8 Pictures Of Jordyn Johnson That Auston Matthews Wants To Share (And 7 He Doesn't)

Growing up, children around the world dream of becoming one of the biggest athletes to ever compete in their sport. Conquering a sport brings fame and glory and more money than you will ever know what to do with. Your picture will be plastered on websites and all over ESPN, and you can sign lucrative deals with companies such as Nike to one day have your own signature shoe. Though few athletes truly reach the level of greatness that is reserved for the elite, children's dreams never waver. Fame and glory are only one piece of the puzzle, and many children out there also dream of the women that come with being a sports star. The biggest athletes in the world date the world's most beautiful women, and that alone can be a driving factor behind an individual’s perseverance.

Even though athletes across all sports find themselves dating beautiful women, hockey players in particular have a knack for having a total gem at their side. If you're Auston Matthews, then you have the distinct pleasure of dating popular model Jordyn Johnson who is poised to become a household name thanks largely to her natural good looks and outgoing personality. For our list today, we went ahead and tracked down pictures of Jordyn Johnson that are far too hot to handle. While some of these pictures are ones that Auston Matthews would not mind you seeing, others on this list are some that he wishes would never see the light of day again.


15 Does: Car Lover

To get our list started, we went ahead and decided to show Jordyn Johnson admiring another thing of beauty: a Ferrari! She is clearly beginning to get used to the finer things in life, as these cars definitely don't come cheap. While we're sure she wasn't window shopping here, but it will come as no surprise when Auston Matthews signs his massive new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs and starts shopping for exotic cars himself. Maybe he'll throw a nice Ferrari Jordyn's way so she can ride in style on top of being a stylish model. While she's no stranger to the good life, that big contract has to make Auston Matthews at least a little more attractive to her. Some people just have it all!

14 Doesn't: Too Hot To Handle

In order to fully capitalize on the gorgeous body and beautiful looks that Jordyn Johnson possesses, photographers have shown a genuine willingness to let her show off plenty of skin for her photos. Now, we have plenty of photos on this list that are going to take a more modest approach in terms of what she chooses to expose, but we made sure to include a number of photos like this that show her at her red-hot peak. We're sure Auston is supportive of her modelling career, but he can't feel great about seeing her pose like this for us normal folks to see. She is wearing some makeup in this photo, but compared to a lot of other modelling sessions that you will see, her use of makeup is relatively tame, and this is directly due to the fact that she doesn't need it.


13 Does: Showing Off (A Little)

Since we got off to a modest start and showed you a picture that Auston Matthews couldn't care less if you saw, we thought it best to go ahead and crank up the heat and show you exactly what Jordyn Johnson is working with and why she is slowly becoming a very popular model. This gorgeous young woman is sporting a body that is almost too hot to handle, and her photographer for this photo made sure to let it all hang out. The choice to have her almost shy away from the camera makes this photo sizzle.

Her professional modelling portfolio is as impressive as any young models out there, and she is just getting started. She also happens to have one of the hottest accounts on Instagram, and if this list just isn't enough for you, we highly recommend that you head over to Instagram and give her a follow immediately.

12 Doesn't: Letting It All Hang Out

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Allow us to present you this steaming photo of Jordyn Johnson. There is no hiding behind a blazer or being hunched over and draped with a leather jacket in this photo. It is just a beautiful snapshot of Jordyn Johnson's sporting a bikini and showing off every inch of herself. Because of the way her hair is draped over the side of her face, this photo places a huge emphasis on her incredible figure.

She is one of the few models in the world who is truly stacked from head to toe, and regardless of the body part that she is trying to highlight in a photo, she will always find a way to capture your attention completely. It should go without saying that Auston Matthews had to be fuming when he first saw this photo. After all, any person in the world can access this photo and ogle over his gorgeous girlfriend.


11 Does: A Lacy Number

From cranking up the heat in a smoking hot bikini to wearing a lacy black number, we decided to keep the train rolling on these ridiculously hot photos of Jordyn Johnson. This photo doesn't show off nearly as much of her body as the last photo does, but that holds little bearing on how gorgeous this photo is. Instead of flashing a beautiful smile, Jordan Johnson elected to go for a more smouldering look, and it was a perfect fit for the overall tone of this photo. If they would have taken this photo in black and white, you might have thought she was a model from the 1930's, which is a testament to how timeless her beauty really is.

10 Doesn't: Calvin Klein's Finest

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Seeing pictures of Jordyn Johnson where she is covered and allows her beauty to shine through are great and all, but photos like this are where she truly shines, and the skimpy Calvin Klein clothes she's wearing in this photo we're the perfect choice to reveal more than we can handle. We're pretty sure Auston Matthews wants to be the only guy who ever sees her in Calvins.

The photographer made the right decision when he had her turn herself to the side. It allows viewers to appreciate her body from a different angle while still maintaining a decent sense of mystery and fashion. Some of the biggest names in modelling history have lent their talent to Calvin Klein, and we can't really blame them for giving Jordyn Johnson a call.


9 Does: Simply Stunning

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Over the course of the last few pictures this train was full steam ahead and nearly flew off the rails, so we figured we would slow things down a little bit and present you all a far more modest pic of Jordyn Johnson. Don't get us wrong, she still looks ridiculously good-looking in this photo. The biggest difference between this one and the last few that we showed you was the fact that she is wearing enough clothes to cover her body.

