8 "Not So PG" Pictures Of Auston Matthews' New Girlfriend And 7 Of His Ex

Auston Matthews, the star rookie of the Toronto Maple Leafs, has just begun a long list of firsts. He is the first NHL player from Arizona. He holds the record for points, 116, for the U.S. National U18 Team in 2013, breaking Patrick Kane's record of 102. He was the first overall pick in 2016. He was the first player in modern NHL history to score four goals in his first NHL game. He...

Here's another first. He is the first future NHL star to have 2 girlfriends post revealing photographs over the net that he, not they, are going to feel the pain for. Neither went as far as Paulina, but they did go far enough that other players and teams will love getting into his head. There is no doubt that putting a microphone on  opposing players will add some fireworks to every Leafs game. Last season, Auston was able to play his game and not get drawn into the smack talk but that's about to change.

Matthews was dating Emily Ruttledge for a while, but recently it's come to light that he and Jordyn Johnson, a model out of his native Arizona, are an item. So which is it, or is it both. No one will begrudge him, but Auston will hear about these pictures all season long and be looking into the eyes of men who have seen every one of these photos.

Which leads us to Auston's next first, the 5 minute major. His patience will be tested night in and night out, and my bet is he loses it at least a handful of times. Martin and the rest won't be able to save him all year long, and the young Leaf will most certainly blow his fuse. Oh Jordyn, Oh Emily, little do you know what you started!

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15 GF: Jordyn Johnson Swimming

via vimeo.com

Whether or not Jordyn is his main squeeze come late September, this picture will get plenty of lip service in the pre- season. If not from a consistent NHLer, many rookies will want to make a statement and earn a spot on their team. Jordyn just let the piranhas out and they are swimming right for #34. This photograph will certainly provoke any young player or veteran looking for a roster spot to start chirping. The one who will benefit the most is Matt Martin, who will be riding shotgun on Matthews' wing for a long time. He might set career highs in goals, assist, and penalty minutes. Either way, this picture provides a field day for players looking to trash talk Matthews.

14 Ex: Emily Ruttledge Selfie

via twitter.com

Auston's first game against the Dallas Stars will be must watch TV. Antoine Roussel will chase Auston all over the ice and say, "Love those black jeans. Man, do you feed her? Love the hip action, thumb in the pant's' loop. Did you untie that bow around her waist after dinner? If not, who did... I did..." Noticing who he is up against, Auston will lose it and drop the gloves first. He knows if he throws the first punch and gets in tight he'll either get lucky and land one or wrestle him to the ice. The crowd in Dallas goes nuts and Auston takes five minutes for standing up for himself.

As for the picture, the selfie game is strong on this one and is sure to get attention.

13 GF: Jordyn In Calvin Klein

via globaltalentsystems.com

In Winnipeg, big Buff gets into the act. After he rides Matthews into the boards, their bodies tangle and fall to the ice. "Hey man," Buff says. "Love her, but do you let her eat pop corn at the movies?What's up with you and the boney ones?" Then he pulls a Crosby and acts like he is getting up but gives Auston a few jabs. Martin sees this and skates over but the refs separate the combatants.

But Buff isn't done with Matthews. "I like JJ but you gotta feed he. How is she gonna keep you warm? Look at that itty bitty waist, man your baby needs some back!"

Johnson is a model, so she's bound to release plenty more of these.

12 Ex: The Friends

via twitter.com

Wow, here we get not just a glimpse of what the savior's girlfriend looks like, but what her friends are like too.

Here's how a possible fight with Evander Kane would go... In Buffalo, Evander Kane will go after him and want a piece of the glamour boy. He skates along side Auston after a whistle and says, "Who was Jordyn partying with? Love that suit, got a little Daisy Dukes thing going on." Matthews tries to ignore him all game but Kane is unrelenting.

He also wants nothing to do with the Sabre forward who's definitely getting to him. Lucky for him, the Leafs have a nice lead so coach Housley decides to move Martin up to ride shotgun. Kane adds, "Give me Jordyn's number, if it doesn't work I'll slide to the left and right..." Then, Matthews will jump him and a broo-ha-ha will ensue. It's a major pile up and reminds fans that the good old Adams division rivalries will never die.

