AWKWARD: 15 Candid Fan Photos These NHL Stars Did NOT Want To Take

Unlike the NFL or NBA that sees most of their stars all about the flash and bling, the NHL stars are quite the opposite. Generally speaking, the players are some of the most humble athletes on the planet - heck, when it comes to most of them, you won’t even notice they’re even around judging by how low profile they are.

However, certain hockey markets notice everything. Whether it’s in Toronto, Montreal or whether you’re Crosby or Ovechkin, going unrecognized is quite the task. Numerous players have been spotted in the past and at times, it’s in some of the most random locations whether that be in a supermarket, late night on the streets or even in a movie theater! Being spotted in such settings, you can imagine how fond these players are to take a candid photo with a fan. In this article, we look at those exact type of photos featuring hockey players and candid photos they did NOT want to take alongside a fan!

Enjoy the article and like always, be sure to share it with a friend. Also, be sure to let us know via Facebook which picture you laughed at the most. Without further ado, here are 15 candid fan photos these NHL stars did NOT want to take. We begin with Sidney Crosby taking a late night stroll!

15 Sid Walking The Streets Late Night

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Okay, so when it comes to popularity, will be the first ones to admit that hockey players aren’t necessarily the most recognizable in the world. Most players are quite humble and believe it or not, generally shy when it comes to social situation. Take Crosby for example, during his White House appearance, the dude was low profile way in the back and pulled a minor smirk when President Trump was praising his career. Hockey dudes are just a different form of athletes. Had that been an NFL or NBA star, he would have likely stole all the headlines in that same moment.

This moment justifies exactly who Crosby is off the ice, he’s a low profile dude that just wants to do his thing quietly. However, he’s one of the most recognizable hockey players on earth, so doing so is easier said than done. In typical Sidney fashion, he obliges for the picture while keeping his hands in his pocket. Clearly, he did NOT want to take this one, but those darn Canadians are just too nice.

14 Ovechkin At The Movies

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Before we laugh at loud and dissect this picture, let’s take a moment to stand and applaud the season Alex Ovechkin is currently having. He knew changes were required and that’s exactly what he did this offseason losing a couple of pounds while adding an extra bit of speed and agility to his game. The rigorous training has proven to be effective as The Great Eight is off to a wonderful start netting eight goals in four games. Most of us would struggle to hit those stats in EA’s NHL ’18, never mind real-life.

As for the picture, this throwback shot is truly hilarious as Ovie gets recognized by a Caps fan at the movies out of all places. As you’ll see throughout this article, Russians aren’t the most photogenic when it comes to fan photos.

13 Babcock Attempts A Selfie

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Currently coaching the Toronto Maple Leafs, one would assume Mike draws more attention in the TO district than he did back in his day working the bench in the Motor City. Mike’s change in scenery has proven to be effective as the Wings are currently on the down side looking for the next great one on the team while the Leafs, are the most talked about team in the league thanks to their sizzling offensive flare.

One thing Mike might have preferred was the lack of attention in Detroit by the fans and this picture clearly represents that. Yes, Babs is in fact trying to take a selfie for the Toronto fan and let’s just say judging by his facial expression, he seems to be struggling a little bit. Babs and fan photos? Yea, just saying it sounds wrong.

12 Kane’s Not Impressed

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When it comes to fan photos online, we credit Patrick Kane for having the most amongst his peers. However, for at least half of those photos, Kane seems completely out of it. For those of you that weren’t aware, Patrick was a pretty big party animal back in the day and all though that sounds fun, it landed him in some serious court troubles. Nowadays, he’s slowed down his ways and making headlines for other types of fan photos.

This one is truly hilarious as Kane blocks the Maple Leaf on fan’s t-shirt. Of course, as a member of team USA, Patrick has seen numerous heartbreaks up against the Canadian juggernaut. That leaf likely haunts his dreams which explains the action in the picture. Without a doubt, he did not want to take this photo deep down! Though in truth, he did not want to take a lot of the candid photos out there....

11 McDavid & His Awkward Airport Encounters

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This is one of two hilarious McDavid photos which were taken on the same day. We’ll feature both photos in this article but for the other one, we’ll have it further down the list. For now, let’s point, laugh and stare at this hilarious picture of the future face of the NHL taking a photo he clearly did NOT want to take.

This one is hilarious for some many reasons, for one, McDavid is just standing still showing no emotions whatsoever. Nurse makes this picture that much better as he smiles from a distance thanking his lucky stars he’s not the one being embraced. Credit the fan in this photo for going all in, however, Sir. McDavid does not look impressed one bit. That wouldn’t be his only awkward encounter of the day, stay tuned for the other hilarious candid photo.

10 Price In The Club

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During his early days as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, Carey was out and about on the regular. In a hockey Mecca such as Montreal, it’s nearly impossible for even a fourth line player to get a cup of coffee without being noticed. Now just imagine Carey Price?

His wild party days are a thing of the past as he’s now a proud father, however, there’s a slew of pics he can never get rid of thanks to the various fans that snapped such awesome photos. This one shows Price and a couple of teens, the hilarious shot sees Price trying to escape just as the picture is being snapped. Looking at the photo evidence online, Carey has a couple of more pics similar to this one.

9 Henrik’s Not Impressed

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You’d think Henrik was either casting for a role in a feature film similar to Men In Black, or, working with the FBI as a top tier agent. With the glasses, suit, earplugs and stealth face, a hockey player is the last thing someone that didn’t know the netminder would think he was. He’s kind enough to stop for pictures, however, dialogue is limited with The King as he typically has those buds in his ears looking at other candid fan photos.

