventually, according to reports, daddy Wayne would step in and lecture his daughter on the nature of her party posts. She calmed things down after that, but the shameful damage was already done.

12 Wayne Behind The Bench

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Calling something that Wayne did on the ice as shameful would be downright disgusting, the guy is the greatest to ever play the game. However, sadly, we do label a specific time period for Wayne as shameful, and that is his run that took place with Gretzky behind the bench as the coach of Arizona Coyotes.

As we’ve seen numerous times in the past, it isn’t the best former players that make the greatest coaches. Heck the highest praise Mike Babcock got as a player was playing for McGill University which is still a decent accomplishment, but nothing that screams out anything more. Despite all his legendary achievements, Wayne couldn’t translate his success while in back of the bench and unfortunately, his run was pretty shameful as the Coyotes struggled terribly. It’s a part of his great hockey legacy he wants us to forget about.

11 Mommy Showing Some Skin


A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

Paulina has taken a step back from edgy social media posts in the last couple of years. This is in large part due to the fact that she’s currently starting a family alongside her man Dustin Johnson. The two recently welcomed their second child into the world as Paulina gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This was the couple’s second kid, as Tatum Gretzky Johnson was born two years prior, in January of 2015.

In the picture you see above, Paulina was in fact pregnant, though it didn’t stop her from posting this edgy picture via her social media account. Some would call the act shameful, given the nature of the picture. Rocking an edgy bikini top, this shot is screaming for the viewer to look at one (or two, depends if you look at them as individuals or as one....) specific “Not So PG” asset.

10 A Shameful Kissing Picture

Okay, so looking at this picture, many of you are reminded of another similar shameful picture that took place between the couple. That pic, was actually worse as Wayne was caught by the rolling cameras getting snubbed by his wife while the two were on the "Kiss Cam". How dare she snub the Great One like that!

Well, it looks like once again, the two shared another shameful kissing picture as you see in the Instagram picture above. We give props to Janet for the heartfelt message but in truth, the kiss is once again extremely weak and gives off the vibe that she’s uninterested in the Great One, shameful! Pulling a half smile, and with her eyes open, Janet is clearly not “all in” during this picture.

9 Paulina’s PDA Shots

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Continuing with Paulina and her links to “Not So PG” antics, we know stumble upon Wayne’s daughter and her slew of PDA pics available online. Looking at some of the photos, shameful is a word that instantly comes to mind describing such antics and pics.

From sitting on some dude’s junk at a club, to even getting frisky with her ex Jarret Stoll in a hot tub, her PDA pictures have only made things worse. Gretzky also has a slew of recent PDA shots alongside her hubby Dustin Johnson. This yet another intimate pic that Paulina took, this time, alongside her fellow female counterparts. One thing is for sure given all these pics, Paulina loves to get “touchy” when the alcohol hits. Need more evidence, make a quick search for yourselves and you’ll see!

8 Paulina With Tiger


A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

This picture is shameful for a couple of reasons, for one, Woods doesn’t have the greatest past and if you’ve read some of the articles on this site, you know that Woods is one of the most “Not So PG” athletes on this planet so posting such a picture, really is never the greatest idea and that works double for someone like Paulina. The photo received mass attention and the comment section was stacked with inappropriateness which really isn’t all that shocking.

To make matters worse, poor Wayne managed to get implicated in this dropping a shameful quote. Gretzky claimed he wanted Dustin to “be more like Tiger”. Listening to that quote, many of us can only cringe and look down to such a statement. Shame on you Wayne, shame on you! To quote Dumb and Dumber, Wayne must of have been thinking, “do you realize what you’ve done!”

7 The Gretzkys and The Bieb

Lots of fans would call this one shameful. With such a high powered status, Wayne has been photographed with many celebrities in the past. This particular photo made the rounds given Justin’s high powered status as a very polarizing figure on this planet. Many love him while most macho hockey fans likely do not. For that reason, many were ashamed to see Gretzky pose for such a picture.

Being a Canadian boy and a big fan of hockey, some might be able to give this picture a pass. He also posted the picture alongside Wayne to his own account, let’s just say the picture got a couple of views given the fact that he has a disturbing following of almost 100 million fans, yikes. Hate him or love him, the Bieb’s is doing something right.