11 GF: Modeling

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Oh boy, this is one spicy modeling shoot. You can see that Jordyn Johnson is a natural at it.

When Toronto heads out west early this season, they start their trip in Denver. The Avs will try to match up Nikita Zadorov against the Leafs' first line center, and the Russian defenseman will want to make a statement. Here's how it goes; he's all over Matthews, "Wish 'JJ' would throw those hips into me... She's looking doubly good... Vut a shame... She too pritty' to stay up in Canada..."

Auston has had it and feels he'll make his statement against the young Russian d-man. Zadorov is going to be his first, real fight. Auston will chase him, give him a slash, the gloves drop, and Auston lays down a beat down for his first real win.

10 Ex: On The Beach

via sportky.zoznam.sk

Auston's ex hanging out on the beach? That's trash talk worthy for a California team.

Ryan Kesler has been licking his chops for this matchup. At the opening face-off he's already smiling and chirping. "'Jor' is cute but I dig Em' and you outta' bring her out next time. We could hit the beach." Matthews wants no part of Kesler but how much abuse can he take? With the Ducks at home, Babcock can't break the matchup. Kesler won't let up and brings up the obvious. "Are they real? She's also got great legs... and her hands... she from Toronto?" Auston has completely fallen off his game, but with Ducks ahead 7-1 and being a minus 4, he lives to fight another day. As the game ends, Kesler leaves a calling card, "Tell her and her friends they can stay with us the next time they visit our beaches."

9 GF: More Modeling From Jordyn

via deanblundell.com

Here's a glimpse into the future of how Toronto's next trip to Calgary will go:

Toronto returned home, enjoyed the cooking, and on the last night of the home stand they face the Flames. Calgary was off to a strong start but have hit some speed bumps. Practices haven't been brutal and Matthew Tkachuk is in a sophomore slump. He's had this game marked on his calendar and is ready to cause chaos. Toronto jumps all over the tired Flames and Tkachuk is now assigned #34. "Love JJ in black, glad you chose her" he says. "But tell me, they aren't for real, how many goals you need to get those?" Matthews sticks to his game but the chirping doesn't stop. "Love the top, it's a little small..." None of it gets to Auston which bothers Tkachuk even more. He gives Freddy Anderson a snow shower, the players come together, and Tkachuk blows his top. He goes for Auston and throws hay-makers, getting a 1o minute misconduct in the loss.

8 Ex: Sporting The Leaf Colors

via hokej.guru

The trip will get even worse in L.A. Coach John Stevens saw how effective Kesler was and thinks Clifford can do the job.

Matthews is in panic mode as the jet lag worsens, and every time #34 hits the ice, Cliffy is in his grill. "We all been following you and like Emily... what's up with you two... who you with anyway?" We can see Clifford getting to Auston as the pushing intensifies after every whistle. Auston, "You can't leave her in snowy Toronto... too cold... you can't keep her all covered up. Bring her to Cali where she belongs... we might be able to get her into modeling, bikinis, movies... I know tons of guys in the business."

Babcock is finally able to get Martin out there but Cliffy doesn't oblige him. But that doesn't stop Matt as he'll take the instigator to send a message.

7 GF: Jordyn With A Friend

I just wanted to chill with this guy since he was the largest marine iguana I’ve ever seen

A post shared by JJ (@jordynjohnsonn) on

A picture of his girlfriend hanging out with a lizard? Antoine Roussel won't miss his chance to let his opinion be known about it when the Leafs are in town.

Roussel has also been waiting for this rematch and the media has been all over it. Publicly, he stated he wants the couple to join them on San Padre Island and fans dress up in jeans and high cut white tanks. During the pregame skate, both teams are jawing back and forth as they posture at center ice. Roussel imitates the picture as he flashes the Leafs and Matthews laughs it off, a la Sidney Crosby. The refs keep this game in control, Toronto wins, and Matthews scores an empty netter. With a group hug, he taunts the Stars' bench and flashes them. Roussel loses his cool, throws a water bottle, and is given the gate. The Stars fans litter the ice and a new rivalry is born.

6 Ex: Emily In Handcuffs

via sportky.zoznam.sk

How will the Leafs' trip to Phoenix go after everyone gets a view of Auston's ex-flame in handcuffs?

