Andrew Shaw Scores Disallowed Overtime Goal on a Header

Ahh, come on NHL, couldn't this have counted? Midway through double overtime of last night's Game 2 thriller between the Chicago Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks, Hawks winger Andrew Shaw saw the puck high in the air and put it in the net the only way he could.

Shaw leaped in the air and executed a perfect soccer style header to knock the puck in the net. Textbook form displayed, but unfortunately, as we found out, deliberately heading the puck into the net is illegal (Dammit!) You can understand why it's illegal from a hockey standpoint, but wouldn't it be fun to see this more often?

The Hawks went on to win in triple overtime, with Marcus Kruger scoring the eventual game winner with his stick. Good for him, but not nearly as fun to watch for us fans.

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