Are The Rumors True? 15 Pictures Of Angela Price That Prove Carey Should Stay Faithful

There has been quite a lot of speculation when it comes to the 2017-18 Montreal Canadiens. The speculation among Habs fans, and pretty much hockey fans in general, has been about goaltender Carey Price and his wife Angela Price (nee Webber). Their relationship began in an unexpected manner as Angela mentioned in the September/October 2012 issue of Canadiens magazine: " A friend of ours actually set us up. It’s a funny story because he had back-to-back games that weekend and the night after, I went to his second game. He let in eight goals, got pulled and everyone hated me and thought I was just the worst luck ever! (laughs)"

So yeah, Carey first met Angela when he was playing for the Tri-City Americans in Kennewick, Washington. The couple has come a long way as they tied the knot in Benton City, Washington, on August 24, 2013, and welcomed a daughter named Liv on May 6, 2016. However, there has been plenty of recent rumors on social media about how Angela and Carey are going to file for divorce. Angela took to Instagram to set some things straight. Angela wrote: "just for the record I am not getting divorced or threatening a divorce nor do I want to leave Montreal,” and added: "that she found the rumors 'pretty entertaining.'" Among the rumors floating around Montreal were that Price had been caught cheating on Angela with some outlets even going so far as to speculate that Price impregnated another woman. Whoa!! Of course, in the hockey hotbed of Montreal, many crazy stories pop up whenever a player is struggling, so you can take that for BS if you wish.

In the meantime, here are 15 pictures of Angela that prove Carey should stay faithful.

15 Going Grey For A Day

Via twitter.com

As you may or may not know, Angela Price runs a photography website, where she shares lifestyle, home decor, fashion, beauty and baby photographs on a regular basis.

In this blog post, Angela shared a picture of her (dyed) grey hair. She captioned the unconventional yet sultry photo: "Forget blondes, Grey's have more fun ".

Angela's a natural blonde, but somehow managed to pull off the grey hair. It's a bold choice for a hair color, but it just means she's fearless and not afraid to try new things. She looks so pretty even though it doesn't seem like she tried really hard in this pic. She looks every bit the natural beauty every man prefers in a woman they're in love with. Without a doubt, she definitely a pretty girl who can catch your eye.

14 Lake Tahoe

Angela keeps a personal blog that you can follow at byangelaprice.com. Throughout the year, she offers some personal updates and as the Canadiens were eliminated early on in the playoffs last spring, it gave the Price family plenty of time to take some time away from hockey and enjoy the outdoors. Among their summertime activities was a visit to Lake Tahoe, which Angela detailed in one of her blog pieces. Angela clearly looks stunning here as she relaxes on a rock, and it's very likely Carey Price took this photo himself. Looking across and seeing a beautiful woman like that with you should be all the motivation a man needs to stay faithful, and we sure hope Carey has.

13 Sporting An Uniikii Backpack

As we mentioned in the previous slide, Angela writes her own blog and among sharing details of her life as a hockey wife, she offers beauty tips. Here, we go back to the spring when Angela was thinking of summer (can it please come back?) where she offered some tips for spray tanning. Obviously Angela knows what she's talking about, as it's clear in this picture that she knows how to keep a tan that looks natural. Seeing how fit Angela looks, it's a little crazy to think this was less than a year after she gave birth, but perhaps being married to a professional athlete provides motivation to stay in shape. Good on her.

When you're done looking at the picture, be sure to follow her tanning tips.

12 Take Her There, Carey

As you might have expected, Angela appeared in season two of the documentary series Hockey Wives on the W Network.

“I had a few friends on season one and they kind of threw my name around,” Angela told The Suburban. “When the W Network asked, I originally declined. We did not want to give up too much of our privacy. Carey came around though with certain ground rules. No filming in our home and no one on ones with Carey."

Basically, Casey wasn't too excited about the show, but Angela continued to make appearances in Hockey Wives. Angela also made sure that Carey would only appear in three episodes.

Despite the couple's initial differences, Carey remains focused in hockey (as he should!) and Angela keeps herself busy with her lifestyle blog called By Angela and volunteers for local community charities. She far from a typical hockey mom. Just look at her curvy figure in that little black dress.

