Adam Sandler Nailed Eastern Conference Finals Prediction In 'Big Daddy'


Adam Sandler was at his best, career wise, in the 1990s, and that also goes for Stanley Cup Playoffs predictions. In the movie Big Daddy, Sandler's character Sonny was trying to watch overtime of a Tampa Bay/New York game without waking up his unofficially adopted son, Julian. A dramatic stage of overtime was set, with the Rangers getting a chance to win on a penalty shot, which happens 'once every 10 years.'

Then, that damn pesky kid had to watch his stupid kangaroo song after his nap... GRRRRR.

Hopefully your enjoyment of the upcoming Eastern Conference Finals won't be interrupted by a kangaroo song. If a team gets a penalty shot in overtime, make sure your kid has a laptop where he can watch a kangaroo song.

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