15 Things The Blackhawks Want Us To Forget About Patrick Kane

Every hockey fan knows how talented Patrick Kane is. He has accomplished so much in his young career and will only improve his resume as the years go on. Yet, although he has had a spectacular NHL thus far, his off ice antics have absolutely hurt his legacy. Kane has been part of a handful of scandals, especially with his well known alcohol issues and possible claims of assault. It is apparent that Kane has definitely damaged his reputation with the NHL and many opposing fans simply cannot stand him for that.

In this article, we will be looking at fifteen things that the Chicago Blackhawks wish everyone would forget about Patrick Kane and his history. The Blackhawks are extremely fortunate to have Kane on their roster every night, but it is also important to realize that there are so many negative moments in his life that need to be noted. At the end of the day, Kane will never have a career that is remembered solely in a positive light. Even if he officially becomes the greatest American player of all time, there are so many examples of his character that the Blackhawks wish could be forgotten.

With that, let’s take a look at the Kane moments that the Blackhawks all want us to rid from our minds.

18 Slashing Incident


During a game against the San Jose Sharks, Patrick Kane found himself in the middle of trouble. After getting bodychecked by Tommy Wingels, the play was blown dead because of an offside call. Yet, Kane was angered by the hit and slashed Wingels hard in the leg when he had his back turned. This was a coward move made by Kane because he did when Wingels was not even paying attention.

Although this is a minuscule moment in Kane’s career, it is something that the Blackhawks wish people would forget about. Kane deliberately tried to injure Wingels with this play and did not have the courage to actually drop the gloves with him. Although Kane does not play on the physical side very often, he could have done decent in fight with Wingels. There was no excuse for that dirty slash.

17 Party Lifestyle


As stated in the last section, Kane has been known as being a big party guy. In fact, although the Blackhawks wish they could have kept this side of him private, there are photos of him at bars and extremely drunk. Although every hockey player deserves the opportunity to wind down and enjoy the simpler side of life, Kane has been caught doing this during important stretches of the season.

As the years passed however, Kane has definitely matured and has focused more on hockey as a whole. Of course, he will still enjoy the party lifestyle from time to time, but at the end of the day, he has grown as a better hockey player since making it his primary element. Yet, the Blackhawks definitely wish that he correct this part of his life far more quickly and that it was not ever noticed.

16 Former Trade Candidate


When Patrick Kane started his NHL career, the Chicago Blackhawks knew that he was going to be their number one superstar. However, during his younger years, the Blackhawks were debating on trading him because of his bad off ice antics. It had been noted that Kane enjoyed the party lifestyle and the Blackhawks often wondered if he would be able to put his training first versus his personal life.

Luckily for the Blackhawks and their fans, Kane did not end up traded and now is having a spectacular career with the team. Everyone will never forget his 2010 Stanley Cup clinching goal and consistent playoff success. Kane has help lead the Blackhawks to three Stanley Cup championships in total and likely will win another before he retires. Due to the immense success the team has had, they most likely never want to focus on this brief period again.

15 Cinco de Mayo Party in Wisconsin


During the 2012 offseason, Patrick Kane found himself in trouble yet again when he went to the University of Wisconsin to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Instead of simply having a fun time with friends with moderate drinking, Kane took it to the extreme. Kane was photographed in an extremely drunk state and of course, that definitely did not please the Blackhawks.

Kane’s behavior when drunk was apparently so bad that he saw himself get kicked out of numerous bars in the process. If Kane had not been a professional hockey player during this weekend, he very well could have faced serious charges. He was extremely disorderly and even was told by the police to slow down.


13 Limousine Party


During the 2009-10 season, Patrick Kane and a few teammates rented out a limo the night before a game in Vancouver. This was a major mistake by Kane because he had already been in trouble for partying and off ice issues earlier that season. What made matters worse for Kane was that the pictures were released to the public through the internet.

Kane felt a large deal of backlash from these photos because they took place during the regular season. This was around the time when the Blackhawks were seriously considering trading Kane and looking back, their thoughts were justified. Kane embarrassed himself and his team by doing this. Ultimately, he could have hurt their chances of winning of the big game as well.

12 Kane Booed During All Star Game


During the 2016 All Star Game, Patrick Kane was booed heavily and this was extremely shocking. These type of games are normally a bias free type scenario, but Kane was ridiculed by the spectators of the game. However, due to his countless off ice issues, it makes a lot of sense that Kane felt backlash because he has gained a terrible reputation off the ice.

The reason why the Blackhawks definitely wish this could be forgotten is that it truly makes the face of their franchise look atrocious. No one get booed that heavily and yet, Kane faced that type of situation. It is important to note that the game was around the time of when he was facing legal issues for one of his biggest issues that will be brought up later on in this list.


10 Physical Violence Toward Women


One of the most common complaints about Patrick Kane when drinking is that he is extremely aggressive toward women. During that same Cinco de Mayo party, it was reported by numerous sources that he followed women into bathrooms and even apparently choked girls who rejected him. Claims like these should always be taken seriously, yet Kane seemed to get a free pass.