11 She Can't Wait For Summer

We don't know what NHL team Angela grew up with or if she even had one at all, but we can tell you one thing: She supposedly became a Habs fan because of her hockey-playing husband Carey (goalie). She resides with her family in Montreal, Quebec, during the fall and they spend their summers in Kelowna, British Columbia. Oh, and she can absolutely rock the red, white and blue...for Canada.

Angela likes to get involved with the Habs' charity initiatives, as she was answering phone calls for donations benefiting the annual Montreal Canadiens' Children's Foundation Radio-Telethon. You may not have seen her face when you made the beneficial call, but knowing what she looks like, you probably think she's a darn cute Habs fan who knows a thing or two about hockey.

10 'Merica

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Angela is married to a Canadian hockey hunk, Carey, but that doesn't make her any less American. She just happened to be set up on a blind date with a Tri-City Americans goalie in her hometown of Kennewick, Washington. She's as American as apple pie.

Two years ago, Angela took to Twitter to post an extremely patriotic (and hot) photo in honor of the Fourth of July, which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. She captioned it with just one word in the form of a hashtag: "#Merica".

The picture pretty much sums it all up. She's rocking a Budweiser one-piece swimsuit, patriotic-colored flower lei bracelets, and a pair of aviator shades—all while holding up a large American flag! It doesn't get more patriotic (and hotter) than this! Carey may be from the better country (Canada), but he's so lucky to have an American hottie, whose name is Angela.

9 Seductive Pajamas

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Lots of women wear pajamas to bed, but it takes a unique woman to make a set of pajamas look good. In this case, Angela looks comfortable in an even more comfortable bed in a sensual black pajama top and a pair of matching pajama shorts with a white mug filled with an unknown beverage in her hands.

In 2015, Angela posted this picture on Twitter with a fair caption: "Talking pajamas on Champagne+Shimmer today #lifestyleblog #ontheblog #fashionfriday #pj's".

Angela just looks so relaxed in this pic. She was blessed with a pretty face and the face she made in this photo screams "I'm looking at you, you handsome man!" Now, we wonder how Carey would react if he came home to find such a beautiful woman relaxing on what looks like a king sized bed with a mug in her hands. If he doesn't appreciate her efforts, we're sure somebody else will realize her natural beauty without even trying.

8 Mini Dress

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Angela makes it crystal clear good things come in small packages sometimes. In this picture, she's wearing a vintage-inspired ensemble consisting of a mustard yellow dress with thick white trims on the top and bottom. She paired the ensemble with large mismatching bracelets along with an oversized blue scarf as well as a oldschool camera.

According to her tweet, Angela teamed up with a local partner, YALDA ASHRAFI, a luxury French Canadian label with soul, for a blog post on ByAngelaPrice.com.

Angela didn't just team up with a local partner, she made their items supposedly filled with "soul" look great! She could definitely fill up a page or two on fashion community website Lookbook.nu. After all, she looks so classic (in a good way) in this photo!

7 Bachelorette Party

via 25stanley.com

The Habs aren't one of the best NHL teams in this decade thus far, but their players certainly got themselves some pretty blonde chicks and brunettes! Angela and Maggie Morrison (former Hab Josh Gorges's wife) were two of those blonde soon-to-be wives! As you might have expected, Angela and Maggie decided to host their bachelorette party in Las Vegas in 2013. It was your atypical party with a group of girls hanging out by the pool in bachelorette mode. Colby Armstrong's wife, Melissa, was also in attendance.

Carey was among one of the lucky guys in the hockey world. His girl is the one in the black bikini. Josh Gorges' fiancee, Maggie, is the one with the discreet tattoo on her forearm. While all of them got the looks, Angela stood out with her light blonde hair and different choice of swimwear. She looks as if the bod came from her mama.

6 Inspirational

If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal #wordstoliveby

A post shared by Angela Price (@byangelaprice) on

This inspirational quote might have had nothing to do with the divorce rumors, but Angela did tell her Instagram followers a helpful message in August 2015...and she looks like a classic beauty with her minimal makeup, grey and white striped tank top and hair pulled up into a high ponytail. Angela captioned the photo: "If they don't know you personally, don't take it personal #wordstoliveby". This is the truth and nothing but the truth.

