8 Paulina Outfits Wayne Gretzky Would NOT Approve Of And 7 He Would

Wayne Gretzky is one of the greatest hockey players of all time, a legend in the sport. He is deserving of the nickname "The Great One" even if there might be a player you consider to be better than him. He had a legendary career that twenty seasons him hold or share 61 NHL records at the time of his retirement! That is quite the impressive feat right there.

Wayne is married to Janet Jones, formerly an actress, with whom they have 5 children. Paulina is his oldest daughter and has attracted the most attention in recent years. Let's just say she isn't doing it for the same reasons as her parents, as we are about to find out. You see, Paulina enjoys sharing herself with her thousands of followers on social media. While that is commonplace nowadays, Paulina has made a habit of sharing herself in more...revealing ways.

A few years ago, Wayne tried to put the kibosh on Paulina sharing herself to her admirers - and followers. Much to the chagrin of men who loved her photos, her father sat her down and told her to shut down her Twitter account. She behaved and shut down her Twitter account as her father requested, and is now seldom active on Twitter.

Wayne never said anything about Instagram though! Despite being married to pro golfer Dustin Johnson and being a mother now, Paulina still posts some revealing photos on Instagram. She also can be seen out in public wearing outfits that must give The Great One a fit. Wayne might not like it, but we are going to take a look at 8 photos of Paulina wearing outifts that Wayne would hate and another 7 that are more up to his standards.


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I think it's kinda obvious why her father wouldn't approve of this photo (but many other men would). This sultry photo of Paulina Gretzky is one of her earliest photos she published on social media, way back in 2011. Before she became active on Instagram, photos such as this one were posted to her Twitter account. There is no doubt that this was one of the photos that caught The Great One’s eye when he told her to shut down her Twitter account. This picture of Paulina really leaves very little to the imagination, as she is pretty much putting herself out there. Wayne must have gone through the roof when he saw this picture was shared with the masses on Twitter. Thankfully he didn't know about Instagram.


🇺🇸🌟 @djohnsonpga #mcm

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This is the kind of outfit Wayne Gretzky wouldn’t mind seeing his daughter wear out in public more often. She still looks attractive but everything is covered up, just how “The Great One” would like it. Wayne would be even more impressed by the fact that her shorts don’t seem to be too short either, as they are just barely shorter than her arm hanging by her side. Outside of that, this is a nice photo of Paulina with her husband, Dustin Johnson, at a PGA event in May 2017.

Although I’m not sure what the context of this photo is, Paulina certainly seems to be much more aware of where the cameras are at than Dustin is. The matching outfit with her husband is a nice touch.


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Paulina Gretzky being on the photo of an edition of Golf Digest magazine drew some criticism since she isn’t, you know, a golfer. She is married to one though and she is very attractive and in good shape, so Paulina apparently was the smart choice. Golf Digest defended their decision to include her since they believe she will help attract more people to the sport. Well sure, an attractive woman like Paulina Gretzky in a bra and spandex on the cover of a golf magazine will certainly draw attention to the magazine at the very least. For that same reason, Wayne will want to burn any copy of that magazine edition he can get his hands on. Now, about those golf clubs I have out in the garage somewhere…


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Now this is the type of outfit that “The Great One” could live with. I mean, sure, she is showing off more of her toned body than he would prefer. At the same time, it’s not like it’s being done in a seductive and attention-grabbing way like many of her other non-Wayne approved photos are. While there is no doubt he would have preferred Paulina wear an actual top, he can rest assured because she is doing meditation. After all, Paulina is showing her connection to spirituality, balance, and concentration. She is acknowledging her sense of calm and maybe it helps Wayne hope that Paulina practicing meditation will lead to the end of her wild partying ways (and no more non-Wayne approved outfits). It probably won’t, but at least it’s a very tasteful photo.



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Umm, yeah. I’m not really sure what to say about this photo to be perfectly honest. This was one of her earlier modelling gigs, taken in 2013 for Complex. To me at least, this photo just looks so confusing and not really attractive. The bathing suit Paulina was told to wear does not look nice at all and the bracelets and ring just seem misplaced. Wayne would be very displeased with this photo. Though he would be okay with her pursuing a modelling career, he would have had to at least shake his head. This outfit did Paulina no favours and Wayne probably just wants this photo of her to disappear. At least there is an outfit Paulina wore that Wayne would not approve of, whilst knowing it was also likely not of Paulina's choosing.


Kings Dodgers stadium @paulinagretzky

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Wayne is probably thinking “Now, this is more like it!” First, Paulina is wearing an L.A. Kings jacket which has to impress her father. It has to please Wayne knowing Paulina is still supporting the team her father played with for eight seasons, and where Paulina grew up. Second, Paulina is out in public wearing something that he would approve of. The outfit she is wearing is something Wayne would consider appropriate because she is covered up. Truthfully, that is probably a smart outfit choice since they were at an outdoor hockey game in January! Speaking of the game, the L.A. Kings hosted the Anaheim Ducks at Dodger Stadium on January 26 2014. Unfortunately for Paulina and Dustin, the Kings lost 3-0. The Great One was the one who dropped the first puck, so seeing Paulina dressed respectably at a game he was at probably put an even bigger smile on his face. That young girl in the photo, on the other hand, does not seem to be too impressed for some reason.