This one is pretty self explanatory when it comes to the Blackhawks wanting to forget about it. Any time an individual is claimed to have hit a woman, it will always be remembered by people because it is simply unacceptable. The fact that it has been reported by an abundance of people as well shows that it is an issue that needs to explored more with Kane.

9 His Rookie Campaign


Although Patrick Kane won the Calder Memorial Trophy as the league’s top rookie in 2007-08, there were a lot of elements of his game that were not acceptable. Although Kane quickly became a superstar offensively in the NHL, he did not focus on the defensive end whatsoever and it quickly became apparent. At this point, Kane did not understand the importance of defensive play.

The Blackhawks were extremely happy with Kane statistically and were quick to understand that he was the future of the team, but they were extremely adamant on him becoming a better two-way player. At the end of the day, Kane should always be remembered for how offensively gifted he was in his first season with the club, but that was one of the only bright spots of his game.


7 Anti Semitic Remarks


It is clear by now that Patrick Kane is not the smartest individual when he has liquor in his system. One night when Kane spent a night partying, it was reported by people around him that he was uttering an abundance of anti semitic slurs. Although there is no definitive proof, the fact that so many people have agreed to hearing these claims is very appalling.

No NHL team wants to hear that their most talented player was openly stating anti semitic remarks. At this point in our country’s history, it is crucial that moments such as these are completely rid of. It is easy to understand why the Blackhawks considered moving on from Kane in the past. It was clear that he had some serious issues.

6 Drinking Problems


It is apparent that Patrick Kane has struggled with alcohol problems since the start of his career and they have not disappeared completely. When drunk, Kane makes a lot of idiotic decisions that will be discussed in greater detail later on in this list. Kane has definitely been working on his issues, but the actions he have done will never be forgotten and that is a huge issue when it comes to the Blackhawks.

Kane has never completely realized that the NHL is a privilege to a be a part of and if he does not get his act together, he very well could find his out of it of prematurely. Now, that is not to say that he is not a spectacular player, but there have been moments where players have lost their careers due to alcoholism. Let’s hope that Kane can resolve his issues sooner rather than later.

5 First Assault Claim


During the 2015 offseason, Patrick Kane hit an all new low with his off ice antics when he was accused of sexually assaulting a woman in his Buffalo home. This news story took the NHL by storm because, although Kane has had a lot of bad moments, this was by far the worst yet. However, the claims were eventually dropped because there was not enough evidence to book him.

Even though Kane did not end up in any trouble, this ultimately rid of any chance of him gaining a good reputation in the league. Although he is one of the NHL’s best players, it is clear that he will never be remembered as a standup guy. This is something that the Blackhawks wish they could rid of the minds of hockey fans all over the world.

4 Second Assault Claim


A few months after his first rape claim, Kane found himself in trouble yet again after being accused of rape a second time. For this situation, it had been reported that Kane, while in Los Angeles for a game against the Kings, followed a woman into a bar bathroom and raped her. The woman claims that she rejected Kane the entirety of the night.

It is growing harder and harder to defend Kane in these situations because once someone has been accused of sexually assault more than once, it is far more likely that it may have happened. This creates such a sour image for not only himself, but the Blackhawks as a whole. The Blackhawks definitely wish that this could be forgotten, but realistically, if never will.

3 The Relentless Taunts


Since these sexual assault claims have been made to the public, Kane has faced a lot of backlash by opposing fans. It truly became an issue when Flyers fans started to chant “she said no” in the middle of a game against the Blackhawks. This obviously is an abysmal chant that has been displayed and now a lot of other fans have started to use it as well.

At the end of the day, if you are the Blackhawks, this type of opposing behavior is something that they definitely want to disappear. Yet, it likely never will because these are gigantic accusations against one of the league’s best players. At the end of the day, Kane will never be able to completely get past this and the chants will continue to be in effect.

2 Taxi Driver Incident


During the beginning of his NHL career, it had been established that Kane was an overall jerk off the ice. Yet, no incident during his early years take the cake as badly as the taxi driver incident. After giving a taxi driver $15 for a $14 dollar fair, Kane went ballistic when the driver could not give him change. He got so mad that he actually started hitting the driver repeatedly.

This situation is so messed up by Kane and there is no denying that it occurred. Kane faced minor penalties for it, but it is likely that he would have gotten in far more trouble if he was not an NHL player. This moment was one of the worst offences that ultimately started the Patrick Kane trade rumours.

1 Negative Legacy


At the end of the day, there is nothing that Patrick Kane can do that will ultimately make him be remembered positively. Kane is by far one of the best players of this generation, but he has done far too much off the ice to make him fully respected by fans. Kane will also most likely end his career with the most points ever by a player from the United States, but that will not be enough.

Kane has reportedly assaulted numerous women and definitively beat up a taxi driver. His alcohol issues have not completely faded as well, so that is against him as well. If Kane can end his career drama free, then he very well can help his damaged legacy. Yet, too much has been done to jot it down as one of the best of all time. With that, the Blackhawks wish that it could all change.

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