We don't know how long it took Angela to develop the ability to shrug off the trolls on social media, but she seemingly learned how to brush the dirt off her shoulders as time went by. Aside from her classic look in this picture, she appears to be a strong woman who can give a motivational speech to young people at a school. Also, strong women shine bright like a diamond in more ways than one.

5 Kentucky Derby

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Hockey and football aren't the only sports Angela is knowledgeable in.

On May 2, 2015, Angela attended the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs, a Thoroughbred racetrack located on Central Avenue in Louisville, Kentucky. Of course, she cleaned up nice for the white-collar event. She opted for a white tank, dark patterned skirt and a matching gray hat. She completed the voguish look with silver bracelets. Moreover, she posted a photo on Twitter after sharing it to her blog.

Angela appropriately captioned the photo: "Derby Day #KentuckyDerby2015 #champagneandshimmer" as champagne is the Derby's go-to drink (G.M. Mumm is the official champagne of the Derby) and it's also the name of a horse who often competes in the said event.

Angela was one of the most gorgeous women who were spotted at the Derby. In addition, she looks charming, just like a sweet Southern girl who lives in close proximity.

4 Losing The Baby Weight Quickly

To give you an idea of how crazy the Montreal market can be, when Carey Price's play had taken a dip in the middle of last season, some fans were speculating Price was struggling because he was now having to deal with the early stages of parenthood. As if being a parent has ruined so many athletes' careers... Well, it looks like Angela didn't struggle after giving birth, as she managed to get the baby weight off very quickly. She gave birth around the time Price was still rehabbing a knee injury that caused him to miss most of the 2015-16 season. Angela posted a blog on how she managed to lose her baby weight, which included meal prepping right when she got home from the hospital and slowly integrating more exercise into her daily routine. She managed to lose 42 pounds in three months following her pregnancy.

3 Party Crashing

via twitter.com

We have to show you another photo featuring Habs jerseys just because the Habs are a cool Original Six team with a rich history!

In 2015, Angela posted a picture of herself hanging out with a group of girlfriends in a sleek limousine en route to a party. But not just any party. The shockingly attractive ladies were actually on their way to crash a friend's party. They accomplished their own goal, minus the alleged carsickness, but what do you expect from rookie Habs WAGs?

Twitter user Rob Kleinman (@RobKleinman1) responded to Angela's tweet with "@AngelaPrice24 @All_Habs You need to find some unattractive friends. Crazy group!!" Kleinman does have a point though. All of her friends were attractive, and if you were in the limo with them, you likely would've had trouble deciding which one to take home for the night. They're all beautiful in their own special ways.

2 Pregnant Mama

via byangelaprice.com

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing once you look past the extra weight gained during the nine-plus months a woman carries a son or a daughter in her belly. Some women may hate pregnancy because of the havoc it can wreck their bodies, but Angela seemed to be going through the motions.

In a 30-week bump update on ByAngelaPrice.com, Angela wrote: "I am still feeling really good just minor annoyances really... Heartburn is definitely turned up a notch, constantly feeling stuffed up and congested, so so tired, and just uncomfortable staying in one position too long." Angela added: "25 pounds!!"

Besides the symptoms, Angela looks just fine as a pregnant mama. This was a result of her continuing to hit the gym a few times a week to keep up with her workout routine. The extra work helped her rock a black maternity dress.

1 Mother Of His Child

via byangelaprice.com

If there's one picture with the potential to remind Carey to stay faithful to his wife, Angela, it would be the pic of Angela helping their daughter, Liv, put on her boots for a cold day outside.

Angela isn't just a baby mama Carey knocked up and ended up making monthly child support payments so she could raise their child on her own. She's his wife whom he first met while playing for the WHL and has shared a special bond with since their first date. The couple also has an adorable daughter who needs love from both her parents so she could grow up and live the happy, healthy life she deserves.

Hopefully, the rumors on Carey and Angela's marital problems are false because they're a lovely couple who show us the real meaning of love, a deep romantic attachment to someone, and make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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