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Family photos are always nice, right? In this throwback family photo, we see Wayne, his wife Janet, Paulina, and Trevor Gretzky. It’s really a good family photo, except for the fact that Wayne was likely none too pleased with Paulina’s choice of outfit for the evening. Paulina chose to wear short shorts and a revealing dress that just barely covers her. Despite her choice of clothing, Wayne managed to put on a smile for the portrait. We all know he was not smiling on the inside when he saw what Paulina was wearing. It’s probably a safe bet that Wayne either told her to cover up with a jacket or to go change into something that fits his expectations.


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This is another nice photo of Paulina that Wayne surely loves. She is showing her pregnancy and her evident baby bump in a not so revealing outfit. It also helps that there probably isn’t any maternity wear that allows her to reveal too much of her body. Being fully aware of this, Wayne probably went out and bought her all the maternity clothing she could possible need. In all seriousness, this is a nice photo of Paulina cradling where the baby’s feet and hands should be. It is a very nice photo of a mother with her unborn child. It remains to be seen what traits the child, later named Tatum, will develop but Wayne probably hopes he doesn’t have Paulina’s wild side. On the other hand, maybe Tatum running around wild will show Paulina what she put her father through.


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Paulina Gretzky attended the 2016 US Open to support her husband, Dustin Johnson, who ended up taking home the trophy. This photo sees Gretzky and their son, Tatum, congratulating Dustin during the US Open. Wayne would not have approved of the white, skin-tight dress Paulina chose to wear to the occasion. He would have been appalled at it’s length (or lack thereof) and how tight fitting it is.

Wayne would also be none to pleased with the way the Fox Sports cameras seemed to be ogling Paulina in her skin-tight dress. In an event that should be focused on the golfers, one cameraman in particular seemed to be focused on Paulina’s back end way more than he should have. While there is never any excuse for the cameraman ogling her, it probably helps Wayne justify his stance on her outfits.


In 🖤with our new 🐾Perla @djohnsonpga

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In this photo, we see Paulina and Dustin relaxing with the newest addition to their family – a puppy named Perla! The puppy seems to be camera shy, burying his/her face into Paulina’s chest. Perla might be included in a list on cutest puppies, but that’s not what we’re here for. Paulina is seen in an athletic outfit in this photo, seemingly suggesting that she and Dustin are planning on going out for a run or workout session. This is the type of photo that would make Wayne smile. As a former athlete, he knows the importance of keeping in shape and he must be happy that his daughter inherited that same belief. There is no doubt Wayne wouldn’t mind seeing more photos of Paulina in a track suit like this than the bikini photos she posts with more regularity.


Bae Watch 🚩

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We can only hope Wayne was not at the beach club when Paulina was there with her friend dressed in this outfit. Paulina and one of her friends were rocking the on piece outfits at the incredible El Dorado Golf and Beach Club, seemingly inspired by Bay Watch. This photo shows off her body, which is all the more impressive since this photo was taken roughly a year and half after she gave birth to her first born, Tatum. Between the fact that she is showing off her body in a skin tight one-piece and apparently expressing her love for tequila, Wayne better not be staying there with them. Her followers might have loved seeing Paulina drop the baby weight post-pregnancy and showing it off, but Wayne surely would have preferred Paulina do it in a more appropriate outfit.


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This is a photo of her modelling that Wayne Gretzky would approve of! Paulina is able to show off her beauty without revealing too much of herself, and it makes for a much classier type of photo. The dress is not really skin-tight, yet shows off her curves. The dress also doesn’t go past her knees, yet isn’t too short to make her father too uncomfortable. All in all, this magazine cover of Paulina really is the best of both worlds. Wayne would approve of this photo and would be able to proudly say that his eldest daughter was on the cover of a major fashion magazine in Canada.

Based on the text to the right of her photo, however, Wayne had better not actually skim through the magazine just in case he find photos he might not like.


i❤playing dress up

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In their childhood, many young girls love to play dress up. They dress up their dolls or themselves, or both, it’s perfectly natural. As these girls grow up and transition into adulthood, outfit choices change dramatically. Paulina Gretzky is certainly no exception to this, as seen in this photo taken in 2012. At the time, Paulina was in her early-20s and Wayne was probably wishing she was ten years younger. This was one of the earliest photos Paulina posted on Instagram and she probably gained a lot of followers because of photos like this. One can only imagine what her father’s reaction was when he saw that she had posted this photo on social media way back then. It was a sign of things to come.


Merry Christmas!!

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This is actually another very nice family photo taken on Christmas Day in 2014. Paulina is wearing a sweater and leggings and appears to be dressed…rather appropriately. Out of all the photos we have covered on this list, it is this photo that sees her showing the least amount of skin. I mean, she is even wearing boots (in the house?) so you can’t even see her feet. Although he is not in the picture, we are sure that Wayne is probably celebrating Christmas with them as well. Her father had to have been pleased that she dressed in an outfit he would approve of, for the Christmas festivities. Who knows, maybe it was a gift to him from her? Either way, this is probably more of what Wayne wants to see.


Every year on October 31st, young children across North America dress up in costumes to go trick-or-treating. Wayne must certainly wish his daughter was of the age where he could take her out trick-or-treating mostly because it would mean she would not be wearing a costume like this one. For Halloween 2015, Paulina dressed up as a "vamp-ire" in skin tight clothing. Others in the picture included her husband, Dustin Johnson dressed as Dracula, her brother Ty Gretzky, dressed as Batman, and her other brother Trevor Gretzky, dressed as…a fireman? With Paulina dressed the way she was, we can only imagine Wayne would not have been impressed if he had seen her. Halloween is fast approaching and we can only wait to see what Paulina will dress up as this year!

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