Battle Of The WAGs: 8 Pictures Of Elisha Cuthbert And 8 Of Carrie Underwood - Who's More Attractive?

Ever look at a professional athlete and say to yourself, "how in the world did he end up with a woman as good looking as her"? That is the case here when we talk about these WAGs. Dion Phaneuf and Mike Fisher both live the life of successful NHL players with beautiful women that they get to come home to every single night. Not only are they beautiful, but they also have had successful careers so far in their lives. Phaneuf is married to the lovely Elisha Cuthbert and Fisher is married to the ravishing Carrie Underwood.

Cuthbert was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is a model and actress. She has made several significant appearances in movies such as "Old School" and had a starting role in the popular teen comedy "The Girl Next Door". She began her career young, moving to America, Los Angeles to be specific; when she was only 17 years old. She met NHL player Dion Phaneuf and married him in 2013. They are happily married and continuing to have successful careers in their respective industries. They are not the only power couple to be living the glamorous life.

Besides Cuthbert, Carrie Underwood seems to like the guys on the ice as she is married to former NHL player Mike Fisher. Underwood got her big break in 2004 when she appeared on "American Idol". Ever since then, she has come up with top country hits such as "Jesus, Take The Wheel" and "Before He Cheats" as well as a lot more singles and albums. Underwood and Fisher will live a good life now that he is retired and can travel around with her more for her concerts.

The two are very successful, but have you ever wondered who is hotter? This list gives us glimpses of the most sizzling hot photos of the two celebrities. Let's take a look at eight photos of Elisha Cuthbert and eight of Carrie Underwood and determine who is more attractive!

16 Elisha: Show Me Fierce!

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Right off of the bat (or stick in this case), Elisha Cuthbert gives us a splendid photo to gaze our eyes upon. Phaneuf better thank his lucky stars that he gets to come home and sleep next to someone who can rock an outfit like this. In this photo, Cuthbert is wearing a long-sleeved button down shirt along with light brown pants. Light brown is a very strange and odd color to pull off, but Cuthbert does a great job doing so here.

She has that fierce and confident look in her bright blue eyes that just sent a shiver down my spine and I'll bet it sent some tingles down yours as well! She made her first appearance on television on the popular 1990s Nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?". But I bet every fan would be brave enough to ooh and aah over this photo as we kick off the Elisha Cuthbert great picture festivities.

15 Carrie: Simple And Elegant!

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We kicked off the festivities for Elisha Cuthbert, so it is only right that we do the same for Carrie Underwood. Carrie Underwood's first picture is simply her sitting on a couch wearing a multi-colored dress and smiling for the camera. Underwood might be one of the most naturally beautiful country singers ever and one of the most graceful celebrities recently. Her legs look exquisite and slender while she possesses a confident smile like Cuthbert. She also has her chest showing nicely in her dress. One under-looked factor is how well she looks with her earrings on too.

One of her best single hits to ever come out was one we mentioned earlier, "Before He Cheats". Most fans probably would assume Mike Fisher doesn't have a lot to worry about as Carrie is a family woman. With looks like these, there is no way Mike Fisher would cheat; otherwise, he might be waking up with slashing holes in all four tires of his car the next morning!

14 Elisha: How do I look in this, Dion?

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Dion Phaneuf is one lucky man. He has a wife that can pull off looking good in swimsuits, dresses, and even casual clothing. This casual picture of Elisha Cuthbert, albeit on the beach, is sure to help her case for who is hotter between her and Carrie. In this picture, she is getting sandy on the beach while maintaining a stunning stare towards the camera.

She played multiple television roles such as Kim Bauer in the famous FOX series "24".  If I was Jack Bauer, I would be doing everything I can to make sure my daughter is being treated well. Fans would have to feel sorry for the guy this mistreated her in any way, shape, or form looking like this. Dion must be doing something right to deserve a woman like this. But Carrie definitely responds in her next picture.

13 Carrie: Waiting All Day To Be With Mike!

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The best feeling of a Sunday for NFL fans is waiting for their team to play in the prime-time 8:30 game. But before fans can view the game, they have to hear the catchy Sunday Night Football song sung by no other than Carrie Underwood. She nails the tune to perfection and looks flawless doing so. Here, we see Underwood in a red dress that shows off her shapely and slender legs. She also has the biggest smile on her face doing the thing she loves most: singing. She has been winning over the hearts of country fans for years now and she continues to look good doing so.

Underwood with that particular dress on and microphone in her hand go together just like peanut butter and jelly: it fits perfectly. Mike Fisher must love knowing he can "waiting all day for Sunday Night" and coming through the door to greet him is Carrie Underwood, especially when she look superb in dresses like that. How can Elisha respond to that?

