15 Stunning NHL WAGs You've Never Seen Before

The NHL's constant infusion of youth means that there's always going to be a fresh supply of wives-and-girlfriends (WAGs) for lists such as these to categorize, analyze and rank.  NHL players who are just barely legal enough to enter a bar--and in some cases, still not old enough--are adding speed and excitement to the game, not to mention dating women we'd all love a shot at. Generally speaking, these WAGs fall in the "G category"--for girlfriends--due to the extremely young ages of many players on this list. You can't blame most of them for not wanting to settle down with one particular woman--however hot--when they've got their whole lives ahead of them, while simultaneously trying to adjust to competing in the NHL against the world's best hockey players. Yet somehow the vast majority of pucksters manage to squeeze in the time to squeeze this or that hot babe in between contests on the ice.

International diversity is on full display here, as women from Denmark, America, Sweden, Canada and Finland populate the list, which makes for more interesting stories--including one of our lovely ladies whose image of beauty was used for nefarious purposes by terrorists! But whatever the backstory, this collection of newer and lesser known NHL WAGs are to be celebrated and appreciated to the fullest extent, as often as possible. Sure, Carrie Underwood and the stars of TV reality show "Hockey Wives" remain stunning as hell, but it's high time for some fresh blood to be acknowledged. With that in mind, we give you this countdown of cuties and list of lovelies that make NHL players' lives even more enviable, if that were possible.




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As you can see by the pic posted above, Quinn's just as comfortable posting a selfie as she is with posting with her NHL BF. And we're okay with that, because who needs a distracting player to look at when he's not even on the ice, anyway? Especially when we're looking at the perpetually pretty Ms. Potter, whose Instagram page is a must-follow for those who appreciate blonde beauties; whether she's baring bare-midriff during thrift store shopping or sunning herself in a stunning two-piece bikini.

When Quinn chooses to hang with a human being instead of equipment, per 25Stanley, she's been linked to Devante Smith-Pelly, currently a right-winger for the Washington Capitals. Devante certainly fares better with women than he does inside the rink, merely managing a minus-30 rating during his seven-year career, with less than 90 points accumulated, which is about one season's total for a player of all-star caliber.


🌿🌷🌻 {shorts & bralette:}

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With a fresh freckle-face that combines a pretty and party girl all wrapped up into a single sweet visage, Instagram icon Annika truly embodies innocence that always seems on the precipice of being thrown away forever during a crazy night of mistakes. Per Busted Coverage, 21-year old Toronto Maple Leafs right-winger Kasperi Kapanen represents the Leafs' youth movement that has seen them elevate from perennial underdog to a bright future as an annual contender for Lord Stanley's Cup, the most prized chalice since the Last Supper.

Kapanen's career is off to a slow start with one goal in 21 career games, but he' s still developing. And as long as he's seeing Ms. Boron, he's scoring on a daily basis as far as we can see.


While working and doing what I love 💫

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Our offbeat number 13 entry, fashion designer--and unwitting party to a bizarre terrorist plot--Sanne Andersson, might have been part of the craziest story on this list. Per Daily Mail, this Swedish siren had her identity swiped by suspected Northern Ireland female terrorist Christine Connor, who used online images of Andersson to seduce Stuart Downes to participate in a pair of bomb plots targeting police in north Belfast in 2013. Downes tragically committed suicide after the incidents.

As for Sanne Andersson's actual identity and occupation, she's a designer and has made the move to the United States to pursue her career. Her Instagram account is a must follow as she not only provides stunning pictures, but offers an email address for professional inquiries.


HAPPY BDAY TO ME 🥂🎉 #officiallyold

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Per Players Wives, according to Moa Norberg's password protected blog, the couple will be wedded in 2018. One glimpse at the blonde bombshell Swedish hairstylist, and you could hardly blame the Nashville Predators' left-winger Arvidsson--despite being only 24 himself--for wanting to lock this stunner down down; she's young and gorgeous with plenty of mileage left in the beauty tank. The nubile Ms. Norberg could indeed bring any man many years of happiness. Due in part to the Predators' Stanley Cup run last season and the franchise being associated with superstar singer Carrie Underwood, Moa might be a bit more known than some of the other entries on this list, but her union with Arvidsson is still a recent relationship compared to many long-term hockey hookups.



