8 Hilarious Connor McDavid Memes And 8 Hilarious Auston Matthews Memes

The NHL season is underway and there are surprises throughout the league. The Boston Bruins have been playing surprisingly well as of late. The Vegas Golden Knights actually look playoff bound in their inaugural season. What isn't surprising is that two young stars are off to fast starts once again and are taking the league by storm. Those two stars are Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews.

McDavid was the first overall pick for the Edmonton Oilers in the 2015 NHL draft. There was a lot of speculation around this young man to help the Oilers reach the promise land that is the Stanley Cup. So far, almost two and a half seasons into his career, he certainly has not disappointed. To his credit, McDavid also has an All-Star game appearance as well as a Hart trophy, Pearson trophy, and Art Ross trophy. Maybe pretty soon, McDavid will be able to add a Stanley Cup to his resume. McDavid has had an impressive start, but Auston Matthews isn't a pushover by any means.

After McDavid was taken first overall in 2015, it was Auston Matthews turn to do the same in 2016. He was selected first by the Toronto Maple Leafs and he surely hasn't disappointed either. In his debut season, he scored 40 goals while recording 29 assists for 69 total points. He also won the Calder trophy last season, so a lot of good is coming out of this young man in Toronto.

These two will be young for years to come. They also have some savage memes out there that need to be shared with the world. McDavid and Matthews have given a lot of material for us to use and it is time to share it. So without further adieu, let's take a look at the Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews memes that are absolutely savage.

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16 McDavid: What Have I Gotten Into?

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Kicking off the Connor McDavid meme festivities is a meme that perfectly depicts his face when he found out he was going to Edmonton. Sure, he was probably excited about being the first overall pick and getting a big payday. But McDavid, like most other athletes wants to win championships. He also realized that Edmonton might not be the ideal place for him to do that in the foreseeable future, which makes this meme that much more savage against the Oilers.

McDavid has the look of a little kid that knows he is in trouble at school waiting for the principal to punish him. He knew his fate and unfortunately, he had to lie in it. But Edmonton making the playoffs last season definitely doesn't make things as bad for the Canadian born center. Connor may not dread the decision as much now, but the initial reactions of him being drafted by Edmonton created great memes for content.

15 Matthews: I Know How You Feel Now, Connor

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Connor McDavid had his day to be drafted first overall in 2015. In 2016, it was Auston Matthews' turn to not have to wait long to see what NHL franchise he would suit up for. Like we mentioned before, Auston Matthews was taken by the Maple Leafs first overall in 2o16. He is believed to be the American born player that can help Toronto turn their fortunes around. After all, the Maple Leafs haven't won a Stanley Cup since 1967. But before Toronto fans saw their future in front of their eyes, they had to deal with the memes of Matthews not wanting to play for the Leafs.

This meme is very similar to McDavid's first meme. We see the joke of Auston Matthews retiring as soon as the Leafs drafted him. Matthews also saw some success for his team in his first season as the Leafs made the playoffs. They definitely are not quite at the level they need to be to be taken as Stanley Cup contenders. But consistent improvement and a few more players will help this meme seem like a thought of the past. For now, it stays as a savage meme though.

14 McDavid: Referee?

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Connor McDavid is multi-talented when it comes to the game of hockey. He is a natural goal scorer, he know show to set up teammates efficiently, he can out-skate almost anybody, etc. Apparently, he can referee NHL games in his spare time too. Wait, what!? What we have is a meme that is shows off how good McDavid really is at hockey and just at life in general. A lot of people cannot pull off multiple roles within the same game, but Connor can.

We see McDavid on the top skating in a regular game. But then, we see a referee that is a spitting image of McDavid. The kid can do a lot of things like we mentioned before, but also add that he is the youngest captain in NHL history. He knows what he can do and Oilers fans are enjoying every moment of it as they haven't had a player this exciting since Wayne Gretzky. Now we know that if McDavid doesn't make any extra money with endorsements, he has a part time summer job which he can make extra cash with.

13 Matthews: He Knows How Good He Is

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This Matthews meme gives us a sense of just how terrific his accomplishment was that opening night in 2016. It is always a big deal when an NHL player gets his first NHL goal, it is something to appreciate and cherish forever. But when you're Auston Matthews, you can't do that because you have four goals to pick from. The fact that this meme disses guys like Patrik Laine and others for scoring their first NHL goals is absolutely savage.

Auston Matthews looks like a man among boys when he takes the ice. The funniest part about that is he is still only 20 years old competing with guys in their mid 20s, early 30s and even some men in their 40s. A rookie will probably never have another opening night game like Matthews did that night. With that in mind, this meme will always apply to him in a positive light and will absolutely remain savage until somebody comes along and does it better.