12 Elisha: Lingerie Lust!

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What a counterattack of a picture by Elisha Cuthbert to bring her back into the competition! She loves being the center of attention for her man and looking good for him in any and all ways (just ask Matthew Kidman). Here we see Elisha Cuthbert wearing some divine white lingerie with one of the fiercest looks on her face. The look on her face basically says, "This is for you and only you, nobody else!" With a woman like that, it has to send shivers down all of your spines! Her shapely legs look great here as she just lounges on the sofa for all to see. She appeared in a movie called "House of Wax" where she literally couldn't speak at all! Most men, including Dion Phaneuf himself, would probably have their mouths closed too seeing Elisha looking sightly in this particular photo. This is another tough photo for Carrie to match, but let's see what she can deliver!

11 Carrie: But First, Let Me Take A...Wall Pic!

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One of the sexiest things in the world is a significant other leaning up against a wall, in an appealing outfit looking at you with that, "come get me" look. What man can say no to that? Now, imagine that woman being Carrie Underwood! That is the awesome reality Mike Fisher gets to experience and that is the next type of photo that Carrie Underwood can fire back with. Here she is, leaning against the wall in a salmon colored shirt with a slight smirk on her face. Her eyes are glowing and her lips look ready for Mike Fisher at a moment's notice.

She came out with a single that hit big called "Don't Forget to Remember Me". That hit relates to this picture well because nobody will be forgetting about Carrie Underwood when she looks this good doing something so simple as leaning against a wall for all to see. The competition is pretty close, so can Elisha regain whatever lead she might have had?

10 Elisha: Matthew, Can You Help Me?

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Wow, what a photo to bring a blast from the past! This picture has Elisha Cuthbert pulling off the Daisy Duke impression with a rolled up top and her pink bra showing. Her stomach looks especially good with the water sprinkled over it along with her snug fitting jeans. She really pulled off the role of Danielle well in "The Girl Next Door". For those that don't remember, it is the 2004 comedy that features Matthew Kidman, a straight-laced student who wants to attend Georgetown. He meets his new next door neighbor Danielle and the rest is history. Through the good times and bad throughout the movie, Matthew goes to Georgetown and gets the girl of his dreams. I would personally find any way possible to fly a girl like this wherever I went if I had the money and opportunity to. The best part is there are four more photos of Elisha that will surely knock the socks off of fans who see. Well Carrie, try again to respond; it will be tough!

9 Carrie: The True All-American Girl!

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A picture is worth a thousand words. Well if an ordinary picture can make people think of a thousand words, imagine how many words can be said about this photo of Carrie Underwood. Maybe one hundred thousand? One million? One billion? Who knows! But this picture is a nice rebuttal to the previous one shown of Elisha Cuthbert. Carrie Underwood graces the world with her beauty once again as she is wearing a white shirt and smiling big for the camera. Her long, blonde hair falls beautifully among her shoulders and the all white background makes her skin glow.

Underwood came up with the hit song "All-American Girl". With this type of picture, it seems as though Underwood defines that cliche perfectly; a beautiful, hard working woman that looks good no matter what she is doing. We're halfway home and it is still a toss-up. Wonder what Elisha has up her sleeve next to try to convince us she is the hotter WAG between her and Underwood.

8 Elisha: I've Got My Eyes on You...And Only You!

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Cuthbert has proven she has heart when it comes to the amount of effort she puts in to all of her television and movie roles. But this picture shows physically, she has a lot more than a good heart. Here she is in a suggestive pose with an orange sleeveless top clearly showing some extra skin on purpose. What can barely be seen is the tight fitting bottom she has on that show her curvy body ever so nicely.

She has been in many comedies and action-packed thrillers before. Fans won't even need to watch t.v. or buy a movie ticket to see Elisha Cuthbert bringing the thrill of hotness to a photo near you. This is probably the best picture of Cuthbert yet, but can Underwood get back in the race with this next marvelous display?

7 Carrie: Maxin, Relaxin, All Cool and All!

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Just when we thought she couldn't get any better looking, she comes and drops this photo in on us. Carrie Underwood just knows how to prepare for the camera and the camera is obviously loving her if she can look like this. For her rebuttal photo, she sits outside on a deck wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt along with daisy duke jean shorts. Her legs are the most noticeable body part in this photo, as they show their smoothness and sexiness. Her award winning smile. bright eyes, and blonde hair all come together very well once again in this photo as well. There are some photos that simply blow you away, which happens to be another one of Underwood's single hits.