Age 35, the Swedish goaltender is still going strong. There’s something so cool about the goalie despite his older age, he’s like the Gigi Buffon of hockey. If you don’t know who that is, please go put your face in holy water cause you’ve committed a massive sin.

8 Stamkos In The Club

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Isn’t it great to see Steven Stamkos back on the ice? Well, for the casual fan and Lightning fan it most certainly is, but for rival fans, it isn’t as his booming shot is back after a terrible season on the sidelines due to injury. Tampa’s going to be a force to be reckoned with this season and Steven is a big part of that. Look for the team to make a serious charge at the Stanley Cup this season.

Okay, enough about season projections, this picture was actually taken in Quebec a couple of years back. Not too shocking that he got spotted in such a market, heck he has a better chance of getting spotted in the MTL area than he does back at home with Tampa. Clearly, Stamkos did NOT want to take this candid photo but like all other Canadian boys on this list, he sucked up and pulled a half smile for the camera.

7 Toews Poses For Unlikely Selfie

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When we think of selfies or videos of someone inside of a car, we generally think of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who is notorious for such photos. An NHL player generally isn’t what the mind races to. However, in this instance, Chicago captain Jonathan Toews was caught in the unlikely scenario as he was sniped in this picture for a diehard fan. Toews and facial expression are few and far between so the fact that he’s smirking is somewhat of a miracle.

Another hilarious candid photo of Jonathan exists online as he takes a bus alongside the Stanley Cup. Once again, Toews’ facial expression is truly hilarious as he looks completely miserable in what was supposed to be a joyous occasion. Oh captain serious!

6 Lucic & The Cup

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Surprisingly, although Lucic doesn’t seem like the nicest dude on the ice, he’s actually quite the gentleman in real-life, which is usually the case with NHL enforcers. Lucic is a stand-up guy when it comes to candid settings, however when it comes to this picture, we’re very unsure as to whether or not Milan gave the thumbs up.

Unlike the other photos on this list, Milan isn’t posing for the photo instead, he’s caught feeding the cup to someone while appearing shirtless in the background. Without a doubt, that night likely turned wild. Hockey players love their privacy and we believe Lucic wanted exactly that in this moment. Without a doubt, Milan was NOT impressed and he did NOT want to be seen in such a photo. Remember the mantra, "what happens with Stanley stays with Stanley!"

5 Candid Phil

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Oh how quickly things can change for a player. Kessel went from a laughing stock in Toronto to meeting Presidents Obama and Trump in the last couple of years. Phil’s entire career was flipped upside down since making the jump from TO to the Pens. Without the weight of an entire team on his back, Phil has been able to perform will less pressure and that’s resulted in some serious results, so good, that some made the claim and a valid claim that he deserved recognition for the Conn Smythe Trophy the last couple of playoff runs.

His Toronto days were the exact opposite. Phil was struggling and the team was even worse bottom feeding year after year. Along with that, there wasn’t lots of places Phil could have went to without being noticed. Take this Blue Jays game for example as Kessel was sniped from a distance by a fan. Give the fan major pros for this photo as Kessel just looks like some average dude watching baseball.

4 Malkin, Ovechkin & Fan

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We discussed the fact that Russians aren’t the best when it comes to a candid photo and this is yet another example of that. Even the fan doesn’t look impressed as she holds her hands together as if she’s standing at church. Judging by the slew of hilarious Russian candids, we have reason to believe that even the fan is Russian. Props to Malkin for at least pulling a half smile. He pulled the same type of smile when President Trump recently told the big fellow he looks more like a basketball player. He’s got a point as his head's pretty much cut off in this photo...

PS, major props to Ovie for his shirt, the wardrobe choice is quite accurate as the Russian sniper was born in 1985... Mind blown!

3 Auston “The Hipster” Matthews

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Toronto was a dark hockey market before Auston was drafted to the team. The franchise was at the bottom of the barrel in the standings and fans were giving up on the team. Enter Matthews and the entire playing field has shifted. The team is now a must-see franchise and one that is expected to compete for a Stanley Cup here on in. Yes, one player can change the dynamic of an entire team.

Like many other great athletes, Auston has a very “blah” and serious demeanor. Even at the draft, his first day in the league, Matthews had a stealth face when signing autographs for fans. This photo however is out of the norm as not only is he smiling, but he’s rocking some serious downtown Toronto like hipster gear. Without a doubt, his teammates likely had a field day with the franchise player and his wardrobe selection from this candid photo.

2 “THE” McDavid Airport Picture

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This hilarious Connor McDavid photo went absolutely viral last season as the pic was featured on multiple news outlets along with a slew of social media platforms. Even we here on The Sportster did an entire piece on McDavid and hilarious pictures featuring the young star because of the hilarious photo.

The picture looks like a young boy moving away from home going to start his life overseas, while his parents proudly showcase their gem by holding him tightly while the kid just tries to swarm away. The hilarious part of the photo is that the old couple are a bunch of unknowns, making this picture that much more cringe and one we won’t forget anytime soon. No doubt, McDavid did NOT want any part in such a picture but we the viewers are thankful that it happened.

1 Sid The Supermarket Kid

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From pharmacies to where he was spotted picking out a lovely card, to this picture that shows a candid Crosby at the grocery store, Sid the Kid has been spotted everywhere, literally everywhere. The guy is just pure class and always (well most of the time) manages to at least pull a decent smile even if its randomly in the middle of an aisle at the grocery store.

At least we know he also eats like a champion even if that means eating those yucky and disgusting Brussels sprouts that he’s holding. Remember kids, it’s important to eat your greens, if the great Crosby does, you should too! Not only is he did greatest player in the world but judging by his candid photos, he’s also one of the best off the ice as well. Kudos Sid, kudos.

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