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This Danish blonde beauty with fair skin offers the world a lively Instagram page full of fun and gorgeous images, and a grateful planet thanks her. Whether it's enjoying an ice cream cone, gallivanting with her friends or sunning her slender body on the beach, Lejla always seems to have a good time. Several of those good times were with her man Nicklas, who most recently played for the New York Rangers in 2016-17, after originally being a first-round draft pick in 2011 by the Vancouver Canucks. Yet the left-winger has only managed to muster 6 points in 31 games (as of this writing) sprinkled over four forgettable NHL seasons. But we're sure Nicklas will always remember his lovely Lejla.


Gala de Noël 🖤

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If this millennial power couple--not even old enough to legally drink in the U.S.--ever decides to make it official, they're going to need the longest wedding invitation cards of all time trying to fit those two names on a single piece of paper. This French-Canadian party girl was born to don a bikini and down a drink or two while always looking cute and classy doing so. All the while Flo's beau Mr. Beauvillier is making his way in the NHL for the New York Islanders; and so far he's amassed 30 points in 93 career games.  That's a decent start, although he could improve on his career minus-7 rating, as well as his below average "even strength" percentage, meaning when Beauvillier was on the ice, the opposing team controlled the puck more often than his NYI did. Sidenote: Anthony's brother Francis was drafted by the Florida Panthers in 2012, but never made it to the Big Ice.


Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox

The ravishing Ms. Radzinski is the wife of Zach Trotman, as they got hitched last summer per The Knot. The four-year NHL defender is currently skating in the minors for the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins, as the NHL Pens sent Trotman down after three games played earlier this 2017-18 season. But onto Trotman's better half, Ms. Radzinski, who while achieving a measure of fame on her own as a crossfit athlete, is still not as well known as many hockey WAGs. She explained in a 2016 interview with Progression why she took up CrossFit:

"I played college volleyball and when I was done I had a huge empty competitive hole left in me. I tried different things after college but nothing compared to training as an athlete like I was used to. Zach and I went to the Northeast Regionals at CrossFit HQ when we lived in Boston. I fell in love with the sport and we literally signed up the next day and I haven’t stopped since."




This gorgeous gal always flashes a perfect smile framed by prominent cheekbones, and Go Habs Go spotlighted the lovely Ms. Laurence when it profiled her after the left-winger Drouin was traded from the Tampa Bay Lightning to the Montreal Canadiens. On one hand, had Jonathan remained in Tampa, he'd be part of a conference-leading team, but on the other, he did come home to his native province of Quebec, presumably bringing the gorgeous Quebecois female Marie with him. Ms. Laurence loses points for having a stuck-up private Instagram account, but in a hockey hotbed like Montreal where everything a player and/or their significant other does is scrutinized to a T, we can't say we blame her.



For those who say we never include goalies in lists like this, here's two net-minders for the price of one! Yes, even the better half in this particular relationship has turned away many would-be goals, as Lexie played for the North Dakota Fighting Hawks, a name that might hint at animal cruelty. Still, it's a step up from their previous appellation--the Fighting Sioux, which implies the noble Native Americans who inhabited North America long before Europeans arrived, were "savage" and "warlike" sub-humans.

Thatcher, born in San Diego, is a back-up goalie who never plays for the Vancouver Canucks. As for the beautiful blonde Lexie, for some reason, her Twitter account was suspended. We're sure there's a story behind that somewhere, but that's a tale for another day.



