8 Shameful Pictures Of The NHL's Young Stars (And 7 That Are Hilarious)

With the biggest names being Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews, it’s quite evident that the league has now evolved into a young man’s game. 30 is now considered retirement or AHL territory, while those in their early 20s aren’t accepting bridge deals any longer, and wisely, are taking on the big bucks like we saw this past offseason with Connor and Leon, and like were currently seeing with likes of Pastrnak and Athanasiou who continue to hold off on deals because of the fact that the dollar signs don't fit the bill. Whether you like it or not, it’s all about youth in this NHL.

In this article, we showcase the fact that the young guys are still in fact, young at heart. Some are featured in hilarious photos while others, took pictures they likely regretted. Those photos are regarded as shameless. From Matthews, to McDavid to even Patrik Laine, this article features pics from the top young guns around the league (except for a couple who have plummeted recently).

So without further ado, here are eight shameful pictures of the NHLs young stars, and seven that are just downright hilarious. Be sure to pass the article along to a friend. We begin, with an Instagram post a certain former Montreal Canadien’ might have regretted given the backlash that followed!

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15 Shameful: Nathan Beaulieu’s Fishing Picture

In pretty much any other NHL city, such a picture would not have been that much of a deal, but in Montreal, it started a firestorm as fans and the media claimed Nathan’s vacation picture was downright shameful. Why? Let us explain.

The post came only a couple of weeks after Montreal’s playoff exit, at that point, the wound was still fresh. What made things so much worse was Beaulieu’s play and the fact that he was a healthy scratch in the biggest games of the year. Instead of lying low, Nathan chose to show his fans that he was all good catching fish. Was this his ticket out of Montreal? Probably not, but it certainly didn’t help his cause especially when you consider he was shipped off for a third round pick... this for a player that one a first round selection by the team.

14 Hilarious: McDavid & Draisaitl’s Bromance

via pintrest.com

When we think of youth around the league, one of the first things that comes to mind is the dynamic duos featured in the NHL nowadays. Whether it’s Marner and Matthews, Drouin and Galchenyuk or McDavid and Draisaitl, the league is stacked with these types of youthful combos.

Connor and Leon have to be the top among the entire league. What also helps is the fact that both are very close off the ice as you see in this hilarious picture above with the teammates looking like a bunch of love birds. Both are all smiles heading into the season having signed lucrative contracts. The two have paved the way for the next generation contract when it comes to young players in the league. Gone are the days of the bridge deal, and in are the days of long-term deals with big time dollar signs.

13 Shameful: Pastrnak Vacations Around The World In The Midst of Heated Contract Negotiations

O dva roky později 🤦‍♂️

A post shared by David Pastrnak (@davidpastrnak) on

We seriously hope Bruins management don’t follow David via Instagram, cause all signs point to the fact that he’s not really sweating the negotiations given he’s been vacationing for quite some time. The picture above is yet another example as a couple of weeks back, David ended his world tour at the Old Town Square. Although Bruins fans would regard the vacation pics as shameful, they can finally breathe a sigh of relief knowing David has in fact started training, recently posting a picture (literally days ago) via Instagram. Wise move David, wise move.

Negotiations continue at this point, however with David finally back from his long vacation, a deal can perhaps get done sooner rather than later. Putting up 70 points as a 21 year old, getting the Czech native inked is a must for a team staved in the goals department.

12 Hilarious: Ekblad Rocks The 70s Gear

70's 🤘🏼🕺🏼💃🏻

A post shared by Aaron Ekblad (@aaronekblad5) on

Everyone had their own way of celebrating during the offseason and for Aaron Ekblad, that meant taking hilarious pictures rocking 70s attire. However, he’s in the picture with his beautiful partner Dayna Mastronardi, so for that reason, we give the picture a pass and do not put it in the shameful side of things...

In all seriousness, the former first pick overall is in big time need of a bounce back season. After enjoying a career year two seasons ago, things took a turn for the worst last year as not only did Aaron put up career lows in goals and assists, but he was also a disturbing -23 for the season. We have reason to believe the disco suit is buried somewhere in his closet as he looks to put his focus on a crucial bounce back year for both himself and the Panthers.

