15 Steamy Pics Of Hockey Daughters Their NHL Dads May Not Like

Hockey is not only one of the most entertaining sports to watch, but it is also one of the most violent ones. At least, that is what most people who are not accustomed to the physicality of a game like hockey might deduce from watching a single game. That might even be extrapolated if the one game they watch happens to be one in which many fights break out. Nevertheless, after you stay with it for a while, it is not hard to see that there is a beauty behind the sport. From the grace of those men who weigh more than 200 pounds being able to glide over the ice to the sight of their daughters cheering for them in the stands, hockey is a one-of-a-kind sport.

Don’t worry. We didn’t just squeeze in the last bit about the daughters for no reason. We did that because they are the protagonists of this list. While fans around the world have roared and cheered with their fathers slamming each other on the ice, scoring goals or performing miraculous saves, not many fans have got to appreciate how gifted the genes of hockey players must be. At least, that is the only explanation we could come up with after finding out how many beautiful daughters hockey players have given to the world. From models to real estate agents, hockey daughters are everywhere. So without any further delay, it is about time we show you 15 not so PG pictures of hockey daughters you have to see.

15 Alyonka Larionov

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Since we love our dear readers, we will not wait to show you some of the best that we could find. As a rule of thumb, most hockey players who have beautiful daughters only have one of them. However, there is one guy who cannot be measured by these standards. Igor Larionov might have just been the greatest Soviet hockey player of all time. After all, this guy is a two-time Winter Olympics champion and a four time World Championships winner. He is a hockey legend, and as you will find out soon enough, he is not just a legend for what he did on the rink. This Russian Hall of Famer also has two of the hottest hockey daughters of all time. And the first of those daughters we decided to show you is Alyonka (the one in blue).

14 Diana Larionov

Igor’s other daughter, Diana is also a beauty to be reckoned with. Alyonka was the one who quickly became more famous as she spent a good deal of time working as a TV host and producer. Alyonka was also the founder of The Untitled Female Project, an initiative she took in order to encourage other young women to speak their truth and share the difficulties they face with their peers in order to help others improve their confidence and better their lives.

Meanwhile, Diana is someone who focused her scope in the world of fashion. She is a passionate makeup artist who loves sharing her work on social media and has an impressively extensive portfolio. Either way, we can confidently say that Igor’s daughters have been doing well for themselves.

13 Caley Chelios


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Being the son or daughter of somebody famous doesn’t instantly make you a celebrity. We have seen the shenanigans in which sons and daughters of celebrities have gotten into, hoping to become famous. Still, every once in a while we find an exception. There are sons and daughters of famous athletes who become recognized for their work. The perfect example of that is Chris Chelios’ daughter Caley. She didn’t have to go viral on the Internet to become famous, and that is because she worked hard and became recognized for her work as a reporter for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

A word to the wise for those who decide to look more into this beauty, beware because she dates a terrifying man. Seriously, no one in their right mind would mess with the girlfriend of Cleveland Browns’ fullback Dan Vitale.

12 Brandi Roenick

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Jeremy Roenick was one of the most famous American hockey players of his time. This is a guy who played more than two decades in the NHL; a man who helped the United States national team to the silver medal in the 2002 Winter Olympics. He scored more than 500 goals in his career and played in nine different NHL All-Star games. That is the kind of career that would make a lot of great hockey players envious. Still, the one aspect of Roenick’s life that his colleagues probably don’t feel that envious about is how much attention his daughter gets on social media.

Brandi Roenick is one of the most beautiful hockey daughters out there, and she has no problem showing her followers why. This has to make Jeremy at least a little bit jealous.

11 Paulina Gretzky

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It is impossible to make one of these lists without including Paulina Gretzky at some point. You really cannot write a better story than having the daughter of the greatest player to ever grace the game of hockey being one of the hottest daughters ever to grace the game of hockey. Paulina is just as beautiful as her dad was good, if that is even possible.

Wayne Gretzky is someone who broke more than 60 National Hockey League records while he was still playing. But in contrast, his daughter has probably appeared in more than 60 lists that involve hot women who are related to hockey to any extent. Either way, this is our obligatory Paulina Gretzky entry for this list, so enjoy the best gift Wayne Gretzky gave to the world outside of the rink.

10 Anne-Marie Morrow

Anne-Marie Morrow is not the youngest hockey daughter on our list, but we will be damned if she cannot go head-to-head with every single young gun we dedicated an entry to. Morrow is the daughter of the legendary Montréal Canadiens’s center, Guy Carbonneau.

Guy played with the Canadiens for almost 12 seasons. His link with the team was so tight and valuable that when he decided to try a coaching career, the Canadiens were exactly where he ended up. Sure, his career would only last less than three seasons, but the fact that he was given that chance speaks for itself.

Interestingly enough, his beautiful daughter, Anne-Marie, ended up getting married to a former teammate of his, Brenden Morrow. Carbonneau and Morrow played together in Guy’s final NHL season with the Dallas Stars in 1999-2000.

9 Julia Scorupco

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Out of all the possible pairings of genes, one that could pretty much guarantee a beautiful daughter as the outcome would be the joining of a former NHL player and a former Bond girl. Both of these professions are filled with stunning people. It should be no surprise then that when former NHL player Mariusz Czerkawski and the Bond girl from GoldenEye, Izabella Scorupco, got married; their offspring would be as beautiful as they came. And let’s just say that Julia Scorupco fits the description perfectly.

