Biggest Rumors In The NHL This Week - December 29, 2018

For the week of December 29, 2018, and the final rumors report of 2018, here's the latest buzz in the NHL this week.

What's happening with the speculated trade of Craig Anderson now that he's injured and on the shelf for the Ottawa Senators? Is Mitch Marner anywhere close to signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs? What's the story out of Dallas where the CEO ripped into his two best players? What is their reaction going to be? Finally, would the LA Kings trade Jeff Carter knowing he doesn't want to leave, could retire and leave the Kings on the hook for a ton of money?

Here are the biggest rumors in the NHL for December 29, 2018.

Craig Anderson’s Concussion to Affect Trade Value?

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Craig Anderson is out of action thanks having suffered a concussion and there is speculation this injury will certainly affect his trade value around the league. To cover for Anderson while he’s out, the team has recalled goaltender Marcus Hogberg from the minor leagues.

With the continued news surrounding the Senators, Anderson was already high on the list of potential trade candidates, but the concern was the amount of playing time he was getting, potentially being overused at his higher age and being tired by the time he arrived with any new team.

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The Reaction to the Dallas Stars Tirade

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It appears the tirade that was delivered by Stars CEO Jim Lites was a calculated plan to get a reaction out of his top two players, the media and potentially other NHL organizations.

The consensus is that the comments were meant simply to light a fire under Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn and force them to provide more production for the money they're being paid, but there is some speculation that the rant was meant to urge one or both players to stand up and ask for a trade.

Benn has already said his phone has blown up and added he plays for his teammates, not Jim Lites. It will be interesting to see if this situation gets ugly before it gets better.

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Kings GM Has Spoken With Carter’s Agent

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There is continued speculation that Jeff Carter is a player out there who might be on the trade block for the Los Angeles Kings. Ken Campbell of The Hockey News is reporting that Carter is potentially a player of interest to the Arizona Coyotes or Boston Bruins.

Carter doesn’t have any trade protection in his contract but trading him might not be easy since he could simply retire if he's not moved to a place he wants to go and the Kings would be on the hook for a salary recapture penalty. But, the Kings are kicking tires and Carter’s agent Rick Curran has said he’s spoken with Kings GM Rob Blake about the possibility of a trade.

With this news, it’s now more than speculation Carter might be moved out of LA. It appears the team is seriously considering the option.

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Status on Mitch Marner

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According to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston, Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas met with Darren Ferris, the agent for Mitch Marner to discuss a contract extension earlier this week. The two sides are slated to meet again this weekend.

There is no news on whether either side is close or that a deal is pending but the good news is, the sides are talking. It does appear that Marner is not interested in signing right now, mainly because the deep 2019 class of restricted free agents means that if he waits, he's bound to make much more money once the market is set. So too, if he continues to roll this season and produce at the rate he has been means he'll hit a contract home run should he finish anywhere close to 100 points.

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