15 Pictures Of Anna Kasterova That Would Drive Evgeni Malkin Crazy

The Pittsburgh Penguins have been one of the most dominant teams in the NHL within the past five years. They won back to back championships in 2016-2017 with players like superstar Sidney Crosby, Phil Kessel, Kris Letang, and Evgeni Malkin. Malkin stands out from this list (besides Crosby) as he has registered 100 point seasons twice, is a three time All-Star, a two time Ross trophy winner, and he also won a Calder, Hart, Ross, Smythe, and Pearson trophy. Simply put, the guy has been a big part of Pittsburgh's winning formula. While he has won three Stanley Cup championships, he also wins off of the ice with his girlfriend, Anna Kasterova.

Kasterova is a Russian television actress that seems to have hit the jackpot by dating Evgeni Malkin. The two have been married since mid-2016 and they also have a one-year-old son together. One is a professional hockey player and the other partner is an actress, that is a pretty good combination financially speaking. There definitely is a genuine love between Malkin and Kasterova which is great to see in this day of age. The fact that Malkin gets to spend the rest of his life with a woman as beautiful as Kasterova is simply amazing. Kasterova does know how to look good in front of the camera and get Evgeni drooling at the mouth when he isn't skating up and down the ice for the Penguins. Don't you all want to see some of these photos? You do? Great! Then, let's take a look at 15 photos of Anna Kasterova that would drive Evgeni Malkin crazy.

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15 Hanging at the Beach

via rockybarnesblog.com

We kick off the festivities with a beach picture of Anna Kasterova. We know that the NHL players take a lot of time to be inside cold arenas, perfecting their craft in pursuit of the coveted Lord Stanley's Cup. That philosophy has seemed to work for Evgeni Malkin as he has now won three Stanley Cups during his tenure with the Pittsburgh Penguins. But every once in a while, a professional athlete and his significant other need to enjoy a nice vacation. Well after seeing this first picture, Malkin might be calling the closest travel agency for assistance.

We see Anna in a brown swimsuit, with the ocean in the background and not a care in the world. She also is one her knees and looking away from the camera. The fierce look is one that we see on many model's faces and she pulls it off just as good as the best of them. Her slender legs also compliment her very well here, even if she is in a kneeling posture. This is only the beginning, so fans might want to have tissues to contain the drool and Evgeni might want to make himself comfortable to not go completely crazy too soon.

14 New Season

new season

A post shared by Anna Kasterova (@anna_kasterova) on

Kasterova has one of the steamier Instagram pages of all hockey WAGs and she rarely disappoints. Around the time the 2017-18 NHL season began, fans were ready for anew journey and the Penguins were set to begin their quest for a third straight Stanley Cup. While the Pens didn't exactly bring their A-game early this season, Kasterova sure did with this post.

She once again doesn't look at the camera, but we just can't help but get a chill down our spines when looking at it. Evgeni Malkin must have the secret formula to win at life in general because he has the hardware and the gorgeous girlfriend all in one nicely wrapped package.

13 Let's Take a Ride

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People have requested Ubers when they go out for a fun night on the town. You never know who you might get as a driver. But just imagine if Anna Kasterova was your Uber driver? You probably wouldn't be able to tell her where your next destination is. Although she may not be an Uber driver, she does have a car present with her in this next photo. No, she doesn't wear a bikini (or even less) in this one, but she shows us her sense of fashion here which is a close second.

She has on a white dress with visible beige heels while in a squatting position next to the car. The car is pretty nice, but Kasterova steals the show once again. The only other thing that would make this photo a knockout is if she was in the car driving it while staring at it through the camera. Being with Evgeni Malkin and making a good salary herself, Anna must be used to having nice cars at her earliest convenience. Whatever the case is, we all probably wish we could take the car out for a spin with Anna in the passenger seat.

12 Wondering When Her Next Vacation Is

via youtube.com

The black boots look is one that definitely can give off a few different vibes. One vibe can be that you're the type of person that gets right down to business. Another vibe could be that winter is coming and you still want to be fashionable. Whatever vibe Anna Kasterova is giving off, she looks sexy doing so. This photo doesn't have her on a beach or with a car, but she still shows off her beautiful self in a different approach.