12 McDavid: Even Sitting I'm Good

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Phoenix/Arizona sports teams do not have a lot to cheer for nowadays. The Phoenix Suns are looking to be at the cellar of the NBA once again. The Arizona Diamondbacks made the postseason this past year, but they are far away from contending for a World Series title. That leaves us with the Arizona Coyotes. Yikes! The Coyotes are an absolute dumpster fire of a franchise. So seeing Connor McDavid checked into the boards and being called the best Coyotes player is absolutely savage.

We love Connor McDavid and the way he plays the game. The Coyotes would love to have McDavid on their team. The fact that Connor McDavid can be on his butt and still be the best player on the Coyotes while playing for another team shows just how bad this team really is. Connor will continue to dominate for Edmonton and the Coyotes will continue to look at this meme to remind them how far away from being relevant they really are.

11 Matthews: Can't Catch a Break

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Auston Matthews was the most highly intriguing prospect that everyone wanted to see. He was the number one pick overall, so he had a lot of expectations he was counted on to follow through with. His first game of the season came against the Ottawa Senators. He didn't disappoint as he scored four goals in his opening game. The only problem was that the Maple Leafs lost the game 5-4 making for an interesting meme featuring Bad Luck Brian.

Bad Luck Brian makes his debut appearance to this list as he delivers a unique and hilarious way of spreading bad news. So the fact that Auston Matthews face is slapped onto Bad Luck Brian's body makes it indeed savage. Imagine what Auston Matthews must have been feeling. He scores four goals in his NHL debut, only to lose his first ever game. That definitely is bad luck if I've ever seen it.

10 McDavid: Don't Forget There's Only One Great One!

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When the Edmonton Oilers won the lottery of all lotteries by getting the rights to McDavid, a whole new generation of Oilers fans finally were getting their savior, much like the early Oilers years had the Great One. Wayne Gretzky has gotten more involved with the Oilers in recent years and he has formed a bond with Connor McDavid, much like Gretzky had with Gordie Howe. Many fans must be watching McDavid every night and see him as the best player that ever lived. But, Gretzky might have something to say about that. While McDavid may very well break some of Gretzky's records, some of Wayne's stats are just impossible to duplicate. McDavid will also need some more help around him, much like when Gretzky had the likes of Messier, Kurri, Coffey and Anderson.

9 Matthews: What Just Happened!?

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Auston Matthews was born to break records for this Toronto Maple Leafs team. Like we mentioned before, he scored four goals in his NHL debut which left a great first taste in the mouths of hungry Maple Leafs fans. When Matthews scored his 35th goal of the season, it set a new Maple Leafs record. He went on to score 40 on the season and had fans excited for his sophomore season. We decided to look at a meme from an old sports movie that combines ethics and morals with sports agency: Jerry Maguire.

Jerry Maguire was the iconic sports agent who was at the top of his game, but then took a slide when he couldn't represent the biggest stars of the game any longer. He found out that honesty was his policy and he rode it all the way until the end. He even got Cuba Gooding Jr.'s character a big contract. Jerry makes an appearance with an outrageous reaction to Auston Matthews setting a new Leafs record for goals in a season. You can't help but love Jerry's face in this, shocked like we all were when we saw Matthews putting up the numbers like he was. I guess we all can learn something from Jerry and admire Auston Matthews at the same time when looking at this savage meme.

8 McDavid: He's on a Hot Streak

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Sometimes, NHL players just get into hot streaks. Then there are the players that get so hot, it is crazy to think about. Look at Tim Thomas when the Boston Bruins won the Stanley Cup back in 2011. He played extremely well at the right time and found himself on the winning end of a Stanley Cup. For Connor McDavid, that moment hasn't quite arrived yet. But when you score 100 points in an 82 game season, you are bound to get a lot of positive publicity. That is where our friend Will Ferrell comes into play with this next meme.

Will Ferrell has played a variety of different characters throughout his acting career. He also is an avid sports fan, acknowledging previously that he was a Seahawks fan. In hockey, he seems to like Connor McDavid with this savage meme. Proclaiming McDavid was so hot at the time is a huge compliment coming from a celebrity like Will Ferrell, who is so well known. Maybe in the future, McDavid will have that attention coming from female celebrities. Then, McDavid can have his potential championships and the woman of his dreams.

7 Matthews: The Sponge Even Loves Auston Matthews

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It seems like everybody wants a piece of Auston Matthews now a days in the NHL. The Maple Leafs obviously did if they took him number one overall in 2016. So far, Matthews has put up 26 points in 24 games, averaging a point every game which is extremely impressive for a 20 year old. Even Spongebob wants a piece of Matthews with this next meme.

Everybody's favorite talking sponge makes his way onto the list, simply asking for Auston Matthews. Now what could he be asking of Matthews exactly? The skill of Matthews? Possibly. The fame that has become of Matthews? That is also a realistic possibility. Whatever the case may be, Spongebob is clearly seeing something special in Auston Matthews like we all do. Maybe Spongebob will even ask Auston Matthews to help him finally pass his boating exam. Then again, we all want to see Matthews playing for years to come, so probably not the best idea.