6 Paulina Flashes At The Camera

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Whether it was back in 2013 when this photo was taken or even today, one thing that hasn’t really changed all the much is Paulina’s love for the spotlight. Spending countless nights in the Vegas and LA areas, Gretzky not only loves the nightlife but she also adores what it entails and that's mass attention from the media.

Such was made from this picture as some made the claim Paulina purposely flashed her cleavage at the cameras for the picture (according to the Daily Mail). It was one of the many times Paulina was flaunting for the cameras and we have reason to believe father Wayne would have rather she kept her fine “assets” away from the public eye, or at least, she could have done so more sporadically that on the regular like at one point in time.

5 The Great One In Bubbles

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Let’s take a small look at his resume to refresh our memories shall we, the only player to hit 200 points in a season (something he did four times), nine Hart Trophies and four Stanley Cups, it isn’t hard to realize why he’s regarded as one of the greatest ever.

So as we said earlier, finding anything shameful from his on-ice career is truly, well, shameful to even try! Instead, we’ve found several off-ice pictures including this rare candid pic of Wayne back in the day in the complete nude. It’s a rare glimpse at Wayne’s hilarious and loose personality off the ice as he’s completely covered up in the bubbles in the photo. You likely haven’t seen the pic all that much in the past and that’s likely due to the Canadian media suppressing it wanting to keep it in the past.

4 Trevor’s Baseball Career

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Walking in the shadows of Wayne is nearly an impossibility. Just ask his own brothers that failed to make it in the NHL. The expectations will always be sky high, which is quite unfair but the reality of life when you rock such a last name.

The same can be said for Wayne’s own son Trevor, however, thankfully he didn’t get into hockey or the backlash would have been much worse. He instead took the baseball route and has been failing unfortunately. He underwent the most shameful part of his career last year getting released by the MLB’s Angels. His next step would be a downgrade pursuing his career over in Canada, joining a Quebec team out of Trois-Rivieres. A career in the MLB seems highly unlikely at this point.

3 Paulina’s Instagram Account

Happy 4th of July #Merica 🌟🇺🇸

A post shared by Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) on

One of the most shameful aspects of Paulina’s current legacy is her social media account via Instagram. Even father Wayne as we mentioned earlier has been very critical of the posts she’s made in the past. From modelling pics, to bikini pics, to booty partying photos, the norm of her posts are usually of the “Not So PG” nature.

Even recently, just weeks after the birth of her recent child, Paulina felt the need to post an edgy 4th of July inspired picture as she proudly holds up the American flag while rocking a “Not So PG” pose and bikini! The photos was posted less than three weeks after birth of her second child, can we classify that post as shameful? Highly likely.....

2 Wayne Loves A Drink

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One hilarious part of Wayne's personal life outside of the game is his love to have a good time at a local establishment. We’ve seen a slew of drunken Wayne pics from the past, most of them are usually with fans as Wayne unexpectedly poses for the pictures. Without a doubt, he’d love that those photos would be deleted from the internet given his alleged state in those pics.

This is yet another one of those types of photos however this one, is that much greater given those involved. Michael Jordan, a legendary party animal and gambler along with Kid Rock, who we really don’t need to say much about are also spotted with Wayne in this epic shot. One can only assume the shameful antics these three underwent on that night! All looking glazed in the photo, let your imaginations run wild (speaking of running wild, imagine Hulk Hogan as the fourth in this pic!?).

1 Paulina’s Outfit Choices

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Looking back, Paulina has never shied away from her outfit choices. Whether it was a night out on the town or dressing up for Halloween, those Paulina outfit choices were usually of the “Not So PG” nature.

She decided to take things a step further on a number of occasions, specifically during Dustin Johnson’s tournaments. She picked one of the most shameful moments to rock a white tight dress however, dawning the outfit during his victorious day at the US Open. The media had a field day over the outfit claiming it stole all of the thunder from Dustin’s historical victory. Even Wayne was apparently none too pleased of her attire choice on a day that was meant to be Justin’s. Some rejoiced at her outfit choice on that day, including the cameraman who took a slew of “Not So PG” angles of the ensemble!

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