It's quite clear that the company she was modelling for was excited to see the type of work that she could produce, and we have to believe that they were quite smitten when this picture was first brought to them. It allows her natural beauty to shine without having to rely on her exposing any part of her body.

8 Doesn't: Red-Hot Model

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How is it possible that Jordyn Johnson is this good looking? It seems that no matter what she wears or how she has her hair done, she looks too hot to handle in every photo that you find of her on the internet. It's easy to see why Auston Matthews became so smitten with her and tried his best to get with her. This photo is a good example of striking a balance between provocative and casual. She doesn't need a fancy dress to look great, anything will do and the sunglasses are the perfect accessory. We're sure Austin doesn't want her going around looking this steamy everywhere she goes, and he has to be sweating every time she gets in front of the camera.


7 Does: Happy Halloween

What good is Halloween if it doesn't include a few pictures of beautiful women wearing Catwoman costumes? Candy is great, but who can deny the fact that Jordyn Johnson in a tight leather get up is at least a little better than some mars bars? Auston Matthews is not in this photo, so we're sure he was worried about other guys at this party being her Batman. She captions the photo saying she wanted to be Halle Berry but ended up looking like Anne Hathaway. If you ask us, she makes a strong case to be cast as Catwoman in the near future. Maybe she can eventually add actress to her resume on top of being a successful model.

6 Doesn't: All Denim Everything

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We all own or have owned a jean jacket at some point in our lives. However, not all of us have worn one with nothing underneath. Jordyn Johnson has, and she showed a whole lot more than the merits of denim as a fashion item. She really bares it all in this photo, and we can only show you so much.

Regardless of how you feel about the Canadian tuxedo that she is wearing in this photo; the photographer did an excellent job in making sure she showed enough skin in all the right places. It makes getting past her outfit exponentially easier, and it gives viewers more than enough to get their minds racing.


5 Does: Little Black Dress

Considering the number of gorgeous photos that Jordyn Johnson has on the internet, you'd have to think that this photo of her wearing a little black dress is one that her boyfriend wouldn't mind you seeing. Black dresses have a very unique way of enhancing the looks of any woman who decides to put them on, and Jordyn Johnson is no exception to this. Dressed this way, she makes elegant arm candy for Auston Matthews if he needs a plus one at the NHL awards where he is sure to win.

Unlike the other photos on our list that have done fans a service by showing off her beautiful body, this photo is far more dialled back and family friendly, and you would have to imagine that her boyfriend is far more comfortable having people see this photo as opposed to her bikini shot.

4 Doesn't: Simple, Yet Stunning

This is one of our personal favourites of Jordyn Johnson when it comes to her professional portfolio. There's nothing overly flashy about this photo, and that's one of the reasons why we enjoy it so much. It's a simple selfie on her way to go for a swim, and we get all the benefit of a silhouette shot while getting to see her amazing figure in a beautiful bikini.

Now that we have doubled down on these photos of Jordyn Johnson, we must crank up the heat once again to his help cap off this list. We only have a few pictures remaining, and believe us when we say that the next few photos on our list are about to blow your mind.


3 Does: Little Black Bikini

We weren't lying to you when we said we were going to finish this off in a major way, and this photo of Jordyn Johnson in a black bikini is far and away one of the hottest photos you will ever see of this beautiful young model. They made sure that she was primed and ready before snapping this photo and it is head to toe perfection. Unlike many other photos that we decided to include on our list.

When Auston Matthews first saw Jordyn Johnson in this bikini, he had to have been beyond excited, and when this photo made its way across the internet he had to have been shaking his head knowing that the entire world was getting ready to feast their eyes on his beautiful girlfriend.

2 Doesn't: The Perfect Photo

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In our opinion, this is the hottest photo of Jordyn Johnson that you are ever going to see, and it is the reason why we have it placed at this position on our list. This picture is the perfect balance of artistic and gorgeous, and it should come as no surprise to anyone that it is of Jordyn Johnson in a bikini on the beach. Few women in the world can look this gorgeous on a consistent basis, and that is why she is quickly becoming such a popular model. She looks like an iconic model for Guess jeans

The black and white was a nice choice by the photographer because it gives a little more depth to the photo. It's not every day that a model who dates and athlete is gorgeous enough to warrant her own list, and it just goes to show you how truly beautiful Jordyn Johnson is.


1 Does: Showing Some Personality

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Photos usually do a terrible job of showing off a person's personality, and it's hard to gauge who someone truly is just by looking at a picture of them. For the number one spot on our list, we wanted to choose a photo that shows off a little bit of Jordyn Johnson's personality as opposed to just focusing on her looks. Auston Matthews was no doubt attracted to her when they first met, but it takes a human connection to establish a relationship. This photo took the top spot on our list because it shows her being silly and showing off some of her personality as opposed to showing off a bunch of skin.

For as beautiful as she is, at the end of the day, she's just a person with a personality all her own. Believe us when we say that Auston Matthews would have no issues with the world seeing this photo, and it was an easy choice to top our list today.


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