6 McDavid: Rejected NHL 18 Cover

via reddit.com

While Connor McDavid looks like an angel that came down from heaven whenever he steps on the ice, he doesn't always seem so graceful and smooth off of it. You won't really hear many quotable sound bytes from him and you'll rarely, if ever, see him take a good picture. You can't really blame him for this one though, as an older couple stopped him in an airport and asked for a picture, only to grab him as if he was their long lost son. This picture circulated the web and will surely be around for years to come. McDavid was placed on the NHL 18 cover this year, despite having only played two years in the NHL, but this video game cover probably could have sold more copies. Some may misinterpret it as McDavid being kept prisoner and your goal of the game is to free him.

5 Matthews: Everybody Has Their Look

via onsizzle.com

There are some signature faces in professional sports that people just cannot forget. Bernard King used to play for the New York Knicks and always have a serious "game face" that got him going. Eli and Peyton Manning had the "Manning face" in which they would show absolute disgust when the situation was not in their favor. Auston Matthews definitely has some style, but does he remind you of any famous people on television? This meme suggest that he looks like the woman from the Home Hardware commercials.

We always like to try to compare people to others based on facial expressions and features. But the fact that somebody would say that Auston Matthews looks anywhere close to a woman is absolutely a savage move. Sure, he might have the slicked back hair but that doesn't mean he still looks like a woman. He looks a hockey player that is going to have a long, successful career in the NHL. Matthews might want to win a Stanley Cup or two to put the thoughts that he looks like a woman to rest.

4 McDavid: The Jersey Isn't the Only Beauty Here

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What is it with NHL fans wanting to throw certain objects on the ice? Most of the time, it is hats on a hat trick which is respectable and understandable. Sometimes though, there are random objects such as octopi among other weird things. Connor McDavid only gets thrown around when he is getting checked into the boards. He sustained a broken collarbone during his rookie season. But this meme made people believe that wouldn't happen again and so far, it hasn't.

This meme is hilarious because it showed just what type of confidence everyone had in Connor McDavid after he came back from injury. Everyone could have easily written off McDavid because coming back from injuries are always suspect at best. But with McDavid, he showed his toughness by recording 30 goals and 70 assists to account for 100 points in his first full season playing in the NHL. It is easy to say that McDavid won't be thrown around as much because he has proven he can handle a full season in the NHL and produce. Good luck everybody else for the next 10-15 years, you're gonna need it!

3 Matthews: How Do You Forget Four Points?

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This next meme shows just how badly the Maple Leafs needed a star on their team and their reaction when they finally got him: they didn't know what was going on. That is the theme in this meme as a big mistake was made. Matthews scored four goals in his first NHL game, a statistic that cannot be repeated enough.

People didn't know what to think when Auston Matthews had his memorable debut. Is this kid the next Gretzky? Was it a fluke? Will he end up being a bust? Whatever the case is, the Leafs now have fans that will cheer for this team. It is amazing to think a meme can take a shot at an entire franchise's fanbase. But it helps to know the actual numbers of the game. A casual Leafs fan would probably mistake Matthews for scoring three goals as opposed to four. But if they are die hard fans, they will follow every stat from this point forward and know what is going on with Auston Matthews and the rest of the Maple Leafs.

2 McDavid: Everyone was Excited About McDavid

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A lot of the McDavid getting drafted by the Oilers memes have focused a lot on the negative side of things. So how about we take a look at one that is positive, shall we? If anybody watches the NFL, they know Richard Sherman. Sherman is a cornerback with exceptional talent and a loud, yet sophisticated mouth at times. So combine him and throw a funny expression into the equation equals a great meme to wrap up our memes of Connor McDavid.

Sherman represents everyone that was an Oilers fans. There was pure excitement and the magic seemed to be back in Edmonton as they found their guy that could take them to the very top. McDavid is showing everyone why they should be excited, especially when he helped the Oilers make the playoffs last season and make a surprising run to the Western Conference semifinals. The Oilers are still hoping to make another jump this year to the Western Conference Finals and hopefully the Stanley Cup finals as well. That is still months away, but Richard Sherman definitely defines how all Oilers fans were feeling and are still feeling: pure excitement and joy.

1 Matthews: The Circle Of Life

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The Toronto Maple Leafs have searched for a savior for so long and their plan to rebuild has been executed to near perfection thus far. They got rid of some big contracts like Phil Kessel and Dion Phaneuf and they gave themselves the best possible chance of landing Auston Matthews in the 2016 draft lottery. Sure enough, they won the lottery and made the playoffs in Matthews' rookie campaign. They look like they're playoff bound once again this year as Matthews continues to impress.

In a league full of parity like the NHL, there's a circle of life that happens. You're great for a few years, the salary cap catches up, you drop down, you lose players, you fall. The Leafs though, were stuck in a terrible cycle for so long, but the golden child has emerged for them and they look destined to bring the Stanley Cup back to Toronto in a few years.

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