11 Shameful: Evander Kane’s Kind Of Push Ups

via instagram.com

Calling Evander Kane a young gun is slowly becoming a thing of the past, just a couple of weeks ago he turned 26. However, pulling such antics like you see in the picture above, you’d think he was still a child.

Kane has rubbed many the wrong way, especially in a sport like hockey which features the most humble human beings on the planet. Kane disregarded that notion flaunting his money several times, including the shameful picture you see above that he posted on his Instagram account. In the pic, Kane goes for a push up with a stack of green on his back. He also used the same tactic using a money stack as a phone... Last season, such antics finally took a backseat. With that in mind, Kane stuck to hockey and it paid off as he notched a brilliant 28 goal campaign. The message here, stick to hockey Evander and keep those shameful acts away from the public eye.

10 Hilarious: The Nuge On A Roller Coaster

via pintrest.com

Sadly, only ¾ of this picture remain a part of the Oilers team and in all likelihood, Hopkins can be the next in line to depart looking at the recent dollars spent by the team. With the acquisition of Ryan Strome, the writing might be on the wall for a potential Nuge exit sooner rather than later.

For now, we pay homage to his time as an Oiler by laughing at this hilarious picture that features former teammate Jordan Eberle, and the team’s backbones, Leon and Connor. The Nuge gets the award for best reaction in the pic looking like he just saw a ghost, and a little like a Beavis and Butt-Head character.... We expect a similar reaction once he gets the dreaded phone call that he’s been traded.

9 Shameful: Riley The Teletubby

via dailymail.co.uk

Ever wake up in the morning and just want to go back to bed. Well, for poor Riley Sheahan, that’s likely what every day felt like last season as he struggled to score a single goal, Red Wings fans called this shameful! It took him till game 82 to notch his first goal, and hilariously, he scored two on the night finishing the year with multiple goals... In truth, putting the ridiculousness aside, it was an awful campaign for Riley and it’s truly unbelievable that he was at one point, a first round pick slotted to play top line center minutes for the Wings.

Let us point and laugh at Riley while looking at the picture above as he wears a shameful Teletubby costume. With the Wings starving for a re-launch, we hope Sheahan can do the same for his career in the upcoming season (or at least Detroit fans hope). In conclusion, the costume sums up his season, ridiculous and shameful!

8 Hilarious: Mark Scheifele & Jacob Trouba Snuggling

via pintrest.com

We discussed a hilarious bromance earlier with Leon and Connor, but we now shift are focus to another great tandem not too far from Edmonton featuring Jets’ players Mark Scheifele and Jacob Trouba.

The two have a hilarious relationship with one another as evidenced by various examples, including the picture you see above. Both are also young stars on the cusp of exploding and that’s most certainly true for Mark who was an absolute beast last season notching 82 points in 79 games. If you’re looking for a reliable center in an upcoming fantasy draft, he’s your boy.

As for Trouba, his bromance with Mark might be coming to an end sooner rather than later. He signed a bridge deal with the team that’s set to expire after the season. They’ll be lots of interest in the Michigan native, Jets’ fans better hope he stays put. Maybe Scheifele can sweet talk him into taking a discount...

7 Shameful: Laine’s Mustache

via twitter.com

Okay, this picture might not be as controversial and shameful as the others but seriously though, what in the hell was Laine thinking showing up to the NHL Awards with such facial hair. He literally looked like a villain from a James Bond flick. If the Jets are to finally burst their playoff bubble this upcoming season, the team needs to let Laine sign a waiver that he doesn’t even consider growing anything similar...

Mustache’s aside, Jets fan can’t wait to see what their second overall pick has in store for the team during his sophomore season. He put 36 goals in only 73 games and one can assume he’s due to hit 40 barring any injuries. Had it not been for that brutal hit, he might have edged out Matthews for the Calder. Speaking of Mister Matthews...

