AHL Goalie Shows Us How To Deal With a 2-on-0

Yesterday, during TSN's 85 hour edition of Tradecentre, there were a number of unremarkable trades that took place. One of them involved goaltender David Leggio, a lifetime AHLer. After the Islanders picked up Michael Neuvirth, they wanted to move some of their goaltending depth and sent Leggio down to the desert and the Coyotes. Going the other way was another depth player in Mark Louis.

When his name was brought up, we were reminded of an absolutely hilarious moment that occurred in an AHL game with Leggio in nets. When he was facing a 2 on 0 situation, he decided to saw screw it and purposely knock his nets off its pegs to force a stoppage from the refs. With the old rules, that would force a penalty shot, which is much better a 2 on 0. The AHL had to institute a new rule that would see a goaltender ejected from the match for attempting a similar maneuver.

For what it's worth, I thought this was a brilliant move.

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