This is truly a "new couple" for this list, as J.T. is a rookie left-winger for the Colorado Avalanche, while Lauren is a dark-eyed brunette beauty that represents a fresh face on the pro puck WAG scene.  Compher hails from the affluent Chicago suburb of Northbrook, Illinois, that produces a multitude of happy rich white people who become the jocks and cheerleaders of America.  J.T. was originally chosen by Buffalo in the 2013 NHL Draft, as the 35th overall selection that year, but was shipped west in 2015 as part of a multi-player/draft-pick deal with the Avs.  As pictured, the couple seem happy together, but they're both young, so it will be Father Time, as he always does, that renders final judgment on the fate of their relationship.


Queens for the night

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Stunning Sydney and do-nothing Nate--an 11-year veteran NHL center who's only managed 117 points for five teams in his entire career--took this relationship to the next level by getting engaged, which would transform Sydney from a "G" (girlfriend) to a "W" (wife). Currently the cute Ms. Kaplan is an "F" (fiancee) but that's a potentially dangerous letter, so it's best left out of acronyms. As for Sydney, the only information she provides in her Instagram bio is that she's a Pilates instructor, which is certainly believable once you see her ripped physique.

The irony of this particular entry is that Sydney's soon-to-be partner-in-wedded-bliss Mr. Thompson was previously linked to Christina El Moussa, a blonde stunner who easily could've topped this very list, had she still been with Thompson.



One of the more photogenic pairings on this list, if the hockey thing doesn't work out, then these two can always shoot videos together. Ms. Murphy sports bedroom eyes and stunning brunette hair you want to take permanent residence in. Meanwhile, with a name that evokes a boxer who would cut open any glass jaw--or execute a mob hit as ordered by a Godfather--Mr. Milano is in fact the first "Sonny" in NHL history. However, the 21-year old Milano is not a tough-nosed defender but rather a talented winger that has impressively amassed a solid point pace in his early career, including a pair of game-winning goals, suggesting he possesses the intangible of being "clutch." Hopefully Milano can keep that pace going.



This coupling of the Arizona Coyotes' rookie Strome and the bubbly Kennedy was just made for social media. Some hockey players look like they're bikers or bar bouncers, but Dylan seems like he could be an actor.  But don't call him soft or doubt his potential--he was the 3rd overall pick in the 2015 NHL Draft, although he's only played in 18 pro games with two points total to this point. That's a huge drop off from the first two picks in that draft; Connor McDavid and Jack Eichel.

But the sky is the limit for this 6-foot-3 center as he makes his way through the world with the long-haired blonde babe whose cheekbones could cut diamonds. Per Gramunion, there are several pics of her and the pair to enjoy.



Kathleen Ard and Adam Lowry are a young, playful couple, as captured on the Tumblr page, "NHL Hockey WAGs", while they were shopping together somewhere and mugging for the camera, with Kathleen's pouty lips on full display.  Lowry skates for the Winnipeg Jets, and is an extremely durable player, having played in all 82 regular-season contests for the 2016-17 campaign. With Adam Lowry, you have something you don't see every day--a professional puckster who was actually born in St. Louis, Missouri. As for his better half, alas, Ms. Ard seems to be as shy as a literal aardvark--her Instagram is invite only. Hockey players tend to be a little more private with their personal lives and it seems that habit has been passed on to many WAGs.



Of course you just knew a mouth-salivating blonde was going to top this list! This magazine-cover couple were profiled by Minnesota Bride in 2016 and included some steamy images of Carly, with her silken hair of pure spun gold falling soft on her tanned shoulders in a most mesmerizing fashion. Images such as that offer little doubt as to why Ms. Aplin topped this particular competition. It also confirms that Jason Zucker is a very lucky man indeed. On the ice, he's proven himself well during his seven-year career that has run concurrent with the Wild's ascension from perennial also-ran to yearly postseason entrant.

Although we have to criticize the magazine article for claiming it was an "intimate" look at the Appling-Zucker engagement, because with a photographer on hand, it was a staged event. Still, as great as Carly looked, it's hard to complain, contrived shoot or not.


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