Toronto has gotten off to a terrible start but Phoenix is hot, hot, hot. Rick Tocchet has got them playing a fast, hard hitting game and the players love him, especially Max Domi. From the opening face-off, Max is all over Matthews..."love the cuffs... is that how you keep her, or did she escape and run away... can I get her number now that JJ is in?" Matthews is thinking about going at it with Domi all game long. Domi seems like a perfect opponent but he also fears the scrappy forward. "Love her top but why doesn't it stay split all the way down? Love those pouty lips... candy..." And a dosey-doh and away they go. Matthews gets the early advantage but Domi's got the genes and turns the tide. In the clinch, Domi lands some shots as the referees step in and the Yotes fans go wild as Max waves his hands and smiles.

5 GF: A Natural

Okay, the possible trash talking on Auston Matthews is starting to get a little too easy, so we'll just take this slide to point out that Jordyn Johnson really looks like she has a bright career ahead of her in modeling. She looks like a natural in front of the camera and if her name grows in the Arizona area, along with her new beau's then they could truly form a real power couple in the desert. After seeing shots like these, we hope Matthews won't be quite so secretive about his relationship and we could see Jordyn at more Leafs games this coming season. She at least has to be there when the Leafs head down to Glendale, right? Fans can only hope.

4 Ex: On A Boat

via twitter.com

Back to the inevitable trash talk... The All- Star break couldn't come soon enough for #34. So far, from what we've seen of Auston's girls is that they love hanging out by the beach, posing,=, and the attention.

However, the new Samson of the NHL is losing sleep and attention for all the wrong reasons. He decides he needs to take the wheel of his personal life and steer the ship of the Leafs franchise to get back on track. Jordyn started deleting posts but Emily was steering her own ship here.

Perhaps this picture is indicative of Emily not needing Matthews anymore and she has chosen to take her own direction in life as a single young lady.

3 GF: Jordyn In Denim

Nando Esparza // Denim

A post shared by JJ (@jordynjohnsonn) on

As the All- Star break came to an end, another picture leaked of JJ in an uncompromising position. Though not nearly as promiscuous as previous photos, it still opens a can of worms with the a match in Calgary on the docket. The Flames fans love the denim and wear denim pants and jackets to the game without shirts underneath. Maybe instead of getting the whole arena to dress in red, the Flames could put together a denim night just to remind Matthews that we've all seen the inviting photos of JJ in all denim. Matthews will be sure to hear about it from several Flames players, most possibly Matthew Tkachuk who has spent the last year earning a reputation for himself as one of the most effective NHL pests for years to come.

2 Ex: Duckface

via twitter.com

Duck face? Oh no...

Here's how this one will pop up in conversation. The Leafs finished a nice winning streak against the Atlantic and Metropolitan division where Matthews caught fire with 10 goals and 10 assists in 14 games. The club flew to Vancouver but were met with Canuck fans dressed in white night gowns, holding up salmon heads, and opening and closing their mouths. Seriously, "M" looks confused. She's incredibly attractive but her kissing fish lips remind me of the kind of grandmother that scars children. She's trying to be sexy, the pouting doesn't work, but the shoulders and cleavage do. The Canucks could not contain Matthews who scored a hat trick in a losing cause.

When Bo Horvat iced the game with an empty netter, the home town fans who snuck the fish heads into the game started a new tradition by throwing them on the ice.

1 GF: White Out

Had the best 4th of July weekend with the greatest boy 🇺🇸❤️

A post shared by JJ (@jordynjohnsonn) on

Moving away from Vancouver, next up was a meeting in Winnipeg against the Jets. Jet fans started a new "Whiteout" as they filled the rink wearing white bikinis and bandanas. Looking at this picture may give a whole new meaning to the word whiteout. The Jets were anxious for this game and wanted to put a beat down on their cross country nemesis. Many fans pressed this image against the glass and whistled all game long.

The Leafs didn't make any lineup changes but the Jets signed Shawn Cronin. Right off the opening face off a line brawl ensued, and Matthews got into it against Patrik Laine. Matthews won easily, drawing the ire of Jet fans, and also added an assist and 2 goals for his first, Gordie Howe Hat- trick.

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