6 Hilarious: Matthews Dresses Up As Ken Bone

via yahoo.com

The Leafs had some extra fun dressing up last season, it really speaks volumes at how much the team’s mentality has changed, the club is now a fun spirited youthful group, something that’s been lost in the franchise for a decade or so. Dressed up as Ken Bone in the hilarious picture above, Matthews was better off dressing up Superman given the season he had with the Leafs.

Scoring 40 last season, along with four in the Leafs six playoff games, Matthews solidified himself as not only a leader on the team, but one of the best Superstars around the league. It’s only a matter of time that the American is shown the C, for now, we wait in anticipation for his second season which is set to launch in a couple of weeks. Oh, and his next costume will also be a future topic of discussion.... Whatever it is, we hope it includes his new girlfriend...

5 Shameful: McDavid At The NHL Combine

via yahoo.com

We’re truly sorry Connor, we lovely you dearly here on The Sportster, but this picture from the NHL combine will keep popping up as it was one of the few shameful moments featuring the face of the league. He entered the combine looking 100 pounds soaking wet, which was the first alarm bell. His pipes on the pull up portion of the combine looked like they were going to legit explode, but not in a good way, in like, the worst way possible.

How do you put haunting memories like that in the past, simple, by finishing the season with a clean 100 points, and collecting nearly every piece of hardware at the NHL Awards. We’re truly witnessing something special folks and he’s only just begun. But please, work on those damn pull ups...#ConnorMcWeakling

4 Hilarious: Mitch Gone Wild

via tumblr.com

Looking like he’s the long lost brother of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in the picture, this is a hilarious shot of the Leaf’s star forward. He didn’t have an Auston Matthews type season but he was impressive nonetheless notching 42 assists and 19 goals in his first season with the white and blue.

This kid is going to be something special and it seems like he took more steps in the right direction during the offseason studying ways he can became a better all around player. He’s got the offensive flair to do so and adding that defensive aspect would potentially put him in Pavel Datsyuk territory, something coach Babcock is all too familiar with. We wish Marner all the best in the next season, though we recommend less Snapchat posts, cause this picture is almost hitting the shameful side of things.

3 Shameful: Seguin At It Again... 

via pintrest.com

Seguin barely makes the cut for "young stars" but we’ve given him the pass at the age of 25. However, we couldn’t give him the pass for this picture as once again, Seguin is looking glazed over in a candid picture. Seriously Tyler, pull a McGregor and tell people no cameras are allowed while you’re partying.

From taking bottle shots, to playing beer pong, to taking shots (and were not talking about with a hockey stick) to being completely passed out with a beautiful gal next to him, there’s just one too many pics of Seguin completely hammered. So with that in mind, he gave us no choice but to put him on the shameful side of things. As a role model to many children, such pictures don’t necessarily send the correct message.

2 Hilarious: Panarin & Tarasenko Looking Youthful

via twitter.com

You wouldn’t think it looking at such a picture, but two of these young babyfaced looking dudes would become the most dangerous and lethal snipers in the league. Of course, we’re talking about Russians Vladimir Tarasenko and Artemi Panarin. Artemi’s facial reaction in the picture just puts the cherry on top.

Starting next season, the Russians will be playing in different Conferences as the league was rocked when it was revealed that Artemi was to be shipped off in a trade to Columbus for former Hawks payer Brandon Saad. One thing we can guarantee is more goals for Panarin who’s just starting to enter his prime. As for Tarasenko, we can expect the same as he continues to lead the Blues offensively heading into the next season.

1 Shameful: Everything Alex Galchenyuk

via 25stanley.com

Even if you aren’t a Habs fan, you can’t help but to feel bad Alex. He’s been a mess off the ice getting into fights with ex girlfriend and partying it up. While on the ice, he’s become more known for defensive deficiencies than his offensive flare. Oh, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Bergevin actively sought to trade him in the offseason, but to no avail.

Without a doubt, things haven’t been the best but the good news is, Alex can now turn the page and look to a fresh start. Even Montreal haters can hope such a young gem can get his game and act back together, as seeing Galchenyuk playing to his very best can only help the league. We hope shameful party pics like the one above can be a laughed at one day, instead of being used as a shameful example of his recent struggles.

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