She also probably gives guys "Crazy Dreams" as well, wondering what they could envision one on one with the seemingly flawless Underwood. With three photos left for each gal, they will have to bring their best stuff to sway the argument one way or another.

6 Elisha: All Curves on Display!

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The competition is getting ferocious and the pictures are heating up. What a view we have with Elisha Cuthbert starting to show off her bikini body! Here we see Cuthbert wearing a dark purple one-piece bikini. She has that intense look on her face that says, "When can I go in the water?" Guys are probably lining up to see Cuthbert take a dip in the pool with a body like this. Once again, her legs show kindly even with the bottoms partially covering them. Her curvy body is clearly shown all over.

Dion Phaneuf may not have won anything when it came to his tenure with the Toronto Maple Leafs. But he won in his personal life with marrying Elisha Cuthbert. How can Carrie Underwood have a picture that lines up to this one? Maybe a bikini picture of her can settle the score as well!

5 Carrie: What Will My Next Big Hit Be?

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A bikini picture you asked for and a bikini picture is what you get! Carrie Underwood has looked spectacular with looks in dresses, casual wear, etc. But now, we get to see a good shot of her body heating up in the hot sun. Her sunglasses look very good on her, although they do hide her beautiful eyes which we are so accustomed to and spoiled to see. She looks on and could be thinking a number of things. "When will my next big hit be?" "Should I go more than ankle deep in the water?" There are many more questions she could be asking herself based on her facial expression.

But there are two big things we as fans can never question: the beauty of Carrie Underwood in all forms and Mike Fisher is one of the luckiest men to ever walk the face of the earth. Two pictures for each woman left and the pressure is on!

4 Elisha: I Love Modeling Swimsuits!

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Holy smokes, Batman! What a picture for Elisha Cuthbert to represent her case for the hotter WAG. She loves being on the beach and loves looking at the camera. She knows fans drool at every single photo like this that pops up, but it is only Dion Phaneuf that can enjoy her all to himself. So since we can't have the same privilege, we can still enjoy this photo that has mouths hanging. Here, she is wearing a brown see through shirt pulled up halfway across her stomach with a white bikini clearly shown underneath. She has an open mouthed look of awe that can't help but seek for attention. She knows exactly what to do with any role in life she is given and she is proving it photo after photo.

She appeared in a movie called "Captivity" and that is exactly what she is doing with every photo, captivating our attention to her. She is making a strong push to the finish line with one photo left to go. However, Underwood has two more photos to show she is just as gorgeous as Cuthbert!

3 Carrie: A Typical Day on the Lake!

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Lake days are the best when you have a loving wife and children. You can go swimming, grill food, and enjoy some peace and quiet. What isn't quiet is just how graceful Carrie Underwood looks in this photo. She is enjoying a day by the lake wearing an orange bikini and a smile as lovely as her singing voice. She knows how to win crowds over, large and small. She is doing so now with this picture. She has done a great job of portraying herself in anything she is wearing. The name of Underwood's fourth album that she produced would describe how we as fans feel viewing all of these photos..."Blown Away".

We are blown away at who Mike Fisher got to say "I do" to. The best part there is one more photo of Underwood that is even better than this one. The final sprint is upon us and these two ladies are neck and neck!

2 Elisha: A Keeper!

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As we display the final photo of Elisha Cuthbert, we save the best of her for her last slot on this list. We love the fact that everything comes together with this photo of her. It also makes us wonder how Dion Phaneuf got so lucky. Her curves show off fantastically here. Her twins are perky in this as well with the top keeping them contained. Cuthbert is an absolutely beautiful woman with a loving husband in Dion Phaneuf as they support one another through life. She definitely has made a case for herself as a hotter WAG. She knows how to sparkle in front of a camera no matter what she is wearing. But can she hold off Carrie Underwood as her final photo is revealed?

1 Carrie: American Beauty!

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Finally, we have reached the end of a long and beautiful journey! The last picture of Carrie Underwood gives us a strong impression that it is definitely a toss-up between her and Cuthbert. She knows how to look good in everything she wears just like Cuthbert knows. The number one photo of Underwood shows her in a black bathing suit top and flowered printed bottoms with an American flag in the background. Despite all of the controversy lately going on with the National Anthem and American flag, there is no controversy about one word to describe Underwood in this photo: sexy. She has her hand on her hip in confidence, knowing she has a great life with a loving husband waiting for her at home. Between these two women, personally I don't know who I am taking as both of them are extremely attractive.

This will be a debate for the ages as we have looked at the eight best photos between Elisha Cuthbert and Carrie Underwood and STILL cannot determine who is the hotter WAG.

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