She is laying down with her back leaned against the wall. She is wearing a gray tanktop along with jean short shorts and black boots. Her shapely legs show off completely in this photo, which Evgeni likes considering he uses his legs a lot in his sport, so he has to have a significant other that takes pride in her legs. She also shows she cares about punctuality with her watch on her left wrist. The life of a model and television personality can be time-consuming, so she has to make sure she gets to everything on time. But when the two of them have a spare moment alone, they really know what time it is.

11 Take a Seat, Evgeni

via fabwags.com

Have you ever had that experience where you have to wait for the principal to call you into their office to talk about something bad you have done? You know the scene. You walk in and all of a sudden, the principal is sitting in front of you with an intimidating look while they are comfortable in their big chair. Well, Anna Kasterova isn't a principal by any means. But she is sitting in a huge chair and we can only imagine what she might be thinking about while getting off of her feet for a few minutes.

Kasterova is wearing the same exact outfit as in the last photo. She looks like she is genuinely concerned about what she is about to talk about. We also see her legs spread out a bit, which must drive Malkin crazy knowing he can have at that any time he wants really. Her brunette look is a very good one as well. We love to see that she can change her hair different colors and still look good. The only colors that won't be changing anytime soon are the colors of white black and yellow, symbolizing the Pittsburgh Penguins and Malkin's (hopefully) only team.

10 The Dream Passenger

на районе

A post shared by Anna Kasterova (@anna_kasterova) on

Just imagine walking by your car and seeing a beautiful woman like Kasterova lounging in the back. What do you say? Do you politely ask her not to mess up your upholstery? Do you yell at her to get out of your car? Or do you get down on your knees and thank the heavens that this miracle has happened to you? Likely, you go with the last option. Kasterova is lying in the back seat of a convertible matching the upholstery, as she's wearing white, much like the car seats. She was hanging around Miami Beach here, possibly joining her husband Evgeni on a road trip to Florida. If you're Evgeni Malkin, you have to take her along on a road trip any chance you get.

9 A Handy Woman

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The stereotype of having a "trophy wife" might be appealing to some. But for others, they need just a bit more to be fully satisfied. Some men might want their wives to be handy around the house, helping them fix things up as they decay. It is a good way to spend quality time together while getting things done. For Anna Kasterova, she definitely shows us in this next picture that she can pick up the slack at home while Malkin is out trying to win more Stanley Cups.

Anna is rocking a black sports bra while also wearing red sweatpants. She also has yellow tape around her left hand. Maybe she was fixing one of the cabinets in the background before taking this photo. She also shows a lot of stomach which fans definitely will not be disappointed about. If Kasterova really is handy around the house, then that would drive Malkin even crazier, considering he has a woman that seemingly can do it all.

8 Staring Deep Into Our Hearts

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A woman with a beautiful pair of eyes is a dangerous thing. They can pretty much stare into a man's soul and get the man to do anything they might ask. Anna Kasterova doesn't have to really ask Evgeni Malkin for much, considering they can literally buy just about anything they want. But she still can bedazzle him with those gorgeous, green eyes of hers. This next picture definitely can show us that beauty truly is in the eyes of the beholder.

We see Anna in a car, as we have seen in previous photos. She also looks directly at the camera from a side angle that forces us to notice her eyes sparkling. Being in the television industry, she needs to be able to looks presentable at all times. With a look and eyes like that, she definitely can help get ratings up besides the fact that she is a good personality to have on television.

7 You Sure You Don't Want That Ride?

via pinterest.com

We have seen Anna posing next to a car. So we had to figure the fans would want to see one more photo of her in front of a car. Well, here you go fans! The beautiful Kasterova is once again in front of the same car as the previous photo we showed. What's the difference? A simple standing as opposed to kneeling of course!

She is wearing a blue tank-top with a white sweater that can be seen as well. She is in her heels once again standing up and looking at the camera. We cannot get enough of seeing beautiful women in front of cars, so seeing Anna Kasterova in front of the camera with a beautiful car in the background is a slam dunk. She definitely wasn't talking to anybody during this photo shoot. But her next photo might require another chat with hubby Evgeni.

6 Let's Have a Chat

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The chair makes another appearance in this list. It isn't as big and it isn't facing forward like the other one was. You ever have a serious conversation with a friend and they turn their chair around and sit on it intentionally wrong to show their seriousness? Well, that is the case in this photo with Anna Kasterova as it looks like it may be time to have another potential life-altering chat with hubby Evgeni.