Her father played almost 750 games during his NHL career. And in those outings, he tallied 215 goals and 220 assists. More than that, Czerkawski is someone who was recognized in his native Poland with one of the highest honors someone in the country could get, as he received the Knight's Cross of the Order of Polonia Restituta (5th Class) in 2004.

8 Reide Housley

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We have mentioned daughters who try sports other than the ones their fathers excelled at and become great competitors in their own right. There are daughters, however, who decide to go into completely different directions. Reide Housley is a perfect example of that. The daughter of hockey Hall of Famer Phil Housley, Reide is someone who decided a career in sports was not the way to go in order to become successful. As opposed to that, she became someone who seems to have several streams of income, and whose life really appears to be exciting and entertaining.

According to her Instagram profile, she is a real estate agent, a yoga instructor, the founder of a company that makes oil roll-ons and sprays, a Beautycounter consultant, and a Lifestyle Solutions Advisor. Just try to imagine how crazy her schedule might look like.

7 Carlin Domi

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Tie Domi was as good as NHL enforcers came. He might have finished his more than 1000 career games with just a little over 100 goals and 140 assists, but this guy excelled where he mattered the most. If you have any doubt about that, just listen carefully to the stats. Tie Domi has more penalty minutes than any other player in the history of the Toronto Maple Leafs. That is enforcing on a whole new level. And if that was not enough, Mr. Domi is also the third player with most penalty minutes in NHL history.

With those stats in mind, we cannot help but imagine that we are taking a huge risk in talking about this guy’s daughter. Nevertheless, Tie’s daughter Carlin is too beautiful a woman for us to leave her out of the list.

6 Dominika Hasek

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In order to reach the peak of the profession and become a starting goaltender for an NHL team, a player has to be beyond good. For every goalie in the NHL, there are at least a couple hundred more gunning for his spot. That might be an approach that not many people take when complaining about their team’s goaltender. Nevertheless, even under such enormous pressure of having to perform at the highest level night in a night out, some goaltenders are nothing short of legendary.

For almost three decades, a man who embodied this brand of goaltending was the Czech legend, Dominik Hasek. Despite playing the 80s in the Czech Republic, from 1990 all the way to 2008, Hasek was one of the greatest goaltenders in the NHL. And off the rink, he gets to be the proud dad of his daughter, Dominika.

5 Claudia Lemieux

Not many athletes get to play the sport they love for more than 20 years at a professional level. Perhaps even less are able to come back to that sport after a four-year hiatus. Well, luckily for the game of hockey, the Canadian star Claude Lemieux was one of the few who managed to fulfill this deed. A former Montréal Canadiens and Colorado Avalanche player, Lemieux decided to retire in 2005 and try to do something else. However, he could not stay away from the sport for too long and made a surprising come back in 2009 when he was called up by the San Jose Sharks.

Lemieux only played 18 games and had one assist, but he was still fun to watch. His daughter Claudia must’ve been one of the people who enjoyed his move to San Jose the most, as she currently is a model in California.

4 Isabella Yzerman

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Steve Yzerman is someone who was born to be involved with the game of hockey. The former Detroit Red Wings captain proved during his time on the ice that he was one of the greatest leaders ever to play the game, as well as one of the greatest players ever to skate on a rink. His national team career was just as glorious, with one Olympic gold medal and a pair of silver medals in World Championships. Once he was done playing, Yzerman went on to prove that his talent with hockey could transcend the ice and he excelled in the front office.

Well, it seems like his daughter Isabella has grown up to become just as beautiful as her father is talented. Thinking about it, the Yzerman family might just be the best looking family in all of sports.

3 Allison Micheletti

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Sometimes the affinity for sports runs in the family. Even though a second-generation athlete might not follow her father’s footsteps and become a star in the game he played, she can make her own path and become successful in another sport. That was the road Allison Micheletti decided to follow. Her father Joe is best known for being part of the 1982 United States national hockey team that played the World Championships. But instead of becoming a hockey player herself, Allison decided that her sport was golf. As a matter fact, it seems like hockey was never her first choice. Apparently, in high school, she was a great basketball and soccer player, but an injury was ultimately what turned her to golf. Luckily, that was one career that did work out for this young star.

2 Kendyl Fuhr

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Kendyl Fuhr is undoubtedly one of the hottest daughters in hockey. A testament to that is that almost every list of hot hockey daughters will have an entry dedicated to the daughter of former Edmonton Oilers' great, Grant Fuhr. Nevertheless, despite being recognized so many times, it is almost impossible to find a picture of Kendyl Fuhr that could be considered “not so pg.”

Still, we did the best we could and separated a couple of pictures of this Hall of Famer’s daughter that might give fans just the idea how amazing Grant’s genes must be. That last bit might not be that surprising given how fantastic this guy was during his career. Fuhr still holds the NHL record for longest undefeated streak by a goaltender with 23, and the record for most assists in a single season by a goaltender with 14.

1 Crosby Hull

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Brett Hull is a pretty legendary NHL player. After all, not many people can say they won a pair of Stanley Cups. A whole lot more cannot say that they played in eight different NHL All-Star games. Even less can say that they won both the Hart Memorial Trophy and the Lester B. Pearson award in the same year. And to throw at least one more piece of silverware into the mix, Hull is also one of the guys who was recognized for his sportsmanship and gentlemanly conduct by winning the Lady Byng Memorial Trophy.

So yes, Brett was a one-of-a-kind NHL player. Fortunately for hockey fans, his daughter Crosby is also a one-of-a-kind hockey daughter. By that, we mean that this beauty who attends the University of Arizona is simply drop dead beautiful.

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