We see the luscious Anna sitting in her chair backwards with a blue ensemble with that serious look in her eyes. Maybe they are talking about another potential move into a bigger house for the newest addition coming into the family. Whatever she is talking to Evgeni about, she looks great doing it. The conversation may not be exactly what Evgeni is looking forward to. But he can confidently say that Anna is his and it drives him crazy knowing she looks that good, even when it might involve something incredibly serious.

5 Getting Ready for the Big Screen

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Where do we see a lot of celebrities and professional athletes today? Why, professional television of course! Now, with that said, television personalities especially have to be aware of what is going on around them and how they look. They spend so much time in wardrobe and make-up to make sure they are looking their best. Anna Kasterova definitely doesn't need to put on a ton of make-up to make her look good. But it can always help just like in this next photo.

We love to look at this woman throughout this list. The best part about Anna in this photo is she is looking good while doing her job. Fans might have occasional thoughts of wanting a beautiful nurse, schoolteacher, lawyer, etc. that they can call their significant other. A television personality is a pretty good option too and Malkin has that with Kasternova. Her hair and outfit are on point which makes the photo that much better. But Anna might need a ride home from work if she didn't drive there.

4 Anyone Notice The Boxing Gloves?

via zimbio.com

So yes, in case you were a little distracted, there are some brown boxing gloves behind Anna Kasterova in this picture. We're not quite sure why she's hanging around an old pair of gloves, but that definitely isn't what put this image on the list.

Malkin and Kasterova had said before their marriage that they were in no rush to tie the knot, despite having lived together, but a picture like this probably upped the urgency.

“I’m mature enough for family and kids,” Malkin said, back in 2015. “It’s not important if we’ll marry or not, living together means a lot.

“If a couple wants to have kids, this means that they are on the right path. I don’t think that the marriage in itself is all that important. I’m ready for kids, and would really become father soon.”

Malkin got his wish, shortly after, as Anna became pregnant and had the couple's first child in mid-2016.

3 Plain White and Still a Delight

via pinterest.com

Simple is beautiful. Now say it with me again. Simple is beautiful! So many women now a days put on so much makeup that it takes away from their natural beauty. A little bit of make-up is completely fine. Even fashion can be simplified with the right combinations and a little creativity. Anna Kasterova proves in this next photo that going back to basics can be beneficial to all.

Anna is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, while her hair falls to her shoulders and her bright, blue eyes are showing. Once again, simplicity proves to be the winner over complexity. Anna Kasterova is beautiful, even when wearing something as simple as a long-sleeved shirt. Evgeni will go crazy over this photo for two reasons. The first reason being that his wife can look good in a simple outfit as this one. The other reason is that he knows she doesn't have to take long to look good and presentable. Different color schemes are nice when going to a fancy event, but keeping things simple makes lives a lot easier.

2 Teasing Evgeni

via tumblr.com

Women have a unique way to keep men on their toes. They always know how to get them going but then be able to shut it down at a moment's notice. Even in a relationship like this one, there has to be some playful banter and teasing going on to keep everything loose and fun. Anna shares the spotlight in this one with Evgeni Malkin and they are all smiles. Why they might be all smiles depends on whose point of view you are getting after the fact.

They do a nice little couples shoot as they both wear white t-shirts and jeans. The part that is up for interpretation is Anna seeming to shake her butt toward the direction of Evgeni. Anna could be thinking that it is all in good fun while Evgeni could be secretly despising it all on the inside because he can't have her on the spot. These two seem to have a lot of fun together, that's what one kid already here and another kid on the way will tell you. Maybe Anna will tease Evgeni more as time goes on.

1 The Red Carpet Event

via pinterest.com

We close out the admiring of Anna Kasterova with her at a red carpet event. We definitely have seen some great photos throughout this list, so now we have to end it with a little bit of style and flair. There are plenty of sports awards shows such as the ESPYs or events such as the Oscars that require all celebrities to look their best. Based on this last photo, we see that Anna is definitely looking her best.

She is wearing a simple black dress with black heels with white showing at the toes. She has the confident pose with her hands on her hips. Her legs are long and lean along with the nice touch of a watch on her left hand. Evgeni Malkin sure has won on and off the ice. But we are all winning by getting to see this photo and others of Anna Kasterova looking her best. This concludes the 15 photos of Anna Kasterova that will drive Evgeni Malkin crazy.

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